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Rock Island and Henry County real estate transactions for Nov. 6, 2022 – Quad-City Times

Following are seller, buyer, property description and price of property. Note: Price is an estimate based on revenue stamps that are bought from the county.


Godfrey, Joshua and Rachel, to Frank, Richard T. and Sandra S.; Morris, Stephen, and Johnson, Cassandra, 620 Stokes St., Kewanee; $15,000.

Baker, Dale W., to Murphy, Donald J. Jr. and Clara M., 816 S. West St., Kewanee; $69,000.

Baker, Paula Renee, to Ceurvorst, Lucas and Jennifer, 517 5th St., Andover; $12,500.

Swinney, Dustin Pete and Sylvia Christine, to Fitzco Properties, 3 Oakwood Court, Coal Valley; $55,000.

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Snyder, Angela K./ Bagby, Angela K., Snyder, Mark, to Ortiz, Edward and Rodriguez, Liza C., 505 Rivermist Drive, Colona; $319,500.

Reeves, Conrad A. and Christine A., to Stevenson, Marvin E. and Janet K. and Marvin and Janet Stevenson Revocable Trust, 242 Grier St., Kewanee and 221 N. Poplar St., Kewanee; $125,000.

Akers, Kevin D. and Jodell M., to Akers, Wendell D. and Clara Helen, 516 W. Exchange St., Geneseo; $170,000.

Anderson, Kevin L., to McKinley, John F. and Donna R., 225 S. Stewart St., Geneseo; $150,000.

Geneseo Prairie Developments, to Johnson, Zackary R. and Anna M., 726 Dragonfly Lane, Geneseo; $36,000.

Hutchinson, Jeffrey L., to Hutchinson, Joshua, 8103 E. 1700 St., Cambridge; $55,000.

Lappin, Sharon L. and William Lappin Estate, to Allensworth, David W. and Shirley L., 517 E. 1st St., Kewanee; $60,000.

Martin, Steven R. and Janet F., to Wirth, Donald G. and Miekush, Christine, 415 W. 2nd St., Kewanee; $44,000.

Evans, Paula Dea/ Luft, Paula D., to Anderson, Dawn M. and Dawn M. Anderson Revocable Living Trust, 108 N.W. 5th St., Galva; $97,000.


Bordner, Carol I., Washington Crossing, Pa., to DeJaegher, Jacob, East Moline; 2138 18th St., East Moline; $180,000.

Wade, Lyle D., trust, Bettendorf, to Kerschieter, Keith, Rapids City; 309 12th St., Rapids City; $160,000.

Hodges, Robert L., Geneseo, to French, Wayne Herbert, Moline; 5311 38th Ave., Moline; $165,000.

Whiting, Heather M., Port Byron, to Alguire, Cody, Hampton; 501 9th Ave. Ct., Hampton; $207,500.

Pegasus 62, Rock Island, to Bland, Robert A., Sr., and Tipton, Michelle N., Rock Island; 3630 15th St., Rock Island; $183,000.

Lang, Doris L., trust, Moline, to Marr, Jacob M., East Moline; 2645 7th St., East Moline; $113,000.

Peoples Missionary Baptist Church, Rock Island, to Selby Enterprises, Davenport; 606 23rd St., Rock Island; $8,000.

Gay, Ronald, Rock Island, to Selby Enterprises, Davenport; 1403 13th Ave., Rock Island; $6,000.

Gay, Ronald, Rock Island, to Selby Enterprises, Davenport; 824 11th Ave., Rock Island; $6,000.

Clark, Laurie L., Rock Island, to First Financial Group, Bettendorf; 1415 45th Ave., Rock Island; $33,500.

Carr, Jette, Deerfield Beach, Fla., to DeCap, Dalton, Moline; 5341 32nd Ave., Moline; $115,000.

Burden, Larry Matthew, Coal Valley, to Toh, Ahr, and Htoo, Kaw, Rock Island; 2113 21st St., Rock Island; $200,000.

Fuller, John M. and Erica M., Clearwater, Fla., to Craig, John Christopher, and Huang, Keng-Liang, Rock Island; 1617 24th St., Rock Island; $105,000.

Whitmer, Patrick and Angela D., Davenport, to Hampsey, Jack and Gretchen, Milan; 3504 W. 7th St., Milan; $370,000.

Girot, Amber A., Port Byron, to Thomas, Scott Jr., Hillsdale; 303 Monroe St., Hillsdale; $122,000.

Find N Homes, Eldridge, to Eagle Property Holdings, Moline; 2360 6th St. Ct., East Moline; $45,000.

J&K Housing, Moline, to J&T Rentals, Moline; 2424—2434 13th St., Silvis, land/lot only; $180,000.

Quiet Capital, Davenport, to Dolling, Alan R., Camarillo, Calif.; 1802 4th St., Moline; $85,000.

Molina, Mercedes M., estate, Moline, to Raya, Gustavo and Lisa M., Moline; 346 1st St., Moline; $40,000.

Ambrozi, Terry L.; Long, Anthony R., and Mutka, Tammy E., Milan, to Mahieu, Jeff A., Moline; 1313 9th St., Unit B-C, Moline; $107,000.

Gebert, Lynda, trust, Galesburg, to Midwest Homebuyers, Eldridge; 1400—1402 15th Ave., Rock Island; $109,000.

Harris, Jeremy M., and Cross-Harris, Laina M., Coal Valley, to Smith, Andrew, and Bogguess, Laura, Rock Island; 2343 46th St. Ct., Rock Island; $160,000.

Dream Real Estate Investment, LLC, Moline, to Arp, Robert, Washington, Utah; 321 E. 9th St., Milan; $136,000.

Clark, Rebecca L., Davenport, to Durham, Carl B., Jr. and Charlotte J., Rock Island; 502 12th St., Rock Island; $40,000.

Schave, Willeane A., estate, Pekin, Ill., to Reyna, Juan, East Moline; 250 17th Ave., East Moline; $37,000.

Helling, Zachary E., Moline, to Settles, Jessica Nicole, Moline; 3810 26th St., Moline; $70,000.

Livermore, Nanci, Moline, to Connors, Robert and Sandra, East Moline; 3949 3rd St. A. Ct., East Moline; $230,239.

Smith, Christian O., Moline, to Gillispie, Logan James, Moline; 1640 27th Ave., Moline; $127,000.

Dietz, Jessica M., Bettendorf, to Wischnak, Brian and Kathy, Rock Island; 1416 35th St., Rock Island; $179,900.

Friant, Shane and Jill, Dixon, Ill., to Rogers, Robert and Kari, Port Byron; 21221 94th Ave. N., Port Byron; $455,000.

Jones, Hailey and Spencer, Davenport, to Johnson, Elisabeth A., Moline; 2519 13th St., Moline; $192,500.

Clark, Ruth, Moline, to TBK Bank, Bettendorf; 4205 7th St., East Moline; $110,000.

Barr, Gerald A. and Ellen J., Moline, to Barr, Jacob, Moline; 3002 44th St., Moline; $203,000.

Gauley, Robert and Williams, Milan, to Jones, Breanna, Milan; 2905 W. 3rd St., Milan; $122,000.

King, Anthony W. and Amy Jo, East Moline, to DeClercq, Todd E., trust, Hillsdale; 26121 80th Ave., N., Port Byron, land/lot only; $36,000.

Parker, James L., East Moline, to Gebert, Lynda L., trust, Galesburg; 15411 River Rd., East Moline; $100,000.

Gonzalez, Manuel G., Silvis, to Little, Ike D., Moline; 911 17th Ave., East Moline; $72,500.

Scott, Emily and Christopher, Milan, to Sanders, Brian, Milan; 209 17th St. E., Milan; $100,000.

Gabriel, Nancy A., Moline, to Salter, Michael, Bettendorf; 2824 Avenue of the Cities, Moline, retail commercial building; $110,000.

Wiegand, Lori S., Davenport, to Riexinger, Colin, Rock Island; 1700 29 1/2 St., Rock Island; $138,000.

Geifman Food Stores, Bettendorf, to Caprealty 22 Moline, Franklin, Tenn.; 3401 & 3560 5th Ave., East Moline, industrial building; $5,900,000.

Pulley, Kathleen, trust, Milan, to Hamerlinck Land & Cattle, LLC, Milan; 40 acres farmland, Milan; $250,000.

Alvin, Curtis and Tammy, Milan, to Hamerlinck Land & Cattle, LLC, Milan; 40 acres farmland, Milan; $250,000.

Edgewood Baptist Church, Rock Island, to Roman, Danielle and Andrew, Rock Island; 4007 35th St., Rock Island; $195,000.

Raisbeck, Ralph, estate, Milan, to Raisbeck, Gregory J. and Jill M., Milan; 3206 143rd Ave. Ct. W., Milan; $100,000.

Eddy, Kevin J., estate, Moline, to Houston, Braden L. and Adeline G., Moline; 1008 22nd St., Moline; $67,500.

Haynie, Kenneth E., East Moline, to Haynie, Darby D., Moline; 846 27th St., Moline; $119,500.

Barrera, Pedro, Moline, to Clay, Kelli, East Moline; 1316 10th Ave., East Moline; $42,500.

Sierra, Andrew and Jodi, Coal Valley, to Wright, Michael J., Moline; 2627 44th St. Ct., Moline; $221,000.

Sheldon, Sara A., Chicago, to Sheldon, Gregory J., Orion; 12701 117th St., Orion; $260,000.

Lensing, Heidi L. and Christopher L. Moline, to Meegan, Amanda, and Walker, Jason, Moline; 3420 52nd St., Moline; $249,900.

DJ Props, Scottsdale, Ariz., to Muhoza, Alexis, Silvis; 159 5th St., Silvis; $45,000.

Hass, Randy, Eldridge, to Magarotto, Sara Maria, Hampton; 318 1st Ave., Hampton; $284,000.

880 Property Acquistion, Blue Springs, Mo., to Smith, Courtney R., East Moline; 220 30th Ave., East Moline; $125,000.

Tanghe, Jessica A., Davenport, to Motcho, Komi, East Moline; 3019 18th St., East Moline; $230,000.

Stange-Crotty, Leslie M., Coal Valley, to Meyer, Michael, Jr., Moline; 1755 34th St., Moline; $185,000.

Mettee, Pamela April, estate, Palm Coast, Fla., to Troche, Juventino, Rock Island; 2216 41st St., Rock Island; $22,000.

Hartog, Terrance M. and Bonnie L., Rock Island, to Edwards, Robert Thomas and Alena Rae, Milan; 235 E. 12th Ave., Milan; $45,000.

Wlaskolich, Barbara A. and Michael J., Moline, to Tenney, Karen L., Moline; 1328 19th Ave., Moline; $171,100.

Winthurst, Shirley, estate, Bettendorf, to Barr, Marshall L., East Moline; 198 Summit St., East Moline; $30,000.

Baumann, Cheryl. A., Moline, to Baumann, Erik J., Rock Island; 1520 43rd St., Rock Island; $18,000.

DDH Holdings, Port Byron, to Rhodes, Benjamin D., Silvis; 149 4th St., Silvis; $59,000.

Morgan, Sarah N., Wilmington, N.C., to Morgan, Jonas S. and Andrea L., East Moline; 4409 3rd St. A, East Moline; $170,000.

The Hamerlinck Family Trust, Hot Springs, Ariz., to Medinger, Jamie, Rock Island; 1927 88th Ave. W., Rock Island; $235,000.

Parkhurst, Charles, Moline, to Acosta, Flor Lorena Marquez, and Carlos, Edgardo, Silvis; 136 12th St., Silvis; $65,000.

B.M. Bagby, East Moline, to Power, Tyler and Jackie, Milan; 11264 31st St. Drive W., Milan; $475,597,56.

Harris, Phyllis, Moline, to Harris, James, Moline; 2346 33rd St., Moline; $128,750.

Giannetti, Mary H., and Giannetti-Snyder, Angela, Sabula, Iowa, to Batson, John A., Jr., and McNellis, Wendy, Moline; 4719 47th St., Moline; $65,000.

Stevers, Shawn C., Annawan, to Telou, Atchobo, and Karan, Assinam, East Moline; 2848 7th St., East Moline; $159,900.

Patton Family Trust, Moline, to Lucas, Rebecca, Moline; 571 48th St., Moline; $160,000.

Oceanside50Five, Moline, to Wheeler, Terri, and Hener-Wallerich, Benjamin, Milan; 734 W. 12th St., Milan; $100,000.

Baumunk, Hanna J., Rock Island, to Hernandez, Jesus M., Moline; 2009 14th St., Moline; $127,000.

Cornmesser, Bruce L. and Connie S., Moline, to Schutt, Sabrina, Moline; 1410 43rd St., Moline; $77,200.

Mayes, Larry L. and Michel A., Davenport, to Brandon, Cameron, Rock Island; 2368 11th St., Rock Island; $56,000.

American Bank & Trust, Davenport, to Rosas, Miguel, Bettendorf; 2335 45th St., Rock Island; $77,000.

Midwest Homebuyers, Eldridge, to Ramm, Danielle, Milan; 7500 25th St., Milan; $121,000.

American Bank & Trust, Davenport, to Rosas, Miguel, Bettendorf; 1637 12th St., Rock Island; $17,000.

McCaw, Raymond and Crystal, Oswego, Ill., to Barbosa, Raul, Silvis; 1820 12th St., Silvis; $250,000.

Feuerbach, Kevin L. and Cynthia L., East Moline, to Carrier, Jeff and Beth, Taylor Ridge; 7421 106th Ave. W., Taylor Ridge; $362,000.

DJ Props, Scottsdale, Ariz., to Woller, Fred, Rock Island; 1540 20th Ave., Moline; $55,000.

Keeney, Melinda, Silvis, to Godfrey, John and Tammy, Silvis; 1110 4th Ave., Silvis; $144,900.

Beuselinck, Ryan J., and Anderson, Haley L., Andalusia, to McKinley, Thomas Drake, Rock Island; 2450 33rd Ave., Rock Island; $99,000.

Lee, Robert, Rock Island, to Anderson, Leo C. and Jenna, Rock Island; 2617 34th Ave. Ct., Rock Island; $130,000.

Willits, Erica, Moline, to Daggett, Robert and Betty, East Moline; 2938 Archer Drive, East Moline; $115,000.

QC Land Development, Bettendorf, to Windmill Farm Investments, Milan; 1140 40th St., Rock Island; $40,000.

Smith, Gregg L. and Marsha, Kalona, Iowa, to 3215 8th Ave. Property, LLC, Santa Barbara, Calif.; 3215 8th Ave., Rock Island; $93,500.

Wingert, Brad W., Warner Robins, Ga., to Dvorak, Robert and Karrie, Hampton; 305 8th Ave., Hampton; $255,000.

Fredenburg, Joshua C., Rockton, Ill., to Temple, Laura, Moline; 2951 15th Ave., Moline; $185,000.

Lauglin, Shelly, Wood Dale, Ill., to Schmitt, Danielle, Rock Island; 4414 9th Ave., Rock Island; $90,000.

Robinson, Tracey L., Silvis, to Duncan, Ricardo J., Silvis; 140 14th St., Silvis; $90,000.

Roberts, Janis L., Geneseo, to Butcher, Robert, Moline; 2717 29th St., Moline; $150,000.

Bolden, Yancy S. and Jill A., Rock Island, to Wardell, William D., Rock Island; 2529 – 2531 7th Ave., Rock Island; $67,000.

Anderson, Justin L. and Stacy, Rock Island, to Underwood, Paige, East Moline; 119 29th Ave., East Moline; $84,900.

Lundt Family Partners, Coal Valley, to East Moline 1300, LLC, 11111 Santa Monica Blvd STE 800, Los Angeles, Calif.; 1300 19th St. East Moline; industrial building; $8,750,000.

Knorrek, Brandon J., Eldridge, to Rodgers, Brianna, Moline; 903 37th St., Moline; $150,000.

Brown Town Investments, Moline, to McLaughlin, Patrick, Moline; 1107 37th St. Ct., Moline; $103,120.

United Storge Association, East Moline, to SROA 3913 17th ST. IL, LLC, West Palm Beach, Fla.; 3913 17th St., East Moline; $170,000.

Crampton III, John M. and Susan M., trust, Hampton, to SROA 3913 17th St. IL, LLC, West Palm Beach, Fla.; 3913 17th St., East Moline, storage units; $170,000.

United Storage Association, Inc., East Moline, to SROA 3919 17th St. IL, LLC, West Palm Beach, Fla.; 3919 17th St., East Moline, storage units; $860,000.

Taheny, Michael P. and Bridget N., Rock Island, to Chapman, Kyle M., and Beckham, Alayna A., Moline; 2036 14th St., Moline; $153,000.

Wilson, Cindy K., Rock Island, to Lelonek, Beverly, Rock Island; 3212 37th St., Rock Island; $143,000.

Hutchins, Watson and Beverly, Moline, to Powell, Brianna and Randall, Moline; 1750 12th Ave., Moline; $137,900.

DJ Props, Scottsdale, Ariz., to Tran, Victor, Wilmington, Del.; 1819 17th St., Rock Island; $69,900.

Hoogerwerf, Betty J., Sun City, Ariz., to Hayes, Daniel and Amy, Rock Island; 2736 47th St., Ct.; $266,000.

Say, Ler, and Paw, Tha Ya, to St. Clair, Brian, Moline; 412 19th Ave., Moline; $110,000.



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