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Part II. Ruby Frazier: Wife, Mother, Best Friend.

Women's History part Final

To wrap up our series about incredible women around the world, I want to share the stories of the remarkable women in my life. My mother, Emma Jean Frazier Malcom, epitomized what commitment to family truly means. Her role as a stay-at-home mom was pivotal in guiding my siblings and me. Being the eldest of seven in a household where my father, a preacher, was often absent, my mother was our family’s linchpin.

Another towering influence in my life was my mother-in-law, Gertie Hurbert. Her journey as a single mother who achieved homeownership in Rancho Cucamonga exemplified strength, financial wisdom, and success. She provided invaluable support and advice to both Ruby and me in the early years of our marriage.

But Ruby, my wife – what can I truly say? Without her, I would be lost. Together, we’ve built an incredible life, raising four daughters and welcoming four grandchildren into the world. Ruby, my rock and foundation, has been pivotal to our family’s success.

💖 The Foundation of Our Family: Love, Sacrifice, and Guidance 💖

Ruby and I embarked on our journey with youthful optimism and shared dreams. At 19, we began a path that would have been unimaginable without her. Her sacrifices and role as a mother and CEO of our household and real estate ventures have been the foundation of our legacy.

🌈 The Enabler of Our Dreams: Personal Sacrifices and Support 🌈

Ruby set aside her career aspirations to focus on our family, and her unwavering commitment to raising our daughters and managing our affairs enabled me to pursue my education and career, setting a sterling example for our children. Her philosophy that her success is our success has guided our family’s journey.

🏡 Building Dreams: Professional Achievements 🏡

Ruby’s transition from a devoted homemaker to a dynamic force in the real estate world is inspiring. Her accomplishments include:

  • Co-founder and CEO of Frazier Group Realty, showcasing visionary leadership.
  • Renowned real estate broker, consultant, and advisor.
  • Accomplished interior designer, certified by the Newport Institute of Design.
  • Mastermind behind numerous successful real estate investments and developments.

Ruby’s pursuit of excellence has significantly impacted both our community and our family. 

🌟 The Heart of Our Home and Community: Emphasizing Connection and Legacy 🌟

Ruby’s impact goes beyond her roles in business and motherhood. Her ability to create a warm and inviting home and her engagement in various business ventures showcase her commitment to fostering community,  connection, and entrepreneurship.

📚 Conclusion: A Tribute to Ruby’s Unwavering Spirit 📚

As we conclude this series, Ruby stands out as not only my wife and the mother of our children but as an exemplar of extraordinary achievement and selfless love. Her influence reminds us of the profound impact one individual can have.

🌍 Call to Action: Celebrate the Extraordinary Women in Your Life 🌍

Now, I invite you to share stories of the extraordinary women in your lives. Let’s honor the strength, love, and leadership of women like Ruby, who shape our history and future. Share your stories and let’s celebrate together.

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