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Why Timing Is Everything When Selling Your Home, Says A Real Estate Expert – House Digest

Now, there are definitely serious homebuyers who don’t think twice about going to see an appealing property as soon as it’s listed, even if that’s on a Monday afternoon. There are also certain markets where buyers know they absolutely must act fast — they can’t dawdle and wait until they have more time on the weekend to check out a few places that catch their eye.

For the average homebuyer, though, the allure of weekend home viewing can’t be ignored. That’s precisely why Bill Samuel recommends a certain day as the best one to put your house on the real estate market. “We prefer to list all of our properties early on Thursday morning as it has proven to generate the most showing traffic for the first weekend on market,” he explains. This is also an important consideration because that first burst of traffic is crucial; not only do the most showings happen on weekends, the most showings for any home also typically happen within the first few days that it’s on the market.

A Thursday morning listing, as per Samuel’s recommendation, will allow all those potential buyers to glimpse your property as they wrap up their week. They can then schedule a viewing sometime over the weekend to determine if the space is as perfect in real life as they thought it was in the listing photos.



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