The Power is Now

Worcester County real estate transfers, Sunday, Oct. 24 – Worcester Telegram


$519,000, 64 Winding Cove Rd, Dilling, Gary, and Mchugh, Leanne, to Leahy, Charles W, and Bailey-Leahy, Jayne.

$420,000, 30 River Styx Rd, Consalvo, Paul A, and Consalvo, Paula J, to Koula, Cheryl A, and Gagne, Michael J.

$285,000, 107 Sherbert Rd, Smart, Mark R, to Edwards, Desiree.


$395,000, 323 Wares Rd, Tocci, Scott, and Tocci, Patricia R, to Crowell, Keith A, and Conneilly, Kimberley L.


$285,000, 96 Park Ave, Hashtag Houses LLC, to Perez, Israel, and Nelson, Melanie R.

$279,900, 267 Ridge Rd, Mason, Tyler A, and Mason, Chelsea M, to Leblanc, Melissa A, and Baker, Joshua J.

$190,000, 80 S Main St, Piragis, Ryan, to Fabbo, Rosina E.

$129,000, 742 Daniel Shays Hwy #4A, Bergevin, Theresa, to Lupaczyk, Shannon, and Lupaczyk, Timothy P.

$45,000, 56 Sanders St, Maroni David Ward Est, and Maroni, Paul A, to Lot LLC.

$45,000, 58 Sanders St, Maroni David Ward Est, and Maroni, Paul A, to Lot LLC.


$459,900, 16 Pioneer Ln, Orsi, Mark D, and Orsi, Amy A, to Grasseschi, Dominic M, and Grasseschi, Sara R.

$459,900, 5 Westlund Ave, Montville, Timothy F, to Rodriguez, Orlando.

$435,900, 18 Whitman Bailey Dr #18, Ann Marie Beauregard LT, and Beauregard, Ann M, to Simpers, Glen, and Simpers, Bonnie.

$431,142, 31 Albert St #31, Reserve 2325 LLC, to Wang, Yaofeng, and Shen, Yao.

$420,059, 30 Albert St #30, Reserve 2325 LLC, to Ciociolo, Christine H.

$368,900, 2 Putnam Ln, Dumas, Raymond R, and Dumas, Debra L, to Oneil, Melissa L, and Cooksey, Andrew.

$365,000, 12 Magna Vista Dr, Sawicki, James J, to Aucoin, Christopher R, and Aucoin, Crystal-Marie.

$333,000, 162 Auburn St, MCJ Auburn St Realty LLC, to Diaz, Gianni.

$235,000, 101 South St, Pearson, Leah M, to Francisco Stone Work Inc.

$176,298, 41 Hampton St, Carbonneau, Dianne L, and Carbonneau, Craig P, to Carbonneau, Dianne L.

$130,000, 289 South St #3, Provost, Marshall E, to Westermark, Eric.


$303,000, 970 Williamsville Rd, Zecco, Jason P, and Zecco, Christine P, to Fortier, Eric.


$495,000, 324 Central St, White, Steven C, to Fontoura, Antonio H, and Remigio, Magalhaes.

$460,000, 44 Brook Ln #44, Haggstrom, Rolf P, to Pandolf, Kent, and Pandolf, Judith.

$420,000, 83 Central St, Tynan, Keith W, to 83 Ctrl Street Hldg T, and Smedemark, Else.


$600,000, 9 Castagnaro Way, Tellstone, Jason E, and Tellstone, Elaine M, to Tomasetta, Anthony J.

$455,000, 599 Rathbun St, Watson, Richard A, and Watson, Christine A, to 599 Rathbun St LLC.

$425,000, 141 Lakeshore Dr, Gattoni, Holly, to Roby, Lynne.

$389,000, 95 Mendon St, Shea, Samantha M, and Proulx, Adam J, to Parrott, Heather M.

$340,000, 21 Rayner St, Cote, Glen G, to Lopez, Lakesha.

$338,500, 8 Ives St, Macomber, Victoria E, to Dana, Emily J.

$295,000, 211 Elm St #6B, DMB Uxbridge RT, and Brook, Diane M, to Green, Amanda, and Morris, Jeremy.

$265,000, 15 May St, Sears, Cameron, and Sears, Amanda, to Mulligan, John W, and Mulligan, Matthew J.


$800,000, 39 Mill Pond Rd, Bendetson, Andrew P, and Main Street Bank, to Main Street Bank.


$711,000, 676 Cross St, Barakian, Steven G, and Barakian, Nancy, to Frongillo, James, and Frongillo, Kerri.

$475,000, 475 Cross St, Juliano, Michael J, and Juliano, Marybeth, to Bauch, Aaron M.

$443,333, 21 French Dr, Fields, Adam C, to Garry, Thomas M.

$270,000, 12 Barnard Hill Rd, Barnard Hill Estates LLC, to Iristhorpe Developers LLC.

$270,000, 30 Barnard Hill Rd, Barnard Hill Estates LLC, to Iristhorpe Developers LLC.

$270,000, 36 Barnard Hill Rd, Barnard Hill Estates LLC, to Iristhorpe Developers LLC.

$175,000, 61 Mill Rd, Fors, Mary J, and Fors, Adam W, to Fors FT, and Furman, Edwin J.


$485,000, 30 Apple Rd, Laplante, Gail H, to Fullam, Brendan J, and Keough, Jaclyn E.

$220,000, 16 Hollow Rd, Minney Brett F Est, and Minney, David J, to Siegel, Cody R.


$325,000, 38 Long Hill Rd, Halbrook, Lynda G, to Meersman, Michael S, and Meersman, Marlaina.

$300,000, 5 Webber Rd, Williams, Michael, and Williams, Lauri, to Recore, Melissa A.


$579,900, 45 Daniels Rd, Dimolfetta, Andrea, and Dimolfetta, Aileen, to Lundi, Latamara C.

$522,000, 16 Denfield Rd, Bousquet, Robert R, and Bousquet, Linda C, to Asca, Percy, and Asca, Monica.

$480,000, 25 Casey Rd, Guzman, Kristian, and Colozzi, Shaina A, to Pilichowicz, Jakub P, and Noyes, Julia V.

$430,000, 7 Pheasant Ln, Barrows, Patricia A, to Barrows, Daniel A, and Barrows, Amber L.

$420,000, 203 Sunset Dr, Ochs, Daniel, and Krawcyk-Ochs, Chelsea, to Schadler, Dennis, and Schadler, Dawn.

$85,000, Jennings Rd #15, Gair LLC, to Rawan Cap Investements.

$78,000, Harrington Rd #2, Lamarine RT, and Lamarine, Antonio, to Shree Hari Invs LLC.

$78,000, Harrington Rd #3, Lamarine RT, and Lamarine, Antonio, to Shree Hari Invs LLC.


$726,000, 500 Main St, FJC LLC, to Jacks Mill LLC.

$430,000, 28 Woodruff Rd, Berry, William P, and Berry, Amy, to Silva, Michael P.

$380,500, 1405 Kenwood Way #1405, Priola, Jenna, to Coughlin, Matthew P, and Vergados, Jillian.

$360,000, 336 Water St, Wright, Deborah, to Ganley, Nilzadete.

$335,000, 313 Ridgefield Cir #E, Galeano, Hugo I, to Demartino, Luis A, and Demartino, Jimmy.

$330,000, 765 High St #4, Speroni, Brittany, to Gonzalez, Jose, and Gonzalez, Lourdes.

$320,000, 701-703 Southwood Ln, Woodlands View LLC, to North Country Dev LLC.

$320,000, 705-707 Southwood Ln, Woodlands View LLC, to North Country Dev LLC.

$274,000, 226 Sterling St, Corelli, Margarete H, to Cifuentes, Herber E, and Monge, Nanci Y.

$225,000, 9 Sterling St, 9 Sterling Street LLC, to Rezende Realty LLC.


$595,000, 8 Jepherson Dr, Fletcher, Gary W, and Fletcher, Kimberly A, to Beland, Heather M, and Beland, Jeffrey A.

$463,505, 12 Gilboa Ct, Lafrance, Joseph A, and Lafrance, Tarra J, to Mcisaac, Joseph P.

$457,000, 189 Maple St, Torchia, Bianca V, to Ostroskey, Peter J, and Ostroskey, Jessica K.

$420,000, 14 Prentice Ct, Devlin, Brian F, and Devlin, Patricia, to Johnson, Alex, and Johnson, Natasha.

$377,000, 160 Main St, Sabatino, David F, and Sabatino, Cristin M, to Day, Nicole, and Bouchard, Christopher.


$402,500, 3 Sabaj Way, Hobson, Brian F, and Hobson, Jilanne, to Daigle, Aaron S, and Daigle, Christina M.

$346,000, 21 Lakeview Ave, Miranda, Marcelo, and Miranda, Fabiana, to Marshall, Jacob.

$275,000, 217 W Main St, Ceppetelli, Ross A, to Buccico, Patrick, and Buccico, Theresa.

East Brookfield

$337,000, 729 Podunk Rd, Brown, Michael J, to Galuffo, Jonathan L.


$750,000, 652 Water St, Montuori Oil Corp, to Yasmin Properties LLC.

$560,000, 1 Overland St, Cormier, Jean-Paul, and Cormier, Rose M, to Mbr Properties LLC.

$480,000, 14 Myrtle Ave, Myrtle Rental T, and Blouin, Matthew R, to Momen, Safiyy.

$411,000, 46 Reingold Ave, Marien, Bruce W, to Chacon-Escobar, Jose R.

$392,683, 376 Williams Rd, Harbor Classic Homes LLC, to Burns, Christopher J.

$370,000, 98 Colony Rd, Burford, Donna M, to DeMiranda, Wagno, and Cunha, Ivonette.

$340,000, 23 Wall St, Marcil, Darren E, and Wittmier, Karen M, to Pureco, Petra.

$330,000, 173 Myrtle Ave, Casey, David M, and Casey, Thomas A, to Beltran-Marquez, Elvin.

$320,000, 20 George St, Beauchemin, Nathan A, to Burgos, Casandra L.

$309,900, 76 Richardson Rd, Everbeck, Robert F, and Everbeck, Cathleen L, to Klinck, Mason, and Randall, Emily.

$305,000, 8 Morgan Way #8, Hebert, Michael F, and Hebert, Linda M, to Marashio, Peter J.

$289,000, 100 Bridle Cross Rd #100, Dunlevy, Keisha, to Curuchet, Matias, and Fuentes, Paula.

$287,000, 95 Sanborn St, Richard, Doreen J, to Sanabria-Magana, Juan.

$277,000, 97 Appleton Cir, Moore, Brian D, to Copeland, Jasmine, and Vilavong, Vathsana.

$275,000, 167 Pratt Rd, DosSantos, Jose M, and Quinteros, Maria N, to Reyes, Roberto G.

$269,900, 123 Vine St, Lanza, Anita, to Thibeault, Larry K.

$267,900, 47 Exeter St, Allaire, Stephen M, to Norris, Michelle L.

$242,000, 46 Farmer Ave, Fisher, Peter C, to Rivera, Michelle A.

$237,000, 535 South St #15-3C, Siddall, Mary K, to Gato, Kathleen A, and Gato, Hiago W.

$220,000, 57 Sanborn St, Crespo, Hilda J, to Gerena, Maritza.

$95,000, 104 Whalon St #1D, Greenwood RT, and Greenwood, Kent S, to Paine, Thomas, and Paine, Sara.

$40,000, Crawford St, Fitchburg Redev Authority, to Alonso, Grecco N.


$500,000, 640 Whitney St, Albridge, James A, and Albridge, Elizabeth J, to Jimson, Richard, and Jimson, Lori.

$492,000, 20 Comee St, Philipp, Giulia-Christina, and Victor, Jacob, to Friend, Tucker N, and Friend, Kayla T.

$450,000, 26 Edgell St, Drake, Jay D, and Drake, Celeste M, to Almonte, Eduardo.

$410,000, 101 Chestnut St, Paine, Katie A, to Sanchez, Julia, and Baez-Quiroz, Matias M.

$365,000, 18 Tracey St, Fortier, Dolores G, and Fortier, Richard F, to Beauchemin, Nathan A, and Barrett, Braylee A.

$312,500, 100 Pinewood Dr #100, Lundin, Eric C, and Hakala-Lundin, Sandy, to Ferrari, Dorothy, and Ferrari, Thomas N.

$300,000, 102 High St, Daigle, Livain J, and Leblanc, Joanne M, to Starzynski, Craig D.

$300,000, Wilkins Rd #2, Ouellette Rt LLC, to Otter Farm Inc.

$297,000, 19-23 Princeton St, Tigs, James L, and Tigs, Maria, to Villatoro, Carlos O.

$295,000, 141 Pinewood Dr #141, Somero Family Vent LLC, to Oliver, Joshua.

$273,000, 35 Halford St, R R&P A Lajoie FT, and Lajoie, Kenneth E, to Richard, Robert J.

$251,000, 247 Matthews St, Moore, Virginia, and Greenwood, Shirely, to Bryant, Jeremy W.

$170,000, 20 Olde Colonial Dr #2, Richards, Donna M, to Hendley, Cameron, and Wood, Sydney.

$65,000, 247 High St, Morse, Dana D, to Bbc Development LLC.


$950,000, 9 George Hill Rd, Pierie, Thomas W, and Pierie, Bonnie B, to Budak, Scott B, and Budak, Shawn P.

$730,000, 37 Magnolia Ln, Hanna, Gary C, to Campos, Christopher M.

$685,000, 44 Danielle Dr, Taurus, Joseph C, and Tauras, Hana H, to Orichi-Batajolo, Aquilino, and Orichi, Veronica.

$650,000, 21 Virginia Cir, Tidman, William F, and Carroll-Tidman, Sharon L, to Packert, Kyle R, and Packert, Caitlyn J.

$600,000, 285 Providence Rd, Murphy, Halina M, to 285 Providence LLC.

$555,000, 122 Brigham Hill Rd, Sung, Ya-Wen, to Thomson, Travis, and Nguyen, Thu T.

$525,000, 18-1/2 Snow Rd, Labaire, Richard W, and Labaire, Lisa L, to Sanclemente, Johnathon.

$440,000, 43 Edward Dr #43, Linden, Brian, and Linden, Pamela, to Bialy, Dariusz.

$430,000, 30 John Dr #30, Sabatini, Nicolina M, to Mandeo, Shashwat, and Rami, Hiral D.

$425,000, 35 Airport Rd, Davis, Joseph G, and Yang, Vanessa Y, to Derosa-Thompson, Kristina, and Derosa-Thompson, Ashley.

$385,000, 137 Westboro Rd, Renzi, Anne, to Bernardes, Luizmar, and Bernardes, Jayne S.

$360,000, 160 Providence Rd #160, Doddi, Vishali, and Gunreddi, Rajesh, to Mcdonald, Ryan.

$300,000, 16 Coventry Rd #16, Brodniak, Jessica A, and Teixeira, Stephanie, to Bartosik, Dana.

$290,000, 93 Westboro Rd, Magnant, Seth, and Magnant, Robert, to Gomes-DeOliveira, Daniel.

$282,000, 11 Coventry Rd #11, Upham, Lauren A, to Ladybird, Mary.

$279,500, 62 Nottingham Rd #62, Eddy, Jonathan R, to Gacheru, Stephen, and Gacheru, Hilda R.

$175,000, 50 Elmwood St #1, Kosiba, Hannah L, to Busold, Ashley G.

$120,000, 17 Sampson St #17, Rubio, Justin, and Griffin, Tanya L, to Versed Ventures LLC.


$2,600,000, 228-228A Barre Rd, Great Meadowbrook RT, and Fleming, Erik L, to 228 Barre LLC.

$439,000, 585 Mellon Rd, Czepiel, Brian P, and Czepiel, Jacqueline M, to Sanborn, Keith M, and Legasey-Sanborn, Amy E.

$350,000, 2089 Greenwich Rd, Banas Edward J Est, and Bruschwein, Jackie, to StLaurent, Andrew, and StLaurent, James.

$35,000, Brook Rd, Barkhuff, Sarah B, and Barkhuff, Stephen E, to Prince River Assoc LLC.


$1,350,000, 53 Bolton Rd, Sennott, Charles M, and Klapper-Sennott, Julie, to Lopiccolo, Philip J, and Mcabney-Murphy, Janet R.

$1,050,000, 70 Massachusetts Ave, Egan, Michael J, and Egan, Karen L, to 2017 Travers FT, and Travers, Jacqueline M.

$800,000, 82 Myrick Ln, Hart, Patrick M, and William-Hart, Leslie R, to Zelinski, John, and Zelinski, Monika.

$740,000, 62 Woodside Rd, Soja Donald T Est, and Soja, Martin P, to Yeatman-Mcdougal, Stuart, and Gunneng, Nora.

$200,000, Under Pin Hill Rd, Pin Hill LLC, to Rhodin, Emil.


$875,000, 125 Cranbrook Dr, Susan D Madigan T, and Madigan, Francis W, to Higgins, Corey F, and Higgins, Marisa W.

$650,000, 1665 Main St, Jefferson Lofts LLC, to Jefferson Mills LLC.

$635,000, 225 Sycamore Dr, Higgins, Corey F, and Higgins, Marisa W, to Orfalea, Mark, and Orfalea, Makenzie E.

$550,000, 704 Princeton St, Morrison, Lewis R, and Morrison, Rachael M, to Brimberry, Tyson S, and Brimberry, Caitlyn.

$525,000, 102 Joel Scott Dr, Mallick, Rajib B, and Mallick, Sumita B, to Riger-Lacross, Craig, and Lacross, Crista.

$500,000, 1355 Main St, Damico RT 2019, and Damico, Joseph A, to 9 Acres Of Holden LLC.

$450,000, 69 Holden St, Antanavica, Aaron, and Antanavica, Heather M, to Johnson, Evan K.

$442,000, 19 Larkspur Rd, Keratsis, Carole A, to Aalamani, Zahra, and Anabestani, Hamid.

$430,000, 256 Chapel St, Pappas, Penny, to Petipas-Haggerty, Kimberl, and Petipas-Haggerty, William.

$425,000, 49 Cedar Rd, Crossen, Jennifer M, and Crossen, Kristen R, to Ajazi, Elona, and Ajazi, Bledar.

$410,000, 18 Heather Cir, Hemstreet, Jeffrey L, to Wilson, Jon.

$400,000, 102 Stoneleigh Rd, Lacilla Michael S Est, and Lacilla, Marydonna, to Bergeron, John P, and Bergeron, Melissa.

$400,000, 1584 Wachusett St, Barrows, Daniel A, and Hoegen, Amber L, to Speroni, Brittany.

$355,000, 11 Anthony Dr, Plamondon, Linda M, to Lorenzen, Chelsea M.

$340,000, 53 Paugus Rd, Wyatt, Cynthia A, to Daly, Maureen J.

$331,000, 28 Cook St, Borg, Brandon K, and Borg, Stephanie T, to Gamache, Daniel, and Gamache, Debra.

$320,000, 101 Nelson St, Troka, Maria R, and Troka, Endrit, to Siwko, Christopher M, and Barker, Alexandria E.

$297,900, 241 Bullard St, Grammer, Eric J, to Verdini, Mark A, and Lopez, Joanette.

$295,000, 41 Somerset Ln, Newell, Kimberly A, and Newell, Jon M, to Mouris, Steven W.

$265,000, 29 Towle Dr #29, Whitney, Merissa T, to Manu, Esther N.

$163,000, 20 Parker Rd, Durocher, David M, and Durocher, Michelle R, to Connolly, Michael.

$72,500, 48 Birchwood Dr, Markoff, Nathanial D, and Nartowt, Tracy L, to Nartowt, Tracy L.


$50,000, 42 N Cottage Rd, Rogers-Everett, Veronica, and Everett, Peter, to Sweet Mamas T, and Immenhausen, Diana.


$405,000, 336 S Main St, Allard, Russell E, and Allard, Susan J, to Ryan, Ian J.

$319,900, 215 Laurelwood Dr #215, Pellegrini, Albert J, and Pellegrini, Sara L, to Rayos, Patrick A, and Rayos, Michele P.

$295,000, 102 Jones Rd #102, Trottier, Ryan, and Trottier, Doreen T, to Andreotti, Tracy M, and Andreotti, Frank R.


$395,500, 54 Grimes Rd, Hollinger, Amos G, to Hume, Nicholas R, and Hume, Mallarie J.


$15,185,000, 2 Bonazzoli Ave, Lowfield Rlty Grp Hudson, to Stag Industrial Hldg LLC.

$3,455,000, 312 Main St, Main&Tower Partners LLC, to RBA Associates LLC.

$665,000, 151 Cox St, Dupre, Norman E, and Dupre, Suzanne J, to Fleming, Eric, and Fleming, Rebecca H.

$625,000, 92 Hunter Ave, Burkhart, Mary A, to Broad, Benjamin, and Finstein-Broad, Anna.

$500,000, 112 Lincoln St, Chem, Andrew, and Chou-Seng, Rachael A, to Botticello, Thomas, and Botticello, Christiana.

$495,000, 324 Central St, White, Steven C, to Fontoura, Antonio H, and Magalhes-Remigio, Cibele.

$490,000, 66 Packard St, Umbarger, David M, and Umbarger, Leya A, to Casapis, Allen, and Scherer, Susan.

$482,500, 8 York Dr, Flaherty, Marcy A, to Broderick, Owen A, and Glynn, Brittany A.

$420,000, 27 Temi Rd, Whitney, Donald F, and Whitney, Kim, to Cooper, Samantha J.

$241,500, 248 Main St #202, Goodniss, Dianne M, and Goodniss, Diane M, to Brown, Judy.

$120,000, 185 Chapin Rd, Wilkinson, Joan M, and Wilkinson, Sally A, to Wilkinson FT, and Wilkinson, David A.


675,000, 100 Stagecoach Rd, Brian L Schulz FT, and Schulz, Brian L, to Mccoy, Christopher, and Kacian, Valerie.

$575,000, 108 Fire Road 12, P&R RT, and Leblanc-Snyder, Anne M, to Norton, William, and Norton, Leslie.

$399,900, 196 Ponakin Rd, Ortiz, Aida E, to Aragon, Jose, and Aragon, Jennilee.

$310,000, 157-159 George Hill Rd, Atlantic Union College, to Barbosa-Mena, Abner F.

$245,000, 76 Mill St #6, Klebanov, Anatoly, and Klebanov, Julia, to Keesey-Phelan, John-Paul.


$434,000, 24 Redfield Rd, Dellacava, Michael L, and Dellacava, Carol J, to Konopka, Alexis M.

$380,000, 27 Carleton Rd, Fairbanks, Richard, and Fairbanks, Shari L, to Ryan, Remington.

$179,900, 17 Burncoat St, Rushford, Dwayne E, to GM Properties LLC.


$515,000, 41 Pleasant St, Evergreen North Prop LLC, to 41 Pleasant LLC.

$489,000, 88 Bernice Ave, Redford, Matthew B, and Redford, Wendy, to Tylek, Casey.

$475,000, 58 Robin Rd, Plante, Dennis L, and Plante, Gail A, to Poliakova, Gretel M.

$434,900, 664 West St, Brosseau, Jeffrey J, to Sasse, Elizabeth, and Olivieri, Steven J.

$400,000, 56 Dillon St, Jason R Homes LLC, to Villafane, Ione, and Villafane, Juan.

$370,000, 2 Harrison St, Rodriguez, Luis, to Julias Property LLC.

$340,000, 6 Longwood Ave, Powell, John T, to Target Realty LLC.

$335,000, 105 Woodside Ave, Dougherty Sean P Est, and Gardner, Richard T, to Wyke, Brandon.

$326,000, 19 Sanderson St, Torres, Paula L, to Pena, Nolis.

$315,641, 717 Main St, Donfro Janice Est, and Hamel, Kathy A, to Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc.

$305,000, 506 Grant St, Marchetti, Michelle A, to Aguilera, Sergio A, and Tello, Maria M.

$285,000, 53 Newton St, Tabbaa, Khaled T, and Tabbaa, Diana G, to Woodland, Travis.

$258,000, 26 Pearl St, Cochran, Chester W, and Cochran, Karen, to Cochran, Nicholas J.

$244,900, 16 Mahogany Run #16, Viana RE Investments LLC, to Tahir, Zanara.

$225,000, 48 Fox Meadow Rd #F, Conde, Nilton E, and Conde, Aline, to Lynes, John.

$225,000, 633 Main St, Leominster Hsng Authority, to VanLe, Thanh.

$200,000, 241 Mechanic St, Beaudoin, Diane C, to R&M Realty LLP.

$200,000, 26 Claflin St, Breton, Roger J, to Aiello, John.

$189,900, 19 Meadow Pond Dr #F, Sutton, Denise M, to Ducharme, Kenneth, and Ducharme, Julia.

$165,000, 142 West St #4, Russo, Dorine A, and Magane, Melissa, to Bourque, Joyce.

$160,000, Hill St (off), Tocci, Joseph J, and Tocci, Virginia A, to Dandini, Peter S, and Rodriquez, Melissa.

$115,183, 21 Green St, Mckenna, Scott F, and Mckenna, Jeanne M, to Mckenna, Scott.


$412,000, 303 West St, Hagerstrom, Mark P, and Flagerstrom, Candice J, to Glidden, Daniel J.

$375,000, 6 Riley Rd #6, Mary Ann Iannacci INT, and Iannacci, Mary A, to Sousa, Stephen V, and Sousa, Karen G.

$360,000, 46 Rolling Acres Rd, Rojas, Kevin, and Rojas, Camilla, to Maillet, Robert, and Maillet, Leah.

$300,969, 240 Summer St, A A Balducci IRT 2017, and Balducci, John, to S&< Property Mgmt LLC.

$300,969, 244 Summer St, A A Balducci IRT 2017, and Balducci, John, to S&< Property Mgmt LLC.

$100,000, 441 Townsend Harbor Rd, Ferreri James F Est, and Eaton, Nicholas R, to Eaton, Nicholas R.

$54,031, 236 Summer St, Balducci Brothers RT, and Balducci, John A, to S&< Property Mgmt LLC.


$11,625,000, 128-148 Bartlett St, A2 Bartlett Ave LLC, to LRF2 Bos Bartlett St LLC.

$800,000, 231 Hosmer St, Eggehorn, Kristofer E, and Eggegorn, Melissa M, to Harris, Bradley P.

$610,000, 39 Orchard St, Hamler, Danielle, to Granger, Timothy P, and Granger, Lisa M.

$527,000, 11 Kings Grant Rd, Scannell, Brian M, and Scannell, Ashley E, to Hanlon, Christina M.

$479,115, 115 Naugler Ave, Grier, Justine, and Grier, Collin, to Lagesilva, Thais.

$450,000, 14 Heatherwood Dr #14, Brown, Richard J, and Brown, Judith L, to Carr, Beth A.

$430,000, 71 Maplewood Ave, Mackenzie, Trevor, and Durand, Heather, to Cruz, Rossanny, and Sepulveda, Carlos A.

$425,000, 21 Chestnut St, Cole, Christine M, and Cole, Michael F, to Eliziario, Bryan R, and Soares, Marilia N.

$425,000, 26 Broad St #101, Carbeau, Paula, to Yang, Eric, and Jian, Kristina.

$400,000, 10 Hillcrest Rd, Fronczak Helen S Est, and Zeek-Chafee, Sara G, to DeOliveira, Jose C, and Oliveira, Lucas V.

$400,000, 685 Farm Rd, Marlborough Industrial, to Santos, Lourival.

$382,000, 120 Broadmeadow St #E, Willows At Marlboro, Burger, Stefanie, to Turner, Bradley W, and Lee, Giok.

$367,000, 48 Francis St #48, Demedeiros, Gustavo, and Medeiros, Regiane S, to Macharia, Grace.

$360,000, 264 W Hill Rd, Deraad, Meaghan, to Taylor, Cody.

$260,000, 89 Dudley St, Povoas, Nayara B, to DeCaux, Francisco.

$220,000, 37 Hosmer St #17, Camacho, Alejandro, to Contreras-Tobar, Edgar R, and Contreras-Tobar, Kevin E.


$645,000, 22 Vincent Rd, Ovelman, David B, and Ovelman, Clarinda E, to Poindujour, Marailey.

$359,900, 63 Hartford Ave E, US Bank NA Tr, to LTM Management LLC.


$550,000, 287 Central St, Mancini, William P, to Lefebvre, Justin S, and Sims, Courtney L.

$535,000, 38 Reservoir Rd, Muro-Deoliveira, Renata C, and Deoliveira, Ricardo T, to Defaria, Jucely, and Valentim, Lais J.

$520,000, 115 S Main St, Botros, Demiana A, and Azir, Ramsis, to Loja-Tene, Luis E.

$510,000, 10 N Bow St, Keeler, John S, and Lehberger, Katrina T, to Sokolova, Svetlana.

$502,000, 20 Water St, Otto, Adonias M, and Otto, Cledilene C, to Silva-Oliveira, Amanda D, and Oliveira, Eneias.

$460,000, 21 Divittorio Dr, Manna, Susan M, to Barrientos-Alva, Eliana E, and Delacruz, Rudy A.

$455,000, 7 Packard Rd, Poindujour, Marailey, to Abadil, Amar, and Khodja, Lynda.

$444,000, 6 Baker Slip, Dafonte, Jose, and Dafonte, Fernando, to Oliveira, Maria L, and Oliveira, Romulo C.

$440,000, 51 Emmons St, Curtis, Frederick C, and Curtis, Susan G, to Costello, Jessica M, and Costello, Michael S.

$433,300, 59 Jionzo Rd, Smith, John M, to Hann, Brian, and Alaire, Samantha.

$425,000, 7 Sample Rd, Cabral, Maryann E, and Iarussi, Robert J, to Snyder, Kirsten J.

$400,000, 22 Cedar St, Pires, Jose, and Pires, Claudia B, to Claro, David, and Velame, Jhonatan.

$390,000, 28 Governors Way #D, Sugeerappa, Basavaraja, and Basavaraj, Mamatha, to Viktorin, Radoslav, and Viktorin, Ryan E.

$380,000, 11 Short St, Camoc RT, and Zacchilli, John P, to Collins, Donna.

$365,000, 35 Country Club Ln #B, Tresko, Barbara, to Clayton, Mary.

$235,000, 9 Sumner St, Sharp, David A, and Sharp, Kimberly I, to Claro, David.

$189,900, 192 West St #4, Bellucci, Mitchell J, to Hamlet Enterprises LLC.

$160,000, 23 Shadowbrook Ln #28, Warren, Linda M, to Shvas LLC.

$145,000, 8 Shadowbrook Ln #39, Russo, John A, to Tersarotto, Maria F.

$110,000, Highland St, EG Cutler LLC, to Lobisser Building Corp.


$430,000, 24 Irene Ct, Trigueros, Josue N, to Earle, James, and Faulkner, Jaime C.

$410,000, 26 Nicole Dr, Driscoll, Kevin T, to M F Colorio 2021 RET.

$350,000, 9 Maplewood Rd, Carlson, Janice R, to Carlson, Ryan R.

$340,000, 277 Riverlin St, Carolyn J Leavens RT, and Leavens, John, to Pickford, Catherine A.

North Brookfield

$294,000, 51 Grove St, Ells, David P, and Ells, Melanie A, to Reed, Camilia.


$11,625,000, 128-148 Bartlett St, A2 Bartlett Ave LLC, to LRF 2 Bos Bartlett St LLC.

$750,000, 84 South St, Irwin, Daniel J, and Yousseff-Agha, Samira R, to Healy FT, and Healy, Evelyn C.

$565,000, 17 Wilson Rd, Dupre, William A, and Dupre, Susan J, to Coffin, Jeffrey K, and Coffin, Amy K.

$460,000, 11 Omaha Ave, Sepulveda, Juan A, and Sepulveda, Michele, to Gurung, Uman S, and Kumari-Gurung, Jit.

$456,000, 108 Cedar Hill Rd, PM Buchieri LT, and Buchieri, Phillip P, to Bi, Zhigiang, and Sun, Weiming.

$329,900, 118 Ridge Rd #118, Madnick, Ronal C, and Madnick, Deena S, to Fuentes, Erik, and Suriel-Fuentes, Gisel E.

$325,000, 16 Harris Ave #16, Keller, Mary H, to Gangopadhyay, Indranil, and Gangopadhyay, Joyeeta.


$624,900, 219 Goldthwaite Rd, Cora Lane Group LLC, to Antanavica, Aaron, and Antanavica, Heather.

$612,000, 150 Olivia Dr, Cleary, Thomas J, and Cleary, Karin B, to Skudera, Matthew W, and Skudera, Laura K.

$599,000, 462 Goldthwaite Rd, Urella, Kelley A, to Handy, Richard D, and Handy, Ann-Marie E.

$509,900, 653 Marston Rd, Murray, James W, and Murray, Susan A, to Goulding, Katie J, and Goulding, Tyler J.

$450,000, 82 Freedoms Way, Beland, Jeffrey, and Beland, Heather, to Lotz, Dakota, and Lotz, Amie.

$429,900, 2724 Providence Rd, Hoffman, Nicholas, and Hoffman, Sherri, to Glass, Brittany.

$380,000, 1052 Providence Rd, Mitchell, Bryan, and Mitchell, Susan E, to Kivlehan, Robyn.

$205,000, 2116 Providence Rd, Vilayvanh, Davanh J, to Latour Properties LLC.

$143,000, 15 D St #15, Hamel, Valerie, and Webber, Andrew C, to Maki, Jay.


$500,000, 951 New Braintree Rd, Laviolette, James G, and Montecalvo-Laviolette, A, to Towsley, Shealene, and Towsley, Jonathan.


$295,000, 11 Horton Rd, Brown, Michael C, to Bernier, Christina A.

$197,000, 215 Tully Rd, Arleen R Wilson RET, and Maroni, Susan A, to Young, Kathleen L.


$535,000, 2 Cricket Dr, Marcinkus, Robert J, and Marcinkus, Dawn, to Collins, Paul M, and Panarelli, Angela M.

$464,625, 3 Pine St, 3 Pine LLC, to Sahara RT LLC.

$290,000, 12 Holly St, Borgeson, Eric H, and Borgeson, Melissa J, to Hassett, Barbara A.

$262,500, 15 Old Dudley Rd, Troy, Susan J, to Troy, Matthew A.

$223,000, 31 Plantation Rd #31, Drohan LT, and Drohan, Beverly S, to Paris, Briana M.

$35,000, Bailey Rd, Huff Evelyn A Est, and Ball, Donald A, to Porter, Joseph L, and Porter, Jocelyne Y.


$450,000, 11 Indian Hill Rd, Bush, Joseph C, and Wittern-Bush, Daniella, to Gedraitis, Cassandra R.


$515,000, 47 Brooks Village Rd, Courtemanche, Amanda L, and Courtemanche, Ryan, to Zhou, Rong, and Caldon, Michael K.

$308,000, 15 Royalston Rd, Gardner Screw Corp, to Glasson, Timothy R, and Glasson, Lindsey M.


$1,005,000, 237 Mirick Rd, Odonnell, David M, and Odonnell, Jennifer A, to Hawkins, Ian F, and Hawkins, Bronwyn L.

$858,500, 53 Worcester Rd, Knapp, Frances D, to Rolle, David S, and Baribeau, Alexander A.

$671,000, 20 Allen Hill Rd, Steele, Charles M, and Steele, Charlotte C, to Redding, Theodora, and Redding, Sy.


$305,000, 201 Bliss Hill Rd, Mcinerney, Hayley, and Mcinerney, Beverly A, to Guy, Todd M.

$104,000, 60 Winchendon Rd, Community Solar Hldg LLC, to Chiurri, Joy.

$36,000, Bliss Hill Rd, Qualters, Richard A, to Ohare, John C, and Ohare, Deborah A.


$815,000, 183 Campbell St, MA Elbag Bldg Contractors, to Wamback, John.

$585,000, 7 Sedona Cir, Neto, Felipe C, and Neto, Priscila L, to Beach, Robert, and Beach, Emily.

$565,000, 167-C Glenwood Rd, MA Elbag Bldg Contractors, to Newell, Trevor, and Newell, Colleen.

$464,289, 1 Teresa Dr, Blair Enterprises Inc, to Edusei, Ernest, and Tran, Thanh.

$400,000, 40 Prospect St, Freeman, Irving B, and Freeman, Carolyn, to Seaboyer, Trevor, and Hensley, Erin.

$330,000, 6 Fernwood Dr, Norrgard, Travis, and Norrgard, Courtney, to Tadlock, Nicolas J, and Pickard, Gabrielle A.

$321,000, 34 Laurelwood Rd, Lovaglio, Gregory, and Lovaglio, Ariana, to Winbigler, Jeremy, and Morales, Cristina.

$114,900, 176 Maple Ave #2-34, Mcknight, Robert T, to Germain, Paul.


$1,100,000, 19 Meadow Hill Rd, Webster, David M, and Webster, Christine, to Keefe, Ian C, and Keefe, Cristina I.

$905,000, 8 Grove Meadow Rd, Sidhu, Amanjot K, and Sidhu, Amarinder, to Raheja, Rajesh, and Ahuja, Kanika.

$770,000, 439 Lake St, Sears, Howard E, to Padilla, Roberto, and Verma, Astha.

$750,000, 5 Wood St #5, Rathi, Sahas, and Jaju, Sonali, to Ghanta, Sai A, and Akella, Valli S.

$690,000, 181 Floral St, Metzger, Scott R, and Bellavance, Sheena M, to Hicks, Benjamin E, and Cui, Yan.

$635,000, 17 Mallard Cir, Bach, David R, and Bach, Ann J, to Cherala, Sai, and Devaguptapu, Ajay.

$611,000, 5 Tern Dr #5, Kuppusamy, Mohandass, and Mohandass, Dhivyaprabha, to Tiwari, Sanjay R, and Tiwari, Sangeeta.

$590,000, 14 Ruthen Cir, Griffin, Peter T, and Griffin, Mary L, to Lin, Zheng.

$522,000, 33 Gage Ln, Thayer, Paul F, and Thayer, Ann E, to Chen, Wei.

$490,635, 220-222 Prospect St, Woolner, Ivon M, to Cumings, Steven H, and Cumings, Linda.

$460,000, 31 Eastern Point Dr #31, Couture, Cornelia J, to Barber, Jessica.

$433,000, 7 Old Brook Rd, Ostrosky, Steven, and Ostrosky, Judith A, to Powell, Gavin, and Zhu, Hongmei.

$400,000, 10 Cabot Dr #10, Marguerite K Conlin FT, and Conlin, Walter M, to Moynihan, Jane C.

$375,000, 14 Pinedale Rd, Truong, Anh, and Dang, Klaudia, to Lopes, Moacir, and Lopes, Lenice.

$370,000, 584 Lake St #584, Castinetti, Andrea B, to Dixson, David D, and Dixson, Erin A.

$300,000, 16 Melody Ln, Lonergan Jean D Est, and Kasaras, Sandra J, to Smith, Hunter.

$25,000, 13 Old Mill Rd, Northboro Properties LLC, to Renfrew Street LLC.

$25,000, 2 Kings Brook Ave, Northboro Properties LLC, to Renfrew Street LLC.


$1,325,000, 8 Bay Path Ln, Odonnell FT, and Odonnell, Mark K, to Yinyin, Chen, and Yuan, Bo.

$1,021,000, 81 Breakneck Hill Rd, 81 Breakneck Hill Road RT, and Hatami, Hamid, to Muthyala, Vikram K, and Polu, Arpitha.

$663,000, 75 Mount Vickery Rd, Davis, Peter F, to Nikhil, Greeshma, and Ravindran, Nikhil.


$385,000, 419 High St, Toedt, Daniel J, and Toedt, Nitza, to Lapriore, Jonathan T, and Cummings-Laprio, Erin.

$385,000, 92 Elm St, Rivera, Edwin, to Cunningham, Paul J.

$300,000, 174 Hamilton St, Carrier Operation LLC, to Map Realty Group LLC.

$300,000, 44 Maria Ave #102, Mcglone, John M, and Rivera, Elsa, to J&R RE Holdings LLC.

$300,000, 44 Maria Ave #104, Mcglone, John M, and Rivera, Elsa, to J&R RE Holdings LLC.

$300,000, 44 Maria Ave #303, Mcglone, John M, and Rivera, Elsa, to J&R RE Holdings LLC.

$300,000, 50 Columbus Ave, Joy, Keith P, and Joy, Jill, to Hernandez-Burgos, Leymar.

$282,500, 103 Elm St, Gittens, Nicole, to Brathwaite, Mark.

$265,000, 42 Fox Run, Estrada, Carlos L, to Guerrero-Espiritu, Leydy.

$257,000, 313 South St, USA HUD, to Clarke, Pietra, and Wilson, Merlene.

$240,000, 2 Walker Ct, Plume, Michelle M, to Contreras, Sergio, and Serrano, Edna.

$197,000, 97 Riverview Pl #E, Hernandez, Angelica, to Ortiz, Kailey, and Hernandez, Christopher.

$160,000, 14 Oak Ridge Ave, J Robert Bromley RET 2003, and Ayres, Steven E, to Steppic, Allison.

$125,000, 159 Elm St #6, Mcglone, John M, and Rivera, Elsa M, to Ashline, Suzanne E.

$120,000, 325 Ashland Ave #1, Quezada, Jorge, to Nowak, Malgorzata G, and Nowak, Krzysztof.

$105,300, 54 Red Oak Ln, Cassell, Herbert J, to Cassell, Brigitte M, and Cassell, Brigette M.

$100,000, 325 Ashland Ave #5, Mcglone, John M, and Rivera, Elsa, to J&R RE Holdings LLC.

$98,000, 297 Ashland Ave #24, Chase, Ryan K, and Chase, Kori J, to Marrero, Yamaris.


$482,000, 83 Ash St, Jolicoeur, Rene M, and Jolicoeur, Sheree L, to Demoura, Edilson M.

$445,000, 21 Kittredge Rd, Perry, Cheryl A, and Murphy, Mary C, to Poplawski, Bryan P, and Wornham, Amanda C.

$390,000, 55 R Jones Rd, Bedard, Gregory P, and Ferrandino, Amy E, to Nguyen, Danny.

$380,000, 32 Donnelly Cross Rd, Nguyen, Thi L, and Moreau, James R, to Carroll-Tidman, Sharon L, and Tidman, William F.

$300,000, 5 Paula Bay, Obrien, April E, to Jouki, Stephanie A.

$290,000, 179 Charlton Rd, Legere, Tara, to Norton, Andrew.

$275,000, 20 High St, Bellemer, Charles A, to Daddario, Elisabeth, and Papp, Nicholas.

$220,000, 63 Main St, Stoddard, James, and Stoddard, Philip R, to Ebol-Roberts, Brendan M.

$190,000, 44 Maple St, Agoglia, Robin, to Leveillee, Richard.

$145,000, 40 Ash St, Clinton, Raymond W, and Lewis, Nancy L, to Renovated Real Estate LLC.

$96,000, 34 Lambs Grv, Tappin, Robert M, and Tappin, Donna M, to Tappin, Mark R.


$13,340,000, 15-21 Chocksett Rd, Rock Breakers LLC, to Stag Industrial Hldg LLC.

$687,000, 60 Rugg Rd, Hellman-Flatt, Gregory H, and Hellman-Flatt, Cynthia M, to Hudnall, James S.

$648,000, 2 Thomas Ln, Chiavelli, Mark A, and Chiavelli, Keli A, to Anadio, Daniel M, and Kastel, Carly F.

$540,000, 3 Davis Ledge Rd, Abel, Rise A, and Abel, Michael T, to Atchue, Candace.

$490,000, 110 N Row Rd, 110 North Row Road RT, and Desroche, Scott M, to Fage, John C, and Fage, Vanessa L.

$469,900, 16 Tuttle Rd #16, Timber Landing LLC, to Bothwell, Paul, and Bothwell, Janet.

$450,000, 27 Honeycrisp Way #27, Anderson, Thomas R, to Flaherty, Marcy, and Flaherty, Daniel.


$690,000, 231 Podunk Rd, AH&DB Custom Homes Inc, to Moiles, Jason T.

$650,000, 11 Woodside Cir, Kozikowski, Joanne, to Mendes, Simone.

$650,000, 165 Lake Rd, Cantwell, Michael, and Cantwell, Kimberly, to Patenaude, Normand R, and Sprague, Jessica R.

$536,000, 4 Preserve Way, Lapicki, Brittany N, and Lapicki, Jennifer A, to Glaser, Justin, and Glaser, Nadia.

$420,000, 97 Wallace Rd, Miers, Diane M, and Galati, Michael A, to Welsh, Samantha A, and Conza, Scott M.

$139,000, 120 Cedar St, Arsenault, Adrienne, to Dion, Dwight, and Dupuis, Kristal.


$675,000, 120 Burbank Rd, Stratford Arline B Est, and Stratford, John F, to 120 Burbank Road LLC.

$531,000, 82 Highland View Dr, Coakley, Robert D, to Krassopoulos, Paul G, and Krassopoulos, Michelle L.

$507,000, 3 Okemo Ridge Rd, Roberts, Stephen C, and Roberts, Lisa F, to Goddard, Wayne D, and Goddard, Cynthia A.

$476,000, 13 Dodge Rd, Fitzpatrick, Sean, to Raymond, Billie, and Raymond, Keith.

$400,000, 14-1/2 Main St, Bickford, Kevin K, and Bickford, Lesa M, to O&> Realty LLC.

$400,000, 16 Main St, Bickford, Kevin K, and Bickford, Lesa M, to O&> Realty LLC.

$400,000, 20 Main St, Bickford, Kevin K, and Bickford, Lesa M, to O&> Realty LLC.


$455,000, 358 Hubbardston Rd, Ventura, Luis M, and Ventura, Monica J, to Bedja, Ounissa, and Abdi, Mazouz.

$370,000, 611 Baldwinville Rd, Welch, Dorothy J, to Robles, Jose A, and Robles, Denise.

$350,000, 31 Churchill Rd, Fontaine, Harold W, and Fontaine, Jennifer C, to Vautour, Bill, and Vautour, Robyn.

$334,900, 157 S Main St, Smith LT, and Smith, Wayne B, to Ricci, Robert M.

$323,000, 36 Pleasant St, Sorrelle, Eric R, and Sorrelle, Neelle L, to Andersen, Danielle M, and Andersen, Laurits.

$296,000, 322 Patriots Rd, Barnes, Paula J, and Barnes, Robert S, to Lilley, Robert D, and Lilley, Noelle A.

$290,000, 398 Baldwinville Rd, Chalet Properties 4 LLC, to Paquet, Keith.

$270,000, 46 Old Mill Ln #46, Bullis, George E, and Bullis, Maureen, to Doig, Rebecca.


$577,000, 314 Townsend Hill Rd, Wright, Clinton P, and Dinneen-Wright, Alison, to Heisler, Brian, and Heisler, Susan K.

$430,000, 478 Main St, Collins, Crystal A, to Hagerstrom, Mark P, and Hagerston, Candice J.

$350,000, 21 Bayberry Hill Rd, Lavery, Robert F, to Lavery, Steven J.

$325,000, 48 Adams Rd, Kamshad, Kimberly D, to Stagliano, Anthony J.

$212,000, 6 Maple St, Morse, Edward F, to Overton, Christopher J.


$1,050,000, 5 Green Ln, Payne, Shawn, and Lane, Ashley, to Besler, Brittany, and Besler, Mallory.

$582,695, 15 Jackson Dr, Pulte Hm Of New Eng LLC, to Cassell, Kyong S.

$350,000, 57 Plain St, Horan, Kenneth W, and Horan, Karen M, to Mazzeo, Kevin T, and Smith, Brittanie N.

$260,000, 17 Shore Dr, Demnic Properties Inc, to Bartlett, Matthew R.

$235,000, 1 Fiske Mill Rd, Fitzpatrick Maureen T Est, and Fitzpatrick, Paul, to Yu, Pengguang.


$850,000, 175 Kasey Ct, Kimberly A Markey RET, and Markey, Glen G, to Cowden, John A, and Cowden, Mio M.

$500,000, 30 Patriot Way, Owens, James P, and Owens, Amy B, to Forgette, Jocelyn, and Lecour, Christian.

$470,000, 20 Waucantuck Dr, Sokoloski, David J, and Sokoloski, Laurie A, to Villamaino, Heather D.

$460,000, 16 Rose Ln, Davis, Amanda C, and Davis, Jordan M, to Frank, Melissa A.

$452,000, 46 Taft Hill Ln #46, Whitehead, David, and Whitehead, Cynthia, to Merrill-Wisell, Julia A, and Wisell, David.

$429,000, 29 Hyde Park Cir #29, Kremer, Thomas B, and Kremer, Cassandra R, to San-Juan, Robert J.

$413,340, 23 Tea Party Dr #23, Independence Uxbridge Rlt, to Maddineni, Gowtham K.

$350,000, 17 Surry Dr #17, Smith, Elizabeth A, and Ovian, Craig A, to Callahan, Barbara.

$280,000, 21 Homeward Ave, Bettencourt, Joshua A, to Derosier, Stephen, and Derosier, Allicia.

$185,000, 91 Elm St #6, Long, Davienne, to Bourgelas, Cynthia A, and Bourgelas, Richard T.

$130,000, 335 Williams St, Smith, Benjamin, and Frankson, Nikki A, to Boyer, Michael J, and Boyer, Katherine A.


$335,000, 14 Wildflower Dr, Levesque, Michael J, and Levesque, Sibel J, to Ekundayo, Olusola P.

$292,000, 9 Old Belchertown Rd, Fumi Realty Inc, to Richards, Harley.

$277,700, 10 Clifford Ave, Delpino, Maximilian C, and Murphy, Ryan P, to Lagrant, Timothy P.

$269,900, 174 Osborne Rd, Miarecki, Gary J, and Miarecki, Jacquylyn J, to Desjardins-Smith, Jeremy.

$255,000, 5 Chester Ave, Foss, Kenneth W, and Foss, Erin A, to Sivia-Ellington, Joanna.

$215,000, 35 Pine St, Sidur, Helen M, and Mosca, Katharine M, to Gresty, Ronald, and Gresty, Rhiannon.


$585,000, 13 Mill St, Jurczyk, Philip D, and Jurczyk, Renee P, to Skybridge Properties LLC.

$223,000, 47 Cottage St, CEP Real Estate LLC, to Charbonneau-Brodak, Chery.

$39,900, East Rd #A1, Landcaster Associates RT, and Thomas, Robert L, to Lone Oak Enterprieses LLC.


$1,150,000, 68 Bates Point Rd, Arlenora RT, and Johnson, Richard D, to Matte, Donna, and Matte, Marcel G.

$590,000, 300 Killdeer Rd, Bartolomei, Thomas J, and Bartolomei, Elizabeth M, to Hopkins, Sharon, and Anderson, Brian.

$560,000, 60 Lake St, Tri Properties Inc, to Murphy, Jeanette.

$500,000, 24 Bates Point Rd, Ayotte, Jeanne L, to Williams, Ronald B, and Williams, Brenda D.

$460,000, 15 Maynard Ave, Limark Realty LLC, to Bay State Inv Fund LLC.

$449,900, 9 Riverside Dr, Valis, Susan P, to Montesinos, Johannis B, and Guerrero, Nancy.

$423,000, 16 Negus St, ASM Ventures LLC, to Ofosu, Belinda.

$420,000, 23 Emerald Ave, Piehl, Donald W, and Piehl, Carol S, to Harris, Ryan O.

$385,000, 8 Oakmont St, Vu, Andy, to Deleon, Ana C.

$380,000, 42-46 Market St, Whitehead, George, and Whitehead, Dorathy, to Avalos, Enrin.

$345,000, 11 Gorski Ave, Graham Realty Group LLC, to Center Of Hope Fndtn Inc.

$300,900, 102 Worcester Rd, Tetreault, Tammy J, to Oscaio-Cruz, Shakira M, and Laureno, Angel M.

$170,000, 9 Wakefield St, Caswell, James E, to Building Alliance Grp LLC.

West Boylston

$710,000, 85 Malden St, Jacques, Lisa, to Feraco, William, and Feraco, Amanda.

$327,500, 90 Sterling St #M, Beach, Robert, and Beach, Emily, to Morreale, Kimberlee M.

$325,000, 34 Bonnie View Dr, Vincent, Michael W, and Vincent, Sharon A, to Gifford-Weber, Mattison.

West Brookfield

$465,000, 50 Wickaboag Valley Rd, Reyes-Perez, Jose, and Rosendale, Mary, to Lavoie, Sean A.

$390,000, 83 Lakeshore Dr, Frick LT, and Frick, Richard A, to Ballou, Karen F, and Ballou, Joseph F.

$380,000, 37 Ragged Hill Rd, Towsley, Jonathan R, and Towsley, Shealene M, to AlRubaye, Saif.

$336,024, 93 Lakeshore Dr, Branscombe Ganna C Est, and Muscente, Donna, to Roberts, William E, and Roberts, Jennifer M.

$245,000, 135 Pierce Rd, Roberts, Melissa A, and Roberts, James D, to Setian, Melia, and Simons, Thomas.


$1,395,000, 11 W Main St, 4 Macks Realty LLC, to 11 West Main St LLC.

$1,395,000, 7 W Main St, 4 Macks Realty LLC, to 11 West Main St LLC.

$842,000, 13 Belknap St, Knall, Gerald, and Knall, Susan, to Levy, Seth, and Levy, Monique.

$725,000, 106 W Main St, Small, David K, to Foley, Ciaran, and Zadel-Foley, Elizabeth J.

$690,000, 1 Hundreds Rd, Ellen L Wilson RET, and Wilson, Ellen L, to Hariharan, Gayathri, and Anantha, Seetha R.

$450,000, 56 Church St, Downey Gerald R Est, and Downey, Dawn M, to Boyer, Alexandra, and Gendron, Jason.

$431,435, 11205 Peters Farm Way #11205, Pulte Hm Of New Eng LLC, to Ashok&Asha Kumar LT, and Kumar, Asha.

$430,000, 141 Upton Rd, Gilbreath, Lynn M, and Hacanis, Andrew J, to Jangareddi, Ramesh.

$227,000, 18 Cross St #1, Sanning, Mary C, to Sanning, Elizabeth.

$220,000, 153 Milk St #11, Hirtle, Drew C, to Donato, Patrick B.


$1,284,000, 5 Shore Ave, Aghjayan, George M, and Aghjayan, Joyce G, to Shuell, Brian F, and Shuell, Karyn.

$1,150,000, 16 Lakewood Park Rd, Dobbs, Michael J, and Dobbs, Katherine M, to Zaichkowsky, Justin, and Zaichkowsky, Tamara.

$740,000, 22 Lighthouse Ln, Woodward, Shawn M, and Woodward, Jillian L, to Sanborn, Lauren, and Sanborn, Robert.

$300,000, 19 Ridge St, Charron, Gary A, and Charron, Mykala M, to Verville, Tyler S, and Verville, Katherine.

$300,000, 33 Bacon St, Markow, Susan E, to Ericson, Hans C.

$295,000, 49 State Rd W, Gemme, Stephen M, to Gerace, Jeffory M, and Hillman, Ashley E.

$275,000, 31 Lake Dr E, Gaynor FT, and Gaynor, Michael K, to Collins, Bruce, and Collins, Crystal.

$190,000, 18 W Hill Dr #C, Sayer, Miriam, to Girouard, Jacqueline, and Girouard, Jeanne.

$100,000, 141 Bragg Hill Rd, Engman, Lenard E, and Engman, Amy K, to Pershing-Anderholm, Seth, and Anderholm, Lynnea J.


$425,000, 56 Toy Town Ln, Doup, Luke, and Concannon-Colter, Samanth, to Amaral, Joseph T, and Amaral, Sharon.

$282,500, 92 Oak St, Leger, Ryan T, to Gaynor, Michael K.


$3,050,000, 13 Sudbury St, Liberty NT, and Oreo Bay LLC Tr, to 13 Sudbury Realty LLC.

$3,050,000, 17 Sudbury St, Liberty NT, and Oreo Bay LLC Tr, to 13 Sudbury Realty LLC.

$3,050,000, 8 Harvard St, Liberty NT, and Oreo Bay LLC Tr, to 13 Sudbury Realty LLC.

$2,060,000, 830 W Boylston St, White Cup LLC, to Sammy T-Bone LLC.

$1,200,000, 9 Arline St, Arline Street LLC, to Arline Realty Invs LLC.

$890,000, 648 Park Ave, Fors FT, and Furman, Edwin J, to 648 Park Ave LLC.

$750,000, 16 S Cambridge St, Ronaldo O Stultz Jr T, and Stultz-Tully, Deirdre, to J&Y Realty Group LLC.

$640,000, 89 Ingleside Ave, Premier Rental Prop LLC, to Zhou, Jie, and Wang, Bingxia.

$580,000, 112 West St, Sam&Joel LLC, to Shay, Richard.

$570,000, 45 Fox St, Kozaczka, Sophie, and Magerowski, Halina E, to AlHarbi, Samuel D.

$564,000, 18 Ames St, Sobiech, Genevieve M, to Suharlim, Christian.

$550,000, 402 Grafton St, Quintanilla, Raymundo C, and Quintanilla, Teresa, to Calderon, Gervin, and Pineda, Maria.

$550,000, 6 Blodgett Pl, Maoz, Tamr, and Maoz, Alon, to Garodia, Meenakshi.

$545,000, 8 Everard St, Caputo Mario Joseph Est, and Caputo, Amanda, to Campoverde, Freddy, and Bajrami, Greta.

$533,000, 2 Montague St, Borowska, Bozena, to DeSouza, Camilla, and DeSouza, Marcia.

$520,000, 663 Burncoat St, Frank, Justin A, and Jensen, Stephen, to GM Properties LLC.

$520,000, 68 Windsor St, Brown, Sandra L, and Brown, Steven R, to Holguinsaladin, Pablo E, and Andujaralmeyda, Luisa R.

$519,865, 29 Greendale Ave, Romeo, Elio, to Mujjumbi, Daniel, and Mujjumbi, Susan A.

$516,000, 21 Whipple St, Metropolitan Heights LLC, to Jones, Edward.

$510,000, 14 Mason St, Robinson, Fred G, and Robinson, Darlene A, to Echeverria, Dario J.

$510,000, 6 Ericsson St, Macgeachey, James R, to Jolly Chimp LLC.

$499,900, 62 Elliot St, Grajales, Vanessa, to Zhan, Han.

$496,000, 334 Granite St, 334 Granite Street NT, and Goding, Kurt S, to Jensen, Anthony, and Krykbaeva, Marina.

$489,900, 27 Navajo Rd, Redfinnow Borrower LLC, and Redfinnow Pledgor LLC Tr, to Li, Kevin, and Lally, Edward J.

$486,500, 23 Suburban Rd, Bailey FT, and Bailey, Adam M, to Fogelman, Levi Y.

$480,000, 94 Vernon St, 94 Vernon Street NT, and Kruczynski, Victor J, to Loeffler, Steffen A, and Loeffler, Gabriele.

$477,000, 48-50 Olga Ave, Binto, John, and John, Binto, to Kansal, Mohit, and Agnihotri, Parul.

$475,000, 21 Laurelwood Dr, Mcgovern, George P, to Comer, Caitlin M.

$465,000, 40 Orne St, Carlson, Jeffrey, to Polanco, Andy.

$462,677, 91 Southgate St, Londono, Rebecca, and Londono, Omar, to Campbell, Levar, and Almajidi-Campbell, Sharmi.

$460,000, 24 Vinton St, Cran Berg LLC, to Rivers End Rlty Group LLC.

$457,000, 57 Circuit Ave N, Abreu, Janice, to Nguyen, Minh H, and Chau, Julie T.

$450,000, 1-B Chalmers Rd, GM Properties LLC, to DaCosta, Claudio R, and Costa, Maria T.

$445,000, 1 Ebenezer St, Witkie, Jayne E, to Flyhomes Invs MA LLC.

$439,000, 43 Montague St, Real Est Alternatives Inc, to Bonifacio, Alonso.

$435,000, 46 Valley View Ln, S&D Construction Co Inc, to Ayala, Sonia M, and Ayala, Juan C.

$430,000, 335 Hamilton St, Chivaras Mary Est, and Wood, George A, to Ermani Properties LLC.

$430,000, 341 Hamilton St, Chivaras Mary Est, and Wood, George A, to Ermani Properties LLC.

$425,000, 2 Berkshire St, Nishan FT, and Nishan, Michael K, to 2 Berkshire RT, and Rotti, Joseph.

$425,000, 20 Tattan Farm Rd, Bajrami, Shadie, and Bajrami, Eduard, to Henrique, Gabriel, and Henrique, Luciana M.

$420,000, 5 Leslie Rd, Mclauhlin LT, and Mclaughlin, Nancy A, to Bailey, Casey.

$415,000, 11 Oak Leaf Cir, Nguyen, Thanh D, and Tram, Huong T, to Pham, Viet, and Huynh, Thuy T.

$410,000, 68 Bedford Ave, Lena, Luciano, and Lena, Telma, to Giles-Provo, Theodore.

$408,000, 70 Loxwood St, Sauliner, Gerard J, and Sauliner, Debra A, to Rawlston, Margaret.

$405,000, 1 Hapgood Rd, Ryan, Patrick, and Ryan, Alicia M, to Rutherford, Jamille, and Rutherford, Tamitha.

$405,000, 49 Kendrick Ave, George, Tegan E, and Zhou, Hanbing, to Ansong, Agnes A.

$402,000, 3 Neel Rd, Tupayachi, Ronald, and Zegarra, Maria A, to Azzam, Samer, and Ssale, Suzan.

$400,000, 11 Henchman St, Merly, Jose L, and Merly, Esther M, to 11 Henchman Street LLC.

$400,000, 14 Shawnee Rd, Cote, Elizabeth M, to Owusu, George.

$400,000, 2 Orrison St, Gerardi, Joseph, to Matos, Adriana C.

$400,000, 470 Massasoit Rd, Troy, Anthony R, to Gbesorgbor, Gladys.

$396,000, 34 Vassar St, Brown, Josiah F, and Brown, Mara B, to Waterhouse, Rachel.

$389,000, 9 Salisbury Hill Blvd #9, Paul M Jourcin LT, and Gregory, Stephen D, to Gregory, Stephen D.

$385,000, 1500 Main St, New Century LLC, to Lee, Jay.

$380,000, 11 Brewster Rd, Koskie, Jennifer J, and Richardson, Michael, to Baker, Taisha.

$380,000, 14 Meena Dr, Sahagian, Austin N, and Sahagian, Kaylen T, to Tipirneni, Sridhar.

$380,000, 21 Briarcliff St, Hebert, Richard R, and Hebert, Kasey M, to Pursell, Kyle J.

$380,000, 3-A Maxwell St, Pham, Huu K, and Luong, Doanh, to Wiafe, Mary.

$375,000, 113 Merrifield St, Gibson, Glenn, to Marvi, Junaid, and Siddiqui, Shahla.

$375,000, 6 Hyannis Pl, Gallagher, Andrew J, to Sekyere, Owusu B, and Boateng, Hannah G.

$374,900, 6 Bangor St, Osowska, Krystyna, to Jaaz, Sarmad S, and Theeb, Shadha W.

$370,000, 36 Delawanda Dr, Shabot, Robert, and Tremonte, Timothy, to Pacek, Rachael, and Perry, Callista.

$365,000, 15 Varnum St, Ayala, Juan C, and Ayala, Sonia M, to Diaz-Pineda, Elva, and Fuentes, Omar.

$350,000, 285 Moreland St, StHilaire, Melissa, to Aminmentse, Anjitem, and Besong, Manyo.

$350,000, 4 Maxwell Ct, Brault, Philip J, and Brault, Linsey, to Aguilar, Melquis E.

$347,000, 15 Eustis St, Roberti, Ronald, and Hemenway-Roberti, B A, to Mei, Derek.

$345,000, 80 Gates Ln, Poisson Pauline V Est, and Caban, Debra A, to Jani, Joana.

$340,000, 22 Merrill Rd, Wolfe, David A, and Wolfe, Kelly A, to Skerry, Michael.

$328,000, 42 Colby Ave, Kloczkowski, Sean, to Higgins, Karolyn.

$325,000, 56 Navasota Ave, Wamback, John, and Wamback, Kimberly N, to Dausch, Ryan, and Etre, Anais.

$320,000, 5 Norton St, SGS Holdings LLC, to 5 Norton Street NT, and Collins, Okyere T.

$316,750, 58 Kenwood Ave, Norwood, Scott E, to Ly, Hanh.

$315,000, 109 Clover St, Grasseschi, Dominic M, and Grasseschi, Sara R, to Santos, Juan, and Santos, Ashley.

$310,000, 18 Northampton St, Gutierrez, Isaias, and Solorzano, Erlan A, to ZIA Construction LLC.

$308,000, 23 Pointe Rok Dr #23, Salmon Douglas R Est, and Salmon, Bardwell C, to Rivera-Gross, Yesenia.

$300,000, 770 Salisbury St #345, C A Bafaro RET 2011, and Bafaro, Frank, to Mancini, Christopher J, and Mancini, Michelle A.

$298,400, 332 Mill St, Palumbo, Vincent J, to Peguero, Altagracio A.

$295,000, 33-B Keach Ave, Johnson, Kenneth J, and Mcdonough, Ashley M, to Amponsah, Daniel P.

$292,000, 84 Heywood St, Madriz, Arnoldo J, to Melville, Michael, and Melville, Rebecca.

$285,000, 276 Massasoit Rd, Perez, Alvaro M, and Gonzalez, Gardenia, to Rodriguez, Silvia M, and Rodriguez, Veronica.

$285,000, 63 Parkton Ave, Steele, Roger, and Steele, Janet, to Madadi, Mehrandokht.

$274,000, 150 Norfolk St, Rosa, Axel J, and Vasquez, Diana P, to Chrispin-Beauboeuf, Gael, and Damier-Beauboeuf, Barbara.

$270,000, 117 Swan Ave, Waterhouse, Rachel C, to Cajoux, Sengery, and Beguey, Samira M.

$265,000, 35 Roman Dr, Weru, Stephen, and Sundaresan, Devi, to Pokuaa, Selina, and Koom, Wahab.

$261,250, 26 Parsons Hill Dr, EBG Realty Inc, to Miller, Philip J.

$250,000, 340 Lake Ave N, Zinkevich, James M, to Grady, Donald.

$250,000, 48 Northboro St, Gelardi, Joann M, to Voelker, Anthony, and Voelker, Denise.

$247,000, 425 Burncoat St, Bottcher William R Est, and Bottcher, Jesse W, to Barton, Kyle E, and Barton, Carley J.

$240,000, 27 Bullard Ave, Mcqueen, Robert J, and Mcqueen, Stephanie L, to Lisboa, Enilton.

$240,000, 598 Plantation St, Solution Prop Invs LLC, to Dao, Aboudou K.

$210,000, 1 Hatfield St #10, Kochin Builders Inc, to Murillo, Yesenia.

$201,000, 63 Illinois St #103, Robertson, Evan, to Atchley, Britton.

$185,000, 14 Malden St #3C, Terry, Marilyn B, to Obrien, Lauren.

$150,000, 4 Hastings Rd, Rossetti, Ronald G, and Rossetti, Anne M, to Rossetti, Lynne M.

$146,400, 18 Chadwick St, Finnegan, Matthew B, to Finnegan, William S.

$140,000, 2 Forkey Ave, Evergrain Orchard LLC, to Loureiro Co Inc.

$135,000, 70 Southbridge St #1001, Halloran, Philip R, and Arias-Halloran, Gerardina, to 1151-C309 LLC.

$129,000, 257 Pleasant St #15, Noel, Timothy D, to Hanko, Stephanie.

$99,999, 70 Southbridge St #214, Hansen, Joanne, and Hansen, Richard, to Breder, Gary, and Breder, Susan.

$25,000, 34 Park Hill Rd, Gustafson, Stanley R, to Vreeland, Robert L.



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