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The Power Is Now Announces the Start of the Homeownership Series

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The Power Is Now Media, Inc June 7, 2021.




Riverside Calif. – June 4, 2021. Eric Lawrence Frazier MBA, the host, and Founder of The Power Is Now Media, Inc. is pleased to announce the The Power Is Now Homeownership Series. This is a special video series that will feature some of the nation’s top leaders in the mortgage and the real estate industry. The series will premiere on June 7, 2021, Live on the Power Is Now Media, Inc social media website and our social media platforms which can be found at

Scheduled to appear during week one of the series are the following guests;

  1. Eric Lawrence Frazier MBA , President and CEO at The Power Is Now Media- Show air date 6/7/2021
  2. Sharon Bartlett, The Executive Director of Operations at US REO Partners- show air date; 6/14/2021.
  3. Rick Sharga, The Executive Vice President at RealtyTrac- Show air date; 6/15/2021.
  4. Lydia Pope, The Owner/President of E & D Realty & Investment Co, – Show air date; 6/9/2021.
  5. Lisa Rice, The President, and CEO of the National Fair Housing Alliance (NFHA)- show air date; 6/8/2021.
  6. Carolyn Sunseri, The Marketing Director for Golden State Finance Authority (GSFA)- show air date; 6/11/2021.
  7. Chris Thornberg, The Founding Partner of Beacon Economics, LLC – Show air date; 6/10/2021.
  8. Lawrence Baisley, The Process Plant Technician at Air Liquide- show air date; 6/17/2021.
  9. JK Huey, The SVP at Wells Fargo Home Mortgage – show air date; 6/16/2021.

Stay tuned to The Power Is Now Media, Inc. and catch all these and more real estate and mortgage experts as they expound on current developments in the real estate industry. Tune in to learn about what each of them is doing in their respective positions to keep the homeownership dream a reality for all. The homeownership series will be running all through the month of June. Make sure that you do not miss an episode, remember, The Power Is Now Media, Inc. is leading the conversation in real estate.

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