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Waves of Building Inspections Loom As Death Toll In Florida Condo Building Collapse Hits Eleven


After the collapse of a Florida condo in the middle of the night, many property owners and real estate analysts are deeply frightened if similar buildings around the country will experience the tragedy experienced in Florida.

According to Tuesday’s update, the 12-story Champlain Towers condo, located in Surfside, suddenly collapsed to the ground around 1 am, leaving about 11 people dead and over a hundred missing. Homeowners are shaken by the news and are asking if the recertification procedure for safety building is still concrete.

The city of Miami has a recertification process that investigates buildings older than 40 years to see if it still maintains safety protocols. Unfortunately, the Champlain Towers, which clocked 40 years in 2021, were being investigated before the building collapsed last week.

Re-evaluation of Construction Laws Imminent

Although Florida has the strictest construction laws in the country, the recent tragic event has promoted the city and other states to re-evaluate their building laws and construction procedures. This is to ensure better building safety to avoid tragic events like this in the nearest future.

In the wake of this sad news, Mayor of Miami-Dade County, Daniella Levine Cava, has issued a 30-day residential property audit for five stories or higher due to the recertification protocol. So far, her office has identified over 460 condo and multi-family structures that are yet to submit their recertification reports. The County’s office is currently monitoring a further 318 structures.

Despite the efforts by the County’s office, analysts are still doubtful if the 40-year recertification protocol is still relevant. They hope the recertification laws changes to protect buildings from collapsing, and above all, prevent the loss of lives. In a press conference held on Monday, U.S. Representative Debbie Shultz promised to look into the laws affecting building constructions across the country to safeguard buildings.

Experts Suggests the Use of Technology to Fasten the Inspection Process

Real estate analyst Eric Maribojoc opines that the employment of technology in monitoring the condition of 40-year-old plus buildings is critical in making the process more rapid. No thanks to the Florida condo building collapse; buyers and lenders will be warier about building conditions before showing interest in buying or financing.

The suggestion to employ robotics and technology is an incredible idea that will accelerate the speed of scanning buildings. Undoubtedly, buildings will be subjected to more scrutiny than before, but if technology is in the mix, you get to check other parts of the building quicker that will take some time when inspecting manually.

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