The Power is Now

Worcester County real estate transfers, Sunday, Nov. 21 – Worcester Telegram


$65,000, 26 Pearl Rd, Lacross, Kenneth L, and Lacoss, Carol L, to Lloyd, Cameron.


$50,000, Mason Rd, Wright Road RT, and Dauphinee, Paul F, to Frade, Paulo, and Frade, Damila.


$400,000, 92 Field Dr, Piragis, Dennis A, and Piragis, Julie A, to Carney, Clayton R.

$380,000, 590 Doe Valley Rd, Bousquet, Gary A, and Bousquet, Margaret T, to Ventura, Angel J.

$175,000, 88 Brown St, Mcinerney, Darren P, and Mcinerney, Terry, to Taylor, Heather.


$425,000, 115 Elmwood St, Tyree, Thomas C, to Sargent, Steven T.

$370,000, 43 Berlin St, Equity T Co, to Ruane, Jillian M.

$313,000, 11 Pearl St, Berglund, Robert A, and Berglund, Carol A, to Hazzis, Dean, and Miller, Amy L.

$155,000, 164 Old Meetinghouse Rd #164, Holmes, Kenneth A, to Cabezas, Celina.


$691,170, 724 Old Coldbrook Rd, Ashoryn LLC, to Hudon, Suzanne E, and Hudon, Robert A.

$330,000, 7 Ruggles Ln, Nugent, Ann, to Campana, Glenn, and Campana, Sheryl.


$209,000, 4 Washington St, Deutsche Bk Natl T Co Tr, to Rdestiny Re Investing LLC.


$971,711, 27 Goose Pond Path, Tadmor RT, and Wheeler, D Bruce, to Smith, Jordan W, and Fedorenco, Vera.

$824,400, 919 Main St, Evans, George A, and Evans, Brenda M, to Riopelle, Robert, and Riopelle, Rebecca.


$15,000, Worcester Rd, Cobiski John F Est, and Cobiski, Charlyne R, to Innamorati, Gary.


$530,000, 4 Craig Dr, Marques, Debora L, and Cupertino, Julio C, to Rodrigues, Pedro.

$485,000, 806 Ledgewood Way #806, Kelly, Amy, and Butler, Paul G, to John, Nicole A.

$420,000, 84 Highland St, Gaudet, Robert S, and Gaudet, Jaclyn M, to Morgan, Steven W, and Morgan, Mary L.

$364,000, 424 Fernwood Ln #424, Schofield, Donna M, to Zhang, Lei.


$550,000, 185 Ramshorn Rd, Fenton, Deborah L, to Battista, Ketelyn, and Battista, Christopher P.


$800,000, 360 Electric Ave, Aspire Living&Learning, to Keystone Educatonal Coll.

$515,000, 7 Weymouth St, F1 LLC, to De Andrade, Adriano V.

$455,000, 107 Bishop Rd, Galloni-Rose, John, and Galloni, Ronald, to Guimaraes-Desouza, Jose.

$347,552, 6 Mcintire Rd, Retained Realty Inc, to Cordio, Chad, and Cordio, Valerie.

$329,000, 267 Clarendon St, Condon, Paul M, and Mcdonagh, Mark T, to Estrella, Johanelly.

$315,000, 169 River St, Preferred Real Estate LLC, to Phaneuf, Brittany M, and Matheus-Arantes, Lucas.

$270,000, 115 Beech St, Gesner RT, and Gesner, Janice A, to DJK Investors LLC.

$255,000, 10 William St, Harrison, Sean P, to Tahr, Morjane.

$247,000, 480 Elm St #1, Santiago, Reynaldo, and Baez-Lopez, Maria V, to Vasquez-Ortiz, Juan.

$200,000, 47 Chester St, Stryjewski, Thomas, to Saeteros, Feliciano M.


$450,000, 400-402 Parker St, Cormier, Brian P, and Cormier, Bernadette M, to Moore Rentals LLC.

$365,000, 58 Whitney St, Erickson, Thomas E, and Erickson, Diane K, to King, Kristian E, and King, Michael E.

$310,000, 76 Bear Hill Rd, Warren, Wayne A, to Samith, Phalla, and Beauvois, Ederson.

$202,000, 31 Regan St, Leblanc, William, and Leblanc, Jennifer, to Johnson, Adrian, and Millman, Emily.

$155,500, 129-131 Pine St, Arenas Investments LLC, to ANJU Realty LLC.

$151,000, 474 Park St, Henrie, Jeannette M, to Berry, Angelique, and Segimon, Miguel.

$120,000, 129-131 Pine St, Bukirwa, Phelly, to Arenas Investments LLC.

$75,000, 63 Walnut St, Transition House Inc, to Herbing LLC.

$67,000, 165 Baker St, RBDB LLC, to Jason R Homes LLC.


$615,000, 61 Leland St, Grondin, Michelle, and Fritchey, Grant, to Walsh, Timothy J, and Casaceli, Leigh A.

$610,000, 145 North St, Daly, John P, and Daly, Diane L, to Boshell, Anthony M, and Boshell, Kristy L.

$500,000, 77 Worcester St, Chalupka, Bruce K, to 77 Worcester St RT, and Patel, Kailash.

$300,000, 87 Upton St, Hanley, William L, to Cronin, Jason S, and Cronin, Jennifer H.

$200,000, 4 Autumn Harvest Ct, Arthur, Donna M, to JK March Construction LLC.


$550,000, 45 Park Ln, Marlene Dienst LT, and Dienst, Marlene J, to Pacific, Rose M, and Pacific, Benjamin G.


$661,390, 260 Quinapoxet St, Wingspan Properties LLC, to Turner, Dylan P, and Snopkowski, Jamie L.

$640,000, 46 Walnut St, 46 Walnut St T, and Green, William A, to Wood, Darleen.

$610,000, 373 Reservoir St, Shelley, Mark A, and Shelley, Diane M, to Brachmann, Christopher D, and Ignacio, Lauren F.

$375,500, 46 Mount View Dr, Mcvaugh, Mark L, to Snow, Rachel A.

$370,000, 176 Bailey Rd, Cate, Sandra M, to Donahue LT, and Donahue, Gerald R.

$290,000, 25 Montana Dr, Ramstrom, January, to Nadeau, Cristy J, and Nadeau, Bryan D.

$206,500, 6 John St, Mentzer, Stephen A, to Forsman-Mentzer, Michelle.


$769,800, 47 Deer Path #47, Coxe, Raymond L, and Rathmell, Melissa, to Jacinto, Jei, and Jacinto, Marilou.

$505,000, 46 Church St #3, Sousa, Ana M, to Shea, Joseph, and Rapuano-Shea, Dolores.

$408,000, 29 Stratton Dr, Cutter, Lisa M, to Hagenloch, Daria.

$391,500, 35 Walnut St, Lowden, Kenneth R, and Lowden, Patricia A, to Griffiths, Gordon, and Griffiths, Tamblyn.


$380,000, 4 Memorial Dr, Saint Johns Anglican, to Mandaean Community Of MA.


$590,000, 161 Old Farm Rd, Doumani LT, and Doumani, George A, to Girouard, Nancy M, and Girouard, Gary E.

$429,000, 233 Spruce St, Tata, William J, and Falvey, Nancy L, to Quiroz, Jose D.

$333,000, 424 Central St, Gmp Central Street RT, and Pelletier, Garry, to 424 Realty LLC.

$294,500, 30 Stuart Ave, Richard, Deborah A, to Sharpe, Wanda.

$287,000, 182 Florence St, Cormier, Anne, to Suarez, Paola.

$260,000, 11 Willard St, Wyman, Donald L, and Wyman, David G, to Lynch, Maria T.

$250,000, 176 Jamestown Rd, Brown, Robert S, and Brown, Wendy S, to Brown, Alex R, and Perez, Ashley N.

$245,000, 118 Cortland Cir #118, Mcshera, Marjorie A, and Powell, Steven A, to Connaughton, Richard P.


$585,000, 117 Old Charter Rd, Lafrance, Michael J, to Renner, Briana, and Renner, Adam.

$535,000, 16 Front St, Pendleton, Sheri A, to Abdl RT, and Benitez, Andres.

$450,000, 56 Ice House Lndg #56, Neidl RT, and Neidl, Michael John, to Rosenberg, Amir.

$180,000, 190 Bolton St #5, Boykins Dion L Est, and Boykins, Wendell, to Aragao, Roberto M.

$146,000, 37 Hosmer St #26, Costa, Dell, to Moura, Thiago A, and Ferreira-Waichert, George.


$815,000, 34 Lovell St, Charbonneau, Dennis, and Charbonneau, Bree M, to 34 Lovell St LLC.

$580,000, 51 Mowry St, Shirikjian, David C, to Lynch, Michael, and Lynch, Kristen.

$429,075, 22 Brookview Ln #7, Brookview LLC, to Almeida, Claudine E.


$630,000, 21 Debbie Ln, J C Builders Inc, to Pfeifer, Liam, and Pecore, Courtney.

$630,000, 23 Debbie Ln, J C Builders Inc, to Pfeifer, Liam, and Pecore, Courtney.

$600,000, 33 Fountain St, Niro RT 2019 2, and Niro, Jeffrey J, to Joseph, Anne R.

$495,034, 11 Grizzly Ln #70, F&D Ctrl Realty Corp Inc, to Sekhar-Anala, Chandra, and Anala, Venkata L.

$240,000, 9 Courtland St, Chacon-Espinoza, Karen, to Chan, Tommy.

$172,500, 16 Shadowbrook Ln #11, Almeida, Aimee P, and Almeida, Paulo, to He, Yin.

$171,500, 8 Shadowbrook Ln #62, Coady, Kelly L, to Dasilva, Robyn, and Dasilva, Thomas.


$380,000, 16 Hilltop Dr, Weaver, Shari, and Weaver, Mark, to Collazo, Johnny.

$140,000, 126 Grafton St, Vassar, Jeffrey D, and Vassar, Cheryl E, to Khan, Syed.


$300,000, 10 Burns Ave, Hendriks, Ryder, to Diaz, Sandra.


$975,000, 22 Castle Rd, Lambert, Philip, and Lambert, Catherine, to Khlass, Mohamed E, and Douiki, Abdeljalil.

$700,000, 560 Howard St, Cavicchi, Peter J, and Cavicchi, Maria F, to Maliekal, Dennis, and Maliekal, Komal.

$685,000, 26 Juniper Brook Rd, S&D Johnson RT, and Johnson, Doreen A, to Pingitore, Jorge L, and Pingitore, Milene L.


$296,000, 189 W Main St, Cellana, Peter, to Property Foresight Inc.

$215,000, 50 Ward Rd, Quinn, Shane, and Decelles, Christopher, to Walker, Brett, and Walker, Raymond.

$200,000, E Main St, Orange Properties LLC, to Royal Dev Projects LLC.

$187,000, 265 S Main St, Suchocki, Lila, to Poirier, Jesse G.

$49,900, 140 Holtshire Rd, Bresnahan, John F, and Guardian-Lyons, Leah, to Martin, Robert S.


$1,350,000, 58-58A Howarth Rd, Pare, Diane L, and Pare, Michael, to 58 Howarth Rd RT, and Schuetz, Kurt.

$435,000, 2 Theresa Cir, Plante, Naomi J, and Plante, Cameron, to Hosley, Gerald, and Hosley, Dawn.

$285,000, 21 Quobaug Ave, West, Christine, and West, Todd D, to Cohen, Wayne A, and Cohen, Elizabeth.

$230,000, 14 Plantation Rd #14, Desai, Anil, to Mosca, Carolyn.

$220,000, 1 Elm St, Sneade, Dylan J, to Sneade, Dennis R.


$375,000, 175 Baldwinville Rd, Corey, David E, and Corey, Irene M, to Hayes, Samantha L, and Hayes, Scott R.

$250,000, 15 Riley Switch Rd, Whelan, Denise, to Bolio-Dupre, Karen M, and Dupre, Christopher L.


$700,000, 342 Mountain Rd, Auger, Kris T, and Auger, Dana, to Sullivan, Donald S.

$590,000, 25 Worcester Rd, Bolger, Mary A, and Bolger, James V, to Belliveau, Stephen E, and Baker, Kathleen M.

$400,000, Brooks Station Rd, Clark, Leroy C, to Brooks Station Rd LLC.

$50,000, Brooks Station Rd, King, Meghan C, to BSRW LLC.


$64,900, Falls Rd, Deveneau, Austin, to Baker, Ronald G, and Baker, Mabel C.


$475,000, 101 Kenwood Dr, D Lussier Builders LLC, to Anselmi, Anthony, and Delcid-Anselmi, Trinidad.

$418,834, 48 Woodside Ave, Brice Estates Inc, to Murphy, Brian J, and Murphy, Jordan A.

$380,000, 20 Laurelwood Rd, Zolla, Richard, to Fonseca, Jose.


$810,000, 22 Patriot Ln #22, 22 Patriot Lane RT, and Romasco, Lorraine, to Newhall, Barbara N, and Newhall, Harold G.

$725,000, 2 Nelson Point Rd, Nelson Point LLC, to Wangde, Suhaib, and Patel, Zeba.

$540,000, 17 Arbor Dr, Marollo, John, and Marollo, Lina, to Zhang, Airi, and Zhang, Haichong.

$520,000, 7 Eastwood Rd, Backstrom, Timothy, and Backstrom, Jennifer, to Eilersten, Jennifer.

$491,000, 67 N Quinsigamond Ave #24, Richard, Thomas A, and Richard, Avery M, to Backstrom, Timothy, and Backstrom, Jennifer.

$475,000, 26 Hunting Ave, Hillerstrom FT, and Papoojian, Mary D, to Foley, Milandon, and Srivastava, Nidhi.

$362,000, 35 Plainfield Ave, Carmelo Holdings LLC, to Chowdhury, Golam K, and Khanom, Suraia.

$210,000, 210 Main St, Cornwell, Mary A, and Truelson, Barbara M, to West, Gail L.


$630,000, 45 Highland St, JR Siding Inc, to Nagle, Thomas E.

$600,000, 1 Rockpoint Rd, Fiore, Steven J, and Fiore, Deanna E, to Kashif-Shafig, Muhammad, and Kashif, Asma.

$520,000, 13 Pleasant St, Kulju-Murtoniemi, Laura, to Ferdous, Shabnam, and Siraji, Ashfaqul A.

$435,000, 18 Gilmore Rd, Boucher, Kevin R, and Kirk, Laura J, to Ndreau, Armando, and Ndreu, Jonida.

$330,000, 178 Cordaville Rd, Monfalcone, Mary R, and Monfalcone, Joseph A, to Miranda, Luciano, and Ferraz, Clayton.


$515,000, 913 Eastford Rd, Koo, Hib, and Koo, Nisakone, to Hansmar, Douglas S, and Hansmar, Tiffany.

$410,000, 364 Hamilton St, Nault, Roger H, and Nault, Alice E, to Y2G LLC.

$245,000, 161 Everett St, Alicea, Amelia, to Hernandez, Maribel.

$175,000, 1107 Dennison Dr, Prince, Barry W, to Laplante, Christopher L, and Potter, Heather.

$98,000, 236 Dennison Dr, Bessette, Richard E, and Bessette, Jessica, to Manh Home Buyers LLC.


$543,000, 23 Westland Dr, Rambo, Drew A, and Rambo, Jamie A, to Gordon, Renyun, and Jia, Xia.


$530,000, 1 Old Towne Way, T Reardon Builders Inc, to Salisbury, Robert M, and Salisbury, Rae-Lynn S.

$89,000, 165 Shepard Rd, Lawrence C Boniface IRT, and Boniface, Laurie L, to Bravidson RT, and Davidson, Timothy C.

$26,500, 34 Cedar St, Warwick Road Orange T, and Twersky, Shirley S, to Hyde Development LLC.


$510,000, 226 W Sutton Rd, Woodard, Justin, and Woodard, Sarah, to Colson, Lars A, and Rippere, Chad B.


$445,000, 3 Libra Ln, Eisner, William P, and Eisner, Helen K, to Carr, Mackenzie A.

$399,990, 148 Barker Hill Rd, Simone, Leonard, and Simone, Lisa, to Kazanjian, Thomas K, and Taylor-Kazanjian, Carol C.

$375,100, 82 Tyler Rd, Labrecque, Ronald G, and Labrecque, Dianne J, to Leroux, Dina, and Frazier, Brittney.

$105,000, 5 Turnpike Rd #132, Jab RT, and Basile, Joseph A, to Bouhou, Aziz.

$100,000, 5 Turnpike Rd #231, Jab RT, and Basile, Joseph A, to Hilton-Parker, Bruce.

$100,000, 5 Turnpike Rd #234, Shifrin FT, and Shifrin, Laura E, to Virostko, Michael R, and Virostka, Anjun H.


$582,500, 13 Church St, Deiana, Edward J, and Deiana, Paula J, to Cerniglia, Kristin M, and Cerniglia, Mary A.

$320,000, 1 Nelson St #A, Grenzeback, Katherine J, and Wolfsdorf, Ronan, to Kinz, Brittany, and Kinz, Kyle.


$436,500, 193 Granite St, Haganey, Dennis M, and Haganey, Linda T, to Lopez, Michael.

$389,990, 32 Tea Party Dr #32, Independence Uxbridge Rlt, to Sim, Michael, and Sim, Hanna.

$367,500, 35 Nature View Dr #35, Crawford Lorraine F Est, and Crawford-Cooney, Lori A, to Stienstra, Margaret, and Stienstra, Christopher.

$365,000, 216 N Main St, USA VA, to Houston, Matthew J.

$260,000, 31 Smith St, Kerr, Robert W, and Kerr, Jeanne M, to Kerr, Robert W, and Coughlin, Colleen.


$486,000, 54 Blueberry Hl, Battista, Christopher, and Battista, Katelyn, to Mikucki, Daniel, and Wisell, Kristen.

$415,000, 629-631 S Main St, 629-631 South Main St RT, and Dernulc, Thalita N, to Resnik, Spencer D.

$400,000, 307 Thompson Rd, Smith, Bennett J, and Smith, Carol H, to Duquette, Rory B, and Duquette, Susan E.

$325,000, 21 Browns Brook Rd, Pepka, Buffie L, to Robertson, Elissa M, and Burdett, Jeffrey.

$300,000, 36-40 Market St, Tolman, Derek B, to Toto, Joseph C.

$260,000, 66 Racicot Ave, Belanger, Cynthia, to Belanger, Ashley E, and Doeg, Christopher W.

West Boylston

$400,000, 100 Pierce St, Lesperance, Aaron, and Lesperance, Sarah, to Mcmanus, Nicole.


$720,000, 8 Moses Wheelock Ln #8, Varella, Rodrigo M, and Varella, Ana E, to Bajaj, Rachna.

$485,000, 17 Steven Rd, BD Homes LLC, to Guduru, Sumanth.


$16,000, Carter Rd, Manninen, Wendell, to EF Realty LLC.


$175,000, 137 Spruce St, Nicholas Larry Est, and Nicholas, David, to Woodard, Bertram E, and Woodard, Tammy.

$20,000, 217 Eli Dr, Favreau, Neil E, and Bond, Sarah L, to Bond, Sarah L.


$1,060,000, 148 Millbury St, 148-152 Millbury LLC, to Adhami, Viola, and Cekani, Oltin.

$690,000, 125 Hamilton St, Conlon, Joseph P, to Khouzami, Afif F.

$675,000, 731 Pleasant St, Valdes, Francisco, and Labadorf-Valdes, Margaret, to Takahashi, Andrew.

$660,000, 109 Heywood St, Dryden, Jeffrey R, and Dryden, Donna M, to Oliveira, Gabriel A.

$645,000, 18 Lafayette St, MM Hldg Group LLC, to 18 Lafayette St LLC.

$625,000, 10 Clegg St, Limark Realty LLC, to Eastham5 Investments LLC.

$565,000, 19 Shirley St, M&P RT, and Palermo, Michael T, to Wang, Yongzhong, and Wu, Yanxia.

$550,000, 922 Grafton St, Elli T, and Richadon, Lisa M, to Arrastia Holdings Inc.

$525,000, 49 Woodland St, Huang, Wentao, to Osorio-Lopera, Daniel.

$480,000, 163 Austin St, Omalley, Patrick W, and Omalley, Julie C, to Tozer, Mark A.

$460,000, 18 Hudson St, Chim, Chenda, and Dinh-Chim, Ai T, to Jones, Shanice, and Fagbote, Michael.

$450,000, 19 Circuit Ave E, Rutman, Michael A, to Pietz, Devon J.

$439,900, 176 Gates Ln, Real Est Alternatives Inc, to Hahn, William D.

$420,000, 40 Grand St, Oliveira Realty Group LLC, to MD Worcester 1 LLC.

$390,000, 2 Myra Ln #2, Worcester Country Clb, to Fournier, David C, and Fournier, Helen M.

$385,000, 245 Lake Ave N, Choros, Efstathia, to Scaramuzzi, Jared.

$377,000, 30 Pine Tree Dr, Mburu, David, and Audette, Christina, to Barrera-Delopez, Erika X, and Lopez, Hector M.

$375,000, 361 Lake Ave, R M Mastrototaro 2010 IRT, and Mastrototaro, Lisa, to Mastrototaro, Lisa A.

$360,000, 48 Trenton St, Lois Zukowski IRT, and Vivalmore, Robert C, to Bull, Thomas, and Bull, Dawn.

$333,000, 8 Whispering Pine Cir #8, Dequattro, Alexander R, to Liane, Christina.

$320,000, 114 Harrison St, 114 Harrison Street RT, and Sharon, Paul A, to Y2G LLC.

$315,000, 20 Mildred Ave, Pham, Viet, to Nguyen, Meagan D.

$297,000, 14 Frank St, Gulledge, Theodore M, to Artis, Damaar.

$280,000, 74 Crest Cir, Karen E Hackett LT, and Hackett, Karen E, to Nyame, Catherine.

$265,000, 44 Elm St #302, 44 Elm Street LLC, to Martin, Steven W, and Heatherington, Anne C.

$257,500, 104 Christine St, Dickinson, Wendy K, to Erickson, Carl, and Obrien, Tammy.

$227,500, 663 Millbury St, Landry, James E, and Mcdonnell, John W, to Cernoia, Micah D, and Cernoia, Lauren E.

$224,000, 20-A Timrod Dr, Perron, Laurie A, to Downey, Thomas J.

$215,000, 6 Crown St #3, Savage, Margaret L, to Stern, Max D.

$200,000, 1 Hatfield St #2, Kochin Builders Inc, to Liu, Miao.

$200,000, 1 Hatfield St #4, Varghese, Jessin, to Chao, Justin K.

$185,000, 42 Mendon St, Ventura, Ellen, to Benhil Prop Solutions LLC.

$170,000, 464 Salisbury St, Xenos Custom Builders LLC, to Romeo, Eli.

$160,000, 80 Salisbury St #402, Cohen, Lawrence E, to Rodriguez-Parker, Gladys.

$150,000, 23 Dupuis Ave, Nevalsky, Marion C, to Nevalsky, Steven M.

$150,000, 7 Washburn St, Orourke, Ronald P, to FR Investments LLC.



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