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Want to sell faster this spring? Here are some tips for you!

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Finally, the spring season is here. time to go out and enjoy the summer shine! With plants blooming, flowers blossoming, and temperatures warming, Mother Nature comes to life again after the chilly winter months. That has made spring a powerful poetic symbol across various cultures.

Traditionally, the spring season has been known to be full of activity for the real estate market. It is the busiest home selling/buying season. Springtime launches an influx of buyers into the real estate market more than any other time in the year, meaning that sellers – whether homeowners or agents – can sell at significantly higher prices and achieve more success at closing their sales.

But over the last few years, the market has broken protocol. We are now seeing buyers and sellers busy in the winter months and a case to mention is this last winter.

But that said, it is quite essential to prepare for the spring selling season this year. As this season is a great time to sell, several people would put up their houses for sale, which means more competition. And of course, you have to beat the competition. Besides, it would be a sorry affair to miss out on opportunities provided by this market trend because of poor preparation. These reasons are why we would be taking you through some ways you can set the pace for the selling season this year.

Just be Ready for the season! Prep your home accordingly

Take a cue from Mother Nature and renew your house, or rather, renovate and make repairs! Your living room and kitchens need not showcase the 1960s. Your plumbing, interior appliances, electricals should also be in working order. Again, you could try applying fresh paint to your walls – primarily paints with neutral colors, or you could use elegant wallpapers instead.

Asides from giving the home you want to sell a new look plus a better appeal to buyers, renovations/repairs ensure you make better returns on your investment. For instance, replacing a garage door will cost about $3,600 but will result in an ROI of about 97%.

However, be prudent with your renovation expenses. Spending too much might still cut profits.

In addition, it is important that you understand your home exteriors are all you have to make a first impression on prospective home-buyers. Some buyers even decide on the spot whether or not to buy a house based on the exteriors. So it is necessary to ensure that your exteriors are in excellent order: gardens and flower-beds should be well-manicured and attractive, the yard should be cleared out, patios and porches should be given an extra touch if needed. Entryways might also need to be refurbished or repainted. By all means, aim at achieving a wow look with your exteriors.

Declutter! Declutter! Declutter and let the light in!

Deep cleaning and clearing up of clutter in the home you want to sell is not only common sense; it is also business sense. No buyer would be roped in by an array of shoes at corridors or windows that beg to be cleaned. Ensure that all the floors, windows, and living areas are properly cleaned up. Dust tables and chairs. Vacuum-clean rugs and carpets. Clear out items you might no longer need – you could even arrange a garage sale for that. Again, before a prospective buyer comes to inspect the home, try to tidy up every area – from the living room to the kitchen.

In place of clutter, you can add touches of warm interior deco like freshly cut flowers to reflect the spring season.

It would be great to make the most of the spring weather by opening your windows and letting sunlight into your home. This simple act goes a long way in making your home feel alive as the spring and vibrant. Besides, brighter rooms do not only look better – they seem bigger – which is always a plus.

So there you have it – five ways you can prepare for selling this spring. Try out these tips this time, and you would be sure to see significant positive results.

Don’t underestimate the power of a beautiful fragrance.

Elizabeth Taylor once declared that the beauty of fragrance is that it speaks to your heart, and hopefully someone else’s. Heart-warming fragrances are not only useful for making you attractive and classy, but they also have the same effect on your houses. Sour smells like the smell of cooked food, damp rugs, or cigarettes can ruin a home sale.

Making your home smell wonderful is really not difficult. You could add essential oils which are light-scented to your air filter. Then clear out your garbage disposal, of course. Dust your carpets with baking soda. You could even put vanilla in your oven! And like with personal fragrance, subtle and soft is more.




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