The Power is Now

Worcester County real estate transfers, Sunday, Sept. 12 – Worcester Telegram


$450,000, 213 Fitchburg Rd, Trott, Gregory A, to Richard, Karen M, and Harmon, Joseph A.

$390,000, 13 Whitney Dr, Yousey, Rebecca M, to Couillard, Christopher J, and Couillard, Heather D.

$361,500, 67 Winchendon Rd, Mcdowell, Bonney, and Kaufman, Andrea, to Lowry, Kieran J, and Lowery, Heather.

$260,000, 26 Page Ave, Muse, Zachary, and Muse, Sarah M, to Rowland, Michael S.


$420,000, 761 Foster Rd, Leblanc, Stephanie A, and Leblanc, Kevin O, to Obenchain, John R, and Obenchain, Sandra R.


$340,000, 16 Leonard St, Brito-Dacruz, Luciano, to Gaffney, Karen M.

$315,000, 91 Wendell St, Richard, Graeme, to Tostes, Arlene J, and Tostes-Ribeiro, Irvaine.

$268,000, 56 High St, Ahearn, Meaghan J, to Aguilar-Batres, Sandy V.

$200,000, 163 Green St, StJames, William P, to Dussault, Christine E.

$200,000, 172 Sanders St, Erali, Eric J, and Erali, Bobbi-Jo, to Erali, Derek A.

$193,000, 1058 New Sherborn Rd, Parmenter, June B, to Songer, Dana T.


$599,000, 90 Tinkerhill Rd, Modern Structures Inc, to Chung, Sergio, and Chung, Viviana.

$430,000, 155 Central St, Bertnell Realty Inc, to Griffin, Lauren, and Lemieux, Justin P.

$360,000, 327 Pakachoag St, Dimarzio, David J, and Dimarzio, Michael, to Scerra, Andrew, and Wahlstrom, Kara.

$312,000, 22 Hill St, Chandler, Cory, and Chandler, Tamra, to Caban, Kristen.

$150,000, 46 Green St, Luks Joseph C Est, and Luks, Joseph W, to Luks, Daniel T, and Luks, Charlene A.


$1,020,425, 19 Pollard Rd, MCN Realty LLC, to Burns, Kyle A, and Burns, Brian M.

$892,500, 244 Gates Pond Rd, Wambolt, Craig, and Wambolt, Doreen, to Avery, Danielle, and Avery, John.

$499,900, 186 Highland St, Aco RT, and Obrien, Abigail C, to Gilchrest, Charlene, and Gilchrest, Keith.

$445,000, 119 Dudley Rd #119, Irwin, Florianne T, to Dugan, Londa.

$435,000, 252 South St, Olindo C Pacheco NT, and Pacheco, Olindo C, to Cooney, Lauren.


$225,000, 18 Rayner St, Moss Home Solutions LLC, to Elevator Properties Inc.


$449,900, 295 Sewall St #295, Sewall Gravel Pit LLC, to Osullivan, John S, and Osullivan, Sandra J.


$42,500, 196 Wales Rd, Curboy, Eric, and MHFA, to FNMA.


$357,000, 15 Cottonwood Rd, Furtek, Thomas, and Wright, Kendra, to Dias, Jessica L, and Miles-Mriglot, Matthew.

$260,000, 4 Hayden Ave, Curboy, Brian K, and Leighton, Brian K, to Partridge, Jacqueline M.


$959,900, Silvestri Rd, French, Robert A, and French, Nancy J, to Seraphin, Joseph, and Seraphin, Jean.

$785,000, 16 Windy Ridge Ln, Faubert, Michael E, and Faubert, Dawn M, to Taber, Andrea.

$500,000, 2 Scott Dr, Chamoun, Jacques, and Chabo, Aila, to Sahagian, Austin N, and Sahagian, Kaylen T.

$500,000, 3 S Charlton Shore Rd, Leoni, Christopher R, and Leoni, Kim C, to Fabbri, Maryfrances, and Fabbri, Gregg.

$335,000, 24 Number 10 Schoolhouse Rd, Oconnell, Kenneth R, and Oconnell, Lisa M, to Caldwell, Michael.

$200,000, Eleanor Ln #13, Eleanor Lane RT, and Lemaire, Stephen, to Barry, Timothy.

$200,000, Eleanor Ln #1R, Eleanor Lane RT, and Lemaire, Stephen, to Barry, Timothy.

$200,000, Eleanor Ln #2R, Eleanor Lane RT, and Lemaire, Stephen, to Barry, Timothy.

$200,000, Eleanor Ln #3, Eleanor Lane RT, and Lemaire, Stephen, to Barry, Timothy.

$200,000, Eleanor Ln #4, Eleanor Lane RT, and Lemaire, Stephen, to Barry, Timothy.

$27,000, Oxford Rd, Elm Street Land Prop LLC, to Robinson, David.


$631,000, 17 Oak Ct, Spacecraft LLC, to Araujo, Daniel A.

$390,000, 31 Pearl St, Weisman, Emma A, to GPS Properties LLC.

$375,000, 66 Oak St #66, Cothran, Erin M, and Parker, Joshua J, to Herrick, Brandon C, and Ryan, Laurel.

$323,900, 2110 Briarwood Vlg #2110, Zimmatore, John J, to Gomes, Corey.

$108,000, 301 Sprucewood Ln, Woodlands View LLC, to North Country Dev LLC.

$108,000, 303 Sprucewood Ln #303, Woodlands View LLC, to North Country Dev LLC.

$108,000, 307 Sprucewood Ln, Woodlands View LLC, to North Country Dev LLC.

$108,000, 309 Sprucewood Ln, Woodlands View LLC, to North Country Dev LLC.


$405,000, 259 South St, Forrest, Tiffany M, and Forrest, Michael R, to Gawlak, Daniel M, and Gawak-Lazo, Carolina.

$400,000, 35 Cottage Colony, Bergeron, Danielle M, and Pardi, David, to Deloia, Michael J.

$390,000, 151 SW Main St, Langevin, Karen L, to Biederman, Ethan L, and Biederman, Angela R.


$959,900, 20 French Rd, French, Robert A, and French, Nancy J, to Seraphin, Joseph, and Seraphin, Jean.

$570,000, 10 Camelot Cir, Kozub, Cheryl A, to Martin, Eric.

$450,000, 31 Central Ave, Jankowski, Todd W, and Hoover, James T, to Hazelrex LLC.

$399,444, 414 W Main St, Healy, John, and Bayview Loan Servicing, to E-Z Cashing LLC.

$396,000, 69 New Boston Rd, Mullen, Kelly D, and Mullen, Kelly, to Jacklin, Philip S, and Crombie-Jacklin, Allyson.

$385,000, 147 Pierpont Rd, Soldi, Edward F, and Soldi, Karol L, to Shea, Patrick, and Duquette, Kellie.

$337,000, 11 Konkel Dr, Haggerty, Brian E, and Haggerty, Judith A, to Parmenter, Barbara A.

$275,000, 14 Elizabeth St, Kruzewski, Joseph L, and Kruzewski, Michael, to Carter, Sarah.

$230,000, 5 Konkel Dr, Daniel D Costello IRT, and Costello, Erica A, to A Pineda Construction Inc.

East Brookfield

$230,000, 105 Haywood Dr, Lafri, Hamza, and Lafri, Zeinab, to Andrade, Robert.


$4,618,000, 251 Authority Dr, J&M Acquisition Corp, to Authority Dr Prop Owner.

$1,200,000, 207 Authority Dr, Draw LLC, to Authority Dr Prop Owner.

$545,000, 325 Authority Dr, West Branch RT, and Hilly, Ellen M, to Portance Corp.

$405,000, 208 Bishop Rd, Purvis, Anthony, and Mims-Purvis, Sonya, to Mckinzie-Mclean, Delroy, and Mclean, Tashalee T.

$400,000, 10 Cathy St, Fitzpatrick, Karen A, to Denaxas, Evangelos.

$370,000, 38 Cliff St, Ostana LLC, to Heyer, Marie.

$360,000, 488 Shea St, Vautour, Bill, and Vautour, Robyn, to Washington-Allen, Anthony.

$350,000, 76 Chester St, Teittinen INT, and Teittinen, Bruce P, to Santamaria, Adam J, and Santamaria, Erin J.

$337,000, 32 Vine St, Silver, Jessica C, to Quinoned-Rivera, Angel A, and Maldonado-Pastrana, E M.

$325,000, 29 Goddard St, Dauntless Path LLC, to Solis, Melvin, and Solis, Johanna.

$310,000, 76-78 Walnut St, Baker, George N, and Ordway, Louise, to Denis, Jean F.

$303,000, 54-R Bemis Rd, Tum, Soriya, and Tum, Jeannette, to Cameau-PierreLouis, M G, and Cameau, Nicole.

$300,000, 266 Madison St, Xiong, Cher, and Xiong, Aimee L, to Merced-Rios, Noelis, and Perez-Garcia, Luis J.

$300,000, 63 Snow St, Huang, Biping, to 63 Snow St LLC.

$290,000, 188 Oak Hill Rd, Lessard, Amy L, and Lore, Matthew C, to Merove, Marie A.

$287,500, 140 Fisher Rd, Mulderig, Yvonne L, to Guzman, Yarisbeth.

$285,000, 211 Blossom St, Ward, John, and Ward, Michelle, to Salazar, Monica D.

$280,000, 100 Pacific St, Mccauliff, Matthew, and Mccauliff, Richard, to Congdon, Micah.

$231,000, 69 Dailey Ter, Hohman, James D, to Walsh, Tamara L, and Fuentes, Elisio.

$120,000, 381 Oak Hill Rd, Gaudet Charles W Est, and Gaudet, Joseph E, to Detlor, David, and Brosseau, Darren.

$100,000, 2 Boulder Dr, Montuori Oil Corp, to Yasmin Properties LLC.

$45,000, 161 Rodiman Ave, Ferguson, Bernice, to Moreau, Dennis J.


$330,000, 393 Temple St, Rabitor, Cheryl A, and Rabitor, Peter E, to Kimani-Thigpen, Dauphine, and Tyronesr-Thigpen, Lance.

$320,000, 32 Glen Rd, Piaskowy, Matthew, and Piaskowy, Olivia, to Hunt, Jessica.

$314,000, 3 Rich St, Scribner Properties LLC, to Tejeda-Cornejo, Ana.

$305,000, 17 Shore Rd, Gingras, Robert K, to Sweet, James T, and Sweet, Cara N.

$282,000, 29 Tracey St, Meskauskas, Jenny L, to Albano, Lindsey J, and Hernandez, Nicholas Y.

$280,000, 166 High St, Centura Bay LLC, to Quinn, Megan E, and Menard, James S.

$251,000, 11 Patriots Rd, Eames, Elena L, and Eames, Elena, to VanDyke, Jamison.

$240,000, 32 Osgood St, Truax, Mathew K, and Truax, Felicia A, to Voley, Lentz, and Volcin, Claudette.

$235,000, 217 Barthel Ave, Moriarty, Marylou, to Morin, Hannah V.

$215,000, 47 Sand St, Wauhkonen, Valma E, to Lagoy, Gregory F.


$960,000, 4 Chiswell Rd, Sanfratello, Mark C, and Sanfratello, Kim A, to Terio, Daniel, and Terio, Christina.

$762,500, 14 Sean Mikeal Way, Sweeney, William J, and Sweeney, Patricia A, to Whitaker, Corby, and Whitaker, Lalaneya.

$752,000, 12 Glenwood Ln, 12 Glenwood Lane RT, and Chandrakumar, Matilda, to Moore, Ryan, and Jackson, Deborah.

$718,000, 49 Pleasant St, Hawkins, Timothy S, and Hawkins, Wendy S, to Novitski, Scott, and Novitski, Hillary.

$650,000, 8 Oak Ridge Ln, Demers, John C, and Demers, Victoria M, to Wilson, Michael B, and Wilson, Kelly A.

$615,000, 47 N Main St, Partridge, Matthew R, to Oconnor, Ryan.

$575,000, 2 Christopher Dr, Parikh, Ankit T, and Trivedi, Kaajal P, to Meshram, Ramarao.

$533,000, 15 Sunrise Ave, Linehan, Richard J, and Linehan, Lisa J, to Killeen, Michael J, and Killeen, Miriah.

$500,000, 38 South St, B E Fargo Grafton T, and Davis, Phillips S, to Omalley, Paul F, and Omalley, Kelly T.

$480,000, 19 Craftsman Ct #19, Siemen, Roma, and Siemen, Peter, to Miele, Karen E.

$469,900, 17 Elm St, Purney-Balanais, Janet L, to Cubbison, Genevieve A.

$449,000, 17 Violet Dr #17, Subramanian, Shankar, and Vemparala, Aruna, to Senguttuvan, Prabhu, and Selvaraj, Vimala.

$426,000, 62 Edward Dr #62, Messier, Deborah R, to Kashyap, Suhas K, and Ganesha, Fnu S.

$420,000, 35 Edward Dr #35, Mclaughlin, Edward J, and Mclaughlin, Mara L, to Thirumalai, S, and Sengodan, Suganya.

$410,000, 81 North St, Simono, Olive L, to Freitas, Michael, and Freitas, Linda.

$350,000, 16 Ferry St, Debra Ripsz FT, and Towne, Donna, to B&E Murphy Properties Inc.

$200,000, 67 North St, Marsters, Julia A, and Arnold, Linda B, to Arnold, Eleanor W.


$199,900, 13 Maple St, Allen, Kathiann, to Sullivan, James M, and Sullivan, Jamie L.

$198,000, 3234 Greenwich Rd, Eldredge, Christopher L, and Bank Of New York Mellon, to Bank New York Mellon Tr.


$1,400,000, 10 Old Meadow Ln, Kehoe, Scott A, and Kehoe, Betsy R, to Franklin, Koralia K, and Rigby, Michael J.

$899,000, 25 Fairbanks St, Clarke, Aron M, and Clarke, Alana D, to Diprizio, Steven C.

$875,000, 83 Ann Lee Rd, Vellante, Janet A, and Vellante, Gabriel J, to J M&Ying Z Mazzu Joint LT, and Mazzu, James M.


$575,000, 102 Timber Ln, Orlhac, Xavier, and Orlhac, Nathalie, to Pirez, Ashley, and Pirez, Megan.

$530,405, 70 Sawyer Ln, Thrive Construction LLC, to Croce, Matthew.

$465,000, 6 Greenwood Ter, Campbell, John P, and Campbell, Heidi G, to Wingspan Properties LLC.

$455,000, 108 Parker Ave, Dion, Derryl J, and Dion, Beverly, to Mullikin, Christina L.

$406,000, 103 Malden St, Mohammed, Shamil, and Dondia, Hafsa, to Wells, Daniel R.

$390,000, 103 Fort Sumter Dr, Meyer, Edwin, and Meyer, Louise, to Hennessy, Patrick, and Maher, Lyndsey M.

$385,000, 777 Salisbury St, Dufault Lucille A Est, and Dufault, Thomas J, to Adu, Theresa M.

$375,000, 480 Manning St, Bodge, Nicholas R, and Bodge, Nicholas, to Mills, Charles, and Wershoven, Carly.

$351,000, 68 Putnam Ln, Benitez, Andres, and Athanasiou-Benitez, S, to Athanasiou, Pavlos, and Athanasiou, Glikeria.

$348,000, 6 Fairchild Dr, J C Patch Sr Life T, and Patch, Jeffrey D, to Gibbs, Victoria.

$228,000, 69 Reservoir St #69, Lemieux, Justin P, to Grondin, Kerry M.

$215,500, 42 Phillips Rd #7, White, Virginia S, to Connery, Michael C, and Connery, Bryan J.

$214,000, 188 Princeton St, Cedroni, Thomas R, and Barreto-Cedroni, Alcileid, to PRC Construction Co LLC.

$100,000, 218 Reservoir St #220, Grenache, Roger F, and Grenache, Linda A, to Grenache, Linda A.


$246,000, 6 Roberts Park Rd, Wightman, Bennett, and Wightman, Gale M, to Sears, T David, and Sears, Mary.

$209,000, 51 Old County Rd, Ferrari, Davide M, and Ferrari, Victoria L, to Densmore, Marissa.


$1,700,000, 1 Rosenfeld Dr, BCLC LLC, to TPKRM LLC.

$690,000, 1 Country Club Ln, Pagnin, John, and Pagnin, Paula M, to Sampson, Timothy, and Sampson, Brittany.

$625,000, 44 Freedom St, Thomson, Ronald T, and Thomson, Amanda L, to Keough, Nicholas P, and Keough, Laura E.

$625,000, 50 Freedom St, Thomson, Ronald T, and Thomson, Amanda L, to Keough, Nicholas P, and Keough, Laura E.

$510,000, 3 Gaskill Cir, Babinski, Paul R, and Babinski, Kristin, to Bertolino, Kristen A, and Bertolino, Anthony O.

$460,000, 13 Driftway St, Oreilly, Kristina L, and Intinarelli, Mitchell A, to Subramaniam, Danielle, and Subramaniam, Suhendran.

$375,000, 219 Laurelwood Dr #219, Mustafa, Mehmet, and Mustafa, Zafer, to Ghosh, Sunanda, and Ghosh, Prithwiraj.


$465,000, 30 Halfrey Rd, Lesperance, Gregg A, to Decker, Craig, and Nygard, Mike.

$315,000, 35 Burnshirt Rd, Witting LT, and Witting, Kenneth F, to Djus, Amy, and Djus, Yevhen.

$70,000, 51 Hale Rd, Sessler, Eugene C, to Desravines, Wilbert A, and Desravines, Julienne F.


$625,000, 44 Pine St, Forrest, Steven A, and Forrest, Monica A, to Porter, William T, and Porter, Lindsay D.

$430,000, 8 Strawberry Ln #B, Marjory L Carpenter IRT, and Rowe, Debora, to Ishak, Magdi, and Ishak, Lynne.

$375,000, 41 Church St, Dacier-Dohan RT, and Dacier, Donald R, to Warila, Alex, and Warila, Kristina.


$730,000, 202 Hilltop Rd, Stenton, Kenneth L, and Stenton, Rebecca J, to Zand, Adam A, and Lawler, Jenny K.

$580,500, 3 Highfield Dr, Williams, Frances P, and Williams, William J, to Dion, Andrew, and Miller, Allison.


$410,000, 1626 Main St, Bingham Carol Y Est, and Bingham, Stephen M, to Guzman-Carrion, Alfonso.

$362,856, 5 Virginia Dr #B, Prospect Hill Estates LLC, and Oakridge Estates LLP, to Miles, Walter.


$466,000, 46 Saint Asaph St, Herman, Thomas M, and Herman, Julie R, to Toro-Diaz, Hector.

$425,000, 42 Old Mill Rd, 42 Old Mill Rd LLC, to Vieira, Kamila N, and Vieira, Emerson.

$420,000, 491 Johnny Appleseed Ln, Rameau, Joseph E, and Rameau, Shauna L, to Tambolleo, Nicholas F.

$399,000, 16-B Research Dr #15, Southgate Bus Park LLC, to XH Management Inc.

$377,000, 461 Johnny Appleseed Ln, Philbin, Jane, to Mwaniki, Ann.

$375,000, 19 Wheeler St, Begany, Dennis L, to Bellanton, Angelina.

$375,000, 76 Stearns Ave, Chen, Kaibang, and Yang, Jun, to Leblanc, David P.

$370,000, 44 Saint Jean Ave, Fenner, Michelle A, and Fenner, Steven N, to Fenner, Steven N, and Foti, Anthony.

$335,500, 51 Claflin St, Machado, Daniel F, and Machado, Kathleen M, to DosSantos, Leanne E, and DosSantos-Silva, M A.

$330,000, 54 Vine St, Picariello, Paul J, and Love-Picariello, Shawne, to Grampetro, Ashley.

$325,000, 30 Pennacook Dr #30, Pennock, Steven D, and Santoro-Pennock, Danielle, to Barrett, Jacob W.

$300,000, 27 Fairmount St #27, Guimond, Derek, to Garneau, Dorisa.

$255,000, 170 West St, Valera, Joseph S, to Almanzar, Diomedes M.

$250,000, 280 Nashua St, Tire Barns RT, and Gerry, Peter A, to 280 Nashua Street RT, and Tessier, Bernard A.

$190,000, 19 Meadow Pond Dr #C, Richard, Karen M, to Look, Oscar W.

$169,900, 144 West St #18, Larkin, John K, to Wyman, Lisa.

$160,000, 41 Vine St, Doiron, Gerald J, and Fucarile, Vickie L, to Molina Realty LLC.

$137,200, 30 Abbey Rd #208, Corbett, Paula A, to Song, Ren, and Yu, Hengyong.


$375,000, 63 Graham St, BD Construction LLC, to Torrado, Angel, and Reyes, Zulmaritza.

$350,000, 1 Richards Way, 1 Richards Way RT, and Tessier, Bernard A, to 1 Richards Way LLC.

$350,000, 45 Broad Meadow Dr, Riordan, John P, and Riordan, Mark N, to Chihan, Fatima.

$340,000, 35 Otis St, Nascimento, Rogerio A, to Muumba, Frida J, and Muumba, John P.

$37,000, 435-R Leominster Shirley Rd, J&A RT, and Mcniff, Daniel L, to JMC&TBG Lunenburg LLC.


$610,000, 94 Ferrecchia Dr, Stebbins, Joseph, and Stebbins, Teresa, to Fonseca, Matheus A.

$550,000, 470 Parmenter Rd, Mcconnell, Kelly L, and Donatiello, Christina G, to Posadas, Julio, and Pereira, Leticia.

$550,000, 8 Cross St, Rocheleau, Sandra J, to C&A Corp.

$545,000, 25 Magnolia Ln #25, Alonzo, Sonia, to Castro, Horacio G, and Castro, Dayana O.

$545,000, 9 Violetwood Cir #9, Ray, Alison J, and Ray, Brent D, to Gassel, Remy.

$525,000, 755 Hemenway St, Ginnetti Ernest R Est, and Ginnetti, Libby G, to Ravenswood Properties Inc.

$475,000, 83 Greenwood St, Kpissay, Armah, and Andruzzi, Luisa, to Putnam, Melanie.

$475,000, 97 Applewood Dr, Coache, Brian J, and Coache, Jessica L, to Bucci, Nicholas E.

$456,000, 72 Ice House Lndg #72, Bird, Michael J, to Tunnera, Robert J, and Knox, Lisa M.

$375,000, 849 Boston Post Rd E #6E, Village Hager Meadws, Rudomen, Bennett, and Rudomen, Sonia, to Mcgee, Karen K, and Mcgee, John J.

$369,900, 68 Village Dr #68, Cheatham, Catherine F, to Morgan, David B.

$210,000, 11-A Gates Ave #3, Julie A Crawford LT, and Crawford, Julie A, to Ciccone, Matthew.

$205,000, 110 Boston Post Rd E #101, Executive House, Alves-Dasilva, Iuri, to Reis-Ferreira, Wilian.

$195,000, 336 E Main St #9, Miranda, Maria, to Ribas, Marco, and Silva, Marselle B.

$190,000, 61 Fairmount St #16, Fairmount Heights, 2018 Worcester Willis RT, and Shang, Fu, to Firat, Bahtiyar, and Firat, Popi.

$145,000, 676 Farm Rd #2, 676-2 Farm Road RT, and Leroy, Richard P, to Fullerton, Brian J.


$751,920, 7 Russell Ct, David F Clare 2018 T, and Clare, David F, to Green, Jonathan J, and Savitt-Green, Amanda.

$693,500, 21 Vincent Rd, Accorsini, David J, and Accorsini, Jean E, to Sendzik, Alexander, and Sendzik, Autumn.

$470,000, 68 Kinsley Ln, Hureau-Allaire, Cora, to Tedeschi, Peter C.

$375,000, 114 Millville Rd, Taft, Charlene E, and Taft, Charlene, to J-Mat Realty LLC.


$950,000, 119 S Main St, F&D Ctrl Rlty Corp Inc, to A&R Serrano Inc.

$560,000, 1-3 Westley Ct, Cardoso, Victor J, to Peichoto, Marcio J.

$475,000, 177 Congress St, Moynihan, Jayne T, and Moynihan, Peter J, to Caguana-Loja, Simon, and Mayancela, Maria A.

$360,000, 57 Purchase St, Diaz, Elizandy, to Ocasio-Serrano, Franchesk.

$334,724, 30 Depot St, C D&A M Dilorenzo IRT, and Dilorenzo, Antonio G, to Frazza, John.

$320,000, 41 Pond St, Cooney, Lauren, and Cooney, Eric, to Desouza, Francisco.

$305,000, 97 E Main St, Rossini, Kenneth P, to 789 LLC.

$199,000, 6 Kennedy Ln #31, Cui, Wei, and Fu, Si W, to Wang, Bingxia, and Zhou, Jie.


$407,000, 16 Marion Ave, Sixteen Marion Avenue RT, and Degon, Kathleen S, to Lafountain, Ashley.

$374,900, 57-B Martin St #57B, Bay Hill Development LLC, to Ashley, Shanna L.

$370,000, 297 Millbury Ave, Gemme, Christine A, to Ferreira-Miranda, Pamela.

$340,000, 26 Oakes Cir #26, Yang, Huan, and Shen, Yuefei, to Esper, Ashley.

$300,000, 7 Carleton Rd, Rudge FT, and Rudge, David J, to Rudge, Scott A, and Macaruso, Sara E.

$195,000, 9 Lincoln Ave, Brady, Christine, and Brady, Christine A, to Rosa, Camilla.

North Brookfield

$215,000, 32 Summer St, Miner, Jacqueline A, and Fahey, Thomas C, to Morrison Properties LLC.

$25,000, 33 Mill Rd, Faria, Matthew E, to Phillips, Jillian.


$3,150,000, 104 Otis St #A, LT Otis LLC, to 104 Otis Owner LLC.

$3,150,000, 104 Otis St #B, LT Otis LLC, to 104 Otis Owner LLC.

$1,350,000, 48 Moore Ln, Durkin, Michael L, and Durkin, Barbara A, to Karaa, Ali M, and Gwin, Rose M.

$887,000, 257 Brewer St, Potvin, Merae, and Potvin, Scott A, to Driscoll, Paul M, and Driscoll, Elizabeth R.

$850,000, 23 Jethro Peters Ln, Scholl, Maureen, and Scholl, Christopher, to Feng, Yangrui, and You, Jiayun.

$600,000, 28 Autumn Ln #28, Shah, Amitkumar, and Shah, Rati, to Singh, Jitendra P, and Singh, Manviya B.

$515,000, 17 Potter Cir, Yu, Ke-Jia, and Deng, Zhongping, to Hack, Christopher M, and Hack, Natalie K.

$370,000, 18 Auger Ave, Auger IRT, and Auger, Judith G, to Lajoie, Marisena.

$345,000, 30 Bartlett St #30, Wazen, Joelle, and Knaider, Andrew, to Zhang, Yoon M.

$205,000, 71 Hudson St, Pierce, David G, and Pierce, Rosanne L, to 71 Hudson Street LLC.


$560,000, 61 Cliffe Rd, Mccaffrey FT, and Mccaffrey, Sean C, to Sutherland, George, and Sutherland, Irma J.

$495,000, 77 Kelly Rd, Renaud, Edward K, to Kats, Derek K.

$474,900, 18-24 A St, Mellor, John H, and Mellor, Janet, to Jawad, Mohammed.

$385,000, 96 Fowler Rd, Simmons Philip Est, and Simmons, David, to Adams, Christopher M, and Wright, Ann E.

$356,000, 87 Thurston Ave, Grace G Nyenhuis LT, and Nyehuis, Paul K, to Sargentelli, Elizabeth.

$332,500, 50 Roy St, Mellor, John, and Mellor, Michael, to Salami, Adriana R, and Vera, Hector.

$260,000, Genivieve Dr #54, Outlaw 2 LLC, to J&F Marinella Dev Corp.

$164,000, 87 N Main St #87, Wassenar, David, to Hawkins, Lauren M.


$440,000, 190 Skyline Dr, Amidio Bros Inc, to Molina, Carlos F, and Molina, Jazmin X.


$440,000, 176 Wheeler Ave, Schmieg, Charles W, and Moon, Katherine L, to Seaman, Clark, and Billiel, Donna A.

$305,000, 118 Walnut Hill Rd, Novotny, Dianne, to Cruz, Nestor L, and Smith, Chelsea E.

$285,000, 26 Whitney St, Orange East Main St T, and Patel, Rameshchandra N, to Jordan, Jair L.

$275,000, 108 Winter St, Gutkowski, Kenneth M, and Gutkowski, Shannon C, to Comeau, Brandon, and Comeau, Tiffany.

$217,000, 76 Adams St, Richard, Stephen, to Belanger, Scott M.

$190,000, 40 Shumway St #1, Merritt, Derek J, to Alberico, Domenico.

$150,000, 91 Bacon St, Whyte, Eileen K, and Kima, John S, to Bazonski, Christina, and Bazonski, Joel.

$35,000, Fairman Rd, Wolanin, Kenneth, to Taylor, Bonnie S, and Harrison, Eric M.


$426,500, 5 Spicebush Ln, Seavey, John R, and Seavey, Cynthia M, to Stehlik, Aaron M, and Stehlik, Bethany L.

$375,000, 20 Charlton St, Stehlik, Bethany, and Stehlik, Aaron, to Barkley, Randall W, and Barkley, Paula M.

$350,000, 5 Linden St, Lehner, Virginia E, to Urbaez-Deleon, Joel, and Urbaez, Greylyn C.

$320,000, 21 Beverly St, Caryl A Walne 2014 IRT, and Walne, Peter J, to Ballah, Gboso.

$305,000, 51 Locust St, Ugale, Mandy, and Senofa, Shiela, to Thapa, Suhan.

$300,000, 15 Charlton St, Parmenter, Barbara A, and Parmenter, Dean W, to Gonzalez, Irma L, and Lopez, Steven M.

$255,000, 68 Pleasant St #29, Laferriere, Kenneth J, and Barnes, Kimberly A, to Laferriere, Kimberly A, and Laferriere, Mallory V.

$230,000, 36 Plantation Rd #36, Nappi, Kayleigh, to Coughlin, Paula A.

$197,000, 10 Thayer Pond Dr #17, Walker, Tyler D, and Walker, Katie A, to Taylor, Kimberly N, and Ohare, Martin P.

$187,990, 7 Prospect Hill Rd, Blackmore Sandra Jean Est, and Blackmore, Lori L, to Blackmore, Brandon.


$450,000, 174 Nelson Rd, Millar, Kevin D, and Millar, Julia A, to Ralessi Sole Benefit T, and Avila, Paula.


$285,000, 18 Norcross Rd, Laelia LLC, to Bbineau, Ronald.


$796,695, 231 Turkey Hill Trl, Metzmaker, Jeffrey N, and Ekstrom, Deborah K, to Thaure, Lisa N, and Thaure, Frederic H.

$550,000, 56 Prospect St, Ham, Catherine J, and Ham, Jeffrey P, to Vancelette, John A, and Daly, Heather L.

$536,000, 9 Prouty Ln, Cogswell, John F, and Cogswell, Nicole L, to Lesperance, Gregg A, and Maltais, Michele M.

$175,000, 9 Anthony Dr, Crutcher, Thomas, and Crutcher, Christine, to Crutcher, Calista C.

$150,000, E County Rd #1, Oconnor, Mark S, and Oconnor, Kathleen B, to Lange, Stephen R.

$150,000, E County Rd #2, Oconnor, Mark S, and Oconnor, Kathleen B, to Lange, Stephen R.

$150,000, Route 68, Oconnor, Mark S, and Oconnor, Kathleen B, to Lange, Stephen R.


$1,241,000, 231 Gulf St, Hafford, Desiree, and Hafford, Guy C, to R&K Gottam RET, and Gottam, Rajasekhar.

$995,000, 29 Brook St, Tamasy, Julianne E, to Sarangi, Nilanjan, and Sarangi, Satabdi.

$952,500, 36 Cross St, Heywood Estates LLC, to Ponnuswamy, Surgunavel S, and Angamuthu, Devika.

$680,000, 7 Aspen Rd, Ashok&Asha Kumar LT, and Kumar, Ashok, to Zhou, Bingham.

$655,500, 21 Ireta Rd, Roy, David J, and Bradley-Roy, Anne, to Noreldin, Nadine.

$650,000, 55 Stoney Hill Rd, Dhal, Siladitya, and Dhal, Reena, to Sivakumar, Premkumar, and Premkumar, Priya.

$620,000, 207 Cherry St, Harney LT, and Harney, Deborah A, to Holohan, Ryan, and Holohan, Zekieh.

$579,000, 18 Ladyslipper Dr, Oyama, Eiichi, to Ahuja, Harshdeep S.

$495,000, 7 Apple Seed Dr #7, V J Obrien T, and Obrien, James T, to Wilson, Stephen A, and Wilson, Leah M.

$479,000, 6 Payton Pl #6, Shrewsbury Partners LLC, to Laposta, Julie.

$473,000, 2 Estabrook Rd, Hughes, Michele D, to Brandao, Lucinea V, and Pinto-Brandao, Eider.

$430,000, 237 South St #2, Perabathini, Anusha, and Perabathini, Vishnu V, to Tadimeti, Shyam S.

$420,000, 258 Boylston St, Corbett, Ryan P, and Corbett, Jaclyn M, to Benjaminsen, Frank.

$409,000, 6 Power Ave, Bianco, Stephen, and Bianco, Barbara, to Webb, Michael, and Webb, Hannah.

$336,000, 31 Richard Ave, Mollo, Helen T, and Mollo, David L, to Hanam, Kyle.

$240,000, 38 Shrewsbury Green Dr #H, Sparanges, Louis P, and Sparanges, Deborah W, to Kathiresan, Kannan, and Sethuraman, Mangalam.

$220,000, 6 Grafton St #6, Wiggins Sandra D Est, and Wiggins, David H, to Hardman, Maryann O.


$1,572,080, 40 Southville Rd, Mass Vent Prop Group LLC, to 40 Southville Realty LLC.

$1,175,000, 151 Middle Rd, Quality Framing Cont Inc, to Angino, Christopher.

$1,100,000, 45 Constitution Dr, Wachholz, James A, and Wachholz, Pamela, to Lee, Dong H, and Chung, Kwang G.

$920,000, 8 Heather Ln, Delaney, James P, and Delaney, Kristin K, to Nirakh, Abhilash, and Gundi, Harshita.

$790,000, 38 Southwood Dr #38, Nelson, Andrew, and Nelson, Hilary, to Sasalatti, Vaishakh V, and Suresh, Varshini.

$780,000, 28 Boston Rd #28, Kendall Homes Inc, to Zhou, Lite, and Cen, Qiao.

$715,000, 109 Carriage Hill Cir #109, Murphy, A Maureen, and Murphy, Robert, to Cimino, Paul, and Cimino, Lisa.

$405,000, 72 William Onthank Ln #72, Joan M Ready RET, and Ready, Joan M, to Benjamin, Rose, and Leafstone, Mildred D.


$389,000, 183 Cournoyer Blvd, Ortiz, Diomer, and Ortiz, Samantha, to Mccain, Chanal E, and Rocha-Neves, Jesslynn.

$315,000, 30 Tillyer Ave, Foster, Scott E, and Watkins-Foster, Sherry, to Cornier, Elmer G, and Ramos, Cynthia J.

$312,000, 14 Snow St, Desforges, Peter A, and Desforges, Deborah J, to Santos Capital LLC.

$268,000, 60 Newell Ave, Caban, Randy, to Monette, Francheska, and Monette, Timothy.

$245,000, 164 River St, Sirmans, Joseph H, and Sirmans, Bryant, to Cox, Emanuell.

$80,000, 600 Worcester St #2, Mcglone, John M, and Rivera, Elsa, to Lebrun, Raymond J.


$450,000, 13 Maple St, Defreitas, Carlos A, and Marin-Defreitas, Leydy C, to 17 Cherry Street LLC.

$420,000, 57 N Brookfield Rd, Remiszewski, Stanley M, to Huang, Suqing.

$390,000, 6 Browning Pond Rd, Ellsworth, Betty J, and Flynn, Nancy E, to Ortega, Robert, and Ortega, Jhonny.

$345,000, 49 Chestnut St, Tavarez, Altagracia, and Frias, Rafael B, to Rodriguez, Angel D, and Vega, Charissely.

$300,000, 2 Church St, Fischer, Marguerite L, to DeLaGil, Jorge L.

$175,000, 34 Maple St, Tremblay, Ernest T, and Tremblay, Margaret R, to Charest, Delilah.


$919,284, 81 Maple St, C D Corrinne Builders Inc, to Smith, Robert G, and Smith, Jane R.

$545,000, 45 Kendall Hill Rd, Montachusett Prop Mgmt, to Qualls, Bobby L, and Qualls, Jennifer.

$535,000, 9 Olde Parish Ln, Tunney, Timothy, and Tunney, Colleen, to Curtin, Matthew T, and Myers, Kimberly.


$2,150,000, 195 Charlton Rd, Conner Philip C Est, and Conner, Scott, to Noble Sturbridge LLC.

$2,150,000, 197 Charlton Rd, Conner Philip C Est, and Conner, Scott, to Noble Sturbridge LLC.

$2,150,000, 201 Charlton Rd, Conner Philip C Est, and Conner, Scott, to Noble Sturbridge LLC.

$2,150,000, 201-A Charlton Rd, Conner Philip C Est, and Conner, Scott, to Noble Sturbridge LLC.


$814,000, 151 Leland Hill Rd, Opler, Richard M, and Opler, Laurelle, to Logue, Sean P, and Logue, Jeannette.

$646,000, 42 Boundary Stone Rd, Smythe, Bruce A, and Smythe, Kelly E, to Slavin, Bailey, and Slavin, Brandon.

$458,700, 12 Davis Cir, Morris, Kenneth G, to Penterson, Julie A.

$370,000, 8 Dodge Rd, Slavin, Brandon, and Slavin, Bailey, to Trosin, Michael M, and Kintzer-Trosin, Zoe.

$225,000, 39-1/2 W Sutton Rd, Hasz, Marna, and Salerno, Donald M, to K9 Realty LLC.


$365,000, 277 Baldwinville Rd, Manca, Michael A, and Manca, Nancy L, to Dipoo, Amit R, and Dipoo, Seerojnie.

$251,000, 11 Patriots Rd, Eames, Elena L, and Eames, Elena, to VanDyke, Jamison.

$230,000, 12 Old Mill Ln #12, Morin, Hannah V, to Campbell, John, and Campbell, Heidi.


$600,000, 241 Main St, Townsend Center RT, and Hayward, P Edward, to C&J RT, and Curtis, Marc D.

$519,000, 295 Townsend Hill Rd, Townsend Hill Road 295 RT, and Monath, Thomas P, to Langlois, Troy J, and Delaney, Bailey.

$510,000, 10 Scorpio Ln, Wilson-Clarke, Kathleen, to Ham, Sharon, and Ham, Rouy.

$375,000, 468 Main St, Welch, Kathleen A, to Cosper, Karen A.


$516,270, 13 Jackson Dr, Pulte Hm Of New Eng LLC, to Cotreau, James W, and Cotreau, Lia M.

$400,000, 16 Fowler St, Nealley, John H, and Nealley, Cara A, to Nealley, Jean M.

$222,000, 6 Jackson Dr, Pulte Hm Of New Eng LLC, to Malkasian, Harry M, and Malkasian, Janice A.


$1,098,976, 250 Providence St, Quaker Highway RT, and Renaud, Edward K, to Adam Brothers Towing LLC.

$550,000, 80 Tyler Dr, Sims, Arthur E, and Hall-Sims, Kathleen, to Dunn, Jennifer, and Giampietro, Matthew.

$410,000, 7 Fisher St, Hebert, Michael J, and Hebert, Laura, to Slate, Chad, and Slate, Breanne.

$345,000, 61 Lackey Dam Rd, Loveless, Stephen A, and Loveless, Angela, to Smith, Caitlin.

$320,000, 87 Linwood St, Bradshaw, Michael P, and Ferguson, Arva, to Doocey, Caitlin F.


$420,000, 27 Sorel Rd, VanZandt, Edward G, and VanZandt, Mary E, to Garceau, Nicholas L, and Garceau, Caitlyn R.

$370,000, 48-50 W Main St, Source Nine Dev LLC, to Stevens, Matthew J, and Stevens, Allison C.

$350,000, 85 Osborne Rd, Sloat, Peter C, and Sloat, Kimberly A, to Marinaccio, Cory J.

$305,000, 47 Old Gilbertville Rd, Huruko, Eric N, to Latulippe, Dean K, and Latulippe, Amber J.

$100,860, 36 Gould Rd, Fontaine, Robert W, and Pennymac Loan Svcs LLC, to Pennymac Loan Svcs LLC.

$79,000, 7 Storrs St, Perry, Elizabeth E, to Bottega-Dasilva, Hugo.

$55,000, Hardwick Pond Rd, Brown Patrick J Est, and Brown, Anne L, to Zinni, William.


$588,163, 6 Black Point Rd, Hopkins, Barbara R, and Hopkins, Michael P, to Durkin, Pamela J.

$423,000, 18 Aldrich St, Moura, Danny M, and Moura, Jorge A, to Taylor, Chase.

$422,500, 401 Treasure Island Rd #401, Hubmeier, Carole A, to Deary, Gene M.

$365,000, 91 Lower Gore Rd, Boudreau, Joey K, and Boudreau, Beth A, to Leblanc, Thomas R.

$355,000, 109 Lake St, Flibbert LT, and Flibbert, David J, to Tenecela-Guzman, Dunia F.

$280,000, 55 Cudworth Rd, Taylor, Keith W, and Taylor, Leslie, to Languth, Michael.

$128,485, 6 Greystone Ave, Andreoli, Jane, to Bennett, Scott R.

West Boylston

$425,000, 232 Lancaster St, Rogers, Matthew M, and Rogers, Kelly A, to Roche, Gerald K, and Mulligan, Jessica L.

$205,000, 185 Laurel St, Scheibel, Nicholas D, to Erickson, Gary M, and Erickson, Dianne E.

$75,000, Oxford St, RMT Holdings Inc, and RMT Meola Inc, to Laplume, Robert, and Laplume, Donna.

West Brookfield

$280,000, 15 Cottage St, Sibley, Myron W, to Mcneil, John G, and Mcneil, Jane.


$1,128,000, 1 Whispering Pine Dr, Stone, Jay S, and Stone, Alisa S, to Eaton, Samuel G, and Eaton, Caitlin J.

$1,050,000, 58 Townsend Blvd #58, Ganesan, Chandrasekaran, and Sunder, Lakshmie, to Purushothaman, Binu K, and Rajasekharan, Malini S.

$910,000, 4 Jacob Jones Way, Kwon, Oh-Hun, and Kwon, Sung-Joo, to Zhang, Zhen, and Liang, Zhiheng.

$820,000, 18 Bradish Ln #18, Kishore-Molakatalla, Phan, and Prasad, Divya S, to Banda, Pavan, and Kolachala, Soujanya.

$725,000, 60 Otis St #1, Berberian, Michael R, to Atlantic Otis Realty LLC.

$595,000, 25 Oneil Dr, Novitski, Scott, and Novitski, Hillary, to Casciano, Colin, and Casciano, Allison.

$575,000, 33 Hyder St, Mason, Jeffrey N, and Mason, Judith A, to Kenny, Eric J, and Hughes, Julia G.

$530,000, 22 Oldham Rd, Neil, Mark L, to Palmer, Sherilyn.

$485,000, 4 Flanders Rd, Dansereau, Josephine, to Gupta, Sugata, and Basu, Piyali.

$432,500, 37 Charles St, Fay, Marion L, to Anilesh, Bethany J, and Anilesh, Sanjit.

$387,425, 11304 Peters Farm Way #11304, Pulte Hm Of New Eng LLC, to Moore, Diane M.

$232,000, 8-B Mayberry Dr #4, Leger, Christopher, and Leger, Kellie, to Lyons, Ian.

$125,000, 60 Otis St #1H, Berberian Michael M Est, and Berberian, Joel S, to Atlantic Otis Realty LLC.


$340,500, 243 Worcester Rd, Bickford Hill Bldrs LLC, to Powers, Amy L, and Powers, Scott H.


587,000, 145 4th St, Kamel, Jason J, and Kamel, Nicole J, to Cohn, Scott, and Cohn, Maliwun.

$312,000, 71 Glenallen St, Lashua, David A, and Lashua, Lee A, to Hutchings, Christian, and Hutchings, Jennifer.

$307,000, 112 Gardner Rd, Valera, Beverly A, and Valera, Sebastian P, to Westgate, Michael J, and Westgate, Constance.

$225,000, 16 Converse Dr, Byrer, Kevin J, and Hankins, Jane, to Loven, Ann L.

$125,000, 55 Webster St, Bardwell, Leonard J, and Bardwell, Leonard, to Teas, Courtney S.


$3,001,000, 30 Pullman St, 30 Pullman Street LLC, to Pullman Street Realty LLC.

$765,000, 413 Park Ave, Plesion LLC, to 413-415 Park Ave LLC.

$765,000, 413-A Park Ave, Plesion LLC, to 413-415 Park Ave LLC.

$765,000, 415 Park Ave, Plesion LLC, to 413-415 Park Ave LLC.

$581,550, 5 Chestnut Hill Ln, Ren, Ning H, and Jiang, Peixing, to Szelest, Maria.

$570,000, 30 Superior Rd, SLP Properties LLC, to Portillo, Richard J, and Portillo, Kana.

$535,000, 25 Cambridge St, Nguyen, Dung, and Ton, Linda, to Shrestha, Sangam.

$500,000, 9 Merrifield St, Stennett, Donovan, and Stennett, Sandra, to Hearn, Eboney, and Hearn, Monroe.

$495,000, 15 Snowy Owl Ln, RLS Properties LLC, to Morales, Bryan J, and DeMorales, Reina M.

$470,000, 26 Solferino St, Roszkiewicz, Jason, and Roszkiewicz, Victoria B, to Kowalchek, Andrew.

$461,000, 99 Zenith Dr, Mcgrath, Joan E, and Mcgrath, Peter M, to Leach, Lisa M, and Leach, Ronald E.

$460,000, 45 Scrimgeour Rd, Bedard, Chad M, and Bedard, Elizabeth P, to Yee, Debra L.

$453,000, 15 Greendale Ave, Angers, Leonard, and Angers, Georgianna, to Callahan, Jason M.

$450,000, 121 Hope Ave, 121 Hope Avenue T, and Taber, Andrea, to Delatorre, Carlos, and Enriquez, Ines.

$450,000, 611 Cambridge St, Naim, Yoram B, to Audate, Terry S.

$424,000, 10 Glenbrook Ln, Kelly, Laurence E, and Shugrue, Dianne, to Maina, Charles G, and Gaithuru, Mary.

$400,000, 108 Dorchester St, Torres, Maria L, to Burgos, Ramon.

$380,000, 36 Uxbridge St, Cook, Matthew, to Vuona, Amanda A, and Jurgiel, Joseph T.

$379,900, 88 Norfolk St, Danquah Hldg RT, and Danquah, Juliana, to Amenorvi, Richard I.

$375,000, 312 Greenwood St, Sargentelli, Elizabeth L, and Lemay, Elizabeth L, to M Emery-Le Retirement T, and Emery-Le, Myai.

$360,000, 175 Delmont Ave, Stone, Robert S, and Stone, Jill L, to Amapdu, Samuel.

$352,500, 21 White Ave, Drew, Keith, to Herrera, Ohani, and Ramirez-Gonzalez, Geniya.

$347,500, 8 Reeves St, Vazquez, Wilfredo, and Medeiros, Aimee L, to Ortins Cap Partners Grp.

$347,500, 9 Reeves St, Vazquez, Wilfredo, to Ortins Cap Partners Grp.

$345,000, 26 Valley Hill Dr, Vysniauskas, Harry, to Hopkins, Jessica, and Hopkins, Theresa.

$345,000, 68 Oakwood Ln #68, Owens, Brad, and Owens, Sheila, to Bliss, Alfred J, and Smith, Erill O.

$343,000, 33 Barnes Ave, Tang Chau Est, and Tang, April C, to Williams, Mark, and True, Michael N.

$342,500, 21 Rosewood Dr, Mendez, Jose, and Irizarry, Jean, to Singh, Navdeep.

$335,500, 14 Meadow Ln, Hoffman, Nicholas, and Hoffman, Sherri, to Turek, Louis.

$330,000, 403 Browning Ln #403, Elkins Ann P Est, and Landress, Staci, to Harwood, Carol J.

$320,000, 43 Grandview Ave, Central City Prop LLC, to Duhan, Yana, and Polishchuk, Yevhenii.

$319,900, 179 Hamilton St, SRG Investments LLC, to Bisiak, Jessica R.

$310,000, 90 BeaverBrook Pkwy, Wiggins, Jennifer A, and Wiggins, Ronald R, to Sanchez, Kareng P, and Monteagudo, Bebel E.

$310,000, 94 Beaverbrook Pkwy, Wiggins, Jennifer A, and Wiggins, Ronald R, to Sanchez, Kareng P, and Monteagudo, Bebel E.

$300,000, 22 Scenic Dr, SF Inc, to Williams, Deborah P, and Williams, Maurine J.

$300,000, 273 Lovell St, Petion, Raymond, to Rivera, Roberto, and Hidalgo, Cecilia.

$282,000, 177-B Sunderland Rd #B, Tran, David C, to Veliz, Cesar M.

$275,000, 4 Geneva St, Oleary, Colleen M, to Shahini, Donald.

$275,000, 43 Belcourt Rd, Magaw, Sandra A, to Kuang, Bingyu.

$272,000, 5 Locust Ave, Labellarte, Luigi J, to Labellarte, Louis J, and Coneo, Yudis B.

$270,000, 90 Kenberma Rd, Jean-Louis, Yolette, and Coriolan, Michel J, to Coriolan, Michel J, and Clement, Fabienne.

$265,000, 2 Jay St, Cikota Robert P Est, and Cikota, Heavenly, to Turner, Chris, and Turner, Natasha.

$265,000, 31 Blithewood Ave #1103, Freedman, Linda, to Ismail, Mohammad.

$263,000, 43 Mcclintock Ave, Dumas, Richard, to Sossa, Luis F, and Sossa-Bonilla, Antonio A.

$255,000, 35 Eunice Ave, Thibault, Bernard, and Thibault, Barbarann, to Cardogno, Rachel, and Mensah-Frimpong, Daniel.

$250,000, 5 Morton Ct, Aguirre, Ray R, to Paul, Lydie.

$240,000, 17 Cumberland St, Mchugh, Lorraine, to Adutwum, Priscilla N.

$231,000, 160 Fremont St #413, Henderson, Linda E, to Sheridan, Lisa K, and Stiles, R Lincoln.

$230,000, 469 Grove St #1, Nordstrom, Steven C, to Carr, Joshua.

$225,000, 13 Abbott St, Turgeon, James J, and Turgeon, Cheryl A, to Wang, Weidong.

$220,000, 327 Plantation St #304, Mcfarland, Liesl, to Hartley, Joshua, and Arran, Rozah.

$216,500, 195 Fairmont Ave, Youn Properties LLC, to Umgozi LLC.

$200,000, 76 Ernest Ave, Zaremba FT, and Zaremba, Paul J, to Nuzzolilo, Joanna.

$155,000, 58 Dustin St, Scalzo Robert J Est, and Verdolino, Donna, to Omara, Matthew, and Omara, Gina.

$141,000, 2 Allen St, Pajala, Arnie H, and US Bank NA, to Vangos, John E.

$135,000, 7 Sandy Bar Dr, Gorman, Robert G, to Silva, Murilo.

$70,000, 2 Forkey Ave, Buzanoski FT, and Geary-Buzonaski, Gerald, to Evergrain Orchard LLC.



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