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San Diego Property guide: Best Neighborhoods for homebuyers

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The new normal, majorly characterized by work-from-home trends, has had many people dreaming about getting a new place due to different reasons. Well, have you thought about getting a place anywhere in San Diego? Do you have any idea of where to start? First, you have to understand that choosing to get a home in San Diego is a perfect choice. This article will guide you on the best neighborhoods in San Diego you should consider checking.

  1. Golden Hill.

Located on the south of Balboa Park, Golden Hill features a quiet coolness due to its historic roots and contemporary renaissance. This neighborhood is best known for its attractive architecture that features Victorian, Craftsman, and Colonial Revival-style homes across the neighborhood. It has remained among the few neighborhoods in San Diego that has kept overcrowding at bay.

Golden Hill offers plenty of housing options at varying prices, meaning there is an option for everyone. One thing that makes the neighborhood stand out is its degree of diversity. The Greater Golden Hill Community Development Corporation is against gentrification and even goes ahead to boost community engagements projects such as Golden Hill Community Garden and community farmers’ market.

  1. La Mesa.

La Mesa is a city full of character and is a safe haven from urban life that keeps its residents not too far from downtown San Diego. The city’s stunning main street, La Mesa Boulevard, is lined with cafés, antique stores, and family-run shops. The city also features an interactive and fun community that hosts a variety of community festivals throughout the year including a weekly car show in summer months and the famous Oktoberfest.

The city has always been considered a more affordable housing choice especially for first-time homebuyers. Homes in La Mesa are also available on a wide range of budgets; whether looking for a midcentury home with a huge backyard or a costly modern home overlooking open spaces, you’ll find it here. There’s simply something for everyone in La Mesa.

  1. Bressi Ranch

Located between the Carlsbad coastline and San Marcos hills, Bressi Ranch comes with perfectly maintained parks, top Carlsbad schools, and plenty of shopping and entertainment, while residents enjoy access to lots of amenities within a short walk or drive. In Bressi Ranch, community comes first and there is a lot of community engagement in the area. The local HOA groups in the area actively plan a series of impressive events and regularly host get-togethers.

Besides the sense of communism, homes in this area highly prioritize luxury and feature traditional architecture with contemporary interiors that result in an idyllic blank canvas for your personal touch. If you’re looking to enjoy the luxuries of living in the vicinity of a beach without coastal crowds and tourists, Bressi ranch is the place to call home.

  1. Point Loma.

Point Loma is an old-school coastal community that has for a long time remained sought-after for its walkability, burgeoning eats and, of course, prime ocean views. According to San Diego Association of Realtors president, Carla Farley, Point Loma remained a popular choice for homebuyers even in 2020. “Though the price point is significantly higher, Point Loma has surprisingly still seen a lot of transactions within the past year,” she says.

On a normal day, you will find its blend of young and retired residents exploring what the Liberty Station has to offer, the iconic landmarks such as the Cabrillo National Monument, or enjoying a weekend bike ride along the bay. If you’re looking for a good place to raise a family, Point Loma will offer you the serenity you need and many excellent school options from elementary to undergraduate.

However, it’s worth noting that prime ocean views attract bigger bucks. So, if you’re looking to explore this area, consider that. But there is no need to panic since it’s worth every bit of it.

  1. Sabre Springs.

With a population of above 14,000, Sabre Springs is among the best places to live in San Diego County and in the larger California. Living in this area comes with a dense suburban feel. The neighborhood also features highly rated public schools while many families and young professionals who live here own their homes.

According to, Sabre Springs have an overall grade of A+. Public schools, good for families category also have a score of A+, while diversity has an A, crime and safety has B+ score on

This simple guide should give you a starting point if you’re looking for a home in San Diego. Now buckle up and let the hunting begin.



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