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1320 W. Alpine Court, $209,500, Brenda J. Holmes to David and Diana Stanley

4774 Arbor Court, $120,000, Estate of Mary Kathleen Barnes, deceased to Deborah Joy Sanders Trust Agreement

2220 Buckhead Lane, $81,000, Romano Family Limited Partnership to James M. and Penny S. Stapleton 

8065 Burgett Drive, $260,000, Tommy L. and Karen L. Young to Jason and Melissa Hesse

1950 Carl Court, $150,000, Walter and Eunice Ann Sroka, trustees of the Walter and Eunice Joint Living Trust to Timothy and Kathryn Rapson

307 E. Christine Drive, $205,000, Kenila, LLC to Judah and Kayla Renfro

708 N. College St., $25,000, Equipment Leasing I to Carli J. Miller

100 Colorado Drive, $139,900, Dennis Drew to Carltavis Purnell

225 S. Dennis Ave., $165,000, Loman C. Jr. and Tamrara McClinton to Casey and Anne Steketee

1875 N. Dennis Ave., $35,000 (contract 2017), MAXOVER, LLC to Michael Allen and Diana Jean Richardson

4614 Hale Drive, $145,000, Jacqueline Wringley to Walter J. to Lori D. Eaton

4633 Hilltop Blvd., $142,000, owner is Matthew R. Shonkwiler to Chance and Chelsee Buchanan

1837 W. Hunt St., $52,500, Fontella Stolte Enlow to Jessica Powell

224 E. Kenwood Ave., $73,000, Alfred J. and Altheria Jane Abraham to Corey Cook and Livia Harmon

1928 S. Lost Bridge Road, $67,500, Steven Moehr to Rylin Hadley

7640 W. Main St., $81,000, Paul D. Gross to David H. Whitaker

54 Maple Court, $57,000, Archie J. Levy and Annie L. to Lincoln Land Trust #542021

11 Meadow Terrace Drive, $45,000, Lisa Laye Starks to Timothy and Katelyn Hanlon 

116Nevada Drive, $79,000, Jordan J. Meredith to Bryan M. Harl

2345 E. Pershing Road, $170,000, Woodford Plaza, Inc. to Macon County Fence Company

212 Oxford Drive, $111,900, Gerri L. Munos and Edward C. Buetgen to Shaina Foxx

898 S. Pine Hill Drive, $169,900, Ibraham and Zainab Hamad Odeh to Tyler Burks

5253 E. Reas Bridge Road, $73,000, Luke Ryan and Melissa White to Blake and Stephanie Rauch

2150 E. Reserve Way, $722,650, Michael Ralph and Mary Elizabeth Hicks to James A. and Loretta L. Hedges

33 Ridge Lane Drive, $100,000, Rebecca E. Burger to David Whitacre

2218 W. Ridgeview Drive, $119,700, Anne G.E. Rogers to Jerry Hawkins 

31 La Salle Drive, $51,500, Carol Ann Frazier to Tyler Key

17 Tanager Drive, $62,500, Michael Bertoldo to Christopher A. T. Franks

1528 N. Taylor Ave., $16,000 (contract 2020), Andrew R. Hendrian to Nicholas Ernst

1118 Wedgewood Court, $327,000, Whitley B. Miller to Justin and Rebecca DeMarco

1122 Wedgewood Court, $270,000, Vijay and Sapana Roy to Whitney Miller

1143 E. William St., $14,800, Mark Petrowsky to Valerie Beth Sevak

1234 E. Willard Ave., $27,000, Francita L. Harvey to Andrew P. Chiligiris, Attorney, Macon County Title

698 Wolf Road, $130,000, Charles E. and Angela C. Dashiell to Richard F. and Mary R. Gaffron 

944 N. 35th St., $18,000, William and Virginia Brocksmith to Lucille Stineback

1444 S. 44th St., $63,000, Trey and Kathryn Rahn to Christyna De Lude

184 E. Claremont Ave., $187,000, Skot E. and Kandice J. Michener to Kirk and Glenda Tabor

1007 N. East County Line Road, $94,000, Beverly Carroll to Shu Ying Lin

4165 Shaw Road, $170,000, David and Tracy Davis to Nicholas Eugene Stroud

746 Phillip Circle, $272,500, Cory D. and Courtney C. Kinsler to Paul and Sara Lidy 

429 S. Washington St., $157,500, Paul and Sara Lidy to Cory D. and Courtney C. Kinsler

4504 Crosson Road, $160,000, Karen Lillpop to Clarence L. and Sara A. Jess

229 W. Eckhardt St., 75,000, Kevin Baker to Christopher D. Atkinson 

414 E. Kennedy St., $17,000, Robert C. and Lori A. Van Lanen to Katherine I. Tolly 

405 S. Oak St., $168,800, Richard E. Young to Elizaabeth Gogolin

Mount Zion

2 Blakeridge Place, $225,000, Mark W. and Virginia Lee Collison to Jeffrey Armstrong 

1358 Mount Zion Pkwy, $163,000, Ryan and Hannah Thoele to Jill R. Baltimore

620 Pearl Court, $270,000, Casa  Development LLC to Ryan and Hannah Thoele

420 South Drive, $137,500, Doris Lynette, Russell D. and Jonathan M. Greenwood to Todd Tague

5338 W. Hilvety Road, $55,000, Larry R. and Darren Hartnell to Christian Crocker


7 Redlick Court, $130,000, Ira F. and Julia A. Watkins to Clint J. Pilcher

Source: Illinois Department of Revenue real estate transfer declaration sheets were submitted with the deeds recorded in the Macon County Recorder’s Office. Dollar amounts represent the net sale price. Documents processed in Oct.



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