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Real estate technology will inevitably change the way you run your business. Times have changed and so have the real estate technology tools that agents use to communicate with potential clients, generate leads, and keep their business afloat. No matter if you’re an experienced agent or just starting out, there are apps that can make your life easier as a real estate agent.


We’ve scoured the app stores to find the very best real estate technology tools and identified the ones that we feel every real estate agent needs to have in their back pocket.

Types of Real Estate Technology

Technology is playing a bigger role in the real estate industry. Tools such as Mobile CRMs, Home Staging Apps, Social Media sites, and even property listing websites are becoming more commonplace for today’s real estate agents. The Real Estate Innovations Overview predicts that beyond 2020, the generation that has grown up in the digital world will dominate consumer spending and work culture. Social networks will help determine where and how people will want to live, work, and what space to choose for their dream smart house.

With the concept of agents and brokers using technological innovations as digital assets, the industry is now home to several types of real estate technology.

·       Mobile Devices: According to realtor Mark Flavin, agents will need smartphones to respond to emails, text messages, voice mails, and instant messages as consumer behavior gears toward a digital real estate market.

·       Applications: Numerous applications are available for agents to use on their iPhones and Android-based devices. These applications can help them be more productive, provide accurate information to their clients in a timely manner, and manage their day-to-day activities.

·       Cloud Services: Real estate agents can make more efficient use of their time by using cloud-based services that allow them to share and collaborate on files, as well as eliminating the need to email documents back and forth or the hassle of fax machines in the real estate industry.

·       QR Codes: A quick response, or QR, code is a two-dimensional bar code containing large amounts of data. When a smartphone camera is used to scan a QR code, the device will automatically link to content on the Web. Tech Savvy Agent recommends that real estate agents insert QR codes on lawn signs, business cards, direct mail, and flyers to direct potential buyers or sellers to a website with more information or to their social media profiles.

·       Blockchain: The blockchain also allows real estate professionals to create smart contracts—contracts verified and enforced by the technology—by digitizing information and storing it in a database that is both public and encrypted.

·       Real Estate Crowdfunding Platforms: crowdfunding platforms allow investors to pool their money in order to finance real estate ventures. Investors can also become customers by using the platform to find a property that meets their needs.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

A real estate CRM (customer relationship management) system helps agents manage all communications with both leads and clients. Each year, CRM tools become more important to the daily work of agents, as well as their success in the industry.

Benefits of CRM in Real Estate Market

Real estate CRM systems can capture and organize data ranging from business metrics to advertising. These programs help agents keep track of their business, find properties, attract clients, and communicate with current and past clients.

Best CRM App for Real Estate Agents: Wise Agent

Wise Agent is a comprehensive customer relationship management (CRM) system designed specifically for real estate agents. It offers a wide range of features, including automated email and SMS text message reminders. The program’s most impressive feature is its 24/7/365 customer support, which includes live chat and email responses within minutes with a real person.

Email Marketing

Real estate is all about building relationships, and email marketing is the perfect way to nurture your client base so they come back to you for their next purchase, as well as refer their network to you as well.

Benefits of Email Marketing in Real Estate Market

Email marketing is the most commonly used digital marketing platform, with over 4 billion users globally. It allows a real estate agent to reach a large number of people and communicate directly with them and simultaneously.

Best Email Marketing App for Real Estate Agents: GetResponse

GetResponse provides an all-in-one solution for agents, enabling them to handle long sales periods, from scouting new properties to selling, training, and customer service. With its easy-to-use tools it offers limitless creative possibilities–you can build smart automated campaigns and send out content tailored to particular groups of subscribers.

Transaction Management

Real estate transaction management software offers a wide range of services, including an eSignature platform with autofill, storage capabilities, and integration with a CRM.

Benefits of Transaction Management in Real Estate Market

As a real estate agent who relies on transaction management services, you have a competitive advantage over other agents who don’t offer these services. When you use transaction management services, you are able to focus on what matters most – generating new leads and offering better support for your existing clients. This will help build your reputation as an expert in real estate transactions, which could potentially result in greater client referrals.

Best Transaction Management App for Real Estate Agents: DotLoop

Dotloop is the most widely used transaction management software for real estate agents, brokers, and teams. It allows users to consolidate form management, storage, and eSignatures, among other capabilities. The platform’s features include real-time visibility, brand tools, and cloud storage. Additionally, it also has a mobile app for on-the-go accessibility.

Real Estate Websites

Real estate agents pursue a variety of strategies to promote their business, including placing classified ads in local papers and magazines. However, with the Internet becoming increasingly popular as an advertising medium, it soon became clear that websites are essential for growth.

Benefits of Real Estate Websites

Real estate websites bring convenience to buyers and exposure to sellers. These sites allow home buyers to view hundreds of property images, videos, and features before scheduling a live tour. For sellers, posting their homes on these sites benefits them for the same reason—potential buyers can view the home online without needing to walk through.

Best Real Estate Website App for Real Estate Agents: Zillow

Founded in 2006 by two former Microsoft executives, Zillow offers a suite of tools for real estate professionals that make it the most robust real estate website available. Zillow provides leads to agents, lenders, and other home service providers. It also enables users to post their own listings, get updates on their searches, connect with agents and lenders, and receive push notifications of updates to search criteria.

Lead Management Services

The most common type of technology used by realtors is lead management services. This helps realtors keep track of their client database more efficiently. It also helps them get qualified leads for their business in an easier manner than before. For this particular service, realtors will have to pay a monthly or annual fee depending on what they can afford and what they need.

Benefits of Lead Management Services in Real Estate Market

Lead management is an important real estate technology tool for ensuring that the real estate sales team focuses its efforts on qualified leads. With the right lead management system in place, real estate agents can identify which prospects are most likely to be interested in their properties and able to purchase them, so that real estate agents can work with them rather than wasting time on unqualified leads.

Best Lead Management Services App for Real Estate Agents: Market Leader

Due to its robust features, multiple sources of buyer and seller leads, and ease of use, Market Leader is a top choice for real estate lead generation companies. The Market Leader Guaranteed Exclusive Lead Program provides real estate agents with a monthly number of exclusive leads, which means that no other agent can reach this consumer. In addition to the monthly lead program, real estate agents have the opportunity to purchase leads through Leads Direct, a pay-per-click advertising campaign targeted at consumers who are looking for home listings. Both sources attract prospective sellers when they’re trying to value their homes. 

Final Thoughts

Real estate technology will inevitably change the real estate industry. Times have changed and so have the technology tools that real estate agents use to communicate with potential clients, generate leads, and keep their business afloat. No matter if a real estate agent is experienced or just starting out, the apps we discussed above are a must-have that can make their lives easier as real estate agents. 

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