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The Power Is Now Media, Inc. Shines a Spotlight: Diversity, Equiality and Inclusion for Homebuyers

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The Power Is Now Media, Inc.
April 21, 2021 



Everyone has a right to live where they want to live, to buy where they want to buy,
whether it be renting or purchasing a home.


Since the pandemic hit early last year, most people have lost their jobs and research shows that many more are struggling to make ends meet. In fact, a most recent study by urban institutes shows that 3.2 million homeowners are at risk of losing their homes by becoming delinquent on their mortgage payments. While the impacts of the virus are being felt by everyone no matter the race or ethnic divide, the impacts have been more prevalent among the predominantly minority communities in the country (blacks, Latino, indigenous, and immigrants). The question that remains is,  what can YOU do to help? I’ll tell you what we are doing to help. 

The Fair Housing series is one of the premiere interview series that The Power Is Now Media will be conducting starting this week all the way to the end of the month. The series features top talent in the industry, including leaders, movers, and shakers. Join Eric L. Frazier MBA, NMLS 461807 Vice President and Mortgage Advisor with First Bank as he interviews the who’s who in the industry. 

Speaking of which, Carolyn Sunseri will be on the upcoming show. Carolyn is the Marketing Director for the Golden State Finance Authority (GSFA), where she actively manages communications and marketing initiatives for GSFA’s affordable housing programs throughout the State of California. At GSFA, Carolyn is responsible for content and design publications, websites, advertising, media, and public relations. She is also directly involved in the training and education of lenders, realtors, and other business partners providing affordable housing solutions for California residents. Carolyn is a graduate of Chico State University with a BA in Public Relations and resides in Sacramento, CA.

While introducing the series, Eric had this to say, “everyone has a right to live where they want to live, to buy where they want to buy, whether it be renting or purchasing a home. So I am excited about this series that starts today and it is going to go until the end of the month and we’re going to be interviewing industry leaders in housing, real estate, and banking to find out exactly what they are doing to support Fair Housing.”

Tune in to find out what the industry has in store for you as a buyer, as a seller, or as a real estate agent. Get first-hand information from experts with many years of experience about how you can take an active role in advocating for Fair Housing. Join Eric and Carolyn today as they delve deeper into the issue of Fair housing and what you can actually do in an individual capacity to advocate for Fair Housing. 

About The Power Is Now Media

The Power Is Now Media is an online multimedia company founded in 2009 by Eric L. Frazier, MBA, and is headquartered in Riverside, California. We are advocates for homeownership, wealth building, and financial literacy for low to moderate-income and minority communities.  The Power Is Now Media corporate office is located at 3739 6th Street Riverside, CA 92501. Ph: 800-401-8994 Website:

About Golden State Finance Authority

Golden State Finance Authority is a California joint powers authority and a duly constituted public entity and agency. The Authority was organized in 1993 and exists under and by virtue of Articles 1-4 of Chapter 5 of Division 7 of Title 1 of the Government Code of the State of California. The Authority’s mission is to support affordable homeownership in California by providing financial assistance programs to both homebuyers and homeowners. To date, GSFA has provided more than $543 million in down payment assistance and financing for 34,600 energy efficiency improvement projects.



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