The Power is Now

Worcester County real estate transfers, Sunday, June 6 – Worcester Telegram


$552,950, 24 Old County Rd, Greenstone Realty LLC, to Medrano, David, and Medrano, Jacqueline.

$280,000, 140 Jewell Hill Rd, Ouellette, Randy C, and Ouellette, Kimberly J, to Sobezak, Karen.

$52,000, Bush Hill Rd #10, Feen LT, and Feen, Wendy M, to Filleul, Robert, and Demarest, Darcy.

$26,000, Rindge Rd, VanHoof, Jean, to Muniz, Luis.


$390,000, 1795 W State Rd, Dickhaut, James D, and Gray-Dickhaut, Patti, to Colacchio, Blaine, and Colacchio, Michelle.


$450,000, 130 Conant Rd, Aucoin, Richard A, and Aucoin, Colleen E, to Henry, Tobey L, and Anderson, Earl P.

$425,000, 67 Dana St, Athol Properties LLC, to Rodrigues, Danubio, and Rodrigues, Patricia.

$300,000, 1476 Main St, Jefferson Prop Mgmt LLC, to Paulino, Evelina.

$290,000, 240 Prospect St, Outridge, Bryan, and Johnson, Shaylee, to Laboy, Tito L, and Rivera-Laboy, Carmen I.

$248,500, 731 Brickyard Rd, Edgewater Const Inc, to Corkum, Joseph, and Corkum, Dawn.

$218,500, 101 Adams Dr, Bevis, Rosemary L, to Carlson, Joseph.


$580,000, 27 Bridle Path, Ogrady, Fergus P, and Ogrady, Margaret M, to Venuti, Jessica.

$440,000, 7 Meadow St, Sullivan, Richard R, to Dumphy, William B.

$415,000, 15 Marilyn Dr, Marvill, Joshua, and Marvill, Kerrilyn, to Pierzga, Tahni.

$415,000, 46 Lorna Dr, Derosier, Ashley C, and Derosier, Walter A, to Labonte, Kanha.

$410,000, 229-A Hampton St, Ghansah, Kwame M, to Mkhwanazi, Andrew.

$392,000, 5 Cranberry Ln, Powers James R Est, and Powers, James E, to Kane, Cheryl.

$307,100, 1 Pinehurst Ave, Venuti, Jessica, to Liseno, Kyle M, and Liseno, Vanessa E.

$240,000, 7 Aurilla St, Murad, Lynda, to Lopez, Cristian.

$150,000, 22 Lorna Dr, Nicholson Roberta Est, and Macintire, Karen E, to Nicholson, Richard.

$55,000, 707 Oxford St S, Johnson, John E, to Manfron, Valdete K.


$243,000, 74 Common St, Franciose, Pamela M, and Franciose, Wayne A, to Boyd, David A.

$238,000, 627 Old Dana Rd, Peddle, William, and Peddle, Jennifer, to Peddle, Jillian, and Chumsae, Jared J.

$30,000, 201 Summer St, Luna, Marcus, to Winridge Holdings LLC.


$388,500, 29 Brook Ln #29, Luby Catherine S Est, and Gustafson, Sara, to Brisebois, Eric J, and Brisebois, Craig J.


$949,900, 95 W Berlin Rd, Twin Valley Homes Inc, to Torre, Salvatore J, and Morey-Torre, Victoria.

$653,000, 61 Sunset Ridge Ln #61, Wagner, David M, and Wagner, Kathy H, to Niri RT, and Niro, Joseph M.

$220,000, Meadow Rd #4, Wilson-Giroux, Faith, and Wilson, Amy, to Tijani, Rasheed O, and Modupe-Olona, Hamdallah.


$710,000, 1 Brooke Rd, Nebel, Lori M, and Henderson, Eric J, to Palomba, Joseph H, and Palomba, Nichole M.

$491,500, 9 Morgan Cir #9, Sewell Gravel Pit LLC, to Armenti, Joseph A, and Armenti, Gretchen A.

$435,000, 315 Main St, Lyons, Benjamin R, and Lyons, Megan G, to Gothing, Grant J, and George, Lindsay R.


$40,000, Saint Clair Rd, Dugay, Marie F, to Kozyra, Joseph E.


$58,000, 102 Rice Corner Rd, Holdcraft, John D, to Major, Erin, and Lescord, Peter.


$490,000, 85 Burlingame Rd, Dannunzio, Lina, to Adris B&B LLC.

$425,000, 61 Carroll Hill Rd, Mcfadden, David J, to Mcfadden, Hannah R, and Woeller, Brendan D.

$386,000, 76 Blood Rd, Shorten, Patrick K, to Daou, George E.

$105,000, Ramshorn Rd, Barch, Michael, and Barch, Karen, to Roy, Paul E, and Roy, Leeann.

$60,000, Horne Homestead Rd #16, Gunter LLC, to Couture, Robert L, and Couture, Karen E.


$462,215, 831 Ledgewood Way #831, North Country Dev LLC, to Kamen, Seth.

$430,000, 13 Franklin St, Demers, Anthony, to Siladi, Adam, and Sampath, Arvind.

$339,000, 313 Ridgefield Cir #D, Lajaun-Case, Janice, to Flaherty, Kathleen A.

$301,000, 109 Ridgefield Cir #A, Parkes, Richard H, to Miller, Scott, and Miller, Duanne.


$848,888, 24 Ridge Trl, Collins, Michael, and Collins, Jacqueline, to Giovino, Christopher J, and Baker-Giovino, Katherine.


$530,000, 65 Fairview Ave, Grace&Genevieve Rlty LLC, to Elkesbehoy-Khalil, Mina, and Fawzy-Bedeir, Eriny K.

$450,000, 25 Piasta Rd, Box FT, and Box, Mark D, to Ghandour, Abdulraouf.

$430,000, 58 Flaxfield Rd, Lavigne, Stacey, to Newton, Robert M, and Hawkins-Newton, Kayla.

$425,500, 25 Susan Dr, Miranda, Marcelo C, and US Bank NA Tr, to Thompson, Michelle, and Demarco, Louis.

$372,000, 61 Dudley Hill Rd, Ouhayoun, Christophe, and Ouhayoun, Sandrine, to Gullick, Anvesh, and Thukral, Neetika.

$305,000, 86 Mason Rd, Biadasz Victor P Est, and Whitten, Karin B, to Robinson, Walter B, and Robinson, Sandra L.


$481,500, Sheldon Rd #1, Adams R&R LLC, to Seppala, Douglas.

$481,500, Sheldon Rd #10, Adams R&R LLC, to Seppala, Douglas.

$481,500, Sheldon Rd #2, Adams R&R LLC, to Seppala, Douglas.

$481,500, Sheldon Rd #3, Adams R&R LLC, to Seppala, Douglas.

$481,500, Sheldon Rd #4, Adams R&R LLC, to Seppala, Douglas.

$481,500, Sheldon Rd #5, Adams R&R LLC, to Seppala, Douglas.

$481,500, Sheldon Rd #7, Adams R&R LLC, to Seppala, Douglas.

$481,500, Sheldon Rd #8, Adams R&R LLC, to Seppala, Douglas.

$481,500, Sheldon Rd #9, Adams R&R LLC, to Seppala, Douglas.

$425,000, 151 South St, Notre Dame High School, to Elhayek Realty LLC.

$425,000, 177 South St, Notre Dame High School, to Elhayek Realty LLC.

$414,000, 123-125 Day St, Belliard, Jose, and Frias, Emmanuel, to Ortega, Scarlyn, and Urdaneta-Pinales, Dariany.

$410,000, 348 Rollstone St, Calderon, Marvin, and Calderon, Eliud, to Guzman-Pena, Alvaro L.

$395,000, 217 Mechanic St, Pespisa, Dominic, to Capers, Chitunda O.

$370,000, 329-333 Rollstone St, Marroquin, Yaneira D, and Galvez, Emesto, to Smith, Jonathan.

$321,000, Sheldon Rd #1, Seppala, Douglas, to Barkley Enterprises LLC.

$321,000, Sheldon Rd #10, Seppala, Douglas, to Barkley Enterprises LLC.

$321,000, Sheldon Rd #3, Seppala, Douglas, to Barkley Enterprises LLC.

$321,000, Sheldon Rd #4, Seppala, Douglas, to Barkley Enterprises LLC.

$321,000, Sheldon Rd #7, Seppala, Douglas, to Barkley Enterprises LLC.

$321,000, Sheldon Rd #8, Seppala, Douglas, to Barkley Enterprises LLC.

$320,000, 50 Rainville Ave, Graves, Douglas S, to Orsi, Levio J, and Orsi, Julie R.

$295,000, 11 Wood St, Lopez, Reinaldo, to Madho Properties LLC.

$275,000, 295 South St, N&< Real Estate LLC, to Lopez, Luis E.

$265,000, 94 Saint Joseph Ave, Boucher, Herve, and Boucher, Florence, to Feliz, Yunior.

$251,000, 213 Bridle Cross Rd #213, Bliss, Daniel W, to Doucette, Andrea.

$247,000, 97 Blossom St, Arenas Investments LLC, to Anju Realty LLC.

$235,000, 79 Beech St, Gilbert, Hickory, to Knapp, Wesley G, and Ward-Hyland, Nicholas.

$217,500, 36 Rockland St, Mbaziira, Frederick, and Mbaziira, Teddy D, to Hetzl, Michael.

$200,000, 97 Blossom St, Angelopoulos, John, to Arenas Investments LLC.

$190,000, 85 Beech St #85, Roche, Nicole E, to Mendelson, Veronique Y.

$175,000, Ashby West Rd, Tully, Dawn M, to Baker, Ralph S.

$115,000, 21 Oakland St, Lambertti, Vincent F, to Responsive Results LLC.

$96,000, Elm Rd, Karis, James A, to Mancuso, Richard, and Mancuso, Kathryn.


$454,500, 44 Nicolle Ter, Bickford Hl Builders LLC, to Basta, Evan D, and Ritter, Kaleigh L.

$386,000, 21 Abbott St, Trudel, Robert V, and Trudel, Jacqueline J, to Bailey, Lewis, and Bailey, Rachel.

$370,000, 40 Holly Dr, Wells, Eric R, to Hogan, James K, and Hogan, Nancy E.

$360,000, 45 Myles Cir, Watson, Jeremy D, and Watson, Maureen, to Pepper, Nicholas S, and Pepper, Cynthia N.

$343,000, 6 Adams St, Macy, Kenneth L, and Macy, Heather, to Dolan, Kelli M, and Franchi, Ryan A.

$310,000, 41 Highland St, Lee, Robert J, and US Bank NA Tr, to US Bank NA Tr.

$300,000, 203 Dyer St, Pepper, Nicholas S, and Pepper, Cynthia N, to Mason, Ashley E.

$250,000, 175 Peabody St, Gamache, David B, and Gamache, Debra A, to Swafford, Matthew K, and Swafford, Jordan.

$231,000, 200 Parker St, Mass Ave Rentals LLC, to Prello Properties LLC.

$165,000, 22-24 Way St, Pelletier Ronald P Est, and Pelletier, Raymond N, to Homestead RE Invest LLC.

$164,900, 35 Cedar St #6, Laelia LLC, to Short, Michael B.

$160,000, 335 Pine St, AO Investments LLC, to Aha Properties SPE LLC.

$125,000, 143 Pine St, Ayala, Luis A, to Hernandez, Danny.

$79,000, 43 Ridgewood Ln #12, William A Mcgann RT, and Mcgann, Matthew E, to Infinity Associates LLC.

$47,500, 262 Park St, Unchupaico, Zenon A, and Ponce, Rocio D, to Gmd Title&Painting Inc.


$875,000, 32 Bridle Ridge Dr, Botticelli, Nicole, and Botticelli, Mark, to Cielappa, Vakula, and Cielappa, Prahlad C.

$570,500, 38 Potter Hill Rd, Mccorison, Melanie S, and Bruso, Matthew, to Burgwardt, Frederick, and Cotter, Cecelia.

$391,000, 36 Millbury St, Glatstein, Jeffrey M, and Kinsley, Mary B, to Rivett, Megan B, and Rivett, John A.

$330,000, 66 N Main St, Matson Richard L Est, and Matson, Danny R, to Marculitis, John M.

$312,500, 8 Stratton Rd, Golden Francis P Est, and Buduo, Joseph, to Golden, Beth A.

$270,000, 19 Coventry Rd #19, Dorazio, Dean, to Hebert, Michael C.

$250,000, 127 Main St, Wood, Jacqueline, to Wood, Ryan J, and Wood, Timothy J.

$189,000, 31 George Hill Rd, Berardi, William D, to Nelson, Matthew, and Nelson, Lisa.

$189,000, 39 George Hill Rd, Berardi, William D, to Nelson, Matthew, and Nelson, Lisa.


$760,000, 88 Ann Lee Rd, Elliott, Chad D, and Elliott, Bridget E, to Alba-Castella, Miguel J, and Thompson, Katherine E.

$624,570, 14 Bradley Cir, Devens Village Green LLC, and Nau Partners LLC, to Breeden, Brian D, and Breeden, Lisa M.


$657,860, 135 South Rd, Wingspan Properties LLC, to Laura P Andrews RET, and Andrews, Laura P.

$650,000, 30 Newell Rd, Holmberg, Christen, and Holmberg, Colleen, to Mccarthy, Robert M, and Mccarthy, Michael R.

$617,500, 23 Brice Cir, Rubin, Blake J, to Brossi, Patrick L, and Brossi, Danielle M.

$450,000, 266 Main St, N R&Jean E Olivo IRT, and Olivo, John F, to Mailloux, Steven F, and Mailloux, Amelia F.

$308,000, 734 Salisbury St, Orourke, Robert T, and Orourke, Jo-Anne M, to Orellana, Jorge, and Orellana, Millenkis.

$290,000, 25 Williams St, Riffelmacher, Matthew, and Riffelmacher, Emma M, to PRC Construction Co LLC.

$229,750, 20 York Towne Ter #20, Blydenburgh, Grace F, to Harms, Stephanie.


$387,900, 169 Brimfield Rd, Carling, George J, and Carling, Janice M, to Lyons, Megan G, and Lyons, Benjamin R.

$205,000, 25 Stony Hill Rd, Sherrod, Bradley S, to Babcock, Craig W.


$745,000, 14 Ballou Rd, Carig-Oneill, Karen A, and Oneill, Hugh, to Dewolf, Renee M, and Dewolf, Mark A.

$550,000, 11 Anthony Rd, Bresciani, Michael J, and Bresciani, Maureen A, to Kenly, Granger F, and Kenly, Caitlin.

$550,000, 82 Jones Rd, Furtado, Helena R, and Delima, Marcelo, to Silva, Marilia.

$525,000, 10 Tillotson Rd, Obrien, Patrick K, and Obrien, Jennie A, to Chevalier, Christopher M, and Chevalier, Kristyne M.

$499,900, 31 Hopedale St, Kruppert, Gordon, and Kruppert, Diane L, to Long, Marc D, and Long, Angel L.

$468,000, 17 Daniels St, Leino, Sarah, and Leino, A Eli, to Day, Lennie, and Day, Monica.

$330,000, 43 Laurelwood Dr #43, Dickinson Marie C Est, and Dickinson, Charles W, to Ellis FT 2019, and Ellis, Henry E.

$300,000, 29 Freedom St, Rakkun, Achara, to Murphy, Timothy.

$274,900, 121 Laurelwood Dr #121, Nichols, David M, and Nichols, Carolann, to Slade, Kimberly A.

$265,000, 110 Freedom St #110, Long, Marc D, and Long, Angel L, to Stokowski, Danielle E, and Preston, Jesse J.

$170,000, 10 Maple St, Merrill William G Est, and Boisvert, Todd, to Hewitt, Craig, and Cafarelli, Mark.


$88,697, 14 Root Rd, Leclair, Jason M, and Leclair, Meredith E, to Leclair, Meredith E.


$675,000, 7 Lakeside Ave, Massey, Peter J, and Massey, Sarah, to Landers, Alena, and Landers, Jarrod.

$345,000, 111 Brigham St #15E, Assabet Village, Zanchi, Katelyn, to Harding, Mark V, and Harding, Margaret E.

$275,000, 250 Main St #310, Mcgrath Kathleen A Est, and Mcgrath, Robert J, to Elwellventura, Fran.

$275,000, 386 Main St #3, Foutnier, Jason, and Fournier, Paula, to Patel, Shreyans S, and Patel, Priyansh S.

$209,000, 200 Manning St #12C, Sabbadini, Diego, to Sciarrone, Nicole R.


$2,500,000, 90 Duval Rd, Giggles&Grins LLC, to 5 Sac Self-Storage Co.

$400,000, 54 Bolton Rd, Mcchord, Lindsey, and Johnson, Eric, to Verde-Mcintyre, Vanessa, and Verde, Joseph.


$127,200, 1156 Stafford St, Walrath, Kenneth J, and Walrath, Sherry L, to Berkshire Prop Buyers LLC.


$5,525,000, 48 Commercial Rd, G6 Hospitality Prop LLC, to Hare Krishna Leominster.

$1,100,000, 2 Main St, RJP RT, and Paull, Ronald F, to Tegra Properties LLC.

$1,100,000, 3-5 West St, RJP RT, and Paull, Ronald F, to Tegra Properties LLC.

$560,000, 38 Isabel Cir, Brideau, Stephen F, and Brideau, Andrea M, to Silva-Filho, Tiago, and Cunha-Freitas, Juliana.

$510,000, 135 Cumberland Rd, Thomas, Anthony, and Thomas, Mary, to Mark D Eaton RET, and Eaton, Mark D.

$427,000, 20 Sargent Ave, Molina Realty LLC, to Baluch, Abdul, and Mccarthy, Amy.

$402,000, 10 Cedar St, Testarmata, Brian J, and Testarmata, Denise A, to Debele, Keneni S, and Bedane, Yared K.

$400,000, 24 Braeburn Cir, Zurhellen, Christopher C, to Brinkman, Adrianna, and Brinkman, Timothy O.

$385,000, 97 Mechanic St, Bergeron, Kenneth J, to Martinez-Pacheco, Raquel.

$365,000, 725 Union St, JLM FT, and Bigglestone, Sandra A, to Roman Cath Bishop Of Worc.

$360,000, 147 3rd St, Machado, Janie, to Humphreys, Kyle.

$359,000, 210 Central St, Figueroa-Torres, Edwin, to Ferrer, Julianne.

$350,000, 104 Lincoln Ter, Lincoln Terrace RT, and Dinatale, Stephen L, to Viayrada, Christian J.

$347,000, 8 Ruth St, Santana, Thiago L, to Fukuda, Deborah V, and Fukuda, Seiya D.

$340,000, 4 Duggan Dr, Logan, William S, and Ciuffetti-Logan, Dale E, to Skelly, Michael S, and King, Kacey J.

$332,983, 23 Pleasant Ave, Mckean, Jonathon A, and Mckean, Adriana, to Lemus-Argueta, Samuel N.

$325,000, 77 White St, Fortuna, Jerry, and Fortuna, Marie B, to Dobbs, Stacy H, and Dobbs, Wesley J.

$270,000, 119 Central St, Butler, David, to Demaku, Besmin.

$222,000, 54 Green St #203, Cardona, Daniel J, and Cardona, Shauna A, to Machado, Joshua A.

$215,000, 56 Dillon St, Russo FT, and Pollastri, T Sylvia, to Jason R Homes LLC.


$740,000, 293 Reservoir Rd, Tobin, Thomas F, and Tobin, Carolyn M, to Fisher, Michael E, and Moxham-Fisher, Patricia A.

$390,000, 191 White St, Baker, Austin J, to Valois-Wagner, Mali E.

$360,000, 310 Sunnyhill Rd, Basque Theresa L Est, and Basque, Steven J, to Adams, Steven, and Adams, Ervira.

$270,000, 568 West St, Brooks, Jarrard D, to Burnett Remodeling LLC.


$2,850,000, 1000 Nickerson Rd, DBK Realty LLC, to LPCH 1000 Nickerson LP.

$820,000, 70 Robert Rd, Dalal, Vijay, and Dalal, Sangita V, to Bourinot, Jennifer, and Gallant, William.

$700,000, 97 Stearns Rd, Peter T Newman T, and Newman, Peter T, to Varghese, Jeffin T, and Varghese, Ancey.

$555,000, 9 Millham St, Leblanc, Christopher N, to Lacroix, Stephen, and Lacroix, Christina.

$512,500, 38 Brown St, Thomas, James C, and Thomas, Lauren B, to My Three Sons Invs LLC.

$500,000, 56 Millham St, Melvin, Richard K, and Melvin, Julie T, to Giangrande, Paula.

$439,000, 54 Chestnut St, Khoury, Geyse R, to Cruz, Leandro P, and Cruz, Priscilla.

$430,000, 54 Naugler Ave, Poole, Kenneth A, to Vollum, David, and Dings, Amanda.

$407,500, 24 Monument Ave, Thomas, James C, and Thomas, Lauren B, to My Three Sons Invs LLC.

$360,000, 200 Millham St, Foley, Martin T, and Foley, Cheryl L, to Mulloney, Megan L.

$331,000, 43 Curtis Ave #B, Curtis Square, Hogan, Thomas J, to Camara, Jessica.

$315,000, 206 W Main St #A, Shalvis Realty LLC, to Ruggie, Analicia.

$260,000, 22 Hildreth St #2, JAH Holdings LLC, to Serven, Patrick A.

$230,000, 39 Phelps St #39, Coutinho, Flavio, and Lima-Coutinho, Roberta, to Lacerda, Thallys, and Soares-Amaral, Marla C.


$577,500, 20 Kinsley Ln, Collins, Donna M, to Moorehead, Tara.


$554,290, 2 Megan Ct #2, Snowflake LLC, to Imbruno, Michael B, and Imbruno, Helayne T.

$525,000, 4 Teresa Dr, Biller, Michael R, and Biller, Anna B, to Dirienzo, John J.

$494,900, 62 Field Pond Rd, Sanylah Crossing LLC, to Dasilva, Wesley, and DeSouza-Silva, Dirleia.

$435,000, 47 W Walnut St, Coady, Thomas F, and Coady, Kelly L, to Sawicki, Kevin M, and Kaufman, Jessica M.

$415,000, 9 Myrtle St, Nieder, Kyla M, and Maniscalco, Andrew J, to Dahuron, David E, and Villeger, Lucie M.

$390,000, 120 Purchase St, Dawson, Ashley E, and Dawson, Robert J, to Brown, Andrew, and Resendez, Nayeli.

$380,000, 6 Nancy Rd, Zacchilli, Christopher J, and Zacchilli, Lynn M, to Martin, Kevin J, and Martin, Kathleen J.

$335,000, 4 Jenpaul Way #A, Greklek, Sarah, and Greklek, John, to Cheung, Hiu L.

$327,000, 22 Carroll St #22, Grey Holdings 1 LLC, to Richard, Kyle P, and Richard, Christine A.

$220,000, 62 S Bow St, Larson David E Est, and Patterson, Kimberly A, to Tersarotto, Maria F.


$460,000, 215 Wheelock Ave, 215 Wheelock Avenue RT, and Graves, Daniel P, to AJG Wheelock Realty LLC.

$386,000, 60 S Oxford Rd, Hines, Dorothy A, to Casares, Jose D, and Ryan, Sierra B.

$275,000, 11 Hawthorne St, Johnson Marie R Est, and Johnson, Alan T, to Mckinney, Jeffrey J.

$110,000, 24 Rhodes St, Hamilton, Sandra M, and Hamilton, Cynthia J, to Hamilton, Sandra M, and Hamilton, Cynthia J.

$75,000, 8-A Pearl St, Parenteau, Narry L, and Parenteau, Dale A, to Mazzilli, Christina, and Corcoran, Patrick.


$300,000, 50 Main St, Lou-Ro Solar IRT, and Thibault, Mary E, to Woonsocket Properties LLC.

$300,000, 56 Main St, Lou-Ro Solar IRT, and Thibault, Mary E, to Woonsocket Properties LLC.

North Brookfield

$379,000, 42 Smith Hanson Rd, Phaseup Properties LLC, to Monteiro, David.

$360,000, 119 S Main St, Remington, William A, and Remington, Karen R, to Crespo, Reinaldo, and Delfino-Crespo, Melissa.

$83,139, 8 Ayers St, Robertson, Barbara E, and Santander Bank NA, to Santander Bank NA.


$1,440,000, 190 Howard St, Robert Glen Seiple T, and Seiple, Robert G, to 190 Howard LLC.

$680,000, 4 Country Candle Ln #4, Kolath, Raghu P, to Thangavelu, Vijay, and Sampath, Manju.

$550,000, 7 Brookside Ln #7, Carbone-Welch, Diana, to Flyhomes Invs MA LLC.

$425,000, 163 Whitney St, Fierimonte, Fernando, to Fierimonte, Fulvio, and Fierimonte, Joann.

$425,000, 3 Goodnow Cir #3, Ferraro, Joseph M, and Ferraro, Sandra J, to Slatin, Patricia A.

$420,000, 22 Deacon St #22, Scafidi, Anthony J, and Scafidi, Edward T, to Farrell, Michael F, and Farrell, Susan E.

$370,000, 231 South St, Jin, Lu, to Kilinski, Kyle.


$553,000, 171 Chipper Hill Rd, Lelli, Paul A, and Lelli, Nancy A, to Halcisak, Kelli A, and Halcisak, Lauren R.

$470,000, 403 Kelly Rd, R E&B A Helstrom IRT, and Helstrom, David R, to Rice, Robert J.

$455,000, 9 Danielle Ln, Hebert, Wayne E, and Hebert, Paulette D, to Downing, Justin A, and Downing, Nicole.

$325,000, 62 Center St, Markowitz, David K, to Mccauley, James, and Libby, Joanne.

$238,500, 19 High St, Rouille, Joel, to Puccio, Claudia.


$125,000, Skyline Dr, Mchugh, Daniel, and Mchugh, Pamela, to Hernandez, Alicia B.


$155,000, Tully Rd #2, Robinson, Robert H, to Brier, Brenda, and Sleeper, Neill.

$150,000, 79 Fountain St, Labier, Tammi-Lynn M, and Labier, Roger E, to Rickheit, Hans, and Dorn, Kristina.

$60,000, Tully Rd #1, Robinson, Robert H, to Redner, Carolyn A, and Redner, Joseph H.

$45,000, Daniel Shays Hwy, Beremco Inc, to Moynahan, Pamela.


$485,000, 119 Dana Rd, Erickson, Brian K, to Martinez, Jose R, and Colon, Jacqueline M.

$290,000, 71 Quobaug Ave, Camosse, Joel M, to Shays, Jeremy.

$270,000, 119 Main St, Chiasson, Lisa M, and Chiasson, David W, to Sosa, Frank.

$255,000, 35-41 Watch St, Oxford Town Of, to V&J LLC.

$235,000, 101 Charlton St, Langlois, Eugene A, and Langlois, Christine, to JNW Realty LLC.

$229,000, 11 Allen Ave, FNMA, to Carroll, Jason D, and Lacouture, Amber L.

$200,000, 618 Main St, SMS Enterprise LLC, and Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc, to Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc.

$172,000, 15 Bailey Rd, Tarabay, Kayla, to Pittaro, Michael J, and Pittaro, Diane.


$439,900, 257 Tom Swamp Rd, Loyd, Susan, and Loyd, Eric, to Eaton, Michael J.

$10,000, Popple Camp Rd, Bowen, John E, to Mongeau, Ryan M.


$91,000, State Rd, Leslie, Timothy R, to GPS Realty LLC.


$960,000, 487 Hubbardston Rd, Dicarlo, Joseph R, and Dicarlo, Michele, to Keller, James.

$960,000, 499 Hubbardston Rd, Dicarlo, Joseph R, and Dicarlo, Michele, to Keller, James.

$695,000, 33 Main St, Adams, Lars H, and Adams, Andrea K, to Fields, Adam, and Labella, Ellen.

$329,000, 22 Leominster Rd, Chapman, Kenneth W, to Andrade Farms LLC.


$23,000, N Fitzwilliam Rd, Bourbeau, David, to Fontaine, James, and Provost, Renee.


$667,500, 38 Bigelow Rd, Hilton, Delos M, and Hilton, Carol L, to 38 Bigelow Road LLC.

$370,000, 20 Kenwood Dr, Lucas, Tony, and Lucas, Danielle, to Tucker, Naomi J, and Tucker, Isiah M.

$355,000, 39 Juniper Ln, Harris, Shana, to Orciuch, Jesslyn E, and Bolivar, Robert K.

$329,900, 16 Soucy Dr #16, J M Soucy Contracting Inc, to Keaney, Linda, and Keaney, Robert E.

$290,000, 211 Barre Paxton Rd #17, Harvey, Kevin T, and Harvey, Donna M, to Amoako, Phoebe.

$285,000, 24 Village Way #24, Mitchell, Bernard A, and Mitchell, Moilan R, to Aucoin, Cathi.


$770,000, 78 Gold St, Eck, Charles R, and Scherer, Virginia M, to Miller, Jenny, and Johnson, Matthew.

$676,000, 22 Thistle Hill Dr, Kamerkar, Nikhil, and Acharya, Surabhi, to Dutta, Rajib, and Dutta, Oliya.

$654,000, 935 Main St #33, Wyman Farms LLC, to Ciccone, George A, and Ciccone, Maureen R.

$650,000, 22 Harvard Ave, 390 Lake Avenue RT, and Mathur, Usha, to Fox, Benjamin J, and Fox, Bethany.

$599,000, 29 Hill St, Brown, Duncan M, and Brown, Stephen K, to Fiver Homes Inc, and SLT LLC.

$465,000, 23 Walnut St, Rawan Capital Invs LLC, to Coran, Jill.

$460,000, 9-11 Park St, Shepard FT, and Carolan, Patricia D, to Mullen, Edel, and Humphries, Fiachra.

$425,000, 237 South St #30, Chunduru, Ravisankar, and Gaddipati, Lakshmi D, to Uppugandla, Ravi, and Gadiparthi, Chaithanya.

$370,000, 25 Saybrook Rd, Rose, Arthur L, and Rose, Deborah L, to Magaton, Ednis M, and DaSilva-Sena, Marcia C.

$355,000, 582 Lake St #582, Dawoud-Hanna, Amir L, and Wassef, Gehan A, to Blair, Alicia N, and Elnueri, Hatim A.

$250,000, 52 Cherry St, Fiver Homes Inc, to Prestige Prop Dev LLC.

$187,000, 36 Shrewsbury Green Dr #F, Smith, Robert A, to Parekh, Nimisha, and Goradia, Mayank.

$165,000, 4 Williamsburg Ct #22, Mccarthy, Kaitlyn, to Pomerleau, Suzanne M.

$20,000, 54 Cherry St, 62 Cherry Street LLC, to Prestige Prop Dev LLC.


$1,258,825, 149 Middle Rd, Quality Framing Contractr, to Kumbhojkar, Hiren, and Kumbhojkar, Manisha.

$1,160,000, 7 Watkins Ln, Safiol, Peter G, and Fischer, Deborah, to Tipnis, Saurabh, and Honnatti, Rutuja.

$850,000, 4 High St, Cutone, Benjamin J, and Cutone, Jessica M, to Walker, Lauren R, and Saunders, Michael V.

$700,000, 21 Fairview Dr, Bacevicius, Remigijus, and Bacevicius, Dalia, to Oakleaf, Tyler, and Oakleaf, Amanda.

$600,000, 5 Stonebrook Ct #5, Peabody, Eric L, and Peabody, Patricia A, to Freedman, Jodi R.

$485,000, 179 Parkerville Rd, Kessinger, Robert C, and Kessinger, Deborah A, to Starr, Charles, and Koehl, Anna.

$410,000, 41 Boston Rd, Fu Zhigang Est, and Pang, Xiaolan, to Chengat, Roger, and Chengat, Jilu.


$310,000, 105 Chapin St, Macmillan, Brenda A, to Cabrera, Yeimy J, and Jimenez, Victoria.

$250,000, 3 Grandview Dr, Babineau, Kathleen A, to Pollone, Marilyn R, and Dean, Joseph R.

$226,497, 19 Hartwell St, Rivera, Antonio, and Ortiz, Natasha, to Bryson, Angela A.

$160,000, 23 Dresser St, Mongeon, Gregory L, and Mongeon, Donna M, to Bay Flow LLC.

$125,000, 34 Maria Ave #B, Skamarack Gail D Est, and Serkey, Susan S, to Alkalmchy, Raymond R.

$100,000, 261 South St, Fontaine, James, to Scheffler Enterprises Inc.


$275,000, 33 Cherry St, Fuller, Stuart R, to Ackerman, Robert V.


$605,000, 8 N Row Rd, Bartlett, Stephen C, and Bartlett, Lisa M, to Wilhelm, Christopher, and Wilhelm, Brittany.

$551,000, 112 Flanagan Hill Rd, Manca NT, and Manca, Peter J, to Chapdelaine, Kevin M, and Chapdelaine, Kristen N.

$500,000, 28 Shamrock Way #28, Rusch LT, and Rusch, Mark, to Roche, Edward.

$469,900, 167 Beaman Rd, Tolland, Robert C, and Tolland, Deborah M, to Cunningham, Angela.

$401,000, 145 Rowley Hill Rd, Burgos, Frank, to Balducci, Jonathan, and Lee, Mira.


$625,000, 77 Fairway View Dr #77, Scarafoni, Todd A, and Scarafoni, Christine D, to Sandstrom, Scott, and Sandstrom, Ellen.

$400,000, 415 Central Tpke, Hanlan, Patrick J, to Martin, Robert W, and Martin, Jillian P.


$485,090, 142 Turner Ln, Traven Development LLC, to Quinn, Sean, and Tenczar, Stephanie.

$385,000, 370 Dudley Rd, Piaseczny, Stephen J, and Piaseczny, Susan L, to Dube, Michael, and Goodwin, Christina.

$248,000, 10 Old Mill Ln #10, Savoie, Maurice C, and Savoie, Virginia A, to Kuralic, Mirza, and Moden, Leah.


$220,000, 16 Meadow Rd, Dunbar, Kyle D, to Patterson, Corey.

$90,000, 5 Turnpike Rd #320, Wamesit Group LLC, to Bouhou, Aziz.

$81,000, 5 Turnpike Rd #113, YNC RT, and Cheng, Chun C, to Kit-Iot Properties LLC.


$630,000, 153 W River St, Femia, Christaleigh, to Aitelfqih, Abdellatif, and Galindo, Natalia.

$500,000, 149 Glenview St, Mauro, Rhonda A, to Tancrede, Nicholas A.


$580,000, 46 Brandy Ln, Cruz, Anthony, and Cruz, Jessica, to Drotar, James A, and Drotar, Rachel R.

$531,000, 26 Willow Ln, Kaswandik, David N, and Kaswandik, Elaine M, to Shea, John P, and Burlingham, Caroline A.

$475,000, 85 S Main St, Stage 1 Investors LLC, to 85 South Main St WSCP LLC.

$468,750, 720 West St, Vanderbrug, Henry R, and Vanderbrug, Cynthia J, to Morin, Brianna A, and Morin, Nicholas S.

$402,000, 29 Tea Party Dr #29, Independence Uxbrdge Rlty, to Martinis, Kristin E, and Macdonald, Brennan.

$350,000, 485 Douglas St, Reservoir Prop Rlty Corp, to Nextgen TT Realty LLC.

$156,000, 22 Kennedy St, Ether Properties LLC, to Skyrocket Properties LLC.

$70,000, 22 Kennedy St, Stinchfield, Alan L, to Ether Properties LLC.


$312,000, 261 Greenwich Rd, Perron, Jacob J, and Perron, Emily N, to Chick, Tyler, and Tefft, Samantha.

$305,000, 3 East St, Cep Real Estate LLC, to GDS Realty LLC.

$305,000, 5-7 East St, Cep Real Estate LLC, to GDS Realty LLC.

$305,000, 9 East St, Cep Real Estate LLC, to GDS Realty LLC.

$255,500, 42 W Main St, New England Equities LLC, to Lane, Alexis.

$227,300, 61 Hardwick Pond Rd, Brown Patrick J Est, and Brown, Anne L, to Cantwell, Shawn, and Landry, Heather.

$164,000, 70 West St, Frazier, Diane M, and Pariseau, Judith A, to Bousquet, Jeff.

$125,000, 44 Warebrook Vlg, Harrington, Gerald R, and Harrington, Nathan J, to Rier, Colton.


$455,000, 1275 Bemis Rd, Jones, Paul, and Desjardins, Kirsten, to Agard, Troy.

$398,000, 100 Little Rest Rd, Hogan, James K, and Hogan, Nancy E, to Zucker, Robert, and Zucker, Julia.

$165,000, 947 Main St, Paquette, Jason L, and Paquette, Chrystine M, to Catt, Nicholas M.

$120,000, 2271 Main St, Gerstel, Ashley, to Waible, Christine, and Raba, Julie C.


$1,250,000, 48 Laurelwood Dr, Oberg, Michael, and Oberg, Dena, to Moorey, James, and Moorey, Lisa.

$525,000, 11 Ronnie Dr, Goulet, Kyle B, and Goulet, Elyssa A, to Posada, Wendy, and Gorman, Michael.

$370,000, 10 Ash St, Bent FT, and Bent, Timothy J, to Berube, Andre, and Berube, Karen.

$354,900, 34 Brook St, Langway FT 2016, and Langway, Marie E, to Rose, Arthur L, and Rose, Deborah L.

$325,000, 26 Harris St, Clark, Angela G, to Bloomkey Prop Mgmt LLC.

$270,000, 16 Nancy Dr, Preissler, John P, and Preissler, Catherine V, to Gingerelli, Michael.

$250,000, 11 Black Point Rd, Benoit John Est, and Imre, Valerie, to Polymeros, Christian.

$213,000, 30-R Mechanic St, Brown Mechanic Street LLC, to Wright, Husna M.

$50,000, Brookside Ave #90, Westview Estates Inc, to Ironwood Properties LLC.

$50,000, Brookside Ave #91, Westview Estates Inc, to Ironwood Properties LLC.

$30,000, 30 Mechanic St, Mary K Duffy FT, and Duffy, James J, to Hometown Prop Group Inc.

West Boylston

$460,000, 4 Heritage Ln, Armenti, Joseph A, and Armenti, Gretchen A, to Leblanc, Christopher, and Leblanc, Christine.

$365,000, 30 Carol Dr, Fitton, Lori A, to Heaton, Melissa.

$345,000, 5 Pinewood Dr, Lovell Ruth Josephine Est, and Lovell, David J, to Evangelista, Anthony J.

West Brookfield

$55,000, 27 Lyon Rd, Larocque, Paul A, and Larocque, Sharon A, to Pollard, Matthew.


$1,210,000, 7 Gable Ridge Rd, Hester, Patrick J, and Hester, Ann E, to Ghosh, Anees, and Jamal, Nauras.

$1,000,000, 6 Beeton Path, 6 Beeton Path RT, and Vavilla, Ramanaiah, to Kathuria, Kshitji, and Kathuria, Mitika M.

$975,000, 1 Butterfield Dr, Rekhi, Devinder S, and Rekhi, Ritu K, to Zhou, Ping, and Wu, Yanguang.

$975,000, 160 Ruggles St, Smith, Joshua L, and Smith, Wona P, to Bakshi, Harshit G, and Bakshi, Urvashi T.

$945,000, 76 Townsend Blvd #76, Patta, Venkata R, and Patta, Shalini, to Ramasahayam, Avinash.

$645,000, 45 Moses Wheelock Ln #45, Donkena, Rameshwari, and Katta, Sampath, to Dutia, Shobhit, and Dutia, Prachi.

$575,000, 16 Adams St, Simon, Daniel, and Simon, Kristen, to Ito-Alder, Justin S, and Toth-Watson, Kim.

$505,000, 69 Summer Street Ext, Groce FT, and Groce, Robert H, to Jelliffe, Jenny.

$466,000, 6 Hancock Way #6, Kraditor Aileen S Est, and Easter, Faith V, to Davis, Scott G, and Davis, Amy.

$360,000, 163 Lyman St, Torrey, Keith, and Torrey, Maria, to Dunn, Tyler C, and Landers, Rebekah A.


$260,000, 5 Miles Ave, Hume, Nicholas R, and Rodger, Mallarie J, to Porter, Deanna L, and Faucher, Scott.

$125,000, Oakmont Ave #2, T Slocum Inc, to Bickford Hl Builders LLC.

$10,000, Town Farm Rd #2, Person, Jeffrey J, and Person, Bonnie J, to Person, John M, and Person, Francesca A.


$290,000, 329 West St, Tyler, Joshua J, and Tyler, Kristen, to Hutton, Ashley V.

$275,000, 560 Central St, Newry, Carmen D, to Foote, Myron D, and Rivera-Cruz, Isabel S.

$265,000, 380 Front St, Front St RT, and Harrison, John, to Pierce, Andrew D.

$235,000, 11 School St, Kotsonas, William C, to Iwanik, William P, and Godin, Janet L.

$100,000, 61 Pond St, Caouette Leon J Est, and Salvidio, Anthony J, to CRS Flipping LLC.

$100,000, 79 Elm St, Caouette Leon J Est, and Salvidio, Anthony J, to CRS Flipping LLC.


$4,280,000, 13 Sudbury St, Liberty Walnut Street LLC, to Liberty NT, and Oreo Bay LLC Tr.

$4,280,000, 14 Walnut St, Liberty Walnut Street LLC, to Liberty NT, and Oreo Bay LLC Tr.

$4,280,000, 8 Harvard St, Liberty Walnut Street LLC, to Liberty NT, and Oreo Bay LLC Tr.

$834,000, 9 Mount Vernon St, Lemarek LLC, to Eastham 5 Investments LLC.

$585,000, 5 Tattan Farm Rd, Wilde, Susan Z, to Paulino, Luis, and Munoz, Sonia.

$505,100, 8 Lund St, Lindgren LT, and Lindgren, Robert D, to Diaz, Freddy, and Diaz, Claudia H.

$490,000, 15 Barnstable Rd, Dave, Neha, and Burke, Michael, to Male, Ira.

$480,000, 17 Upsala St, Ata, Sahar, to Wroblewski, Rafael.

$480,000, 35 Endicott St, Nenninger, Stephen T, to Silva, Edy C.

$478,000, 4 Arapaho Rd, Doty, Ronald, and Doty, Carolynn, to Boham, Beatrice.

$475,000, 68 Merrick St, 68 Merrick Street LLC, to Vargas, Carlos J.

$450,000, 96 Stanton St, Tram 96 Stanton LLC, to Ghosh, Amit, and Ghosh, Gouri.

$437,000, 63 June St, Big Bobs Realty LLC, to Bloumis, Athanasios K, and Bloumis, Sasha J.

$435,000, 144 Ingleside Ave, Mcshea, Brian J, and Mcshea, Nancy E, to Giddaluri, Veera V, and Giri, Karishma.

$432,000, 33 Dartmouth St, Larkham FT, and Larkham, Thomas D, to Cwalinski, Izabela.

$425,000, 43 Catharine St, Gooseberry LLC, to Guerrero, Carolina E.

$425,000, 7 Brookdale St, Wang, Guoqiang, and Xu, Xiaomei, to Marvi, Junaid, and Siddiqui, Shahla.

$417,500, 12 Flagg St, Gray, Christopher, and Gray, Jeena, to Antollino-Bukoski, Robin.

$400,000, 21 Christine Dr, Kadi, Atakan, to Oduro, Cynthia.

$400,000, 38 Coral St, Shanaa, Bilal, to Solha Clinton Jigmey LLC.

$400,000, 98 Kenberma Rd, Vargas, Sindia, to Lawson, Scott, and Anastasi, Michael D.

$395,000, 215 Lake Ave, 1 Waterfront LLC, to Valente, Bruno, and Ferrari-Pires, Leda.

$390,500, 48 Trowbridge Circuit, Paulino, Luis S, and Munoz, Sonia M, to Uwera, Violet.

$389,900, 79 Valmor St, Gm Properties LLC, to Brough, Austin, and Ferrarone, Chloe.

$380,000, 46 Catharine St, Gooseberry LLC, to StGermain, Edeline C.

$370,000, 9 Larch St, Goodman, Joseph, and Manfron, Valdete, to Tran, Kelly, and Pham, Kenny.

$366,000, 4 Hamill Rd, Merty Loretta Est, and Mccrohon, Kimberly C, to Smith, Michael J.

$365,000, 182 Hamilton St, Berube, Andre F, and Berube, Karen A, to Kofi-Sarbeng, Justice, and Fernandez, Alondra J.

$360,000, 4 Doane St, Rousseau, Robert J, and Rousseau, Sandra I, to Silverio, Leandra M, and Hechavgarria, Naiskys.

$360,000, 68 Eunice Ave, Keaney, Robert E, and Keaney, Linda, to Vargas, Brenda L, and Gonzalez, Hasir.

$359,000, 15-A Douglas St, Labonte, Michael F, and Labonte, Kanha, to Quadry, Basirat, and Ajao, Shakirat.

$357,000, 2 Ontario St, Chevalier, Christopher M, and Chevalier, Kristyn, to Arena, Sandra D.

$356,000, 653 Lincoln St, Palomba, Joseph, and Palomba, Nichole M, to Llanes, Amanda, and Gresenz, Andrew.

$350,000, 27 Forsberg St, Dowd, Michael P, and Dowd, Mary, to Gold Star Builders Inc.

$345,000, 2 Bristol St, Masiello, Robert S, to Sharma, Laxman.

$328,900, 35 Patch Reservoir Dr, Willand, Kyle C, and Willand, Julie E, to Pollock, Freya A.

$315,000, 67 Pointe Rok Dr #67, Sandra J Flynn 2016 RET, and Flynn, Sandra J, to Sarli, Gerardo A.

$310,000, 23 Dogwood Rd, Newton, Kayla M, and Newton, Robert M, to Carmona, Luis A.

$310,000, 3 3rd St, Kunkel, Lee E, to Chionchio, Antonio B.

$310,000, 7 Doane St, Delrossario-Lapport, Nury, and Encarnacion, Diomedes C, to Medina-Vicioso, Katherine.

$300,000, 1 Envelope Ter #302, Shaw, Leslie M, to Bulak, Anthony P.

$292,500, 67 Weatherstone Dr #67, Laman LT, and Laman, Carol A, to Galonek, Gary.

$276,000, 30 Montague St, US Bank NA Tr, to Saviotte, Keven T.

$275,000, 236 W Mountain St, Richards Grace M Est, and Grady, Judy L, to Mccarron, Daniel J, and Magana, Michelle.

$265,000, 130 Norfolk St, Antonucci, Michael, to Gharia, Smita, and Mehta, Vivek.

$255,000, 32 Indian Lake Pkwy, Kolb, Jeffrey S, and Black, Maryjane, to Black, Mary J, and Dao, Hien T.

$250,000, 44 Elm St #309, Poltilov, Zoya I, and Poltilov, Vlad, to Olivera, Albert B.

$230,000, 15 E Lake St, Berman, Mikhail A, and Berman, Yelena, to Cortes, Jennithan.

$230,000, 8 Candlewood St, Bolivar, Robert S, and Bolivar, Steven J, to Garcia, Claudia J.

$216,000, 17 Butler St, Mendez, Juan A, and Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc, to Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc.

$210,000, 35 Genessee St #O, Hoekstra, Nicholas A, to Obrien, Timothy, and Obrien, Juliana.

$175,000, 3 Natural History Dr, Cote, Maxwell, to Honcharova, Olha I.

$173,604, 44 Dustin St, Linda Charamella T, and Charamella, Linda, to Charamella, Marco, and Fitzgerald, Kelly.

$167,000, 11 Gibbs St #93, Surman, Edward B, to Maryam M Saitzyk RET, and Saitzyk, Maryam M.

$161,848, 58 Cohasset St, Leong, Henry, and Kelly, John J, to Leong, Henry.

$154,107, 19 Jones St, Leong, Henry, and Kelly, John, to Leong, Henry.

$147,000, 5 E Kendall St #2F, Guarino, Thomas, and Tull-Guarino, Rebecca, to Acosta, Elver.

$145,000, 4-6 Park Avenue Pl #11, Salcedo, Carmen G, to Costa, Thiago.

$140,000, 257 Pleasant St #2, Semcken, Erin, to Rafiq, Simrun, and Sakib, Rayid.

$95,000, 531 Main St #510, Branagan, Elena, and Branagan, David, to Pineda, Ian.

$87,889, 89 Arthur St, Leong, Henry C, and Kelly, John J, to Leong, Henry.

$50,000, 29 Wyman St, Kim Chau LLC, to Pinedo-Moreno, Eric, and Jimenez, Jorge L.

$40,100, 3 Bauer St, Biggins, Daniel J, and Flannery-Biggins, Lynn, to Flannery-Biggins, Lynn.



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