The Power is Now

Westfair visits with real estate guru Leonard Steinberg to gain insight into evolving market – Westfair Online

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that where we choose to live has a tremendous impact on our mental wellbeing. While many made massive alterations to their living arrangements during the pandemic, others doubled down on what home means to them via upgrades and additions to their domestic landscape.

The pandemic also saw people changing their living arrangements out of necessity, often by moving back home or to other locales that provided more accessibility to loved ones.

Whatever the case may be, a little bit of real-estate-escapism – whether in the form of scrolling on Instagram or favoriting on Zillow – proved to be something that clearly fed our souls deep down.

Leonard Steinberg knows real estate in and around Westchester and Fairfield counties almost better than anyone. We sat down with the “chief evangelist” at Compass — a New York broker with over 20 years’ experience — to learn a bit more about what’s happening in the market, where real estate is heading, and who the man behind the world of luxury real estate is behind his own four walls.



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