The Power is Now

Stark County real estate transfers June 5-11 – Canton Repository


Bacchi Thomas from Montgomery Linda A, 1195 Glenwood Dr, $85,000. 

Carr Janet L & Robin L from Karlen Beverly J, 2140 Sunray Cir, $242,000. 

Dennis Christopher & Meyers Nicholas from England Chad J, 1727 S Seneca Ave, $47,000. 

Dickson Douglas J from Russo Daisy E, 2252 S Seneca Ave, $69,025. 

George Jade A & Pamela G from Adventure Rentals Ltd, 1140 Garwood St, $28,600. 

Mason Starrett from Zinkhon Rock W, 900 S Seneca Ave, $4,000. 

Schubert Christeena & Sebastian from Blevins Gary Lee, 114 Ramsey CT, $55,000. 

Terraza 7 LLC from 110 West State Street LLC, 110 State St W, $2,730,963. 

Terraza 7 LLC from 2353 West State Street LLC, 2353 State St W, $1,400,278. 

Bethlehem Township

Davis Raymond Eugene & Rosemary from Lowe Bonita K, 187 D St SW Nav Vil, $55,000. 

Hoover Jerry & Nancy from Dever Stephen E Jr & Monica & Jacob, parcel 1101087 Zambesi, $9,600. 

Loy Kassidy E from Speicher Keith A & Lois M, parcel 10014128 Riverland Ave SW, $15,700. 

Canal Fulton

Brownrigg Delilah from Classic Custom Homes & Remodeling LLC, 934 Cabot Dr, $289,900. 

Classic Custom Homes & Remodeling LLC from Schalmo Properties Inc, 934 Cabot Dr, $43,900. 

Mogus Katrina D from Farnsworth Enos W Trustee / HJMJ Farnswo, 963 Cabot Dr, $190,000. 

Nebergall Kristy from Paone Joni M & Bauer Brent A Co Trustees, 332 Alissa LN, $277,000. 

Pullen Haley from Tai Ohio Investments LLC, 580 Streby St, $112,000. 


Amerifirst Financial Corporation from Adams Thomas E & Nowak Kyle J, 236 37th St NW, $150,400. 

Baab Michelle L from Thornton Paul F & Diane L, 1227 Valleyview Ave SW, $115,000. 

Beymer Diane C from Salvino Robert J & Mary J, 2312 11th St NW, $74,000. 

Bolon Marlene from Wadding Austin Lee & Roberts Tori Sue, 1133 Grandview Ave SW, $143,000. 

Burlingame Rose M from Dolan David J & Carolyn A, 922 Smith Ave SW, $59,900. 

Burns Christopher R from Groffre Investments, parcel 400567 Georgetown Rd NE, $15,000. 

Conrad Joshua from Boron Raymond L Jr, 2211 Fletcher Ave NE, $1,000. 

Crockett Brenda from Burton Gary Leon Sr, 1609 16th St NE, $7,000. 

Escobedo Julia M from Shaheen Joseph M, 207 Claremont Ave NW, $77,500. 

Francisco Francisco M. & Andres Miguel from Rippert Vera TRUSTEE/VERA Rippert Revoca, 2138 Cleveland Ave NW, $110,000. 

Goff Karl T & Kim M from Short Christopher W, 1607 Fulton Rd NW, $72,000. 

Hendershot Aundrey & Serena Draper from Singh Ragbir, 815 Colonial BLVD NE, $153,000. 

James Susie from Abdulla Jon, 802 28th St NE, $160,000. 

Johnson Albert & Deloris from Bonacuse Enterprises LLC, parcel 235003 7th St NW, $3,000. 

Kenz Realty LLC from Semgen Holdings LLC, 1101 Garfield Ave SW, $65,900. 

Kinney James & Summer from Mottice Madison & Ryan Benjamin, 1303 Warrick PL NE, $116,000. 

Mariol Meredith from Mariol II John J & Meredith, 1614 Arthur CT NW, $30,500. 

Mariol Meredith from Mariol John J II & Meredith, 518 Case PL NW, $30,500. 

Miller Timothy R & Leann J from Eakin James S, 315 Poplar Ave NW, $110,000. 

Miller William P & Abby L from Barber Brett A & Katie M, 1308 Arnold Ave NW, $58,000. 

Mitco Remodeling & Renovations Inc from KSH Properties LLC, 208 44th St NW, $149,900. 

MTGLQ Investors LP from Johnson Tonya, 2809 Wood Owl St NE, $137,700. 

Nico Holdings LLC from Webb John R, 701 Columbus Ave NW, $48,500. 

Nolen Andrew M from Mapeffer LLC, 1718 28th St NW, $98,000. 

Peters Tylor M from Lowers Mikayla M, 2204 Snyder Ave NE, $62,000. 

Phifer Eugene Jr from Boch Robert C & Helen, parcel 205428 25th St NE, $14,000. 

Phifer Eugene Jr from Boch Robert C, 2031 25th St NE, $14,000. 

Premier Homes Inc from Weaver Daniel M & Joanne F, 2639 Fletcher Ave NE, $20,038. 

Roma Michael A Jr from Milnac Rochelle A, 1124 39th St NW, $90,000. 

Sanders Rentals LLC from Hershberger Holdings LLC, 1002 Walnut Ave NE, $60,100. 

Staats Kourtney from Swinderman Chad, parcel 227437 Wertz Ave SW, $2,000. 

Stewart Zachary from Croston French E, 1355 Garfield Ave SW, $12,000. 

Strategic Real Estate Inc from Laubacher Lee C & Jacqueline A Trustees, 430 Hazlett Ave NW, $36,000. 

Vilayseng Max W from Whitehouse Nancy L, parcel 304989 34th St NW, $210,000. 

Vilayseng Max W from Whitehouse Nancy, 2414 Pennington St NW, $210,000. 

Canton Township

D’amico Family Realty LLC from Company Ronald E & Rhonda F Trustees/ Ro, parcel 1500327 13th St NW, $60,000. 

Dinger Bryan Allen & Barbara Jean from Carbenia Maria Renee, 2005 Prairie College St SW, $132,500. 

Hershberger Sawing & Logging from Furlong Steven J & Mary A, parcel 1307468 Baum St SE, $60,000. 

Hudak Victor & Carol from Manwaring Christopher A & Sally M, 3652 Maplewood Ave SW, $210,000. 

Lantzer Lori & Randy from Melton Family LLC, parcel 10013731 46th St SW, $25,000. 

Oxendine Clint Jr & Lowdermilk Lythia from Smith Jimmy H Sr, 835 Lillian St SW, $140,000. 

Stratosphere Investments LLC from Keeton Larry G & Debra K, 5218 Ridge Ave SE, $95,000. 

Jackson Township

Allman Robert L Jr & Susan E from Blood Jonathan T & Tiffany N, 6459 Hills and Dales Rd NW, $129,000. 

Anderson Mitchell A & Nicole E from Fladen Elaine C Trustee, 2330 Strathmore Dr NW, $515,000. 

Aubain Niko Brian & Shantell Renee from Maxsam Investments LLC, 3327 Jackson Park Dr 11A, $226,160. 

Baneky Stephen L & Frieda J from Kresovich Alma E, 6960 Knight St NW, $163,500. 

Conner Sara A & Auman Danny G from Lab Douglas J & Pamela S, 7950 Arlington Ave NW, $385,000. 

Delossantos Debra M & Mugrage Nancy L from Meyers Telford G & Brenda R, 2513 Broadhaven Ave NW, $130,000. 

Ganzer Richard F & Michele L from Abdulla Francie L, 4574 Morgate Cir NW, $85,000. 

Green Dennis R & Mearlyn A from Mason Rheno J & Glenna J Trustees / Maso, 5030 Lawndale St NW, $287,100. 

Halliday Shirley A from Copeland Dennis R &Carolyn J, 2925 West Dale Rd NW, $350,000. 

Hariharan Thamisharasan & Ponnangatty from Page Brent J & Jessica J, 2150 Ridgecrest Dr NW, $205,000. 

Kron Gerald P & Kimberly R from Borsich Kathryn E, 9026 Canal Place NW, $278,000. 

Lenkey Derek A from Delossantos Debra M & Mugrage Nancy L, 2513 Broadhaven Ave NW, $150,000. 

Lott Billy R & Sara A from Buchanan Robert P & Williams Rebecca L, 9239 Strausser St NW, $239,500. 

Lux Steven F & Thompson Brandy from Sutton John D & Julie F, 7067 Fulton Dr NW, $620,000. 

Mclaughlin Richard L & Judith J from Farley Judy K, 4957 Searls St NW, $235,000. 

Murphy Asheley A from Myers C Paul II & Debbie J, 5045 Revere Ave NW, $149,900. 

Myers Douglas L & Kelly A from Reusser Joan L & Mark A Trustees/ Mark A, 6452 St Augustine Dr NW, $315,000. 

Rakholiya Mitul & Radadiya Dhara from Prabhakar Sourabh & Chaudhri Parul, 7548 Amethyst Cir NW, $475,000. 

Shaw Maurya L from Shaw Molly A and Justin M, 1279 Taggart St NW, $100,000. 

Simmons Justin & Melissa from Gillmore Michael A & Patricia, 3690 Riviera Ave NW, $180,000. 

Wildlife Habitat Conservancy Inc from Hatfield James A & Doris J, parcel 1630551 Springlake Rd NW, $1,000. 

Wiskofske Adam S & Elena from Huwig Del W & Patricia A Trustees, 4895 High Mill Ave NW, $2,000. 

Lake Township

Boyes Andrew from Croston Steven W & Heidi L, 10393 Scotney Ave NW, $330,000. 

Double Eagle Property Management LLC from Trimmer Jeffrey C &Stacey M, 217 Edwin St NW, $180,000. 

Equity Trust Company Custodian FBO from Mangham Joseph W, 10565 Rabbit Cove Cir NW, $230,000. 

Fiedler Lisa Michelle & Matthew David from Cassetty Don C & Rita L, parcel 10005099 Brumbaugh St NW, $85,000. 

Krakora Katherine T & Samuel J from Finefrock Jeffrey J & Jennifer S, 13269 Cinnamon Lane Ave NW, $282,900. 

Lucks Mark A & Ravadee J from Pfabe Dennis & Thoy, 2524 Clydesdale St NW, $540,000. 

Moore George & Carolyn from Stockwell Land Management Ltd, parcel 10014035 Lake Center St NW, $150,000. 

PS1656 LLC from PS1656 LLC, 3925 Tyro St NE, $30,000. 

Sutherin Becky S Tee from Capps Nancy C & Spickard Tracey L Ttes/, 1113 Lauren Crest St SW, $250,000. 

Tice Amanda from Deleone Lisa M, 3737 Shawnee St NW, $245,000. 

Vercuski Brian P from Vercuski Linda, 1526 Rhine River Rd NW, $140,000. 

Willo Bros LLC from Swallen M Catherinetrustee, 9850 Cleveland Ave NW, $200,000. 

Lawrence Township

Bach Brandon & Jessica from Westfall Robert L &Nancy L, 11277 Michelle Dr NW, $264,744. 

Duff Matthew D & Bolin Ashley M from Ecenbarger Telisa M, 15029 Cenmont St NW, $179,900. 

Kovacs Scot & Stacy from Knutson Sandra D, 8691 Elmfield Ave NW, $84,099. 

Misko Linda S from Schaer James & Nancy, 4226 Alabama Ave NW, $110,000. 

Lexington Township

Bergmeyer Kimberly from Ferguson Bret A Jr & Cristina, 11931 Union Ave NE, $75,400. 

Listerman Peter M & Mary A from Middleton Christianm & Bernower Molly K, 12735 Atwater Ave NE, $67,430. 

Makara Daniel Lane from Erb Ronald R, parcel 2802071 Ridgefield Ave NE, $109,406. 

Makara Daniel Lane from Erb Ronnald R, 11476 Ridgefield Ave NE, $109,406. 


Global Real Estate Solutions LLC from Babb Larry G Jr, 176 Oregon Ave, $65,000. 

Shirley David J & Kimberlee J from Zavarelli Daniel E & Cindy A, 1710 View Pointe Ave, $260,000. 

Silagy John from Morrow Verna Jean, 203 E Broad St, $44,000. 

Worthington Linda L from Worthington Waldo R & Margaret A, 236 Ohio Ave, $157,000. 

Marlboro Township

PS1656 LLC from Strouble Pamela A TRUSTEE/LARRY W Stroub, parcel 10014098 Tyro St NE, $30,000. 

Shaheen Joseph & Misty from Benson Robert L & Marcia L, 12306 Marlboro Ave NE, $131,000. 


Berkey Michael W & Beth A from Koontz Clarence W &Sharon K, 21 12th St SW, $67,652. 

Cherry Real Estate LLC from Mohler Rachel M, 220 Cherry Rd NE, $82,000. 

Critchfield Joshua from Huffman Gregory J, 1328 Auburn Ave NW, $78,000. 

GMPC Massillon LLC from Cherry Springs of Massillon, LLC, parcel 10007522 Cherry Rd NW, $175,000. 

MD Enterprises of Apple Creek Inc from Towd Point Mortgage Trust 2018-4, 138 Wales Rd NE, $37,000. 

Minton Jeramie & Nicole from NVR Inc., A Virginia Corporation, DBA, 4507 Brightleaf Ave NW, $230,250. 

Negrete Rodrigo A Ramos from Stiver Randall P & Linda J, 2206 Eastwood Ave NE, $270,000. 

Neil Freddie from Cronin Mark Ttee/ Coopers Blackthorne TS, 425 4th St NE, $140,000. 

Reardon Jake L from Smith Kenneth & Janice, 512 Green Ave SW, $100,000. 

Roth Alan M from Mosci LLC, 405 Tremont Ave SW, $55,000. 

Roth Alan M from Mosci LLC, parcel 601625 5th St SW, $55,000. 

Schank Jeffrey T from Clemens Carrie A, 1535 Byron Ave SW, $117,000. 

Staubs Jacob from NVR Inc., A Virginia Corporation, DBA, 4559 Brightleaf Ave NW, $229,660. 

Steinke Jacob E & Emily Rose from Caley Matthew D & Brenna J, 220 Willow Ave NE, $79,000. 

Suggs Kristine & Sean Michael from Headley Ronnie D & Joellen, 326 21st St NW, $138,000. 

Waddell Kyle from Gatsios Linda, 1274 13th St SE, $65,000. 

Warth Michael J from Froelich Susan A, 433 10th St NE, $72,200. 

Wile Caleb A from Leonard Nancy E & Jerry P, 935 11th St NE, $112,371. 

Woodliff Thomas P II & Mia from Crawford W Allen, 504 8th St SW, $38,000. 

Nimishillen Township

Burlingame Brett E & Sarah M from Frank Michael & Julie Ann, 5609 Oakridge Dr NE, $309,900. 

Evans Mitchel L & Elizabeth M & Garman from Benchmark Properties of Ohio Ltd, 9970 State St, $233,000. 

Eyler Amanda from Furney David S & Veronica C Ferreira, 4523 Broadway Ave, $94,000. 

Huff Casey from Persons Brian & Stanley Persons Kori, 2880 S Nickel Plate St, $220,000. 

Huff Casey from Persons Brian & Stanley Persons Kori, parcel 3302848 Nickel Plate Ave NE, $220,000. 

Komo Jared R & Ashley M from Shirley David J & Kimberlee J, 6845 Beridge St, $169,900. 

Williams Derek G & Catherine L Dluzyn from Hanssen Cheryl Ann & Hanssen Eric, 5398 Barnhill St NE, $340,000. 

North Canton

Hina Jonathon B & Sarah from Hina Bradley T & Cynthia L, 101 Lindy Lane Ave SW, $125,000. 

Kozera Jennifer E from Lehman Aaron J & Jackson Emily A, 406 Portage St NW, $155,000. 

Potere Steven from Monnot Sarah, 460 Royer Ave NW, $165,000. 

Osnaburg Township

Coulas Teresa from NVR Inc D/B/A Ryan Homes, 5575 Spanish Bay St SE, $262,525. 

NVR Inc., A Virginia Corporation, DBA from A List Land Development LLC, parcel 9000085 Quarry Lake Dr SE, $40,000. 

Paris Township

Carle Marc A & Rebecca A from Riley Michael R & Shawn, 3019 Whitacre Ave SE, $314,000. 

Moody Olivia J from Dourm Bruce E & Donna L, 1335 Pleasant Ridge St SE, $130,000. 

Ossler Robert L & Lacey from Easterday Randy E & Dolly S, parcel 4106044 Elmview St SE, $34,000. 

Slaton Kenneth W Sr Trustee from Mcbride Margaret A, 4578 Ridgeport Ave SE, $140,000. 

Trainer Matthew & Dague Daniel from Shoffner Gary A, 1426 Pleasant Ridge St SE, $43,000. 

Wells Fargo Bank, Na from Valenzuela Christopher J & Danielle D, 13464 Telpahak St SE, $68,400. 

Perry Township

Anderson Robert Lamar & Amanda from Carpenter Michael S, 2454 Mary Lou St NW, $195,000. 

Breda Christopher J from Kern Anthony & Andreotti Brianna, 451 Ingall Ave NW, $175,000. 

Craft Stephanie D from Mccloskey Fred & Mckee Pamela S, 4639 Stevie Ave SW, $270,000. 

Dexjones Inc from Capuano Melanie K, parcel 4316806 12th St NW, $130,000. 

Elliot Family Properties LLC from Frease Ivan C, 8601 Mapleford St SW, $50,500. 

Elliot Family Properties LLC from Frease Ivan C, parcel 4400176 Erie Ave SW, $50,500. 

Foltz Emily from Beitel William, 227 Westland Ave NW, $105,200. 

Frasier Brothers LLC from Gaunt Gerald L Jr, 5200 Charm St SW, $152,000. 

Freeman Brandon from Curtis Brian, 2380 Longlynn St SW, $157,000. 

Hershberger Holdings LLC from Sanders Rentals LLC, 4511 Tioga St NW, $117,400. 

Lte Capital LLC from Rajreena Enterprises LLC, 3050 Lincoln Way E, $350,000. 

Lyons Alexander James & Spencer Lynsey from Peterman Debra S, 174 Woodlawn Ave NW, $175,000. 

M Laps Land LLC from Jeffers Mansel W, 222 Wrexham Ave SW, $80,000. 

Mitchell Angela from NVR Inc., A Virginia Corporation, DBA, 7019 Gauntlet St SW, $215,920. 

NVR Inc D/B/A Ryan Homes from Dehoff Agency Inc, 6228 Llanfair St SW, $60,000. 

Speicher Robert from Davis Edward W & Brenda L, 4555 Marcellus St NW, $140,000. 

Staufer William A from Granitsas Dain W, 759 Whipple Ave SW, $165,000. 

Vickers C Michael from Vickers Charles L & C Michael, 510 Marion Ave NW, $37,400. 

Pike Township

Brown Jason from Romo Properties LLC, 5466 Cleveland Ave SE, $120,000. 

Rollins Elaine & Rex from Chatto John J & Edith L Wros, 1014 Overlook Dr SW, $70,000. 

Stokes Daniel Jack Jr & Christine from Mason Daniel E & Marilyn A, 1996 Walnut St SE, $90,000. 

Plain Township

Benchmark Properties of Ohio Ltd from Stertzbach Kimberly, 2002 38th St NE, $100,000. 

Blackwell Donna from Blackwell Jimmie D & Carole S, 2309 26th St NE, $31,300. 

Coblentz’s Home Remodeling LLC from Schmaltz Scott E, 3707 Roosevelt Ave NE, $57,000. 

Common Timothy & Julie A from Henderson Jada L, 7027 N Market Ave, $272,000. 

Cross Timberlands LLC from Schmucker Linda L, 5730 Griffith Ave NW, $162,000. 

Gursky Steven A & Terri K from Whittier Alana J & Frederick C Co Truste, 1809 Harbour Cir NW #21B, $260,000. 

Hoffman Dirk Ryan from Haley Leo J Jr Trustee of the Leo J Hale, 803 33rd St NE, $85,469. 

Johnson Hayley J from Global Real Estate Solutions LLC, 7317 Marelis Ave NE, $268,000. 

Kutcher Aaron A & Stephanie A from Balbo Zachary J S & Meierdiericks Laura, 1066 Diamond St NE, $212,000. 

Lemmonade Homes & Construction Inc from Wingerter Pauline E, 6969 Stonecreek Ave NE, $130,000. 

Montgomery Street Homes LLC from Alexander Bradley T P, 2367 Mohler Dr NW, $267,500. 

NVR Inc D/B/A Ryan Homes from Mckinley Development Company LLC, parcel 10013266 Forestview St NE, $68,000. 

Thewes Laurie L from Benton Thomas R and Amanda M, 6902 Firestone Rd NE, $236,000. 

Weber William R & Connie D from Margida Guido R Jr & Diana, 4815 Darlington Rd NW, $206,000. 

Wertz John Robert & Lori Ann from Wertz Benton B Jr &Martha A, 2229 Schneider St NW, $57,500. 

Wilkinson Glenn R & Mary E from Olson Yvonne F, 2385 Orchid St NW, $275,000. 

Sandy Township

Dierick Kyle R from Trbovich Daniel, parcel 6600516 Spring Valley LN, $5,000. 

Gotchall Mark & Kilpatrick Penny from Gotchall John M, 6330 Willowdale Ave SE, $65,500. 

Kilpatrick Penny from Gotchall John M, parcel 6200115 Willowdale Ave SE, $15,000. 

Stallman Logan J from Moss Matthew, 364 Plum St N, $154,900. 

US Bank Trust National Association from Barnett Barbara A & Casto Michelle, 5370 Waynesburg Dr SE, $35,000. 

Sugarcreek Township

Miller John J Jr from Bitzel Cathy, parcel 6703454 Bellridge Rd SW, $15,000. 

Snyder Judith from Erb Vaughn C, 519 2nd Ave SE, $95,000. 

Tuscarawas Township

Nickel Brandon T from Evans Robert E & Diana L Trustees, parcel 7200312 Sinclair St SW, $95,000. 

Wolford Matthew D & Rachelle R from Mccall Mildred Louise Etal, 15113 Stanwood St SW, $400,000. 

Yoder Isaac J & Neva E from Ricksecker Ryan D, 14855 Millersburg Rd SW, $260,000. 

Washington Township

Weyer Joseph T from Weyer Timothy, 2190 Beechwood Ave, $100,000.



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