The Power is Now

Worcester County real estate transfers, Sunday, Dec. 25 – Worcester Telegram



$785,000, 26 Winding Cove Rd, Courtemanche, Chad M, to Dinsmore, Michael, and Dinsmore, Donna.$575,000, 190 Jewell Hill Rd, Olin, Gordon, to Litalien, Ryan J, and Litalien, Sabrina C.$285,000, 3 Pond Dr, Rimbach Jr, Philip N, to Goodsell, Heather, and Gonyea, Mark.$190,000, 242 Ashby Rd, Lemoine Roger F Est, and Marble, Steven J, to Manuel J Veiga T, and Veiga, Manuel J.


$380,000, 55 Whitney Rd, Whittier, Michael T, to Gouldrup, Linda R.


$250,000, Cottage St, J A&Isabel G Mallet FT, and Mallet, Aron J, to Cal Mek Enterprises Inc.$60,000, Fox Run Rd, Gerry, Peter A, to CIL Realty Of MA Inc.$60,000, Partridgeville Rd #117, Gerry, Peter A, to CIL Realty Of MA Inc.


$3,000,000, 20 Hill St, Grace Ann LLC, to Bash Realty Fl LLC.$3,000,000, 42 Hill St, Grace Ann LLC, to Bash Realty Fl LLC.$3,000,000, 883 Southbridge St, Grace Ann LLC, to Bash Realty Fl LLC.$3,000,000, 889 Southbridge St, Grace Ann LLC, to Bash Realty Fl LLC.$3,000,000, 893 Southbridge St, Grace Ann LLC, to Bash Realty Fl LLC.$539,999, 16 Linda Ave, BHR Development LLC, to Reidy, Christopher J, and Puttaswamy, Manu.$495,000, 22 Burnap St, Mahoney, Michael A, and Mahoney, Chelsea, to Rodriguez, Vanessa.$467,250, 100 Elmwood St, Emge, Casey L, and Johnson, Andrew M, to Prunier, Michelle, and Salvia 3rd, Joseph.$465,000, 30 Preston Ave, Poe, Michael, to Wright, Joseph M, and Livermore, Susan M.$455,000, 4 Mayfield Rd, Halvey LT, and Halvey, Claire L, to Graciolett-Lozada, Paula.$421,000, 10 Saratoga Rd, Stevens, John, to Bertozzi, Katelyn G, and Mori, Michael.$415,000, 8 Lesley Ave, Lamarche, Eric M, and Lamarche, Jun E, to Londono, Maria V, and Cano-Londono, Alejandro.$400,000, 1 Magna Vista Dr, Lynch, William, and Leetch, Amanda, to Spitz, Jessica L, and Spitz, Michael V.$350,000, 1703 Forest Park Dr #1703, Boucher, Catherine A, to Hervey, Kerri M.$290,000, 1 John William Dr #A, Gmd Prop Specialists Inc, to White Birch Prop LLC.$290,000, 6 Otis St, Kramarz, Paul, to Petroff, Alexander P, and Houssais, Morgane A.$187,333, 22 Boyce St, Vaugh, Brian M, and Vaugh, Mary S, to Vaugh, Stephen D.$180,000, 21 Alpine Trl, Grubb, Tyler, to Evergrain Orchard LLC.


$975,000, 173 Crosby Rd, 94 Edgewater Realty LLC, to Jones, Kenneth, and Jones, Marjorie D.$788,500, 11 Wilson Rd, Capes Of Berlin LLC, to Hughes, Brian W, and Hughes, Becky Y.$470,000, 328 Old Central St, Simoneau, Paul G, and Simoneau, Avis M, to Sweeney, Michael.$76,800, 26 Amos Wheeler Rd, Baum Highland Street RT, and Baum, Duncan R, to Rhodes, Mark C, and Rhodes, Kathleen G.


$585,000, 14 Sycamore, Brady, Mark, and Brady, Michele, to Khiev, Rath, and Khiev, Kania.$419,900, 15 Butler St, Country Home Builders Inc, to Henning, Daniel A, and Henning, Stephanie.$55,000, 12 Union St, Whipple, Pauline E, to Whipple, Jonathan N.


$400,000, 67 Berlin Rd, Butland, Timothy J, and Butland, Susan A, to Butland, Shawn, and Grover, Kelley E.


$529,000, 126 Nicholas Ave, Rita Silberman T, and Dennis, Barbara A, to Larassa, George, and Bonini, Cindy.$348,000, 22 Melrose St, Frade, Tiffany M, and Frade, Michael J, to Richard, Faith M, and Robitaille, Jacob A.$320,000, 17 Morningdale Ave, Trudel FT, and Trudel, Gloria A, to Cedeno, Edward, and Cedeno, Elise.


$75,000, New Holland Rd, Gulluni Jr, Joseph F, to Ling, Yi, and Wu, Jia S.


$545,000, 37 Molasses Hill Rd, Wang, Lun F, to Contrastano, Leonard, and Contrastano, Doreen E.$418,000, 86 Rice Corner Rd, Powers, Jeffrey A, and Powers, Cintia O, to Wawrzkiewicz, Kimberly K.$375,000, 39 Rice Corner Rd, Trudell, Charles, and Trudell, Patricia, to Santucci, Stephen, and Santucci, Jennifer L.


$460,000, 63 N Main St, A&K Realty Holdings LLC, to Beach House Brewing LLC.$430,000, 123 Hammond Hill Rd, Sullivan, Laura J, to Cotton, Scott, and Cotton, Andrew S.$385,700, 60 City Depot Rd #202, J Jill Development LLC, to Mensah-Avor, John P.$357,500, 80 E Baylies Rd, C Jr&> Chalmers Walton LT, and Howard, Mary A, to Trinque, Nicholas, and Mccart, Kelsea.$330,000, 162 Old Worcester Rd, Walsh, Nelson R, to Shays, Dennis.$220,000, 31 Harrington Rd, Natures Classroom Inc, to Marvel Homes LLC.$190,000, Flint Rd #2, Bond Jr, Lowell H, and Bond, Thomas M, to Rudik, Brandon R, and Rudik, Emily J.


$679,000, 8 W Ledge Rd, Grayson, Mark F, and Grayson, Carole A, to Mcdonagh, Brian.$529,000, 628 Devenwood Way #628, Thorogood, George E, and Thorogood, Patricia N, to Mak, Evelyn.$475,000, 30 S Meadow Rd, Onnembo Jr, Nicholas J, and Onnembo, Karen A, to Choctaw American Ins Inc.$413,000, 56 Greeley St, Morales, Marvin I, and Morales, Dorian, to Merlos, Jacqueline.


$1,125,000, 40 Wallis St, Heintz, Erik J, and Heintz, Lauren S, to Wornham, John, and Wornham, Janet.$755,000, 7 Franklin St, Kramer, Susan L, to Washkevich, Michael, and Washkevich, Theresa.$659,900, 142 Monroe St, Corcoran, Richard R, to Shay, Patrick J, and Marchant, Doreen A.$305,000, 20 Johnson Ct, Shurick, Jonathan, to Carroll, Matthew P.


$650,000, 8 Noble St, Fuentes, Rene A, and Fuentes, Amy L, to Tyrrell 3rd, William F, and Tyrrell, Leslie J.$475,000, 5 Lous Dr, Kusek, Anthony S, and Kusek, Sheila J, to Joseph, Scoledge, and Stefanie, Vicario.$284,500, 18 Warsaw Ave, Dion, Leo R, to Moreno, Anthony.

East Brookfield

$345,000, 221 Harrington St, Cormier, Tracy, and Derosier, Bruce S, to Bachman, Ronald D, and Bachman, Deborah A.$108,000, 118 Prospect St, Barnes, Rae A, to Remodel Or Renew Hm Impr.


$520,000, 44-46 Crown St, Benjamin, Tammy M, to Ntsendwana, Malibongwe, and Juboori, Ahmed A.$500,000, 105 Swan Ave, Brennan Industries Inc, to Bourgault, Monica.$420,000, 80 Theresa St, Gentry, Michael C, and Gentry, Carol J, to Chea, Nancy, and Ventura, Santos.$348,000, 4 Weymouth St, Estrada, Olga J, to Bass, Laurietta M.$340,000, 26 Linda St #26, Ann E Oconnor RET, and Markham-Oconnor, John, to Walsh, Kathleen.$339,900, 189 Hurd St, Leger, Wayne J, and Leger, Maria C, to Goncalves, Rosa, and Rios, Estherbina.$335,000, 138 Pacific St, Fleming, Kendra, to 138 Pacific Street RT, and Naughton, Joshua.$320,000, 35 Birch St, Torres-Vega, Ramon, to Paz-Romero, Guillermo A.$320,000, 54 Hazel St, Poirier, Denis, to Deleon, Anthony.$300,000, 535 South St #13-3C, Trudel, Marjorie L, and Trudel, Nicole E, to Nelson, Taylor E.$295,000, 48 Saw Mill Pond Rd #48, Polley, Virginia M, and Polley, Richard F, to Flaherty, Courtney, and Bolt, Nathaniel.$230,000, 45 Burnap St, Curran, John C, and Curran, Denise M, to Digeronimo, Christina.$200,000, 28 Ash St, Shea, Sandra L, to AFS Realty LLC.$160,000, 9 Portland St, Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc, to Empire Asa Inc.$82,135, 524 Ashburnham St, Neely, Matthew R, and Neely, Heidi, to Neely, Heidi.$50,000, Gibson Rd, Higher Elevations Dev LLC, to Platinum Development LLC.


$1,050,000, 25 Kraft St, Lee Holdings LLC, to AMMC Florida Realty LLC.$349,900, 86 Lennon St, Assist Realty Group LLC, to Cutting, Nichole.$340,000, 202 Sand St, Brideau, Donald E, and Poudrette, Wendy C, to Guy, Lauri A.$295,000, 21 Marquette St, Tuero, Max, and Tuero, David, to Audet, Kevin, and Audet, Ann.$180,250, 276 Waterford St, Smith Nancy L Est, and Rannikko, Toivo R, to Dellefemine, Abigail, and Chase, Owen.$60,000, 186 Mill St, Gardner Horseshoe Ptnshp, to 25 Theordore Drive LLC.


$480,000, 136 North St, Hutchinson, Howard B, to Gentil, Wolff, and Gentil, Ruth N.$450,000, 150 Upton St, Heger, Dennis, and Heger, Marguireta U, to Orlando, Kenneth.$352,000, 1 John Dr #1, Protano, Mario, to Mallavarapu, Shravan, and Dhannayak, Niharika.$350,000, 15 Jay St, Thomas FT, and Thomas, Helen L, to Ossman, Brenda.$350,000, 55 Upton St, Partridge, Elizabeth, and Furbush, Garrett, to Silva, Marcos V.$280,000, 24 Cross St, Bergeron, Michael P, to Macmillan, Brandon, and Macmillan, Judith.


$390,000, 1989 Greenwich Rd, Wu, Wenrui, and Zhao, Lingling, to Gleason, Amanda.$250,000, 694 Main St, Mundell, Timothy R, and Mundell, Jessica M, to Chute, Jonathan C, and Tucker-Chute, Elisa.$249,899, 9-11 Mill St, Raskett, Joseph R, and Mcdonough, Megan R, to Hall, Mark K, and Hall, Mary B.


$300,000, Old Littleton Rd (off), Manganella, Luciano, and Manganella, Stacey, to Dinardo, James, and Dinardo, Olivia.


$765,000, 6 Lexington Cir, Deedyjr, William B, and Deedy, Suzanne M, to Mcbath, Michael A, and Truong, Hung P.$705,000, 109 Quinapoxet St, Simac RT, and Harrity Jr, James M, to Buffone, Vincent, and Buffone, Sara.$650,000, 111 Flagler Dr, Cherock, Gabriel, and Cherock, Colleen P, to Mcdonald 2nd, David C, and Mcdonald, Michelle E.$650,000, 19 Stearns Ln, Leblanc, Derek, and Leblanc, Margaret, to Blunt, Richard D, and Abely, Marianne.$385,000, 31 Miles Ave, Sousa, Andrew C, to Hutchinson, Jonathan D, and Hutchinson, Colleen M.$365,000, 206 Elmwood Ave, Newman, Stephen P, to Cherock, Gabriel B, and Cherock, Colleen P.$315,000, 147 Doyle Rd, Powers, Jennifer M, to Aucoin, Jason, and Aucoin, Lisa.$315,000, 41 Somerset Ln, Mouris Steven William Est, and Fair, Joan E, to Mannell, Clara.


$70,000, 515 Old County Rd, Cormier&Sons Const&Hm, to Annan-Tetteh, N B, and Atswei-Tetteh, Naa.


$1,400,000, 56 Mellen St, J&D Properties LLC, to Urmston LLC.$575,000, 332 S Main St, Dupell, Todd E, and Dupell-Otero, Iris G, to Otero, Cristine M, and Moret, Angel M.$410,000, 12 Warfield St, Morrison, Brendan, and Morrison, Lauren, to Lessard, Michelle.$399,900, 25 Laurelwood Dr #25, Mehrmann, Christopher, and Mehrmann, Stephanie, to Urquhart, Matthew, and Urquhart, Nealy.


$100,000, Ragged Hill Rd, Philbin, Cara S, and Scannell, Paul M, to Stratton, Samuel, and Stratton, Shannon.$50,000, Ragged Hill Rd, Philbin, Cara S, and Scannell, Paul M, to D2 Builders Inc.


$1,117,075, 16 Indian Farm Rd, Indian Farms Estates LLC, to Knights, Cameron, and Single, Corin B.$500,000, 10 Saratoga Dr, Hawthorne, J Marlin, and Kearney-Johnson, Kelly, to Pierre, Meaghan, and Pierre, Renaldo.$450,000, 15 Felton St, Ponte, Jorge C, and Ponte, Manuel C, to Ponte, Manuel C, and Ponte, Berta C.$450,000, 34 Kent Dr, Moura, Mario, to Sousa, Thomas M.$360,824, 44 Lincoln St, Vanasse, Claire M, to Decastro, Fabricio R.$260,000, 200 Manning St #17C, Glennon, Joseph D, to Sena, Phillype M.$250,000, 21 Edith Rd, Joseph S Dimare IRT, and Hart, Catherine A, to Dimare, Christine.


$425,000, 215 Langen Rd, Ciccone FT, and Ciccone, Scott A, to Oloughlin, Connor J.


$340,000, 2 Victor Ave, Forti, Kevin J, and Forti, Jennifer A, to Servidio, Anthony.$330,000, 17 Carleton Rd, Gustafson, Jon E, and Gustafson, Rachel M, to Baxter, Allison L.$310,000, 51 Burncoat Ln, Brosnihan, Mary E, to Maday, Aaron, and Maday 3rd, Jerome A.


$580,000, 28 Lantern Ln, Lazazzero, Mardella D, to Slowe FT, and Slowe, Katharine E.$529,000, 31 Norfolk Dr, Provo, James W, and Provo, Annette M, to Bitencourt, Fabiola R.$510,000, 411 Merriam Ave, Wortman, Barry K, and Wortman, Denise F, to Lane, Evan V, and Lane, Abigail E.$499,000, 328 Legate Hill Rd, Barnaby Antoinette M Est, and Daelhousen, John, to Habchi, Naji, and Habchi, Jean.$490,000, 269 Abbott Ave, Laramie, Kevin J, and Laramie, Tara A, to Murray, Thomas J, and Murray, Marie R.$475,500, 26 Pleasant Ter, Beaulac, John E, and Beaulac, Linda A, to Vician-Black, Cheryl, and Black Jr, Robert.$420,000, 81 Maple Ave, King, Christopher J, to Rice-Barahona, Bryan.$400,000, 68 Highland Ave, Lepore, Nicholas C, to Breen, Heather M.$370,000, 102 Winter St, Litalien, Ryan J, and Litalien, Sabrina C, to Bandera, Angel.$365,000, 181 Harvard St, Tardy Jr, Donald R, and Tardy, Anna S, to Sandoval, Melvin, and Pineda-Cruz, Edgar O.$355,000, 132 Hall St, Nyer, Elliot T, and Nyer, Leslie, to Lopez, Linda, and Quiles, Alex.$310,000, 73 Laurel St, Burgos, Ulysses, to Souza, Sidiel A.$305,000, 482 Grant St, Collins, Brendan F, to Gagnon, Dmitri, and Porter, Olivia R.$265,000, 123 Pennacook Dr #123, Longden, Sean, and Longden, Paula A, to Meindersma, Andrew J, and Meindersma, Brenna A.$262,500, 143 Walnut St #2, Ciullo, Andrew J, to Gulli, Francesca.$220,000, 20 Abbey Rd #203, Xarras, Margot, to Cruz-Caudal, Maria L.$210,000, 20 Abbey Rd #104, Xarras, Margot, to Jimenez, Ivan, and Jimenez, Migdalia.$190,000, 146 West St #2B, Diaz, Eduviges, to Paul J Pothier Jr RET, and Pothier Jr, Paul J.


$415,000, 55 Maple Pkwy, Daisy Joanne LLC, to Couture, Jean L.$225,000, 128 Pratt St, Martha K Webster T, and Webster, Martha K, to Mcdermott, Alexander W.$100,000, 800 Lancaster Ave, Parker, Stephen J, to Sunshine NT, and Page, Stephanie L.


$15,322,000, 75 Felton St, Marlborough WCP Hotel LLC, to MB 7 LLC.$920,000, 406 Stearns Rd, Damore, Andrew, and Grant, Patrice M, to Kiryakos, Jessica.$810,000, 39 Hawkins Ln, Tambolleo, Albert, to Fisher, David M.$625,000, 213 Dartmouth St, Kramer, Richard M, and Vanolinda-Kramer, Kristen, to John, Emery A, and John, Dana.$540,000, 40 Chase Rd, Robbins, Jason W, and Robbins, Crystal B, to Rouleau, Shawn, and Rouleau, Emily.$540,000, 82 Raffaele Rd, Silva, Nicolas, and Araujo, Stephanie, to Moreira, Ivana F.$530,000, 215 Millham St, Rouleau, Shawn P, and Rouleau, Emily M, to Kiritsy, Andrew, and Chin-Kiritsy, Lauren.$520,000, 18 Lilac Cir #18, Leung, Albert, and Leung, Nancy, to Rosa, Tereza C, and Bicalho, Joao H.$511,000, 183 Dicenzo Blvd #183, Collins, Jordenn, and Collins, Michael, to Donnelly, Stephen R, and Freeman, Rose K.$440,000, 109 Westminster Dr #109, Mccrann, Brenda, to Jimenez, Maximino, and Jimenez, Germaine.$440,000, 46 Berlin Rd, Egizi Gene R Est, and Cosgrove, Muareen, to Marcolino, Carlos F.$430,000, 69 Benjamin Rd, Smith IRT, and Smith, Joel G, to Flynn, Marissa, and Burnell, Daniel.$385,000, 158 Lincoln St, GTH LLC, to KM Family Rlty Group LLC.$370,000, 359 Elm St, Gradijan, David, to Cabrera, Alejandro, and Lopez, Stephanie.$350,000, 98 Lakeshore Dr, Hamilton, Susan H, and Hamilton, Scott C, to Blatchley, John W, and Blatchley, Elizabeth S.$339,000, 54 Pearl St, Lupisella, Matthew, to Navas, Dina M, and Garcia-Navas, Francisca S.$300,000, 221 Kings Grant Rd, White, Michael H, and Wells Fargo Bank NA Tr, to Sal&Sobs RE LLC.$275,000, 653 Robin Hill St, Mustard, Donna M, to Cloverhill Properties LLC.$219,900, 277 W Main St #24, Smith, Nicholas, to Silverman, Paul, and Silverman, Jane.$166,000, 41 Pleasant St #C, US Bank NA Tr, to Janet R Mcabney Murphy FT, and Mcabney-Murphy, Janet R.


$474,000, 41 Neck Hill Rd, Broken Arrow T, and Oneil, Jan Marie, to Michalowwicz, Jacquelyn, and Sergi, Andrew.


$575,000, 11 Hancock St, Hebert, Lauren E, and Drago, Michael, to Collins, Michael, and Collins, Jordenn.$559,900, 8 Polar Ct #58, F&D Ctrl Realty Corp Inc, to Sankarapillai, A, and Vijayakumari, Jeni C.$505,000, 19 Muriel Ln, Dutra, Tiago, and Dutra, Driele D, to Winroth, Sarah J, and Winroth, Christopher L.$492,500, 10 Agnes Rd, Oliva, Elizabeth J, to Banovic, Ruzica, and Banovic, Branko.$353,000, 21 Country Club Ln #B, Hurd, Gilmara S, and Cerqueira-Filho, Severian, to Petrucci, Susanne P.$350,000, 62 S Main St, Lotfy, Helen, to Castro General Const Inc.$330,000, 18 S Main St, Chillemi, Carleen M, and Tobin, Marion G, to Lema Enterprise LLC.$200,000, 287 Purchase St, Marino, Kenneth E, and Marino, Jon D, to Winwin Properties LLC.$40,000, 16 Shadowbrook Ln #14, Morganti, Robert P, and Bak, Paula A, to Bak, Paula A.


$615,000, 8 Coldbrook Rd, Corridori FT, and Corridori, Matthew T, to Hawkins, Daniel D, and Johnson, Ashley L.$614,801, 32 Clearview Ter #49, Czervik Properties LLC, to Bellerose Sr, William J, and Bellerose, Susan E.$536,107, 30 Clearview Ter #50, Czervik Properties LLC, to Chunduru, Kalyana C, and Poosarla, Sravani.$105,000, 153 Riverlin St, Dias Jr, Joseph R, and 153 Riverlin Street LLC, to AMTD LLC.


$400,000, 67 Vineyard St, Southwick, Daniel B, to Planet Earth Prop LLC.$335,000, 96 Ironstone St, Ranslow, Viola M, to Guilbeault, Joseph A.

North Brookfield

$250,000, 25 Bell St, Rasys, Stephen A, and Rasys, Maria A, to Olson, Matthew A.


$695,000, 27 Country Candle Ln #27, Ruthnorth LLC, to Sukhatme, Vidula V, and Sukhatme, Vikas P.$571,000, 5 Autumn Ln #5, Vempati, Krishna M, to Haso, Fadi, and Barnouti, Farah.$560,000, 33 Thoreau Rd, Mills, George G, and Mills, Theresa A, to Soares, Eliene.$555,000, 18 John Edwards Dr, Tuomi, Debra G, to Delacruz, Carmen.$385,000, 37 Northgate Rd, Gauvin, David G, and Shea-Hays, Patricia, to Bellizzi, Krystal L, and Vize, Keegan J.


$560,000, 569 Marston Rd, Buczek, Matthew, and Buczek, Danielle, to Davis-Cooke, Jason, and Davis-Cooke, Brittany.$517,465, 187 Stone Hill Dr #68, Stone Hill Partners LLC, to Foote, Gail L, and George, Bradford V.$311,000, 18 Delray Gdns, Leblanc, Jeanne T, to Benson, Joan P.$190,000, 134 Linwood Ave, 134 Linwood, to RLC Realty LLC.


$465,000, 210 Edson Rd, J T Glynn Const LLC, to Wade, Aaron T, and Wade, Lisa.


$349,000, 314 S Main St, AGT Homes LLC, to Ramirez, Andres D.$275,000, 6 Shingle Brook Rd, Baranoski, Christine L, and Baranoski, Roger P, to Robinson, Candace, and Robinson, Stephen.$200,000, Mountain Rd (off), Channel Z Seismometry Inc, to Sumner, Joseph C, and Lacroix, Marguerite E.$200,000, Mountain Rd (off), Channel Z Siesmometry Inc, to Sumner, Joseph C, and Lacroix, Marguerite E.$105,000, Main St, Oleksiw, Susan, to Channel Z Seismometry Inc.$99,910, 61 E Main St, FNMA, to Acosta, Wesley.$30,000, Main St, Dumais, Joseph W, to Lord, Sawyer.


$467,500, 36 Mount Pleasant St, Tyrrell 3rd, William F, and Tyrrell, Leslie J, to Nitti, Jennifer L, and Boyle, Christopher D.$381,000, 47 Depot Rd, Picard, Stephanie A, and Picard, Michael J, to Luman, Brett M.$357,000, 18 Marshall St, Spitz, Jessica L, and Spitz, Michael V, to Brotherton, David.$335,000, 9 Patricia Dr #9, Hawkins, James D, and Perkins-Hawkins, Lisa, to Denomme, Angela J.$325,000, 1 Pine Ridge Dr, Vanderhoof, Jestine, to Sinclair, James P, and Dasilva, Chanell.$185,000, 15 Thayer Pond Dr #8, Marchand, Robert, to Mckenna, Savannah R.$185,000, 30 Thayer Pond Dr #2, Seabolt, Janice, to Pelkey, Joanne.


$475,000, 27 Mower St, Mitchell, Brian P, and Woodward, Amanda B, to Foley, Michael S, and Dale, Kathryn A.$372,000, 112 West St, Cote, John J, and Cote, Marcia L, to Wallace, Kathryn H.


$354,900, 35 Old Barre Rd, White, Mary E, to Ruiz, Joseph, and Hryzan, Sophie.$346,000, 53 East St, Chinian, Emily A, to Lowe, Nancy.


$560,000, 114 Gates Rd, Macdonald, Janet F, to MA Audubon Society Inc.$500,000, 7 Osgood Rd, Chandler, Cynthia B, to Pelletier, Andrew, and Pelletier, Kelly.$436,100, 338 Hubbardston Rd, Normandin Group LLC, to Haas, Robert T, and Haas, Claudine T.


$200,000, Athol Richmond Rd (off), Channel Z Siesmometry Inc, to Sumner, Joseph C, and Lacroix, Marguerite E.


$520,000, 184 Pleasantdale Rd, Faith M Robinson IRT, and Winston, Neal A, to Davidson, Sarah, and Davidson, Phillip.$466,755, 25 Soucy Dr #25, J M Soucy Contracting Inc, to Ball, Michael, and Ball, Barbara.$386,000, 196 Main St, Bessette, Amanda R, to Leblanc, Derek M.$144,900, 176 Maple Ave #6-23, Dean, Danny, and Dean, Jody, to Worthington, Neal.


$850,000, 394 Prospect St, Allegrezza, George N, and Allegrezza, Leslie A, to Shankaracharya, Fnu, and Kumari, Abha.$810,000, 25 Farmington Dr, Walaszek-Zybert, Susan C, to Baig, Rizwan, and Kilham, Jessica.$765,000, 43 Hapgood Way, Kilham, Jessica P, and Baig, Rizwan, to Hudock, Bryan M, and Guillily, Maria.$735,000, 62 Elm St #62, Khandelwal, Ashish, and Khandelwal, Ritesh, to Kurmi, Sudhirkumar, and Kumari, Babita.$500,000, 46 Orchard Meadow Dr #46, Malkowski, Charlene R, to Walaszek-Zybert, Susan C.$500,000, 515 Main St, Foley-Donovan, Patricia A, and Donovan Sr, Daniel J, to Klinger, Kristine M.$495,000, 83 Howe Ave, Violet Assad 2017 IRT, and Assad, Laurie V, to Imtiaz, Raheel, and Javed, Anum.$435,000, 34 Brookdale Cir #34, Cramer, Cynthia A, to Archie, David S, and Archie, Renee M.$375,000, 62 Crescent St, Volkert, James F, and Volkert, Jeannine R, to Abdella, Lee C, and Rapp, Michael J.$351,000, 68 Harrington Ave, Cursi, Marlene S, and Salsgiver, Lynn A, to Torraca, Theresa.$275,000, 4 Avon Dr, Dowling, Jonathan D, to Cochran, Rebecca A, and Raszewski-Cochran, Julie.$205,000, 50 Shrewsbury Green Dr #I, Duan, Yuanyuan, to Bartsevich, Anatoli, and Bartsevich, Hanna.


$2,700,000, 3 Glenwood Rd, Backman, Douglas J, to Qin, Mei, and Du, Yanyi.$640,000, 86 Framingham Rd, Robins, Sander, and Robins, Barbara, to Cao, Tong, and Shen, Jiao.$598,000, 7 Wildwood Dr #7, Fabiano, Filomena, to Grayson, Carole A, and Grayson, Mark F.


$650,000, 42 Lens St, Cormier, Gregory S, to Nala Investments LLC.$650,000, 48 Lens St, Cormier, Gregory S, to Nala Investments LLC.$349,900, 77 Marc Ave, Farland, Lionel J, and Farland, Judith A, to Maschal, James, and Maschal, Bridgette.$322,422, 190 Cournoyer Blvd, Guzman, Franchesca, and Pennymac Loan Svcs LLC, to Pennymac Loan Svcs LLC.$279,900, 105 Hill Top Dr, Menard, Kimberly J, to Martinez, Edmundo.$188,000, 438 South St, Benoit, Bruce, and Deutsche Bk Natl T Co Tr, to Deutsche Bk Natl T Co Tr.$155,000, 138 River St, Lebron, Nilsa M, to Colon, Yasmin M.


$835,000, Maple St, JTD Management Inc, to J&R Re Holdings LLC.$389,900, 2 Demers Dr, Yamiolkowski, Gail, and Pellegrino, John, to Russ, Gary, and Russ, Denise.$369,900, 37 Cherry St, Ekleberry William D Est, and Ekleberry, Phyllis F, to Nick&Matt Prop LLC.$205,000, 42 Maple St, Elevation Investment LLC, to 3 Queens LLC.$156,600, 13 Temple St, Latino, Gloria A, and Newrez LLC, to V&J LLC.$100,000, 136 Main St, Ekleberry, Phyllis F, and Ekleberry, William D, to 136 Spencer LLC.


$440,000, 1 Princeton Rd, Linnea F Stangas RET, and Stangas, Michael, to Cramer, Cynthia A.$435,000, 110 Pratts Junction Rd, Stone Ridge Dev Inc, to Almond Sundry LLC.$425,000, 4 Boutelle Rd, Jimenez, Ivan, and Jimenez, Migdalia, to Gaudette, Michael, and Gaudette, Kristen.$375,900, 1 Patriots Way #A, Chamberland, Gary M, and Chamberland, Debra A, to Rita Silberman T, and Dennis, Barbara A.$80,000, 274 Leominster Rd, Continental Stone Marble, to Leite, Manoel L, and Leite, Norma S.


$480,000, 25 Mcgilpin Rd, Forand, Deborah S, to Beauchesne, Tyler J, and Elmy, Lauren M.$120,800, 60 Main St, Wells Fargo Bank NA Tr, to Bashkinov, Igor.


$740,000, 14 Wheelock Rd, Caya, Gerard P, and Caya, Siri S, to Perez, Francisco V, and Giron, Estefany C.$565,000, 39 Dodge Rd, Dziel, Peter J, and Dziel, Ann M, to Wilson, Michael, and Wilson, Charlotte.$500,000, 13 Darling Ln, Hicks, Antonio, and Hicks, Nicole, to Eileen O Joyce T, and Joyce 3rd, John J.$150,000, 107 Putnam Hill Rd, Felters Mill LLC, to Sgr Builders LLC.


$520,000, 225 Gray Rd, Denis, Jeffrey J, and Denis, Nancy A, to Mosquera, Anthony, and Reyes, Josephina.$190,000, 22 Maple St, Cullen Barbara E Est, and Arsenault, Sandra, to Leger, David.$179,400, 23 Day Mill Dr #23, Blakley, Shawn, to Malozzi, Dana.


$540,000, 167 Brookline St, Johnson, Kenneth D, and Johnson, Suk H, to Saari, Danielle.


$600,000, 207 North St, Lilburn, Robert S, and Lilburn, Janice R, to Sweeney, Christopher, and Morey, Jenny.$370,000, 104 High St, Silva, Mathew D, and Pinheiro, Anna, to Lilburn, Janice R.


$865,000, 236 Glendale St, J R&Diane L King IRT, and Went, Eric S, to Witkus, Stephen, and Witkus, Marcia.$749,900, 32 Turner Farm Rd, Arraho RT, and Dagostino, John J, to Kieran, Patricia, and Brown, Brian.$575,000, 41 Eber Taft Rd, Pfister, William C, to Deaguiar, Fabiano S, and Aguiar, Natalia.$549,000, 53 Spring Hill Dr #53, Ohearne Forest Glen LLC, to Chamberland, Gary M, and Chamberland, Debra A.$478,600, 20 Tea Party Dr #20, Independence Uxbridge, to Shanmugavelu, Sreedhar, and Sreedhar, Jeyalakshmi.$475,865, 28 Tea Party Dr #28, Independence Uxbridge, to Leong, Jade, and Leong, Kit.$420,000, 16 Fair St, Burnham, Shelly M, to Mcinerny, Katherine, and Mcinerny, Drew.$370,000, 6 Carriage Path #6, Choate Arnold G Est, and Sotona, Marilyn C, to Trifari, Christine.$311,000, 173 Granite St #173, Berrafato, Katie, and Berrafato, Paul, to Picard, Daniel C.$60,000, 298 N Main St, Reynolds, Nicole M, to Razzy Realty LLC.


$430,000, 61 West St, Rejicus LLC, to 61 West Street LLC.$400,000, 282 Old Gilbertville Rd, Wisnoski, Michael, and Wisnoski, Diane, to Heintz, Erik J.$240,000, 23-25 West St, Manomednet LLC, to For My Littles LLC.


$365,000, 26 Old West Brookfield Rd, New Man Ventures LLC, to For My Littles LLC.$245,000, 9 Nelligan Ter, Rutter, Clifford M, to Piche, Crystal.$140,000, 85 Chapel St, Plata O Plomo Inc, to Yacteen Brothers LLC.


$840,000, 91 N Main St, Jpeg Realty Inc, to 91 North Main LLC.$725,000, 35-37 Whitcomb St, Tri Properties Inc, to Sunway Properties LLC.$436,900, 2 Litchfield Ln, Flat Rock Dev Co Inc, to Julian, John R, and Julian, Carol A.$420,000, 11 Brookline St, Nguyen-Vo, Kimngan, and Vo, Duc, to Smith, Jake C.$410,000, 53 Granite St, Sledziewska, Bozena, and Verity, Adrienne, to Matos-Fuentes, Isamar.$275,000, 13 Greystone Ave, Weiss, Richard M, and Weiss, Tammy, to Ferguson, Adam J.$250,000, 4 Englewood St, Kilian, Wayne S, and Kilian, Theresa L, to Ojerholm, Justin, and Wade, Alisa A.$230,000, 10 Oakmont St, Kuczinski, Donald, to Ether Properties LLC.

West Boylston

$485,000, 517 Prospect St, Cole, Charles C, and Cole, Susan P, to Leblanc, Kelly P, and Carrabino Jr, John J.$385,000, 72 Hillside Village Dr #72, Griggs, Leigh, to Mahoney, Madelynne, and Mahoney, Daniel.$250,000, 1 Stockwell Rd, Meola Stockwell RT, and Meola-Currier, Julie M, to Procopio Properties LLC.

West Brookfield

$200,227, 23 Central St, Worthington, Derek P, and Lakeview Loan Svcg LLC, to Lakeview Loan Servicing.


$845,000, 12 Fox Ln, Murray Jr, Philip G, and Politch, Justin J, to Jayaprabhu, Padma, and Radhakrishnan, Naveen K.$720,000, 10 Old Nourse St, Volpe, John D, and Volpe, Susan B, to Dececco, Marco, and Assetta, Benedetta.$620,000, 170 Flanders Rd, Dependable Hm Soln LLC, to Paul, Taranpreet, and Singh, Rumani.$582,000, 1 Carolyn Dr, Crowe, Raymond P, and Crowe, Danice C, to Peter, Aqwin V, and Peter, Maria V.$579,900, 14 Daania Dr #14, Village Commons RT, and Farooq-Ansari, A A, to Ravichandiran, G M.$547,495, 12412 Peters Farm Way #12412, Pulte Hm Of New Eng LLC, to Cherie R Lynch Conway LT, and Lynch-Conway, Cherie R.$230,000, 14-C Mayberry Dr #3, Hines RET, and Grabowski, Pauline, to Raval, Ujwal, and Raval, Kajal.


$2,110,887, 2 Rowtier Rd, Stores Solar Ent Series, to Ne Renewable Fitchburg.$629,900, 16 White Pine Dr, Martinez Jr, Wayne E, and Martinez, Aimee, to Marasa, Donna, and Marasa, Victor.$326,179, 19 East Rd, Sutela, Theresa G, and USA HUD, to USA HUD.


$350,000, 89 Hale St, Rosa, Joseph A, and Rosa, Christina M, to Bourque, Robert E, and Maillet, Monique M.$298,000, 367 Central St, Kjornes, Donald M, to Cerasuolo, Sarah.$256,300, 169 Baldwinville Rd, Phongsaly, Stephanie K, and Phongsaly, Lacy R, to Jankowski, Catherine.$243,000, 316 Ash St, Wilson Jr, James G, and US Bank NA Tr, to US Bank NA Tr.$175,212, 184 School St, Franz, Sara M, and Midfirst Bank, to Midfirst Bank.$78,000, 16 Oakland St, 16 Oakland Street RT, and Balicki, Ramona, to Berkshire Prop Buyers LLC.


$17,250,000, 34-80 Goldthwaite Rd, Goldthwaite Holdings LLC, to Arrowpoint Grn Hl Owner.$17,250,000, 49-99 Goldthwaite Rd, Goldthwaite Holdings LLC, to Arrowpoint Grn Hl Owner.$2,100,000, 119 Chandler St, Savasta, Thomas R, to Polar Views LLC.$2,100,000, 125 Chandler St, Savasta, Thomas R, to Polar Views LLC.$2,100,000, 127 Chandler St, Savasta, Thomas R, to Polar Views LLC.$1,800,000, 2-1/2 Henchman St, O&R RT, and Orourke, Michael, to 2 Henchman Street LLC.$1,800,000, 2-4 Henchman St, O&R RT, and Orourke, Michael, to 2 Henchman Street LLC.$1,800,000, 8 Moen St, O&R RT, and Orourke, Michael, to 2 Henchman Street LLC.$1,600,000, 224 Shrewsbury St, Skyhawk Realty LLC, to 224 Shrewsbury Street RT, and Lundgren Equity Tr.$1,000,000, 5 Madison St, 5-9 Madison Street T, and Shwachman, Matthew W, to 5 Madison Street LLC.$660,000, 275 Shrewsbury St, Belkin, Jonathan, to 275 Shoes LLC.$658,000, 25 Winfield St, Agolli, Entela, to Muneton, Jennifer N.$650,000, 76 Sagamore Rd, Dovetail Properties LLC, to Rondinone, Kevin.$647,500, 61 Merrifield St, Demowski FT, and Dembowski, Michael J, to Wanda, Osseni N.$635,000, 230 Plantation St, Amorello, Linda, to Ayers 2nd, Thomas.$629,900, 7 Buffum St, Finch, Joseph B, to Longyu Realty LLC.$620,000, 10 Wabash Ave, Dosreis, Wenderson P, and Dosreis, Kelly, to Sbat, Antoine, and Hidaya, Luna.$585,000, 5 Digregorio Dr, Simoncini, Raymond A, and Simoncini, Donna M, to Boyal, Inderjit K, and Sahota, Lakhveer.$570,000, 252 Lake Ave, Teresa V Dellolio T, and Dellolio, Dominic L, to Premier Rental Prop LLC.$560,000, 16 Yukon Ave, Lux Development Group LLC, to Kanu, Samuel.$545,000, 34 Christine St, Parvin Constructions LLC, to Fixon-Owoo, Mercy, and Fixon-Owoo, Ebenezer.$535,000, 74 Birch St, Batista, Sergio M, to Mau Group LLC.$515,000, 36 Dixfield St, P&M Properties LLC, to Snyder, John.$510,000, 63 Mason St, Maple Tree RE LLC, to Gilman, Patrick, and Gilman, Kelsey.$510,000, 8 Benefit Ter, Quang-Luu, Truc, and Bui, Thuy T, to Cruz, Tony T, and Pignatiello, Luca.$487,000, 30 Trahan Ave, Robinson, Cynthia R, and Robinson, Stephen A, to Rabash International LLC.$460,000, 10 Wendover Rd, Pintor, Mildred, and Pintor, Miguel, to Orantes, Gladys, and Pineda, Juan C.$457,500, 20 Scandinavia Ave, Aguirre, Dianne, and Duverge, Geoff, to Baptiste, Wildiana J, and Baptiste, Wilner J.$455,000, 21 Gambier Ave, Belkin, Jonathan, and Church, Nelson R, to Bermejo-Calle, Monica.$450,000, 26 Courtland St, Raptis, Philip G, and Jean-Francois, Nicole D, to Gosselin, Donald.$450,000, 33 Ayrshire Rd, Bourisk, Diane, and Chachi, Thomas, to Reilly, Neil V, and Reilly, Christine.$450,000, 5 Northampton St, Green Hill Realty Corp, to Pham, Kevin Q, and Pham, Quyen.$435,000, 54 High Ridge Rd, Nguyen, Phai, and Kwan, Wing F, to Leuenberger, Gary M.$420,000, 1 Suntaug Rd, Suntaug RT, and Milne Law PC Tr, to Lucci, Barbara J.$420,000, 64 Circuit Ave N, Keith Marcia Est, and Nadow, Michelle, to Habbo, Mohammad J.$412,000, 4 Lee St, M Nestelbaum 2008 T, and Nestelbaum, David A, to Torres, Ana C.$400,000, 1232 Main St, Ventura, Vito A, and Shiraka, Deborah, to Morais&Martins LLC.$400,000, 240 Greenwood St, Boyd, Wayne R, and Baldelli, Judith F, to West, Michael, and West, Tasha.$395,000, 5 Royal Rd, ML Realty Group LLC, to Badie, Alexis, and Djounbou, Josiane.$392,000, 68 Bowker St, Kerio, Dani, and Alkhori, Cloudia, to Dacruz, Vivaldo A, and Dacruz, Rodrigues D.$390,000, 303 Greenwich Ct #303, Abatement Pro&Demo Inc, to Cullen, Robert R, and Cullen, Elizabeth A.$390,000, 33 Barrows Rd, Cullen, Robert R, and Cullen, Elizabeth A, to Ekeson, Adaeze.$380,000, 1 Agate Ave, Gurgone, Kristal, to 5 Point 5 RT, and Patient, Richard J.$370,000, 1 Envelope Ter #TH1, KG RT, and Gibbs, Lisa K, to Gibbs, Ellery, and Revelli, Brandon J.$370,000, 666 Franklin St, Liberatore, Laura, to Apetu, Eric, and Amegatcher, Patience.$365,000, 23 Hacker St, Tang, Scott, and Martinez, Ardes R, to Vantran, Tom.$360,000, 49 Barrett Ave, Erickson, Juliann, to Phiri-Coombs, Grace.$355,000, 106 Orient St, Ghannoum, Noreldean, and Ricci, Nikki C, to Muir, Cadianne K.$355,000, 9 Oswald St, 9 Oswald Street RT, and Sharon Jr, Paul A, to Ventura, Luis E, and Vargas, Digna C.$350,000, 14 Bishop Ave, Adam, David, and Adam, Terri, to Chiumento, Geena M, and Valcour, Megan M.$350,000, 30 Passway 5, Potenti, Cherise R, and Potenti, Philip J, to Perreault Jr, Michael, and Desa, Pollyana.$350,000, 44 Stockton St, Brosnan, James J, and Brosnan, Mary E, to Navarez-Deguzman, Maria, and Guzman-Rubio, Jose J.$350,000, 48 Tower St, Gordon, Tanya, to Viola LLC.$347,000, 18 Elizabeth St, 28 Copperfield LLC, to Piperhill LLC.$340,000, 26 Monticello Dr, PJK26 NT, and Bartosiewicz, Ann, to Choun, Sonny.$335,000, 6 Sunny Hill Dr, Mcginn, Patricia R, to Hanlon, Conor T, and Hoffey, Amanda M.$310,000, 176 Apricot St, Rivas, Wilton, and Dejesus, Carmen, to Friedler, Nadia R, and Bolduc, Lawrence K.$309,000, 18 Dryden St, Dube, Eric W, to Jolly Chimp LLC.$308,000, 1275 Pleasant St, Dennis P Mcgee FT, and Mcgee, Daniel P, to Zechia, Jude, and Akoh, Elizabeth.$287,500, 48 Water St #403, Perrotti, Edward, to Sabo, Nathan, and Cohen, Julie.$286,000, 15 Diana St, Alarie, Richard F, and TD Bank NA, to Khalili, Hossein.$285,000, 13 Saybrook Rd, Edward C Rivard FT, and Rivard Jr, Edward C, to Alrkebaue, Mushtaq S, and Asimulallah, Elaf A.$279,900, 141 Sunderland Rd, Breen, Jean, to Diagne, Djibril.$275,000, 270 Sunderland Rd #30, Layous, Wasei, and Massis, Manahel, to Tributino, Alec.$270,000, 25 Frederickson Ave, Fortier-Schwarz, Carolyn, to Darling Jr, David, and Freeman, Melissa.$262,500, 330 Sunderland Rd #91, Osterloh, Jeannette, to Herlihy Christian Living.$235,000, 82 Toronita Ave #82, DD Sons RT, and Dufresne, David J, to Meekins, Richard A.$225,360, 25 Montgomery Ave, Kacevich, William D, and PHH Mortgage Corp, to PHH Mortgage Corp.$210,000, 10 Rutledge St #2D, Hunt, Esther, to Nikmitas LLC.$105,900, 630 Grafton St, Genatossio, Bernadette, and Genatossio, Carlo, to Gold Star Builders Inc.$103,000, 123 Whipple St #15, Pareene, Daniel M, and Pareene, Nathalie V, to 586 East Fourth LLC.



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