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Webinar: ESG and Real Estate | The Impact on your Bottom Line – EisnerAmper

ESG and Real Estate Fireside Chat Webinar Series

Please join EisnerAmper’s Real Estate and Environmental, Social and Governance Services (ESG) groups for a two-part webinar series. In the first session, we will take a deep dive into the importance of ESG and sustainability within the real estate industry. For part two, we will hear about ESG and its impact on the financial statements of real estate companies.

Part II

After sharing the growing importance of ESG in the Real Estate sector, our experts discuss how a company’s bottom line is impacted in part two of our ESG and Real Estate webinar series. Join us to learn how the implementation of sustainability initiatives could improve a real estate company’s financial position, as well as make it more attractive to investors. Greenhouse gas emissions attributed to the construction and operation of real estate, account for 39% of the total global CO2 emissions, outweighing both the transportation and industrial industries. As a result, governmental policies are being implemented with net zero targets set for 2050. What does this mean for the real estate industry as a whole and how can real estate companies recoup the initial investment of implementing sustainability efforts to meet the new governmental goals? We will be discussing all this and more.



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