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These Biologists Work With Animals, but in Real Estate – The New York Times

What would you do if a certain population of animals was declining?

I would take steps to reverse course and start by surveying their environment. If they live in a mangrove, for instance, I would make sure that the native plants that they rely on for food are not dying. If they are, we would replant them. Other examples include preserving our lagoons and canals with natural algae and seagrass because fish and other animals use these for refuge and feeding. The main principle of these actions is to preserve the natural habitat to provide animals with the best homes to live in.

Do you tag any of the animals that you log?

Only crocodiles. I need to know where they live and where their nests are because they can be a danger to humans. This is especially the case if female crocodiles have eggs in their nests because they can be fiercely protective of their territory, and residents need to be warned about not invading their space.

How do you manage this potential danger and keep residents safe? And besides crocodiles, what other species are a possible threat?

I know where these dangers lie and designate these areas as off-limits. In reality, no animal is dangerous to humans when they’re in their natural environment, but they can pose a danger when that setting is threatened, especially females who have babies. These animals include deer, raccoons and spider monkeys. People tend to think that animals such as snakes would be the most dangerous, but it’s not true.

What kinds of animals can residents expect to see at Mayakoba on any given day and where?

From their patios, they will always see colorful birds such as hummingbirds, woodpeckers, and chachalacas. If they’re playing golf, deer, bat and coatis, a raccoon-like animal, are a given. On the beach, it’s common to see pelicans and tarpon and barracuda, even if you’re standing on the shoreline, and at night, the beach could mean sea turtles.

Mayakoba has a nature trail, and walking on it is like taking a mini safari, especially if you go early in the morning. You can see deer, beautiful jaybirds, owls and woodpeckers. Sometimes, residents spot tree snakes, but they’re harmless. Even just walking around the property, you can see and hear the animals. If you walk by a canal, you may see crocodiles, iguanas and turtles, for example.



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