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Stark County real estate transfers July 2-8 – Canton Repository


Barker Glenn M from Mikes Bryan Joseph & Carol Sue, 275 W Broadway St, $55,500. 

Delatin Cody Brant & Sarah Chivon from Russell Nicole M, 998 Overlook Dr, $192,999. 

Lawarence Jeremiah L from Aberegg Jasen E & Angela N, 274 W Main St, $80,000. 

Lee Noah from New Home Alliance Limited Partnership, 1036 Front St, $84,900. 

Pilla Ryan v & Armour Trisha L from Cedarwood Property Management I LLC, 419 Garfield Ave, $68,500. 

Pinkley Michael A & Ball Jamie N from Anderson Danielle, 1024 N Rockhill Ave, $140,000. 

Pinkley Michael A & Ball Jamie N from Danielle Anderson, parcel 111290 Rockhill Ave N, $140,000. 

Bethlehem Township

Coy Penny S & Billy G from Shellock Richard M & Susan G Co Trustees, parcel 1100305 Tanganyika Trl, $3,500. 

Craver Ronald Lewis & Cindy Lee from Myher William H, 224 Jacob St NE, $74,401. 

Mast Ruby W from Francis Robert F & Maryanna, 27 C St Nav Vil, $43,900. 

Stewart Jayson R & Kimberly A from Villard Jane F, parcel 10015420 Mose St SW, $133,100. 

Studer Michael A & Michelle D from Villard Jane F, 7685 Mose St SW, $510,000. 


Avondale Property Investments LLC from Foraker Danny D & Dianne K, 1914 Lang PL NW, $25,500. 

Ayala Efrain Lopez from NND Properties LLC, 1512 38th St NW, $159,795. 

Bell Jeremy J & Koren from Markley Joseph G, 326 Bellflower Ave NW, $145,000. 

Canton for All People Acquisition & from Shimp Rodney E Jr, 818 Gilmore Ave NW, $27,000. 

Card Darrelyn from Williams Devaughntah, 1225 12th St NE, $29,000. 

Card Darrelyn from Williams Devaugntah, 936 Arlington Ave SW, $22,000. 

Casey Kimberly Marie from Martin Ruth A, 2815 Vera PL NW, $85,000. 

Elder Monique & Batin Uthman from Harris Julian G, 1222 13th St NW, $5,000. 

Elder Monique & Batin Uthman from Harris Julian G, parcel 209546 Oby PL NW, $5,000. 

Fennell Sharon v from Rohde George J, 1221 26th St NE, $133,900. 

Kanam John from Leeders Joshua M & Taylor Cassancra E, 2614 Fletcher Ave NE, $63,000. 

Kirkland Financial LLC from US Bank Trust National Association Trust, 1604 Glendale PL NE, $31,160. 

Korkor Khalil from Belopotosky James A Paula S, 4109 Valley Dr NW, $138,000. 

Larkin Street Homes LLC from Tornero James A, 1512 Alden Ave SW, $99,000. 

Mccarthy Judy & Bruce from Rich Aaron J & Cara J, 5306 Loma Linda LN NE, $340,000. 

Nguyen Thuy-Tien T from Barson George A Trustee / George A Barso, 1225 Field St NW, $194,900. 

Ormsbee Roy S from Elite Security Consultants LLC, 1340 N Market Ave, $209,000. 

Ormsbee Roy S from Elite Security Consultants LLC, parcel 246655 Walnut Ave NE, $209,000. 

Parker Jeramey Scott from Sweeney Matthew F &Catherine L, 1337 23rd St NW, $84,900. 

Premier Homes Inc from Learn Holdings LLC, 309 Bromo CT NE, $7,000. 

Premier Homes Inc from Northeast Canton Properties LLC, 2103 17th St NE, $40,000. 

Premier Homes Inc from Northeast Canton Properties LLC, parcel 205933 Ohio Ave NE, $40,000. 

Premier Homes Inc from Schafrath Enterprises LLC, 1647 St Elmo Ave NE, $37,500. 

Sharper Services LLC from Mclendon Properties, 940 Monument Dr NW, $80,000. 

Tome Steven M from Hawn Eric M, 3007 11th St SW, $106,500. 

Wengerd Jesse D from Hamilton Richard R & Kathryn N, 1332 15th St NW, $24,900. 

Zelk Brian from Chiarelli John P, 1318 Shorb Ave NW, $23,000. 

Canton Township

Bradley Leslie D from Roush Carl & Dona Wros, 2812 Cleveland Ave SW Lot A3, $6,000. 

Cindia Ronald Jr & Kari Ann from Marraccini Robert D & Cynthia S, 2925 Faircrest St SW, $278,900. 

Marecek Brian & Jennifer from Osborn Todd S & Kelly A, 1341 Cascade Cir W, $289,000. 

Nicholas Ray Enterprises LLC from Loveless Inc, 145 46th St SW, $247,500. 

Jackson Township

Balding James R & Rita Ferrara from Young Evelyn, 8670 Easy St NW, $185,000. 

Burgess Craig M & Brandi L from Hoffee Randy C & Ann M, 4428 Noble Loon St NW, $405,000. 

Candela Nicholas J & Ay Sin from Deville Hills & Dales LLC, 3539 Red Tail Cir NW 5B, $434,670. 

Condos Thomas & Janice R from Barnes Judith K, 2738 Marsh Ave NW, $185,000. 

Flashhouse Oh 2 LLC from Marsh Jeffrey S & Mayo Karen A, 4905 Maclaren Ave NW, $404,000. 

Franklin Carol from Deville Hills & Dales LLC, 3537 Red Tail Cir NW 5a, $375,080. 

Glaze Ronald L & Diane E from Sander Scott W, 3064 Brunnerdale Ave NW, $150,300. 

Green Ty & Karla from Roma Michael Anthony Jr, 6087 Sailboat St NW, $264,000. 

Guo Qifu & Zheng Meiya from Puterbaugh Michael R & Christina M, 5891 Frank Ave NW, $359,900. 

Hozian Brian R & Regina M from Ensminger James & Lindsey, 9860 Emerald Ridge St NW, $320,000. 

Jurkovich Jr George A & Vanessa R from Mecsey Tyler B, 7270 Hills and Dales Rd NW, $175,000. 

Martin Ruth Ann from Arnone April & Greaves Thomas, 7122 Wren Ave NW, $165,000. 

Nolan Terry & Joyce from Buckeye Development Group LLC, parcel 1630200 Birkdale St NW, $30,300. 

Pond Michael & Donald K from Nething Veda G, 5111 Bob O Link St NW, $135,000. 

Putt Michelle & Darren from Portage LLC, 6666 Portage St NW, $150,000. 

Reith Leonard J & Sherry A from King Jacquline I, 5565 Strausser St NW, $234,500. 

Turske Emily & Philip from Nadeau Wendy M, 6102 Foxview Ave NW, $445,000. 

Zahlouk Mikhaeil & Kadduoh Ghada from Kochovski Enterprises LLC, 6217 Swan Lake Cir NW, $60,000. 

Lake Township

Anderson Emily Rose from Phillips Jason A & Christie, 1270 Cosmos St NW, $160,000. 

Best Jacob Russell from Thorp Kay E & Neely Joan E, 1835 Chowning Cir NW, $285,000. 

Boehlke Brandon John & Marissa from Lightning Holdings LLC, 3085 Perrydale St NW, $125,000. 

Bruckmann Melodie & Joshua from Bobo Carrie S, 13530 Acorn Cir NW, $190,000. 

Clevenger Andrew M from Miller Marion N, 3154 Foxmoor St NE, $240,000. 

Cortese Gabriella from Your Home Team Rentals LLC, 8684 Essex Ave NW, $225,000. 

Eshbach Christopher & Alyssa from Clupper Michelle A, 13449 Inverness Ave NW, $220,000. 

Harris David M & Christina M from Miller Steven R & Holly A, 11395 Billingham Ave NW, $615,000. 

Holdridge Zachary Michael & Emily Erin from Resonate Real Estate Holdings LLC, 10689 Cleveland Ave NW, $415,000. 

Mishler Gregory & Betty from Coblentz Leon Successor Trustee, 807 Andrews St NW, $112,000. 

Murari Jason Eugene from Shrider Gary J, 8411 Market Ave N, $205,000. 

Reynolds Travis & Krystal from Newman Rebecca, 1000 Radway Cir NE, $485,000. 

Schlosser William & Wang Xue from Seeberger Christopher B & Danielle, 2417 Macnaughten St NW, $600,000. 

Tropf Management Group LLC from Nexus Gas Transmission LLC, 10625 Cleveland Ave NW, $300,000. 

Wise Julia & Chad from Karlsson Amy E & Karl Rickard, 10885 Kent Ave NE, $259,000. 

Lawrence Township

Brown Sandra Elaine & Telofski Sandi Lyn from Kadilak Justin & Vaccaro Autumn, 6153 Cartage Ave NW, $285,000. 

Hassman Mark & Alicia from Nickajack Realty LLC, parcel 10015302 Manchester Ave NW, $162,000. 

Krajcik Daniel A & Nina C from Reese Derrick & Shawna L, 6030 Hann Ave NW, $205,000. 

Reese Derrick C & Shawna L from Montgomery Kevin R & Lisa A, 8570 Rock Spring Cir NW, $281,500. 


Blackie Angela M & Jerry N from Christ United Methodist Church, 716 E Gorgas St, $125,000. 

Delsavio Ronald L & Gretchen Wells from Doerr Ronald F Etal, 1210 Presidents St, $255,000. 

Guidone Franco Paul from Sumarko LLC, 233 Ohio Ave, $110,000. 

NVR Inc., A Virginia Corporation, DBA from New Life Development Inc, 340 E Reno Dr, $32,000. 

NVR Inc., A Virginia Corporation, DBA from New Life Development Inc, 342 E Reno Dr, $32,000. 

NVR Inc., A Virginia Corporation, DBA from New Life Development Inc, 344 E Reno Dr, $32,000. 

NVR Inc., A Virginia Corporation, DBA from New Life Development Inc, 346 E Reno Dr, $32,000. 

Marlboro Township

Decker Shawn David & Renee Irene from Goggin Patrick M & Cheryl W, 6760 Center St NE, $451,000. 

Rhome Alexander L & Emily M from Cannon Matthew A, parcel 3101091 German Church St NE, $69,000. 


Benkovich Corey R from Daut Sam, 825 Cherry Rd NW, $125,000. 

Bishop Richard Leroy Jr from Doering Paul, 420 1st St NE, $76,500. 

Brown Arch Nelson from Chris & Goldie LLC, 1343 3rd St SE, $120,000. 

Delvalle John & Mcguire Kelly from Carpenter Willie Mae, 760 Fay St SE, $55,400. 

Ekingen Mustafa from Carpenter Mildred, 412 Erie St S, $68,310. 

Fease Kathryn R & Karlson Jared B from Lenaers Sonny H, 2520 Trillium Cir NE, $380,000. 

Hall Jerry from Herron Mary A, 150 24th St NW, $150,000. 

Hall Jerry from Herron Mary A, parcel 615684 Chauncy Ave NW, $150,000. 

Mayle Kimberly D from Arciello Ellen R, 2320 Pebble Beach Dr SE, $228,500. 

Murtaugh Michael from Grant Aundra, 1201 Jackson St SW, $55,000. 

Schalmo Jason & Melinda from Bailey Craig W & Traci M, 2529 Fallen Oak Cir NE, $382,088. 

Scott Sandy L from Brown Terry W, 743 Erie St S, $54,500. 

Stark County Property Leasing LLC from Jaeb Kenneth P, 610 Wellman Ave SE, $40,000. 

Whipkey Andrew & Tiffany from Dailey Ted J & Natalie, 823 Taylor St SW, $90,000. 

Nimishillen Township

Snyder Makensie P from Cargyle Joseph R & Corrie L, 4084 Broadway Ave, $145,000. 

Snyder Makensie P from Cargyle Joseph R & Corrie L, parcel 3304397 Broadway Ave NE, $145,000. 

North Canton

Dimauro Christopher A from Brown Laura E, 35 Auburn Ave SE, $242,000. 

Fedor Dorothy & James T from Conard Denver, 1234 Pasadena, $35,000. 

Hunt Matthew Scott & Haley Kristen from Mudd Steve J, 820 Weber Ave NE, $262,000. 

Management Millenial Properties from Baylor Larry L & Jennifer L TTEES/BAYLOR, 160 Woodside Ave NE, $175,000. 

Marraccini Robert D & Cynthia from Richardson Scott T, 625 Weber Ave NE, $242,250. 

Mchenry Scott & Hilary from Mcwilliams Amanda R & Brett G Co Truste, 1610 Chadford Gate SE, $495,000. 

Mears Christopher J & Katz Karen L from Mears Mark C & Christopher J &, 1225 7th St NE, $300,000. 

Nesnidol Kenneth James from Krisher Paulette M, 1647 Mabry Mill Dr SW, $310,000. 

Stutz Justin Christopher & Kimberly Rae from Humphrey Laurie L & Donell, 520 Winesap Ave SW, $412,000. 

Van Joel from Esber Jonathan P, 1450 Wilbur Dr NE, $280,000. 

Volz Jeanne from Hill Bette J, 414 Woodrow St NW, $207,500. 

Wilson Robert H & Linda G from Keitch David W & Cynthia L Trustees, 414 Pebblebrook Dr SW 410-14, $290,000. 

Osnaburg Township

Glagola Ryan Lee from Johanning Jason & Victoria, 8136 Georgetown St, $189,900. 

Yard Danial J & Lynsey M from Jacobsen Bruce C & Lisa A, 9194 Georgetown St, $450,000. 

Perry Township

Bruce Annika Aka Annika Vanessa Indorf & from White Alyssa M, 4702 7th St SW, $170,500. 

Dixon Samantha G from Albrecht Matthew J & Maureen E, 143 Highland Ave SW, $150,000. 

Giavasis Jennifer from Reynolds Karla J, 1227 Miles Ave SW, $179,900. 

Global Real Estate Solutions LLC from Siggelkow Susan C, 158 Perry Dr NW, $55,000. 

Hess Victoria L from Hansen Dean & Nicole, 7474 Navarre Rd SW, $147,000. 

Long Matthew from Williams Harry E & Johnston-Williamsbeth M Co Ttees, 1451 Miles Ave SW, $152,000. 

PR Properties LLC from Chambers Scott, 5210 18th St SW, $209,000. 

Ritz Morgan & Chad from Kurtz Rosemary, 2355 Moock Ave SW, $261,000. 

Rodriguez Robin Elaine from Barnes Kyle A & Olivia M, 7223 Crusader St SW, $269,900. 

Rogers Ellen L Trustee from Chambers Scott, parcel 4303384 College St SW, $17,000. 

Rohr Derek & Allison from Spence Sarah A, 4206 Greenford Ave SW, $165,000. 

Seward Donald & Bell Shaina from Swast Kim M, 4509 Baunach St NW, $170,000. 

Waite Richard Alan & Richard J & Clara from Kemp Charles R, 3421 Hilton St NW, $160,000. 

Pike Township

Richmond Park Ohio Homes LLC from Farnsworth Crystal, 2728 Deer Pass Dr SE, $1,000. 

Sanders Lauren R & Renee from Brown Troy & Marella, 5928 Stinewood Dr SE, $97,699. 

Sanders Lauren R & Renee from Brown Troy & Marella, parcel 4900686 Stinewood Ave SE, $97,699. 

Plain Township

Angione Paul from Simmonds George, 3401 26th St NW, $158,500. 

Carr Joshua & Elizabeth from Stevens Leonard D &Brenda D, 5349 Mosswood Cir NE, $330,000. 

Dalton Jackie Jr from Dalton Fawnsworth, 3115 Long Ave NE, $185,000. 

Imdorf Gregory Brian from Gatchell Deborah J & Swanson Sandra K, 4639 Lindford Ave NE, $150,000. 

Kell Michael T from Nimen Deebe J, 5627 Thunderbird Cir NW, $162,000. 

Killinger Diane E from NVR Inc D/B/A Ryan Homes, 1340 Fountain View St NE, $391,520. 

Long Eric from Ruiz Kaylee, 4112 28th St NE, $2,000. 

Losa Investments Ltd from Gilhousen Gary R & Donna, 3016 Gross Ave NE, $30,000. 

Mac-Uni LLC from White Louise C Trustee, 2605 Hyacinth Dr NW, $212,000. 

Malt LLC from Lautzenheiser Cyle P & Shannen, 2947 Maple Ave NE, $65,000. 

Marazita Daniel from Basso Logan D, 1512 32nd St NE, $147,000. 

Mayle Timmy from Bolyard Dallas & Geraldine, 3316 Middlebranch Ave NE, $14,311. 

Mercina Paul T & Ramona L from Rea Custom Homes LLC, 6914 Timbercreek Ave NE, $80,000. 

Morales Justin A & Lenardos Jamie J from Morales Justin A & Lenardos Jamie J, 8175 Garnet Ave NE, $309,900. 

North Cory A & Rachel L from Graber Rhoda A, 1643 Windcrest St NW, $192,000. 

Park Elisabeth C & Justin M from Skelley Fred D & Barbara L, 4330 21st St NW, $234,900. 

Redwood Plain Township MT Pleasant from Redwood Plain Township MT Pleasant, parcel 10015295 Mount Pleasant St NW, $656,100. 

Walsh University from Li Ke Ming & Zhang Shu Zhong, 2133 Philzer St NW, $180,000. 

Sugarcreek Township

Dice Clint R from Arney Keren R, 12263 Baughman St SW, $67,500. 

Mckee Larry G & Marsha F from Mcwilliams Sarah M, 251 7th St SE, $162,900. 

Miller Joshua P & Renae N from Majors Anastasia J, 13705 Mount Eaton St SW, $425,000. 

Tuscarawas Township

Schumacher Barbara I Trustee from Schumacher Barbara I Trustee &, 2830 Alabama Ave SW, $245,000.



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