The Power is Now

Worcester County real estate transfers, Sunday, Nov. 30 – Worcester Telegram


$452,052, 214 Hastings Rd, Howell, Paul J, and Howell, Louise M, to Howell, Paul J, and Howell, Kayla.

$272,000, 64 S Main St, Wallace, Bruce R, and Wallace, Judith A, to Neveu, Cameron C, and Neveu, Jamie N.

$175,000, 25 Watatic Pond Rd, Rickheit, Hans, to Carranza, Todd.

$99,000, 9 Ferin Rd, Goodall, David S, and Goodall, Debra A, to Mccarthy, Evan.


$325,000, 102 Wendell St, Arsenault, John, and Arsenault, Jennifer J, to Teguzibirwa, David S, and Robinah, Nabukeera.

$304,900, 555 Harvard Ave, Bulger, John W, and Rock, Janice, to Adams, Maryann R.

$300,000, 150 Orchard St, Fredette, Leo J, and Fredette, Lee A, to Feld, Kari, and Fredette, Erick.

$290,000, 20 Pine St, Ebenezer Const&Cleaning, to Nunez, Alexis, and Nunez, Karenn.

$260,000, 275 Lake Ellis Rd, Smith, Donna M, to Harrington, Patrick T, and Harrington, Alia R.

$210,000, 706 New Sherborn Rd, Sutton, Chester E, and Sutton, Jeffery W, to Kavanaugh, Jill R.

$62,000, 205 South St, Taylor, Heather, and Taylor, Heather M, to 205 South St LLC.


$435,000, 34 Westchester Dr, Sonn, David E, to Keenan, John, and Keenan, Hydie A.

$324,900, 8 Lancaster St, Leary Kevin Est, and Leary, Diana, to Sanchez, Yesenia.

$200,000, 28 Burnap St, CSBF NT, and Taglienti, Sharon L, to Orcutt, Devon E.

$60,000, Maria Ave #2, Abbott Jean Est, and Peters, Donald, to Quality Worcester LLC.


$465,000, 149 Hubbardston Rd, Smith, Bertyne R, and Clark, Karen S, to Smith-Walkup, William.


$1,100,000, 187 Highland St, Halfpenny, Gregory O, and Halfpenny, Virginia A, to Delaforcade, Armelle, and Buress, Carroll L.

$700,000, 23 Peach Hill Rd, Boettcher-Smith, Lisa, and Smith, James, to Pimental, Marco A.


$560,000, 5 Centennial Dr, L H Dalessandro 2004 RET, and Dalessandro, Linda H, to Consoletti, Sean P, and Consoletti, Caitlin M.

$393,000, 114 King St, Kelly, Ann M, and Kelly, Peter H, to Agosto-Villegas, J L, and Kafel, Hassan M.

$375,000, 5 Milton St, Lafleur, Stephanie, to Taddeo, Samuel E, and Cottuli, Ashlie.

$269,500, 16 Rayner St, Lacroix, Brian, to Bell, Peter.

$234,600, 65 Federal St, Flynn, Isabel E, to Millville Investments LLC.


$900,000, 10 Wilder Rd, Bickford, John F, and Bickford, Karen A, to Camuti, Jason W, and Camuti, Ashley.

$705,000, 23 Weathers Ln, Kulik, John, and Twyver, Megan, to Rippin, Carla, and Rippin, Robert.

$630,100, 15 Teele Rd, Morse, Daniel D, and Morse, Emily M, to Coen, Daniel P, and Coen, Lindsey.


$6,500,000, Pine Hill Dr #2A, Dipilato Vincent M Est, and Dipilato, John M, to NBPIII Boylston LLC.

$525,000, 19 Sewall St, Lizewski, Christopher R, and Broderick, Jenna L, to Brunyak, Elizabeth N.

$510,000, 196 Main St, Javid, Hannan, and Javid, Humera, to Valhum, Henrietta G.

$217,798, 28 Compass Cir #A, Boylston CP LLC, to Haynes, James C, and Haynes, Darlene.


$350,000, 160 Warren Rd, Bennett, Jerrold, and Bennett, Ruth, to Lazo, Hannah T.


$373,000, 25 Boucher Dr, RDG T, and Gunter, Roy C, to Dozois, Stephen F, and Dozois, Stephanie.

$223,500, 40 Davidson Rd, Johnson, William A, to Prabucka, Maria.

$215,000, 15 Curtis Hill Rd, Rita M Reil IRT, and Mckinstry, Nancy R, to Porter, Andrew T, and Sowa-Forgit, Cynthia.

$80,000, Jennings Rd #38, Gair LLC, to 15 Waban LLC.

$55,000, Stafford St, DH Real Estate LLC, to SW Brigham Const Co Inc.


$390,000, 1 Harris St, Arsenault, Jacqueline, to Freitas, Fabricio, and Lacerda-Vieira, Robert.

$350,000, 274 Oak St, Mcnamara, Sean P, and Mcnamara, Melissa A, to GPS Properties LLC.

$260,000, 115 Oak St, Shuaghnessy, Maryann, to Pinto, Ivanilda H.


$85,000, Ledgestone Rd #2, Janis A Cahill T, and Cahill, Janis A, to Fyre Real Estate LLC.


$477,000, 6 Pondview Ter, Berthiaume, Mark D, and Konopaski, Kirsten L, to Skowron, Edward C, and Skowron, Joanne M.

$370,000, 56 Airport Rd, White, Sarkhan, and Railean, Felicia, to Mwaura, Genshireh, and Abdalla-Mulgai, Natasha.

$359,900, 42 Mill St, Carmignani, Richard A, and Carmignani, Cathleen, to Leboeuf, Lawrence R.

$355,000, 27 Marshall Ter #1, Gruszecki, Peter, and Gruszewski, Elizabeth, to Katz, Robin A.

$294,000, 24 Alton Dr, Wps Revest LLC, to Colon, Dylan E, and Walley, Solei T.

$256,000, 15 Hall Rd, Soto, Nancy, and MHFA, to V&J LLC.

$115,000, 1 Wysocki Dr #4, Matulis, Matthew P, and Matulis, Jocelyn, to Williams RT, and Williams, Patricia A.


$487,000, 131 Clarendon St, Gomez, Edwin A, to Quezada, Cristal.

$460,000, 207 Connors St, Leshane, Ronald R, and Leshane, Heather R, to Tung, Georgina, and Obi, Atem.

$395,000, 535 South St #25D, D D Pelletier 1988 RET, and Pelletier, Dorothy D, to Rawson FT, and Rawson, Richard L.

$388,000, 348 Fairmount St, Hannah, John R, and Hannah, Brenda L, to Lopez, Richard.

$375,000, 33 Clifton St, Kupfer, Keith A, and Kupfer, Andrea L, to Trinidad-Aldana, Ovidio, and Waldina-Aldana, Ilma.

$365,000, 53 England Ave, Menegus, Michael, to Young, Armen.

$355,500, 61 Clearview Ave, Saulnier, Lisa, and Saulnier, Billy, to Defendre, Rose.

$332,500, 153 Ashburnham St, Moreira, Eric J, to EBTLHT LLC.

$300,000, 343 Ashburnham St, Beth Eden Baptist Church, to Depaolo, Margaret M.

$295,000, 32 Rogers Ave, Morales, Kourtnie N, to Thomas, Angelica M.

$280,000, 328 Madison St, Dryden, Justine, to Schreiner, Timothy J, and Flynn, Cassidy E.

$275,000, 312 Boutelle St, Ball, James D, and Ball, Tamara J, to Tambi-Mokom, Reichley A.

$250,000, 313 South St #313, N&< Real Estate LLC, to Cruz, Maribel.

$175,000, 19 Bluff Ave, Constance N Normandin LT, and Normandin, Stephen P, to Cordio, Christopher.

$137,500, 408 River St, R&C RT, and Boisvert, Roger L, to Prime RE Investment LLC.

$100,000, 555 Rindge Rd, Johnson, Valerie A, to Travaglia, Dustin.


$1,750,000, 40-46 Glenwood St, Morse RT, and Morse, Barry, to MSRC Gardner Portfolio.

$1,750,000, 64-66 Peabody St, Morse RT, and Morse, Barry, to MSRC Gardner Portfolio.

$1,750,000, 68 Graham St, Morse RT, and Morse, Barry, to MSRC Gardner Portfolio.

$787,750, 22 Knowlton St, ARJ Investments LLC, to New Man Ventures LLC.

$475,000, 37 Foster Ct, Peirce, Daryl A, and Peirce, Kelly C, to Kozachuk, William D, and Kozachuk, Robin.

$425,000, 76 Willis Rd, Richard, Paul R, and Richard, Kathleen J, to Jon&Margaret Hogue RET, and Hogue, Jon D.

$335,000, 42 Chapman Park, Debettencourt, John, to Jaglal, Zoee G.

$295,000, 196 Woodland Ave, Damon Edmund Harrer Est, and Damon-Tollenaere, M S, to Henry Heywood Mem Hosp.

$292,000, 198 Clark St, Norcross, Hilary E, to Mounce, Julie, and Chalke, Matthew.

$265,000, 82 Conant St, Barrett, Brad P, to Jensen-Libby, Linda.

$260,000, 100 Bear Hill Rd, Robert, Roger J, to Higgins, Eric R, and Caira, Donald S.

$165,000, 124 Olde Colonial Dr #5, Dubour, Donna, and Dubour, Donna S, to Wright, Edward, and Wright, Susan.


$875,000, 6 Patriot Way, Corbett, Sean T, to Sharma, Purnima, and Masih, Vivek.

$470,000, 46 Oak St, Durning, Robert J, and Favulli, Caroline A, to Pagliocca, Marc W, and Lemay, Abigail R.

$415,155, 88 Lordvale Blvd #88, Dejesus, Jose M, and Alsina, Jennifer M, to Patel, Sarthak, and Pandya, Diti.

$232,500, 11 Messier St, Remillard, Nicholas A, to Remillard, Benjamin D.


$400,000, 28-34 Broad St, Dominic LLC, to SBA Management LLC.


$1,799,000, 55 Oak Hill Rd, Nesbeda, Lucy H, to Tregoe, Elisabeth S, and Tregoe, Benjamin B.

$370,000, Slough Rd #3, J N Carville 1999 T, and Nicewicz-Carville, Jo, to Revelation NT, and Towle, Ann M.


$561,400, 74 Sawyer Ln, Thrive Construction LLC, to Finneran, Christopher M.

$544,900, 27 Vicksburg Cir, Axelson, John F, and Keating, Mary B, to Longo, Gary, and Longo, Jennifer A.

$525,000, 1219-1225 Main St, Capricorn Associates LLC, to 1219-1225 Main St Holden.

$433,500, 55 Tea Party Cir #55, Poets Corner LLC, to Haveles, Kathleen.

$420,000, 525 Shrewsbury St, Greene Family 2017 LT, and Greene, Kathleen J, to Anku, Emmanuel, and Ahiaku, Beatrice A.

$420,000, 85 Malden St, Keene, Shannon, to Modica, Anthony J, and Aube, Angelica M.

$380,000, 456 Shrewsbury St, Horton, Tara, and Horton, Michael, to Bathol, Jennifer M, and Vales, Reginald.

$355,000, 42 Main St, Rudolph, Nechole E, to Bertucci, Jeffrey G, and Bertucci, Daphne R.

$170,000, 48 Phillips Rd #20, Hess Irma C Est, and Mills, Katherine O, to Macnutt IRT, and Macnutt, Elaine H.

$150,000, 154 General Hobbs Rd, Riley LLC, to Ramstrom, Derek, and Mielnicki, Emily.


$550,000, 28 Leno Rd, Lapierre, Ronald, and Lapierre, Barbara, to Nixon, Ryanne K.

$290,000, 47 Leno Rd, Chestnut Hill Homes LLC, to Perez, Peter C, and Strom, Shaun M.

$190,000, 242 Mashapaug Rd, Alexander, Scott, to Burns, Michael S, and Burns, Katherine M.


$350,000, 224 West St, Silva, John F, and Silva, James M, to Sullo, Nicole.

$282,500, 55 Hill St, Penafiel, Mario, and Flores, Diana, to Morgan, Kerry.

$76,000, 35-39 Northrop St, Melle, Patrick, and Melle, Shaun, to Melle, Patrick.


$475,000, 91 Gardner Rd, Bailey, Charles C, to Roberts, Craig D, and Lecuyer, Elisa H.

$320,000, 4 Madison Way #4, Therrien Frederick P Est, and Macalpine, Mary P, to White, Virginia S.

$200,000, 2 Duffy Rd #2, SCV Realty LLC, to Lawson, Janet D.


$1,000,000, 351 Chestnut St, Vitti, John W, and Vitti, Terriann, to Logakis, Emmanuel G, and Logakis, Areti E.

$675,000, 34 Hummock Way #34, F Nardone RT, and Nardone, Fay H, to Kawola, John, and Kawola, Nancy.

$585,000, 91 Fort Meadow Dr, Murphy, James K, and Murphy, Christine E, to Netto, Daniel A, and Beauregard, Nicole.

$490,000, 3 Richardson Rd, Lucero, Osman, and Lucero, Jacqueline A, to Furtado, Marsha R.

$418,000, 586 Main St, Bergholm, Matthew D, and Iarossi, Marianne E, to Pierre, Simeon, and Pierre, Ashleine A.

$410,000, 143 Broad St #17, Anderson, Christine M, and Anderson, Matthew R, to Choudhry, Saad J, and Mohammed, Zehra N.

$222,500, 200 Manning St #14C, Ross, Jeremy, to Babbar, Naveen.


$445,000, 494 S Meadow Rd, Capen, Jessica L, and Capen, Frederick, to Williams FT, and Wiliams, Elizabeth E.


$468,000, 133 Charles St, Drahos, Joyce E, and Drahos, John A, to Moreas-Recoba, Lucia, and Fernandez, Andy.

$460,000, 1 Pine Ridge Dr, Bostock, Lincoln S, and Bostock, Joan E, to Bostock, Joan E, and Jarobski, Elizabeth.

$387,500, 37 Victoria Dr #24, Briarcliff Estates Sv LLC, to Friend, Jonathan.

$240,000, 144 White Birch St, Burtt Ruth Alberta Est, and Barlow, Sheila R, to Hale, Austin T.


$476,000, 123 Lancaster St, Davis, Todd, to Moquete, Tatiana.

$470,000, 6 Arnold Rd, Martin, Richard E, and Hale-Martin, Susan M, to Marino, James P, and Marino, Elizabeth G.

$454,450, 71 Regina Dr, Merrill, Margaret D, to Reyes, Esteban.

$425,000, 11 Grant St, Novelli, Robert J, and Novelli, Lisa A, to Guzman-Chavez, Gloria M, and Morales-Trejo, Wendy F.

$425,000, 56 N Main St, 56 Northmain LLC, to Garciabach Properties LLC.

$420,000, 162 11th St, Costa, Matthew O, and Costa, Fernanda M, to DosSantos, Ricardo M.

$393,000, 42 Judy Dr, Taylor, Dorian E, and Taylor, Jaime A, to Cravedi, Justin M, and Marrino, Ashley.

$385,000, 24 Wisteria Dr, Sinkel, Catherine A, to Jones, Meri L, and Jones, John R.

$350,000, 201 Union St, Gagne, Brenda L, to Cardona, Jose, and Gonzalez, Hilda E.

$312,000, 27 Cro Shee Ln, Bergeron, Roger W, and Bergeron, Kathleen A, to Merrill, Jacob E, and Yim, Dara.

$310,000, 681 Union St, Mcgary LT, and Mcgary, Alvin, to Byington, Kristine S, and Byington, Brian J.

$280,000, 23 Jerome Pl, Bissonnette, Thomas R, and Moes, Diane B, to Barrera, Osban.

$235,000, 64 Church St #5B, Pacheco, Thomas, to Canadas, John C.

$225,000, 41 Vine St, Molina Realty LLC, to Property Inv Solution LLC.

$187,400, 54 Green St #107, Giampietro, Maria L, to Sousa, Christopher J.

$173,500, 144 West St #2, Marlborough, Mary K, to Driscoll, Lynn A.

$94,000, 4 Valleyview Rd, Couture, Mark T, and Couture, Jaclyn, to Couture, Mark T.


$463,000, 120 Pratt St, B&C LT, and Forget, Bernard P, to Hiles, Benjamin.

$345,000, 656 Massachusetts Ave #656, Belanger, Catherine, to Walter, Jeffrey A, and Walter, Gabrielle A.

$80,000, 506 Massachusetts Ave, Massak LT, and Massak, John G, to Massak, John G.


$692,500, 1126 Concord Rd, Zempel, Isabel, to Kleyn, Patrick, and Kleyn, Julie.

$645,000, 110 Chase Rd, Schneider, Andrew R, and Schneider, Chelsea, to Amego Inc.

$525,000, 51 Demers Dr, Lind Donald R Est, and Lind, Peter A, to Silva, Vinicius D.

$505,000, 7-9 Preston St, Ramirez, Johnny, to DeSouza, Camila.

$479,000, 7 Corey Rd, Allen LT, and Dolder, Alison R, to Moreira-Torres, Arthur, and Moreira-Torres, Uelton.

$460,000, 15 Baldwin Ave, Haynes, Wilbur, to Oliveira, Kandi, and Almeida, Isaiah.

$460,000, 20 Tremont St, Barthold, Stephan W, to Harvey, Robert M.

$460,000, 8 Westminster Dr #8, Vivaldi IRT, and Vivaldi, Joseph P, to Albert J Zahka RET, and Zahka, Stephen A.

$410,000, 132 Warren Ave, Kaye, Ronald H, and Kaye, Carole S, to Depinho-Silva, Euler, and Silva, Juliana.

$408,000, 153 Edinboro St, Carbone, Louise M, to Cox, Ethan, and Cox, Kenneth.

$370,000, 79 E Main St, 79 East Main Street RT, and Uminsky, Todd, to Vieira, Ronaldo N, and Pereira, Delba M.

$360,000, 11 Sidney St, Scott, David, and Scott, David, to Rudenauer, Ana, and Donascimento-Gomes, Gisel.

$355,000, 26 Crystal Brook Way #E, Crystal Brook, B Bazemore Kiszka LT, and Kiszka, Barbara B, to Seo, Youngmi.

$300,000, 223 Main St, Arsenault Takalis LT, and Arsenault, Margaret E, to JJ 223A Main LLC.


$813,190, 1 Applewood Ln #1A, Applewood LLC, to Pacheco, Daniel J, and Lockwood, Sarah K.

$610,000, 14 Ashkins Dr, Bishop, Joseph A, and Bishop, Cynthia G, to Billings, Robert E.


$600,000, 43 Walden Way #43, White RT, and White, William C, to Lewy, Maty M, and Lewy, Gabriela.

$509,469, 12 Grizzly Ln #81, F&D Ctrl Realty Corp Inc, to Nageswararao-Mannava, Siv, and Bindu-Kolli, Hima.

$488,350, 9 Grizzly Ln #71, F&D Ctrl Realty Corp Inc, to Ramanagu-Asu, Udaya, and Bhavan-Asu, Durga.

$480,000, 174 Purchase St, Hanson Gilbertson FT, and Luzi, David, to Patel, Dipaben J, and Patel, Jayeshkumar M.

$440,000, 5 Amherst Dr, Moschilli, John R, and Moschilli, Susan A, to Quijozaca, Mirian E, and Shuilema, Carlos A.

$360,000, 50 Emmons St, Mclaughin, Patrick, and Baker, Megan K, to Guaman-Castro, Luis D.

$317,500, 19 Elm St, Welby, Richard, and Welby, Thresa A, to Mesac-Dutra, Josafa.

$250,000, 7 Columbus Ave, Marseglia, Robert N, to Sanches Realty LLC.

$215,000, 10 Shadowbrook Ln #23, Deoliveira-Santos, F G, and DosSantos, Bruno A, to Santos, Miguel S.


$423,000, 12-A&B Highland Ave, V&J LLC, to Jones, Fanette M.

$395,000, 21 Horne Way #21, 21 Horne Way RT, and Connor, Nan L, to Lohnes, Gordon G, and Lohnes, Jane T.

$383,612, 19 Salo Ter, Kowalewski, Ryszard, to Waxman, Kevin A, and Waxman, Nichole L.

$380,000, 57-A Martin St #57A, Bay Hill Development LLC, to Ankomah, Kwasi.

$380,000, 57-A Martin St #57B, Bay Hill Development LLC, to Ankomah, Kwasi.

$344,000, 66 S Main St, Dalpe, James L, and Dalpe, Denise A, to Novak, Nicole A, and Kunhardt, Edgard A.

$290,000, 3 Village Grn #3, Hu, Yanlong, to Manning, Patrick B, and Manning, Pamela K.


$180,000, 23 Thayer St, Palin, Steven J, and Harris-Palin, Louise A, to Chicoine, Norman J, and Chicoine, Wilfred N.


$153,500,000, 330 Bartlett St, Hillside 11 LLC, to Bcore Hillside LLC.

$153,500,000, 350 Bartlett St, Hillside 11 LLC, to Bcore Hillside LLC.

$615,000, 15 Pleasant St, Pacios, Lawrence M, and Pacios, Christine D, to Rharib, Ghizlane.

$518,000, 11-13 Crestwood Dr, Obsajsnik, Duasn, and Obsajsnik, Edita, to Cooley, David.

$310,000, 34 Bartlett St #34, Setzer, Janie D, to Wang, Hui, and Hu, Shiliand.

$275,000, 179 Hudson St #179, Mcmanus, Patrick J, and Mcmanus, Heidi, to Obrien, Brendan, and Glawson, Caitlin.

$255,000, 39 Pleasant St #C5, Patricia A Ohearn T, and Ohearn, Patricia A, to Habeeb-Alattar, Maryam A.

$168,296, 39 Main St #39, Segien, Kathryn, to Pierre, Marc C.


$760,000, 155 Shining Rock Dr, Boisvert, Mark E, to Develpally, Krishna, and Raval, Aanalben.

$506,295, 166 Stone Hill Dr #1, Stone Hill Partners LLC, to Rekowski, Elizabeth A.

$492,900, 168 Stone Hill Dr #2, Stone Hill Partners LLC, to Ceruti FT, and Ceruti, Richard.

$439,900, 21 Puddon St, J&F Marinella Dev Corp, to Plante, Joshua.

$425,000, 75 Brenda Dr, Pape, Diane S, to Cerreto, David.

$399,900, 35 Edmonds Cir #35, Lachapelle, Michelle L, and Mellen, Michelle L, to Corbett, Sean.

$330,000, 40 Henry St, Polucha, Neil D, and Polucha, Corinne R, to Ethier, Michael P, and Ethier, Jacqueline.

$254,900, 12 Whitin Ave #12, Hackathorn, Scott M, to Lindberg, Jacob.

$240,000, 38 Elm St, Ovian, Sandra, to Rosas, Victor J.

$117,000, 11 Overlook St #11, Reinholt, Ashley J, and Reinholt, Johnathan W, to Irish, Gregor.


$499,900, 64 Gray Oaks Ln, Habink, Larry R, and Habink, Cheryl A, to Fontaine, Craig, and Richardson, Beth.

$115,000, 851 N Brookfield Rd, Renzi, Kenneth, and Renzi, Margaret, to Pease, Leona.


$190,000, 100 Summit St, Vaillancourt, Kelly, to Wuoti, Adam J.

$162,950, 114 Warwick Rd, Dallaire, Normand, and Cristofori, Mark R, to AMLN Revocable RT, and Cristofori, Mark R.


$392,000, 20 Old Dudley Rd, Kingston, Timothy, and Gassett-Kingston, Ruth, to Audette, Richard, and Audette, Debra.

$333,750, 413 Main St, Zito, Douglas R, and Zito, Tracy E, to Teare, Alexandra, and Cattani, Domenic.

$305,000, 43 Park St, Greene Gary A Est, and Greene, Michael A, to Percuoco, Rick.

$300,000, 10 Nelson St, Jasukonis Dorothy Est, and Jasukonis, David M, to Nash, Caroline J, and Nash, Ryan T.

$270,000, 15 Allen Ave, Ivanovitz Kenneth Est, and Ivanovitz, Jennifer, to Reese, Lisa.

$200,000, 2 Russell Ln, Auger, Carolyn M, to Clearwater Capital LLC.


$329,000, 16 Orchard Dr, Lapierre Eldege R Est, and Lapierre, Garrett A, to Moore, Brian, and Moore, Allison E.


$323,000, 16 West St, Marsh Fredrik A Est, and Marsh, Edythe E, to Meng, Meng.


$612,500, 24 Indian Stone Rd, R D Moir RET, and Moir, Richard D, to Blackbird Ogunquit T, and Hatcher, Christopher W.

$370,000, 10 Baldwin Hill Rd, Laroche, Lisa A, and Laroche, Jack, to Boutell, Christopher.

$306,000, 190 Lincoln Rd, Feld, Kari A, to Deveneau, Craig T.

$185,000, 29 Spa Rd, Gautheir, Rachel E, and Gauthier, Brian C, to Duprez, Denise, and Duprez, Justin T.


$400,000, 21 Coal Kiln Rd, Smith, Pauline L, and Wallace, Brian, to Hall, Alycia R.


$230,000, 64 Pleasantdale Rd, Martin Charles L Est, and Davidson, Virginia D, to Fanger, Ryan C.

$125,000, 176 Maple Ave #4-8, Church, Peter S, and Church, Mary, to Bernaiche, Austin.


$998,000, 5 Travis Rd, Matthews, Charles R, and Matthews, Paula Ann M, to Yip, Suet Y, and Yip, Gary T.

$990,000, 1 Coachman Ridge Rd, Caputo, Catherine B, to Lorenz, Betty.

$807,000, 14 Old Farm Cir, Hoogasian, James J, and Hoogasian, Margaret M, to Bhushan, Shashi, and Avasia, Arnaz.

$575,000, 935 Main St #23, Wyman Farms LLC, to Borrelli, Stephen W, and Fellerman, Jo Anne C.

$565,000, 21 Grafton St, Reis, Joseph, and Reis, Catherine, to Patel, Hiren, and Patel, Bhumika J.

$492,400, 92 Sewall St, Hebert FT, and Hebert, Scott F, to Andrews, Taylor, and White, Stephanie.

$489,500, 67 Lebeaux Dr #67, Tyagi, Rajeev, and Tyagi, Anupam, to Shah, Darshak, and Shah, Meghna.

$485,000, 58 Barnard St, Longo, Gary J, and Duffy, Jennifer, to James FT, and James, Owen P.

$433,000, 79 Edgewood Rd, Pane 2017 FT, and Pane, Joseph A, to Hage, Tracy R.

$415,000, 15 Brook St, Baer, Steven W, to Capri, Jessica.

$395,000, 27 Old Laxfield Rd #27, Kao, Yu-Hua, and Chen, Yu-Jung, to Kailasanathan, V, and Vijayasankar, Dheepa.

$326,000, 27 Eaglehead Ter #5, Galili FT, and Galili, Uri, to Wang, Chen, and Yuan, Wei.

$164,000, 34 Shrewsbury Green Dr #B, Dembele, Hassane B, and Dembele, Hassane, to Goradia, Mayank, and Parekh, Nimisha.


$699,000, 168 Woodland Rd, Faherty, Thomas E, and Faherty, Ellen M, to Meng, Lingbin, and Song, Lijie.

$525,000, 19 Walnut Dr, Beck, Allison L, to Harvey, Brian J, and Harvey, Melissa R.

$519,000, 36 Edgewood Rd, Beyeler, Barbara, to Wong, Doris N.


$350,000, 12 Spring St, Wijangco, William L, and Wijangco, Jane, to Fernandez, Robinson J, and Diaz, Rosalia.

$330,000, 735 Charlton St, Daaboul, Monreal, and Daaboul, Fadi J, to Letourneau, Julia.

$319,900, 32 Meadowbrook Rd, King, Jason M, to Sihaem, Namer A, and Alak, Muntaha R.

$299,900, 743 Dennison Dr, Brunell Paul R Est, and Porter, Virginia L, to Leonard, Richard.

$279,000, 33 Union St, Oxford Deleading Inc, and Prk RE Holdings LLC, to Kline, Michael.

$245,000, 83 Plimpton St, Tavernier, Rose J, and Tavernier, Ronald A, to Simon, Rachel.

$195,000, 67 Morris St, Macdonald, Paul S, to Richardson, Corin.

$121,600, 29 Marcy St #1, Herbert J Segien T, and Segien, Herbert J, to Pestana-Desouza, Laisson.

$55,000, 100 North St, Sichol, Deborah M, to EZ Learning Realty LLC.


$435,300, 106 Pleasant St, Witkowski, Steven, and Witkowski, Amanda, to Cui, Ermei.

$63,000, Roys Dr #2, Loader, Joseph E, and Loader, Carol A, to Labonte, Teddy.

$63,000, Roys Dr #3, Loader, Joseph E, and Loader, Carol A, to Labonte, Teddy.


$513,500, 26 School St, Miller, Ian A, and Mckenna, Alexia R, to Jones, Rory, and Jones, Bridgett.

$485,000, 19 Hastings Rd, Zaharee, Eric S, and Zaharee, Marcie E, to Gray, Richard P, and Gray, Rebecca C.

$345,000, 116 Worcester Rd, Lindblom, Duane G, and Lindblom, Carol V, to Martin, William R.


$1,040,000, 58 S Shore Dr, Godin, Arthur P, to Cynthia M Ostrowski LT, and Ostrowski, Cynthia M.

$505,000, 35 Collette Rd, Sprague, Jessica R, and Patenaude, Normand R, to Nemet, Melissa, and Nemet, Brian.

$325,000, 152 Podunk Rd, C M Grubert 2017 RET, and Grubert, Cristina M, to Bys, Stanley J, and Bys, Karen.

$205,000, 40 Champeaux Rd, Sullivan, Jean M, to Lamy, Kevin R.

$175,000, 9 River Rd, Old Sturbridge Inc, to Petersen, Lynne.

$160,000, 17 S Shore Dr, Godin, Arthur P, and Godin, Edward R, to Cynthia M Ostrowski LT, and Ostrowski, Cynthia M.


$850,000, 43 Clubhouse Way #43, Sumadco T, and Kalk, Susan, to Thomas, Brian E, and Thomas, Pamela L.

$704,000, 5 Maple Ln, Fattman, Ryan, and Fattman, Stephanie K, to Woodard, Sarah, and Woodard, Justin.

$476,000, 53 Dodge Hill Rd, Stomski, John, and Stomski, Irene, to Polucha, Neil, and Polucha, Corinne.

$260,000, 7 Hatchery Rd, Wilson, Peter J, and Wilson, Elaine J, to UGPG RE Sutton LLC.


$415,000, 29 Victoria Ln, Girard, Roger D, and Girard, Patricia A, to Kupfer, Keith, and Kupfer, Andrea.


$435,000, 51 Haynes Rd, Coen, Daniel, and Shields, Lindsey, to Black, Brittany A, and Black, Bryan C.

$380,000, 79 Main St, Thompson, Robert B, and Murphy, Shannon B, to Targ, Jacob D.

$215,000, 91 Wallace Hill Rd, Roberts, Mary F, to Shepherd, Gary.

$145,000, 47 W Elm St, Clish, Christine F, to Shepherd, Glen.


$915,000, 68 Glenview St, Bishop, Donald O, and Bishop, Ellen F, to Madrona, Fernando B, and Madrona, Fernanda G.

$760,000, 47 School St, Calnan, Christopher E, and Calnan, Lisa J, to Connors, Robert K.

$755,000, 111 Christian Hill Rd, Curtin, Quinn C, and Curtin, Ashley L, to Kalinowski, Jesse, and Donovan, Megan.

$755,000, 14 Claflin Farm Rd, Lobisser Building Corp, to Mylett, Kelli A, and Mylett, Paul J.

$492,645, 22 Jackson Dr, Pulte Hm Of New Eng LLC, to Smith, Matthew J, and Smith, Mary M.


$18,482,800, Campanelli Dr (off) #2B, Campanelli Uxbridge 2 LLC, to Uxbridge Industrial Prop.

$18,482,800, Campanelli Dr (off) #3, Campanelli Uxbridge 2 LLC, to Uxbridge Industrial Prop.

$1,900,000, 15 Megan Ct, Hob Realty Associates LLC, to KMC Heating Supply LLC.

$470,000, 188 N Main St, Lannon FT 2017, and Lannon, William E, to Muffelman, Matthew, and Traub, Marina.

$450,000, 23 Douglas St, Jacobs, Ronald R, to Azevedo, Livia T, and Magalhaes-Azevedo, Italo.

$406,000, 31 Cross St, Chisholm, Samuel R, and Chisholm, Dayna, to Rivard, Jake H, and Sherlock, Nicole C.

$400,000, 96 Carney St, I K Picard T 2017, and Giannini, Laura, to GH Construction Corp.

$395,000, 15 Boston Ave, Domingosdesousa, Joao, and Desousa, Orquidea, to Patel, Miteshkumar, and Patel, Ashaben.

$369,900, 4 Jackson Ct #4, Hopkins FT, and Hopkins, Garrett T, to Demelo, Jeanine.

$210,000, 20 Gervais Way, Hunchard, Bruce J, and Brunelli, Philip M, to JK Rivulet LLC.

$210,000, 28 Gervais Way, Hunchard, Bruce J, and Brunelli, Philip M, to JK Rivulet LLC.

$81,000, 130 Pond St, Ludden, Sherman S, and Ludden, Sitti A, to Ludden, Shane.

$75,000, 3 Pond St, Pond Street RT I, and Lafleur, Leo A, to Burke, Norman E, and Burke, Sherylee L.


$369,000, 23 Coffey Hill Rd, Ghali, Andrew, and Walthers, Amanda, to Westbrook, Robert A, and Gorman, Elizabeth.

$295,000, 102 Bondsville Rd, Velez, Jomaria, to Coelho, Jessica, and Kusnierz, James.

$276,000, 23 Sczygiel Rd, Bessonette, Homer M, and Bessonette, Sandra A, to Eggenberger, Ellen M.

$260,000, 55 Church St, Schroeder, Kenneth H, to Church Ware LLC.

$51,000, 48 North St #3, Buit, Rashmi P, to Guertin, Randy, and Mahmoud, Alexandru.


$325,000, 875 Cronin Rd, FHLM, to Golinski, Kimberly I.

$244,000, 437 Washington St, Routhier, Angela, to Keyes, Adam R, and Hopper, Amanda L.


$1,600,000, 11 Bay View Rd, 11 Bay View Road RT, and Patel, Neil, to Sjogren, Carl P, and Siemienkiewicz, Cheryl L.

$600,000, 1301 Treasure Island Rd #1301, J&J RT, and Ide, Jeffery W, to King, John E, and King, Susan E.

$430,000, 3 Abbey Rd, Gagnon, Jamie P, and Gagnon, Karen A, to Dang, Jason H.

$387,000, 991 School St, Mccool, Finn C, and Mccool, Lisa N, to Tsoumakas, Olivia.

$375,000, 16 Poland St, Roque, Mario L, and Roque, Ana, to Cedeno, Jose A, and Torres, Madeline.

$335,000, 268-270 Main St, Wheelie Realty LLC, to Real Est Online Systems.

$304,000, 5 Pinehurst Dr, Dion, Michael J, and Dion, Deborah Q, to Liberty, Robert A.

$285,500, 46 Park Ave, Williams RT, and Williams, Patricia A, to Nguyen, Thuy.

$200,000, 76 Old Douglas Rd, Larose, Susan B, and Citizens Bank NA, to Doug Will LLC.

West Boylston

$393,000, 136 Angell Brook Dr #136, Carlin, Barbara A, to Sullivan, Michael S, and Sullivan, Sally A.

$380,000, 21 Sterling Pl, Freitas, Lisa M, and Freitas, Jonathan E, to Rita, Anderson.


$1,060,000, 5 Benjamin Dr, Nichols, Craig T, and Nichols, Lisa, to Odonnell, Jarrod, and Odonnell, Stacy.

$950,000, 53 Adams St, Yang, Ke, and Sun, Ruiwen, to Ali, Amir M, and Ali, Shazia H.

$640,000, 71 Warren St, Odonnell, Jarrod, and Odonnell, Stacy, to Stern, Matthew, and Stern, Briana.

$439,900, 46 Ruggles St, 46 Ruggles Street RT, and Gitto, Edwina, to Cox, Jerome W.


$620,000, 37 White Pine Dr, Costella, Anthony, and Costella, Amanda, to Irizarry, Javier, and Irizarry, Erin.

$350,000, 124 State Rd E, Hill, Lynne, to Savage-Bennett, Ashley.

$325,000, 9 Howard Ave, Moore, Alyssa M, and Moore, Andrew P, to Robbins, Carl, and Robbins, Cheryl.

$120,000, 12 Elliott St, Nicole Moorshead LT, and Moorshead, Nicole, to Boudreau, Joshua.


$360,000, 45 Sibley Rd, Dodge, Lisa R, and Dodge, Jason M, to Lambert, Marcie L.


$900,000, 85 Prospect St, Premier Inv Prop LLC, to 85 Prospect St LLC.

$880,000, 44 Whisper Dr, Cani, Gjergji, and Cani, Natasha, to Zhang, Yanchun, and Lin, Kefeng.

$700,000, 57 Cutler St, Adams, Lawrence A, and Adams, Kathleen M, to Saida Property Mgmt LLC.

$690,000, 62 Whisper Dr, Melode-Ferrari, Cecilia, and Ferrari, Marcelo, to Solon-Joachim, Guy, and Joachim, Nicole.

$625,000, 36 June St, Isufi, Xhensila, to Glenn, Jason, and Palafox-Glenn, Lizette.

$570,000, 42 Adams St, Rivas, Nelida, and Salgado, Ada, to Castillo, Luis M.

$560,000, 6 Wheeler Ave, Fischer, Suellen M, and Birnie, Benjamin M, to Blood-Deschamps, Claire, and Blood-Deschamps, David.

$550,000, 34 Newbury St, Amroze, Suhail, and Amroze, Nazia F, to Bloom, Andrew, and Bloom, Barbara.

$544,500, 16 Dolly Dr, Russo, Sean, to Twumasi, Rosemary A.

$499,500, 148 May St, Ellis, Amber R, to Dream Big Properties LLC.

$494,900, 67 Catharine St, Trudell, James E, to Shakir, Hajarah.

$485,000, 22 Cutler St, T&K RE Holdings LLC, to Monfiston, Solomon, and Monfiston, Vina.

$485,000, 6 Greenhalge St, Calder, Tania E, and Calder, Tania, to Cui, Jianxun, and Chen, Hongxiz.

$465,000, 6 Waller Ave, Limark Realty LLC, to DoNascimento, Moisses, and DoNascimento, Josana A.

$425,000, 9 Pembrook Ln #9, Glazer, Zofia T, to Caputo, Catherine B.

$415,000, 3 Matteo St, Joachim, Nicole, and Joachim, Guy S, to Barranco, Mark E.

$400,000, 113 Dorchester St, Scudder Bay Capital LLC, to Zhu, Junjie, and Zhang, Wanwan.

$400,000, 98 Cohasset St, Boisvert, Paul A, and Boisvert, Nancy A, to Sebastian, Bino J.

$380,000, 48 Water St #302, Poche, Justin, and Poche, Danielle, to Tallam-Laxman, Shalini.

$370,000, 56 Dartmouth St, Soto, Miguel A, to Tirado, Luis A, and Tirado, Yelitxa.

$369,900, 98 Morningside Rd, Pressey, Jannette, and Pressey, Kenneth, to Orellana-Vivar, Marco T, and Perez-Bran, Selena N.

$368,000, 63 Tarrytown Ln, Pilichowicz, Jakub P, to Johnson, Anders, and Johnson, Alyssa.

$355,000, 39 Steele St, Mathews, Deborah A, to Meticulous LLC.

$350,000, 29 Sophia Dr, Gomez, Hector J, to Pelletier, Kristina.

$350,000, 48 Ashmore Rd, Lillian L Katzenson T, and Furhman, Howard L, to Dantas-Campelo, Omar.

$341,000, 430 Mill St, Familia, Bienvenida, and Familia, Agustin, to Dempsey-Holmes, Kimberly.

$340,000, 38 Quinapoxet Ln, MBSG NT, and Person, Melissa M, to Bourgeois, Timothy.

$325,000, 9 Lorraine Rd, Twumasi, Rosemary A, to Sarfo, Nathaniel N.

$320,000, 14 Ashton St, Tran, Vien H, and Tran, Hang T, to Nguyen, Hoang D.

$310,000, 114 Austin St, 114 Austin Street RT, and Mageza, Prince J, to 114 Austin Lending T, and Ross, Steven A.

$310,000, 248 Belmont St, Gray, Richard, and Gray, Yokasta, to Jean, Karyn.

$297,000, 28 Harwich St, Latino, Christine A, to Chol, William, and Awuol, Abuk G.

$293,000, 23 Creston St, E M E Lucente IRT 2009, and Lucente, Michael, to Lucas, Tony, and Lucas, Danielle.

$292,700, 348 Hamilton St, Lorraine Starr IRT, and Mararian, Jefferson S, to Coyle, Thomas.

$285,000, 19 Barr St, Pollinger, Joseph, and Pollinger, Alisha A, to Bezati, Olsi.

$261,000, 36 Elm St #3, Parker, Vicki L, to Kagan, Kira.

$250,000, 19 Gates Rd #A, Ostrovsky Family LLC, to Revzin, Vyacheslav G, and Revzin, Gennadiy A.

$242,500, 270 Sunderland Rd #32, Fitton, Mary A, to Gordon, Joy.

$220,000, 373 Cambridge St, Ngoc-Tram, Phuong, to Silvestre-Quezada, Maria.

$200,000, 32 Tirrell St, 32 Tirrell Street LLC, to Tshiguvho, Thidinalei, and Jiusto, Melinda.

$190,000, 21 Illinois St #201, Finneran, Christopher M, to Haschke Marchant T, and Green, Ilse P.

$181,000, 12 Ashland St #2R, Labiosa, Ruben, to Huang, Sam.

$158,000, 4-6 Park Avenue Pl #14, Yan, Jingjing, and Duan, Weicong, to Sakhta, Adbulraham.

$136,843, 23 Lamar Ave, Zaleski, Michael G, to Bush, William, and Bush, Rebecca.

$125,000, 29 Dawson Rd, Acevedo, Maximino, and Perez, Lydia, to Acevedo, Ramon.

$100,000, 61-A W Mountain St, Stop&Shop Supermarket Co, to Pullman St Realty LLC.

$40,000, Oriental St #8, Agarwal, Saty A, and Agarwal, Brahm K, to Greenleaf, Michael P, and Greenleaf, Gina M.



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