The Power is Now

Worcester County real estate transfers, May 30 – Worcester Telegram


$250,000, 60 Stowell Rd, Paris, Richard S, and Tomoda, Jane E, to Leach, David W, and Leach, Susan R.

$237,000, 12 Cobb Rd, Mei, David J, to Gelski, Lynn C, and Gelski, Stephanie L.

$25,000, Pine Ave, Champagne, George A, to Earth Land Dev LLC.

$25,000, Pine Ave, Champagne, George A, to Earth Land Dev LLC.


$322,900, 972 Main St, Caruso, Mitchell A, to Navarette, Blake A, and Navarette, Illona F.


$330,000, 183 Goddard St, Murphy, Andrew T, and Murphy, Alycia M, to Odonnell, Heather L.

$267,000, 157 Harugari St, Spooner, Karl, and Spooner, Christina, to Tremallo, Dominick, and Tremallo, Jaiden A.

$225,000, 575 Cottage St, Soltysik, Andrew J, and Soltysik, Bryan C, to Glennon, Matthew J.

$220,000, 477 Cottage St, 190 Main Street RT, and Morandi, Kris, to Perez-Cardoza, Ozzie, and Perez-Cardoza, Jorge.

$199,900, 646 Pequoig Ave, Laford, Thomas P, and Laford, Andrea L, to Neely, Sarah E, and Robinson, Timothy J.

$120,000, 151 Silver Lake St, Swift Homes LLC, to Shaw, Andrew, and Mukoya, Immaculate.

$100,000, 1709 Main St, Giarle, Gary, to Cadette&Nadreau Lancaster.

$60,000, 211 Old Keene Rd, Ares Old Keene Road RT, and Ares, Sarah A, to Allaire, Jason A.


$455,000, 4 Marie St, Bishop, Tobias J, and Downer, Kevin, to Best, Cynthia.

$425,000, 38 Inwood Rd, JGP Contracting LLC, to Bakowski, Laura, and Weaver, John A.

$385,000, 30 Waterman Rd, Creelman, Sarah D, and Quitadamo, Eric D, to Razi, Main, and Afrin, Sazia.

$384,900, 14 Blaker St #14, Reserve 2325 LLC, to Pothins, Kanaka K, and Pothins, Swetha.

$340,000, 5 Stone St, Oneil, Tara, to Tyks, Donna R, and Dupre, David P.

$340,000, 9 Shary Ln, Mackler, Dennis A, and Mackler, Rosane S, to Firmino, Jorge P, and Pereira-Firmino, Vanilde.

$230,000, 8 Clarendon Rd, Cusson, Paul J, and Cusson, Michele M, to Cusson, Courtney M, and Strout, Jacob T.

$139,500, 29 Wellman St, Walsh, Phyllis A, and Walsh, Daniel J, to Carnevale, Michael A.


$600,000, 298 Blackstone St, Millette, Pamela A, to Quality Homes Inc.

$430,000, 146 Mendon St, Duarte, Krystal, to Daylor, Danielle.

$350,000, 225 Farm St, Collard, Donna, and Dooley, Robert E, to Lockwood, Amy E, and Bourgery, Timothy F.

$250,000, 16-18 Milton St, Felice, Anthony S, to Jolicoeur, Gary A.


$1,200,000, 85 Fox Run Rd, Frend, Peter J, to Baer, Thomas M, and Weesen-Baer, Barbara J.

$1,043,135, 34 Goose Pond Path, Tadmor RT, and Wheeler, D Bruce, to Parker, Emily E, and Parker, Robert C.

$880,000, 304 Still River Rd, Pinto, Kristina C, to Monath, Thomas P.

$672,000, 172 Ballville Rd, Libby, Jesse, and Libby, Elissa, to Kramer, Christina E, and Kramer, Cosmo.

$600,000, 116 Wattaquadock Hill Rd, Macdonald Catherine Est, and Schiffer, Heather K, to Breslin, Daniel L, and Breslin, Cheryl D.

$570,000, 545 Wattaquadock Hill Rd, Goddard, Michelle, and Goddard, Jonathan, to Jordan, Connor W, and Doucot, Danielle M.


$385,000, 1 Main St, Mullaney, Daniel, and Mullaney, Catherine, to Salvia, Amy J.

$175,000, 5 Perry Rd #2, Barnard Hill Estates LLC, to National Hm Executives.

$10,000, 32 Heywood St, Worcester Sand&Gravel Co, to Katz, Christopher, and Katz, Lindsay.

$10,000, 40-68 Heywood St, Worcester Sand&Gravel Co, to Sokolowski, Michael J, and Sokolowski, Linda J.


$317,000, 1119 Dunhamtown Brimfield Rd, Wallace, Karen L, to Blake, Adam C, and Kozicki, Amanda E.


$291,000, 158 Fiskdale Rd, Bliss, Jason F, and Bliss, Caitlin M, to Shannon, Jessica M, and Brower, Aron M.


$430,000, 77 Lakeview Dr, Joan J Dirlam LT, and Dirlam, Joan J, to Heaphy, Shawn, and Heaphy, Sheryl.

$341,000, 144 Gould Rd, Aldrich, Jerry L, and Carroll, Elizabeth J, to Woodcock, Jared J, and Radivonyk, Lisa M.

$340,000, 176 Nugget Dr, Hayes, Shawn W, to Kelleher, Allison.

$30,500, N Sturbridge Rd, Nylin Patricia F Est, and Fogarty, John B, to Silva, Josivaldo.


$350,000, 229 Main St, Fernandes, Silvio C, and Fernandes, Adna F, to Chuqui, Cesar L.


$569,900, 15 Cobblestone Ln, JLT Development LLC, to Omondi-Ochollah, Valery, and Ochollah, Jessica.

$475,750, 78 Mumford St, Aquadro, Allessandro C, and Aquadro, Shelby, to Couper, Stephanie L, and Couper, Scott E.

$472,000, 61 Pond St, Natale, Michael, and Natale, Tracy, to Wareing, Steven M, and Wareing, Heidi L.

$465,000, 46 NW Main St, Tsimogiannis, Thomas, to Rodrigues, Steven, and Rodrigues, Rebecca.

$325,000, 47 Depot St, Cosky, Robert F, to Carvalho, Bruce S.

$127,500, 68 Birch St, Tebo, Herbert H, to Herman, Jeffery.


$300,000, 11 Paglione Dr, Higgins, Steven J, to Gately, Carol.

$300,000, 22 Kennedy Dr, Donohoe, Kerry F, to Stirling-Donohoe, Thomas.

$135,000, 6 Warsaw Ave #4, Allain, Charlene M, and Cormier, David E, to Choma, Katarina.

East Brookfield

$357,000, 117 Evergreen St, Buzzbuck LLC, to Whitman, Jeffrey, and Benninger, Sandra.


$475,000, 70-72 Sheridan St, Quijada, Yessenia L, to Guevara-Salgado, Mario H.

$411,500, 66 Richardson Rd, Joanne M Leclair FT, and Leclair, Richard E, to Haldt, Harry P, and Haldt, Susan C.

$405,000, 138 Harvard St, RM Prop Management LLC, to Cax Properties LLC.

$380,000, 38-44 Bemis Rd, Chua Properties LLC, to Candor Rlty Inv Group LLC.

$361,500, 158 Green St, Pespisa, Colin, to Ortiz, Yuleyca.

$350,000, 119 Madison St, Pen, Vimean, to Guevara-Salgado, Mario H.

$325,000, 4 Maplewood Ter, Santerre Marilyn Est, and Amaral, Rebecca, to Rivers, Susan M.

$318,000, 25 Fulton St, Hernandez, Danny, to Louis, Martha.

$299,000, 94 Green Briar Rd #94, 94 Greenbriar Road RT, and Bagdonas, Julie A, to Kemp, Gail M.

$285,000, 44 Valleyview Dr #44, Bickford, Barry L, to Bickford, Jason J.

$275,000, 189 Pearl St, Stacy, Jeff S, and Murray, Stacey, to Clarke, Aimee.

$275,000, 196-198 Water St, Circle Holdings LLC, to Johnr LLC.

$275,000, 203-209 Water St, Circle Holdings LLC, to Johnr LLC.

$270,000, 200 Heywood St, Gomez, Darwin, to Medina, Carlos.

$270,000, 94 Ashburnham Hill Rd, Mcnamara, Nicholas J, and Mendez-Moctezuma, Karla I, to Perez-Flores, Wilber A, and Garcia-Orellana, Sonia G.

$266,000, 319 Canton St, Aikey, Roberta A, to Bance, Inoussa B.

$255,000, 349 Albee St, Peterson, Nora C, to Pierce, Judith.

$230,000, 18 Mechanic St, Miranda, Raven T, to Hughes, Carleen K.

$205,000, 1098 Main St, 1098 Main Street RT, and Aukstikalnis, James, to Selin, Michael, and Selin, Kelly.

$205,000, 46 Johnson St, Kalagher, Kimberly, to Balchi, Jacquelyn, and Yu, Haiyang.

$171,950, 102 Arlington St, Reverse Mtg Funding LLC, to Gamez, Jose.

$160,000, 52 Albee St, Tosoni Peter J Est, and Cucchiara, Gregory, to Fiumara, Alec.

$145,000, 61 Arlington St, Goes, Robert, to SC Trade Room LLC.

$142,000, 47 School St, Karis Carol G Est, and Vilkas, Vincent A, to Tran, Nghia T.

$90,000, 285 Main St #285, Riddell LLC, to New Realty Group LLC.

$25,000, 7 Milk St, Martin, Robert S, to Blair, Daniel.


$425,000, 68 Jonathan St, Madru, Daniel E, and Pittman-Madru, Kathleen J, to Almoza, Vaina, and Loreus, Rose.

$390,900, 49 Dyer St, M&M Dream Homes Corp, to Frasca, Jordan, and Yost, Ashley.

$315,000, 4 Ken Dr, Harrington, Christine A, to Buratti-Aikey, Roberta A.

$315,000, 96 Acadia Rd, Foster, Donald S, to Jones, Mario, and Jones, Kailyn.

$292,000, 400 West St, Domurat, Catherine A, to Kum, Mildred.

$285,000, 112 Chapel St, Donohue, Steven W, to Donahue, Julie.

$260,000, 330 Chestnut St, Daniels, Mark D, and Daniels, Jaclyn M, to Sykes, Russell J, and Sykes, Rebecca R.

$223,000, 24 Greenwood St, Mclean, David P, to Aguirre Lyons LLC.

$203,000, 110 Leamy St, Gabis, Gail, to Bauer, Thomas E.

$197,000, 32 Century Way #32, Hanssen, Amanda M, to Aldrich, Angel R, and Aldrich, Kristen E.

$120,000, 492 Main St, Black Tulip LLC, to Simrah Gardens LLC.


$790,000, 5 Bridle Ridge Dr, Cao, Chun, to Robinson, John, and Robinson, Melanie.

$535,000, 109 Fitzpatrick Rd, Cozzolino, Michael L, and Cozzolino, Lisa A, to Michalak, John M, and Michalak, Patricia L.

$460,000, 7 Bluebird Dr #7, Kataria Joint RET, and Kataria, Jitender, to Vora, Kunal, and Vora, Vidhi.

$450,000, 34 Ferry St, Merrill, Daniel K, and Purcell-Estabrook, Erin, to Mustafa, Syed A, and Rizvi, Hira.

$290,000, 11 Spring Hill Dr, Spring Hill FT, and Beauregard, Victoria M, to Beauregard, Mark D.


$1,540,000, 117 Hospital Rd, Commonwealth Fusion Sys, to King 117 Hospital LLC.

$975,000, 55 Whitney Rd, Cote Contracting LLC, to Holub, Bradley, and Holub, Nicole.

$391,100, 88 Grant Rd #B, Devens Village Green LLC, and Nau Partners LLC, to Scoggins, Matthew G, and Scoggins, Sarah H.

$202,394, 94 Ayer Rd, J2D2 LT, and Johnson, Diana M, to Mesnick, Daniel B.


$605,000, 15 Jordan Rd, Kendall Homes Inc, to Vemula, Yashaswi, and Sabbithi, Amulya.

$585,000, 122 Pilgrim Dr, Kelley, Pamela L, to Stalvey, Robert W, and Stalvey, Andrea L.

$570,000, 42 Holt Rd, Ingram, Bethany M, to Faenza, Mark N, and Faenza, Eleanore M.

$499,680, 36 Tea Party Cir #36, Chaffin Pond Dev LLC, to Covas, Antonio, and Covas, Eugenia.

$450,000, 85 Cutler Rd, Simac RT, and Harrity, James M, to Tat, Otis H.

$382,000, 448 Quinapoxet St, Bermudez, Cynthia E, to Barbernitz, Mark, and Barbernitz, Martha.

$205,000, 15 Nichols St #3, Martin, Kathleen, to Doyle, Ann M.


$45,000, Butterworth Rd, Emerald REO LLC, to Bodensieck, Christopher.


$500,000, 20 Park St, Mcdougle, Andrew F, and Mcdougle, Carol S, to Hines, Kelsey, and Mcdougle, Kyle.

$397,000, 87 Mill St, Bell, Joan P, and Smith, James M, to Ribeiro, Davi.

$320,000, 211-A S Main St, Ribeiro, Davi, and Povilonyte, Valda, to Gonzaga, Andre.


$850,000, 36 Gardner Rd #2-2, C&J RT, and Curtis, Marc D, to 36 Gardner Road LLC.

$255,000, 54 Pitcherville Rd, Miller, Max D, to Kurtz, Isaiah, and Kurtz, Elizabeth L.

$40,000, Mount Jefferson Rd #7A, Sumner Bette A Est, and Sumner, Scott K, to Ridgecrest Inv Prop LLC.

$40,000, Mount Jefferson Rd #7B, Sumner Bette A Est, and Sumner, Scott K, to Ridgecrest Inv Prop LLC.


$17,200,000, 10 Technology Dr, Center At Hudson E&A LLC, to NNM RT, and Munjal, Manoj.

$770,000, 2 Hammond Cir, Jacobs, Dawn K, and Jacobs, Thomas F, to Labombard, Sean R, and Labombard, Katelyn M.

$672,000, 21 Zina Rd, Hassan, David V, and Hassan, Pattie A, to Ritcey, Judith M.

$525,000, 111 Brigham St #4A, Assabet Village, Frary, Michael S, and Frary, Beth A, to Fox FT 2014, and Fox, Howard K.

$505,000, 28 Blueberry Ln, Lattanzi, Donna M, to Li, Franklin K, and Chen, Xinrong.

$450,000, 23 Laurel Dr, Ryan Hudson RT, and Ryan, Todd A, to Friedman, Daniel.

$425,000, 143 Broad St #19, Bannon, Lisa, to Stigmatine Fathers Inc.

$335,000, 58 Winter St, Burgess, Michael C, and Burgess, Pierre R, to Triple J Monteiro LLC.


$330,000, 2606 N Main St, Corcoran, Thomas J, and Corcoran, Leda, to Mozynski, Azurde, and Mozynski, Michael.


$550,000, 275 Mechanic St, MTL Rlty Partners Const, to Sandoval, Paulino.

$510,000, 46 Crestfield Ln, Gaudet, Dean R, and Gaudet, Lynn M, to Herphile-Tra, Theodore.

$405,000, 41 Lowe St, Mimnaugh, Kyle D, to Gonzalez, Benjamin, and Gonzalez, Carali M.

$375,000, 191 Ridgewood Dr, Zommick, Janie, to Daniels, Marcus, and Leclair, Kara.

$370,000, 24 Vassar St, Caissey, Tyler, and Caissey, Jessica, to Boegemann, Francis E, and Boegemann, Cheri L.

$350,000, 301 Ridgewood Dr, Schumacher, Linda L, to Beninato, Merry.

$340,000, 46 Eugene St, Hebert, David M, and Hebert, Gale A, to Haywood, Derek.

$339,800, 100 Eden Gln, Quinn, Stephanie, and Quinn, S, to Reyes-Santiago, Rodolfo.

$280,000, 60 Fox Meadow Rd #H, Eldredge, Michael J, and Blizard-Eldredge, Wendy L, to Ballard, David, and Ballard, Mi.

$275,000, 15 Starr St, Nancy V Mcgregor RT, and Mcgregor, William H, to Mike Amico Revolution RT, and Amico, Wayne J.

$268,800, 57 Chapman Pl #57, Emma, Michael A, and Emma, Pamela C, to Dibenedetto, Carmelo, and Dibenedetto, Angela.

$260,730, 11 Mahogany Run #11, Wozniak, Karyn L, and Pabst, David S, to Greene, Erica R.

$250,000, 89 Pennacook Dr #89, Adeyinka, Adeyinka, to Sottile, Joseph.

$241,500, 125 Cortland Cir #125, Lane-Anderson, Loretta, to Sterling, Alexander J.

$220,000, 54 Green St #401, Dindia, Samantha M, to Mccarthy, Jacqueline.

$215,000, 32 Abbott Ave, Burchell, Cameron G, and Burchell, Roberta A, to Burchell, Zachary T, and Burchell, Hannah.

$195,000, 322 Main St, Seaman St LLC, and Dumay, Arnold, to Encarnacion, Edwin, and Chilumuna, Lewis.

$180,000, 14 7th Ave, Leblanc, Ronald M, and Leblanc, Jeannine M, to T D K Realty Inc.

$100,000, 147 Litchfield Pines Dr #D, Katz, David L, to Valadez, Maria P.


$1,400,000, 406 Lancaster Ave, Burton, Gary T, and Kubetz, Harry M, to Korndorfer, Sergio R.

$565,000, 35 Northfield Rd, Borreson, Sherri L, to Edmiston, Mark T.

$500,000, 218 Northfield Rd, Meadows Edge T, and Fleming, Barbara A, to Isaksen, Beth C, and Yaron, David.

$460,000, 19 Redwood Rd, Smith, Jason R, and Smith, Michelle A, to Larosee, Kerri A, and Larosee, Chad M.

$295,000, 422 Mulpus Rd, Donald P Solovei RET, and Solovei, Donald P, to Poitras, Jason.


$692,000, 73 Dean Rd, Martins, Mariana, to Sommerville, Alexandra N.

$580,000, 83 E Main St, Nookala, Sriram, to 83A East Main St LLC.

$525,000, 317 Lakeshore Dr, Stuart, Joanne, and Stuart, Robert M, to Burns, Cynthia J.

$525,000, 48 Greenwood St, Sakiki, Oni Z, to Hussain, Jawad, and Khan, Samina B.

$480,000, 18 Schofield Dr, Sommerville, Alexandra M, to Powers, Philip, and Dedrick, Alexandra N.

$355,000, 11 Hunter Ave #11, Chaves, Derek A, to Zecena-Payes, Luis A.

$351,000, 55 Crystal Brook Way #D, Crystal Brook, Carlin, Michael P, and Carlin, Katia, to Harrington, Christina.

$327,500, 67 Crystal Brook Way #F, Crystal Brook, Liadis, Alexander, and Liadis, Lauren, to Simms, Mario, and Solomon, Elizabeth.

$322,000, 45 Lakeside Ave #5, Lakeside Ave, Lavigne, Diane M, and Lavigne, John E, to Adithya Iver T, and Iyer, Dinesh S.

$290,000, 17 Bicknell St, Teresa Stefanski IRT, and Stefanski, Mark J, to Castro Auto Repair Inc.


$456,000, 38 Mowry St, Strapponi, Carl A, and Strapponi, Leonard R, to Griest, Shannon M, and Griest, Derek N.

$445,000, 93 Providence St #A, Claro, David, and Lucas, John, to Franciosi, Geena C.

$350,000, 28 Asylum St, Tetreault, Alan D, and Tetreault, Phyllis, to Tetreault, Alan D, and Tetreault, Lauren E.


605,000, 54 Silver Hill Rd, Lima, Thiago D, to Oliveira, Eduarda M, and Dasilva, Fabricio.

$537,133, 3 Megan Ct #3, Snowflake LLC, to Wilkinson, Chris D, and Wilkinson, Pamela M.

$530,000, 168 Walden Way #168, Wilinson, Chris D, and Wilinson, Pamela M, to Dicostanza, Frank J, and Dicostanza, Patricia R.

$420,000, 1 Governors Way #D, Obrien, Kathleen M, to Dennison, James.

$420,000, 7 Harvard Dr, Squiciari LT, and Squiciari, Maryann, to Reis, Marcio M.

$400,000, 10 Lombardi Cir #10, Herlihy, Robert E, and Herlihy, Susan, to Zampa, Richard M, and Zampa, Catherine.

$391,000, 88 S Main St, Hamm, Donald W, to Desouza, Raquel C.

$387,400, 78 Fruit Street Ext, Titolo Thomas Rocco Est, and Marderosian, Louise M, to OA Homes LLC.

$387,000, 16 Jefferson St, Wilson, James M, to Mahoney, Shawn.

$220,000, 10 Shadowbrook Ln #21, Carneiro, Victor B, to Ilyas, Elias.


$383,838, 38 Prospect St, Dunn FT, and Peterson, Patricia, to Moseley, Patrick R, and Moseley, Bridget E.

$350,000, 58 Beach St, Matton Nancy B Est, and Chase, Jeanne R, to Davis, Heather, and Bouthillette, Eric.

$309,900, 20 Elmwood Ave, Shorette, Marie, and Shorette, Michael A, to Galeano, Sonia N.

$297,777, 101 Wheelock Ave, Fiske, Robert W, to Johnson, Andrew O.

North Brookfield

$260,000, 75 Elm St, Chandler, Thomas H, and Chandler, Gail E, to Farrell, Marc.


$930,000, 16 Little Pond Rd, Forbush, James M, and Forbush, Kirsten V, to Smulan, Ryan, and Smulan, Lorissa.

$840,000, 181 E Main St, Jordan, Connor W, and Doucot, Danielle M, to Paschall, Christopher, and Paschall, Amy B.

$655,000, 293 Whitney St, Amigud, Eugene V, and Amigud, Bella M, to Khare, Anil B, and Khare, Preeti P.

$459,900, 253 Brewer St, Aronovitz, Richard, to Kent, Stacie A, and Hill, Aaron D.


$640,563, 518 Douglas Rd, Adee, John, and Adee, Colleen, to Gowans, Malcolm, and Boyce, Jane.

$640,000, 559 Hill St, Cora Lane Group LLC, to Fumicello FT, and Bishop, Lynne A.

$456,000, 118 Goldthwaite Rd, Cavalieri, R Peter, and Cavalieri, Christine A, to Bludevich, Bryce, and Jessee, Nicholas.

$350,000, 53 Hillview Ln #53, Cove, Nancy, to Johnson, Julie M.

$340,000, 49 Hillview Ln #49, Johnson, Julie M, to Danckert, Daniel C, and Charbonneau, Maria S.

$299,900, 61 Heritage Dr #61, Judith A Burns LT, and Burns, Judith A, to Duhaime, Jill M.

$275,000, 1350 Main St, 1350 Main Street NT, and Dimarco, Gail A, to Mcdermott, Cynthia, and Mcdermott, Mark.

$185,000, 188 Heritage Dr #188, Dowd, Gayle A, to Vezina, Elaine, and Vakoc, Amy J.


$276,000, New Braintree Rd #1, Barringer FT, and Barringer, Janis A, to Ridgecrest Inv Prop LLC.

$276,000, New Braintree Rd #2, Barringer FT, and Barringer, Janis A, to Ridgecrest Inv Prop LLC.

$276,000, New Braintree Rd #4, Barringer FT, and Barringer, Janis A, to Ridgecrest Inv Prop LLC.


$294,900, 120 Fountain St, Enko, Kurt C, and Enko, Susan M, to Lemoine, Carline L.

$219,000, 100 Adams St, Hadsel, Frances D, to Cross, Stephanie C.

$146,000, 197 Oxbow Rd #A, Aiken, Aaryn J, to B T&D N G Davilli RET, and Davilli, Barry T.

$146,000, 197 Oxbow Rd #B, Rabbit Run Properties LLC, to B T&D N G Davilli RET, and Davilli, Barry T.

$117,000, 10 2nd St, Cross, Stephanie C, to Macallister, Denise.

$110,000, 414 E River St, Jenks, Warren A, to Ajunwa, Moses S.


$520,000, 6 Rhonda Rheault Dr, Najem, Charbel H, and Regalado, Omar, to Alting, Christopher L, and Alting, Allyson M.


$360,000, 318 Grove St, Mccluskey, Michael, and Mccluskey, Elizabeth, to Dumas, Corey J, and Vega, Laurie A.

$79,000, 143 West St, Lindquist, Mary E, to PMZ Development LLC.


$450,000, 15 Common St, Hinton, Odette M, to Cayea, Joshua M, and Castagnaro, Tamara L.

$225,000, 66 Popple Camp Rd, Popple Camp RT, and Farley, Bruce P, to Cooley, Joshua T.


$380,852, 288 Petersham Rd, Matson Homes 2 Inc, to Wislocki, David J, and Wislocki, Nicole R.

$25,000, Mystery Ln, Rouillard, Barbara A, and Donnelly, Rachael E, to Schmidt, Greg, and Borreson, Sherri.


$499,900, 195 Hubbardston Rd, Bready, Paul K, to Haynes, Matthew, and Haynes, Abigati.


$600,000, 231 Glenwood Rd, Hoyt, Alan F, and Hoyt, Kori, to Wachtel, Joshua N, and Tseng, Ching W.

$435,829, 6 Teresa Dr, Blair Enterprises Inc, and C B Blair Developement, to Gaudreau, Adam, and Scotia, Elizabeth.

$65,000, 277 Pommogussett Rd, Richard D Helle LT, and Helle, Richard D, to Lange, Stephen R.


$520,000, 12 Hylair Dr, Bowley, Zachery R, and Bowley, Diana R, to Londergan, Dawn A, and Londergan, Richard P.

$515,000, 29 Saint James Rd, Grenier, John M, and Cussimanio, Christina M, to Raube-Keller, Patricia, and Keller, John.

$470,000, 27 Kenda Rd, Oconnor, Patrick J, and Oconnor, Ryan T, to Thornhill, Joshua, and Hughes, Kara.

$430,000, 56 Washington St, Flaherty, Pamela F, to Casali, William J, and Casali, Lisa C.

$410,000, 91-91A Floral St, Dileo, Francis E, and Dileo, Diane T, to Harrington, Jason, and Ferraro, Nikki T.

$395,000, 40 Woodway Dr, Mohammed-Sharif, Mostafa, to Mccune, Edward.

$325,000, 19 Jackson St, Ahmad, Rafat W, and Abdeljaber, Zuhdiah A, to Abdeljaber, Aiman.

$300,000, 11 Ferncroft Rd, Titta, Lawrence, to Titta, Patrick J.

$300,000, 112 Boylston Cir, Martha Serafin RET, and Serafin, Martha, to Serafin, Leah M, and Maroney, Timothy J.

$258,333, South St, Ward, Catherine E, to Birch Brush RT, and Shamsuddin, Khaja.


$2,600,000, 38 Sears Rd, 38 Sears Road RT, and Yendluri, Bhavani P, to Snyder, Paul G, and Snyder, Lila.

$887,007, Northboro Rd #1, Johnson Cambell Rlty Inc, to NRTMA LLC.

$810,000, 7 Buffalo Run, Mcdonald, John R, and Mcdonald, Amy E, to Liu, Yuchen, and Xu, Liyun.

$729,000, 10 Foley Dr, Boiani 2010 RT, and Lukas, Susan B, to Lord, Shavonne, and Vautour, Thomas M.


$384,000, 79 Cliff St, Cliff Street RT, and Robida, James R, to Labonte, Christopher J.

$368,000, 48 Elm St, Marino, James J, and Marino, Ann M, to Everest Realty LLC.

$242,000, 2 River Ave, Sweeney, Russell L, and Sweeney, Anne M, to Sweeney, Michelle T.

$215,000, 40 Hamilton St, Cummings, Donald P, and Cummings, Margaret E, to Day, Stephen M.

$200,000, 121 Central St, 121 Central Street LLC, to Obrien, Keiron.

$200,000, 476 Worcester St, E&M RT, and Dipietro, Eve M, to Sanchez, Baltazar O.


$759,000, 33-35 Chestnut St, Lacroix, Joseph M, and Lacroix, Susan M, to Little Swiss Prop LLC.

$759,000, 36 Chestnut St, Lacroix, Joseph M, and Lacroix, Susan M, to Little Swiss Prop LLC.

$360,000, 13 Ashview Dr, Kelley, Judith A, to Warren, Gina.

$325,000, 6 Pleasant View Rd, Gitiiba, Dominic N, and Nyutu, Pauline W, to Berrios, Leishla M, and Trinidad, Elijah M.

$285,000, 36 Point Eastalee Dr, Kennen, Henry R, to Hurley, James, and Hurley, Christine.

$275,000, 84 Ash St, Erickson, Linda D, and Erickson, John J, to Erickson, April M, and Erickson, Michelle A.

$92,500, Wildwood Ave, Central Land Dev Corp, to Fifield, Peter.


$650,000, 97 Tuttle Rd, Mongeau, Elaine Y, to White, Christopher, and White, Jessica.

$359,900, 69 Worcester Rd #A, Maragret E Lock T, and Lock, Margaret E, to Echmalian, James, and Echmalian, Bonnie.

$300,000, 9 Johnson Rd, Jackson, Angela R, to Savage, Jeana E, and Snow, Taylor W.

$170,000, Flanagan Hill Rd, Ford, Maureen E, and Ford, Cheryl, to Ccove, Michael J.

$170,000, Ford Rd, Ford, Maureen E, and Ford, Cheryl, to Ccove, Michael J.


$530,000, 7 Draper Woods Rd, Laporte, Alan, to Wahr, Sandra L, and Ricci, Elizabeth.

$360,000, 23 Old Hamilton Road Ext, Jablanski, Jammin B, to Mahmood, Abubaker.


$680,000, 559 Boston Rd, Blais, Craig L, and Blais, Tracy L, to Arango-Manchola, Johnatta, and Borsella, Kristen K.

$660,000, 8 Boston Rd, Vaillancourt, Norman A, and Vaillancourt, Marilynn A, to Arango Properties LLC.

$459,900, 655 Central Tpke, Flynn, Joseph, to Budet, Carlos A.

$440,000, 40 Dodge Hill Rd, Ruth A Miller IRT, and Hanson, Susan, to Alger, Michael J, and Alger, Eugenia D.

$290,000, 11 Spring Hill Dr, Spring Hill FT, and Beauregard, Victoria M, to Beauregard, Mark D.

$250,000, 105 Purgatory Rd, WJL Development LLC, to Murphy, Jeanette.

$240,000, 372 Central Tpke, Leduc, Henri A, to Leduc, Cynthia A, and Small, Bradley B.


$420,000, 149 Hubbardston Rd, Barkley Enterprises LLC, to Wong, Alec C.

$350,000, 6 Exchange St, Gauthier, Brian R, to Brooks, Karen.

$251,000, 33 Prospect St, Callan, Marianne, and Callan, Brian K, to Pease, Brandon.

$115,000, 21 S Main St, Brookfield Woods RT, and Scribner Management LLC, to Scribner Management LLC.


$424,000, 41 Edward Rd, Kelloway, William R, and Yelle-Kelloway, Debra A, to Tengbeh, Sian C.

$415,000, 16 Chestnut Dr, Belanger, Robin, to Misner, Robert, and Misner, Jennifer.

$320,000, 37 Blood Rd, Macmaster Robert R Est, and Macmaster, Tom, to Gamberdella, Carl A.


$762,000, 27 Prospect St, Grey Goose RT, and Bortolussi, Daniel F, to Stevens, Adam M, and Stevens, Kayla E.

$515,000, 17 Pleasant St, Dependable Hm Solutions, to Dube, Camden M.

$505,000, 124 Hopkinton Rd, Djerbaka, Paul, and Nelson, Caroline, to Ohicks, Karen, and Ohicks, Gabe.

$373,000, 29 Knowlton Cir #29, Katz, Jeffrey A, and Katz, Cindy J, to Sudhaman, Sujit, and Sudhaman, Rachana.


$610,000, 197 Chocolog Rd, Rogan FT, and Rogan, Timothy P, to Williams, Jared, and Williams, Diane.

$416,725, 146 Crownshield Ave #146, Independence Uxbridge Rlt, to Odell, Patrick, and Odell, Gail.

$401,650, 49 Tea Party Dr #49, Independence Uxbridge Rlt, to Bresciani, Michael J, and Bresciani, Maureen A.

$387,500, 8 Concord Ln #8, Oshea Maura C Est, and Paudel, Erin O, to Johnston, Jennifer A.

$320,000, 23 Yale St #23, Kennedy, Alexander F, to Mehaffey, Amanda A, and Smith, John W.

$286,000, 107 Saint Andre Dr #107, Pietrantonio, Joseph E, and Pietrantonio, Sarah R, to Costanzo, Robert, and Korbey, Mikala.

$194,000, 49 Linwood St, Wunschel, Richard J, and Wunschel, Bonnie M, to Duquette, Patrick.


$250,000, 6 Highland St, Foley Capital LLC, to Brohman, Hailee B.

$54,000, Coldbrook Dr #21, MRT Development LLC, to Chevalier, Robert B, and Collett, Shauna.

$45,000, 72 Eagle St, Ramos, Oscar, to SE Homes LLC.


$150,000, 2172 Main St, Ware Hsng Coop Inc, to Mendez, Lori A.


$390,000, 41 Park St, Piwowarczyk, Franciszek, and Piwowarczyk, Maria, to Perry, Joyce B.

$300,000, 15 Orchard Ave, Remington Marilyn Est, and Remington, Mark A, to Vazquez, Luis M.

$245,000, 24 Elm St, Johnson, Steven, to Davis, Brittany M.

$236,000, 28 Pinehurst Dr, Hamilton, Jennifer L, to Alvarado, Genevieve, and Lopez, Jeremy S.

$223,000, 3 Douglas Rd, Finnegan, Donald, to Estela, Jeroeb S.

$175,000, 2 Beacon Rd, Fiske, Richard H, and Fiske, Jean M, to Daigneault, Robert J, and Livingstone, Jacqueline R.

$155,750, 32 Brook St, Tompkins, Guy, and Freedom Mortgage Corp, to Freedom Mortgage Corp.

West Boylston

$727,000, 245 Maple St, Carney, Laura L, and Didio, John J, to Ingram, Bethany M, and Gancarz, Brett J.

$640,000, 98 Prospect St, Ai, Nona, to Mullaney, Daniel, and Mullaney, Catherine.

$377,200, 598 Prospect St, Central City Prop LLC, to Vicino, Kayla, and Blount, Adam.

West Brookfield

$550,000, 20 Wigwam Rd, Carroll, Steven A, to Carroll, Ashley M, and Carroll, Derek J.


$680,000, 15 Pinecrest Dr, Mullen, Matthew E, and Mullen, Colleen K, to Lewis, Bruce R, and Lewis, Regina D.

$570,000, 134 Upton Rd, Heimann, Lars T, to Monaghan, Jason.

$519,000, 5 Kimball Rd, Lee, Thomas G, and Morrissey, Jennifer, to Rosene, Matthew, and Parece, Jamie.

$475,000, 10 Kings Grant Rd, Lewis, Regina D, and Lewis, Bruce R, to Moore, Bradley A, and Menos, Chelsey.

$450,000, 9 Harrison Ave, Liebert, Roberta A, to Hoefler, Brian C, and Rivas-Benitez, Carolina.

$415,000, 103-107 South St, Huyler, Joanne H, to Garry, Kyle, and Garry, Katherine.

$415,000, Denny St, Huyler, Joanne H, to Garry, Kyle, and Garry, Katherine.

$267,500, 4 Cabot Cir, Smith, David C, and Smith, Rodney A, to Rodeny Alan Smith T, and Smith, Rodney A.

$258,333, Gleason St #3R, Ward, Catherine E, to Birch Brush RT, and Shamsuddin, Khaja.

$258,333, Gleason St #4, Ward, Catherine E, to Birch Brush RT, and Shamsuddin, Khaja.

$258,333, Gleason St #4A, Ward Virginia E Est, and Ward, Catherine E, to Birch Brush RT, and Shamsuddin, Khaja.

$252,000, 8 Cabot Cir, Smith, David C, and Smith, Rodney A, to David C Smith T, and Smith, David C.

$40,000, Turnpike Rd, Kelley&Kelley Inc, to LSK 1 LLC.


$420,000, 56 Carter Rd, Bedard, Jonathan, and Bedard, Emily, to Yodisborg, Andrew, and Yodisborg, Kimberly.

$185,000, 23 W Hill Dr #D, Willyard, Heather K, to Beaulac, Corey S.

$110,000, 28 Laurie Ln, A&A RT, and Pratt, Cynthia A, to Pelletier, Victor A, and Pelletier, Mary J.


$350,000, 260 West St, Smith, Stephanie, to Sadat, Amanda, and Biasini, Guillermo.

$329,000, 7 Madison Ave, Win 140 LLC, to Carvalho, David.

$266,400, 90 Laurel St, Wong, Alec C, to Suzzi, Alexander, and Blanchette, Heidi.

$42,500, Jackson Ave #1, Clinkscale, Thomas, and Clinkscale, Shannon, to Barkley Enterprises LLC.


$994,748, 229 Park Ave, JNCR 229 Park Avenue LLC, to Maha Lakshmi LLC.

$875,000, 133 Millbury St, 133-137 Millbury St LLC, to Excellent Invs Corp.

$875,000, 137 Millbury St, 133-137 Millbury St LLC, to Excellent Invs Corp.

$835,000, 336 Grafton St, Yasmin Properties LLC, to S&M LLC.

$835,000, 338 Grafton St, Yasmin Properties LLC, to S&M LLC.

$835,000, 340 Grafton St, Yasmin Properties LLC, to S&M LLC.

$630,000, 149 Plantation St, Hayeck, Ernest S, and Hayeck, Sophia, to Benniam, Yoram.

$630,000, 2 Lapierre St, Hayeck, Ernest S, and Hayeck, Sophia, to Benniam, Yoram.

$550,000, 26 Newbury St, Fortuna 1 Realty LLC, to Truong, Manh H, and Truong, Trang.

$515,000, 10 Paradox Dr, Milone, Charles V, and Richmond, Jenna V, to Hazard, Kasandra, and Boursiquot, Cedrick.

$510,000, 12 Scrimgeour Rd, Rodriguez, Nino, to Murphy, Brendan.

$510,000, 20 Elizabeth St, Irongate Properties Corp, to Jovel, Walter W.

$479,000, 7 Haviland St, Taneja, Amit, and Griffith, Christopher J, to Negron, Christopher, and Negron, Brittny R.

$450,000, 33 Houghton St, Ohman, Paul W, and Ohman, Nancy E, to Iftear, Zahid.

$433,900, 22 Paper Birch Path #36, Goldwaite Const LLC, to Bui, Christina, and Wadhwani, Karishma.

$418,000, 90 King Philip Rd, KLA Holdings LLC, to Martinez, Luis A, and Martinez, Isalby J.

$385,000, 11 Hadwen Ln, Nguyen, William, and Nguyen, Tuyet, to Chearo, David A, and Crowell, Tiffany A.

$385,000, 296 Burncoat St, Satish, Tracey A, to Rosado, Vilmarie, and Espinosa, Jeankell.

$365,000, 20 Rodney St, George, Matthew, and Nietsche, Michelle, to Chen, Di, and Zhang, Rui.

$365,000, 906 Southbridge St, Rytim Properties LLC, to Alexiadis, George.

$360,000, 210 Dewey St, Cutting, Kim M, to Huang, Kenny G, and Xie, Bijuan.

$357,500, 55 Seymour St, Gurski Phyllis Est, and Kolodziejczak, Michele, to Verma-Iskepally, Kalyan, and Nannuri, Veeraraghavulu.

$355,500, 10 Belisle Ave, Smalanskas, John F, and Smalanskas, Sally A, to Appiah, Felix, and Amoateng, Bridget.

$355,500, 12 Belisle Ave, Smalanskas, John F, and Smalanskas, Sally A, to Boatemaa, Abigail A, and Owusu, Elizabeth.

$355,000, 13 Ashwood St, Yu, Raman, to Zaldana, Myrlange.

$350,000, 15 Rich St, Moore, James W, and Moore, Deidre, to Sledzik, Stanislaw, and Sledzik, Alicja.

$350,000, 162 June St, Gonyea, Joan G, to Moehringer, Paul, and Moehringer, Jocelyn.

$325,000, 24 Marion Ave, Solano, Jorge, to Hernandez, Jose S.

$319,900, 45 Glendale St, Canning, James M, and Canning, Sharon K, to Cutting, Kim M.

$315,000, 16 Lilac Ln, Gonzalez, Luz Z, to Seabron, Steven.

$315,000, 17 Moreland St, Wrenn, Bryan S, and Wrenn, Amanda, to Prince, Fabienne.

$310,000, 27 Scenic Dr, Marois, James L, and Marois, Patricia, to Castaneda, Iris Y.

$305,000, 755 Pleasant St #1, Klotz, Sarah E, to Eckstrom, Joseph, and Eckstrom, Jessica.

$301,000, 96 Ararat St, Melander, Deborah J, to Noel, Eric J.

$300,000, 13 Whipple St, Rosado, Vilmarie, and Espinosa, Jeankell, to Cardenas, Suzanne.

$300,000, 36 Cutler St, Worcester Affordable Hsng, to Acquah, Wilhemina T.

$293,682, 1 Envelope Ter #109, Mauro-Niebuhr, Lisa, to Xharja, Redon.

$260,000, 6 E Lake St, Filiberti, Allen W, to Shen, Ping.

$255,000, 511 Park Ave, Morrison Denise V Est, and Pinkham, Kerrie A, to Najem, Charbel H.

$250,000, 117 Moreland St, Pham, Kevin Q, and Pham, Quyen, to Pham, Thuy.

$239,000, 96 Richmond Ave, Lupica, Paul J, and Lupica, Kellye B, to Rubin, Blake J.

$230,000, 13 Clarkson St, Turning Pt Invs LLC, to Dixit, Sailesh M, and Adhikari, Nilam.

$225,000, 28 Breeze Dr, Kazan, Stephen, to Nisbett, Jeffrey.

$210,000, 597 Chandler St, Sullivan, Ronald X, to Sullivan, Gregg.

$208,000, 270 Sunderland Rd #86, Cwalinski, Izabela, and Cwalinski, Marek, to Petros, Gregory.

$206,000, 63 Parkton Ave, Laforce, Marie A, to Steele, Roger, and Steele, Janet.

$205,000, 127 Mill St, Flagg, Thomas, and Flagg, Patricia, to Gallant, Ashley M, and Jones, Virginia M.

$185,000, 21 Mount Vernon St #1C, Gallagher, Thomas R, to Jolly Chimp LLC.

$155,000, 1 Amesbury St #A, Biondo, Constantina, and Biondo, Francesco, to Aduako-Bediako, Abena.

$130,000, 71 Edgeworth St #21, Stage 1 Investors LLC, to Donikian, Johann.

$125,000, 143 Providence St #6, Tamburro, Larissa M, to Sharma, Yogesh.

$119,250, 65 Carter Rd, Shea, Donald P, to Berkshire Prop Buyers LLC.

$37,500, 21 Lodi St, Mayer, Douglas P, and Clay, David M, to Clay, David M.

$24,500, 56 Wauwinet Rd, Keefe, Jordan T, and Keefe, Lisa E, to Silveira-Santos, Ronan.

$24,500, 60 Wauwinet Rd, Keefe, Jordan T, and Keefe, Lisa E, to Silveira-Santos, Ronan.

$15,000, 13 Division St, Goodman, Joseph, to Madulka, Michael T.



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