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What real estate sold last week from Provincetown to Eastham? Here are the answers – Wicked Local

Recorded at the Barnstable County Registry of Deeds from July 25, 2022, to July 29, 2022. 

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July 25. John M. Treeful Revocable Trust (John M. Treeful as trustee) to Rebecca and Ian Peters Campbell. 881 Commercial St., Unit 4. $243,000.

July 27. Meili West LLC to Karen P. Danskin. 30 Shank Painter Road, Unit 102. $215,000.

July 27. Meili West LLC to Charles E. Killam III  and Robert S. McClenaghan Jr. 30 Shank Painter Road, Unit 202. $759,000.

July 28. Robert E. Eaton Jr. to Kevin Ridge. 928 Commercial St., Unit 10. $355,000.

July 29. Maria A. Galvao and Fabiola M. Silvano to Sharon Mabile. 25 Bangs St., Unit 1. $625,000

The median sale price for both single-family homes and condos continued to set records in November as sales declined on a year-over-year basis in Massachusetts.


July 28. Scrimshaw Longnook LLC to Joseph R. Fiorello Trust (Joseph R. Fiorello as trustee). 11 Truro Center Road, Unit 2. $329,000.

July 28. Mellen Street Trust (Ellen G. Friedman as trustee) to Elaine M. Eliopoulos and Richard J. Frankosky. 596 Shore Road, Unit H, Building 11. $620,000.

More:What real estate sold last week from Provincetown to Eastham? Here are the answers


July 27. John E. and Carol  A. Walsh to Patterson Burke 2012 Living Trust (Joanne Burke as trustee). 135 Daniels Dr. $585,000.

July 29. Amy B. Cohen and Harvey M. Shrage to Roberta Sortzi. 60 Designers Road, Unit H. $350,000.

July 29. Baker Avenue Realty Trust (Marianne H. Alciati as trustee) to James E. and Susan M. Hacker, 235 Baker Ave. $2,500,000.

July 29. Paul S. Berman and Laura A. Dickinson to Edward Greer and Judy Lieberman. 1075 3rd Ave. $1,750,000.

More:What real estate sold last week from Provincetown to Eastham? Here are the answers


July 26. Norma M. Daley 2018 Revocable Trust (Christina Kemprecos as trustee) to Scott and Kathryn Kushner. 30 Sunset Lane. $1,050,000.

July 27. Thomas L. Gallup 2016 Trust (Craig and Brian Gallup as trustees) to Stanley and Michelle Frances Rembish. 25 Millennium Lane. $591,000.

July 27. Thomas F. West to Michelle O’Connell Living Trust (Seann and Michelle O’Connell as trustees). 8 Eldia Way $725,000.

July 27. E&C Realty Trust (Eric A. and Chad J. Gingras as trustees) to Krasimir Raynovski. 25 Van Dale Road. $620,000.

July 28. Mary O’Donnell Trust (Mary and Ronald J. O’Donnell as trustees) to Michael P. and Janis H. Snell. 80 Stock Yard Road. $799,000.

July 29. Dennis A. and Irene M. Saint Aubin to G. Jeffrey and Patricia Boujoukos.

105 Townsend Road. $1,100,000.

July 29. Gloria Moll to the Town of Eastham. 2555 State Hwy. $700,000

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