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Rock Island and Henry County real estate transactions for June 12, 2022 – Quad-City Times

Following are seller, buyer, property description and price of property. Note: price is an estimate based on revenue stamps that are bought from the county.


Cobb, Thelma Maxine, to Humphrey, Cheryl L. and Darin E., 210 Linden Drive, Colona; $171,000.

Wells, Austin J. and Briann, to Natavio, Sarah Irene and Fabiano Marcolino, 519 Wilshire Drive, Colona; $252,000.

Land, Mary L. / Vroman, Mary L., to Lindsey, Duane and Rhonda, 171 US Hwy 6, Coal Valley; $10,000.

Brooks, Leon E. and Veronica L., to Calloway, Heather, 713 Meadowlawn Drive, Geneseo; $192,000.

Klotz, William G. and Ruth A., to Foster, Morgan V. and Jordan W., 304 E. Main St., Atkinson; $83,000.

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Rusk, Shawn E. and Stephanie M., to Tumbleson, Michael, 600 E. Prospect St., Kewanee; $20,000.

Peed, Crystal F., to LNBGR, 1111 W. Prospect St., Kewanee; $49,500.

Mirocha, Martin F. and Teresa K., to Hall, Alyssa and Dale, 1123 N. Chestnut St., Kewanee; $72,000.

McCoy, Brian, to McGlothlin, Heather M., 515 S.W. 4th St., Galva; $5,500.

Jaimez, Christina G. and Jose, to Pine, William Jarrett and Heather Ann, 3881 N. 700th Ave., Lynn Center; $550,000.

VanKlaveren, James A./ VanKlavren, James A. and VanKlaveren, Tracia J., to Upton, Thomas Edward and Carol, 6 Circle O, Colona; $205,000.

Paxton, Joseph P. and Sherril L., to Lambin, Joseph T. and Emma J., 7700 Possum Trot Road, Kewanee; $330,000.

Taylor, Jeffrey Wayne, to Sinclair, Chale J., 925 Cleveland Road, Colona; $118,000.

Davis, Marsha S. and Klein, Mindy L., to Hull, Curtis J., and Yoder, Callie S., 9920 N. 1500 Ave., Osco; $156,000.

Weimer, Stanley E. and Donna M., to Bosch, Kody R. and Hayley R., vacant land, Phenix Township; $65,000.

VanWassenhove, Ann and Richard, to Wolf, Elyse C. and Joshua R., 514 W. Pritchard St., Annawan; $324,000.

DJ Props LLC, to Park, Mary, 106 5th St., Colona; $35,000.

Gustafson, David J., Kimberly Sue and Kurt, David, and Chamberlain, Cheryl A., to Chamberlain Farms LLC, 12430 Co. Hwy. 16, Cambridge; $716,000.

Anderson, Andy J. and Denelle E., to Karau, Dannis P. and Jodi A., 7 Park View Drive, Annawan; $350,000.

Ivie, Cortney M. and Craig L., to Spech, Judith A. and Robert G., 516 N. Vail St., Geneseo; $135,000.

Dunn, Joshua M., to Wood, Jeremy L., 311 E. Division St., Galva; $2,000.

Woods, Christopher and April, to Enderle, John and Nicole Darlene, 713 Roosevelt Ave., Kewanee; $84,000.

Martin, Heather and Joshua/ Harper, Heather, to Thompson, Kaleb Austin, 305 4th Ave., Colona; $106,000.

Stipp, Nancy E. and Owen T., to Seei, Brady and Jordan, 205 Lakeview Court, Colona; $280,000.

Carlson, Willodeane M., to Jenkins, Kimberley R., 102 N. 1st St., Alpha; $165,000.


Rursch, Orville A., estate, Reynolds, to Rursch, David R., Reynolds; 12906 134th Ave. W., Taylor Ridge; $489,552. 

Jackson, Roger L., estate, Erie, to Jackson Septic Service, Erie; 26825 38th Ave. N., Hillsdale; $27,500.

Jackson, Peggy A., Erie, to Jackson Septic Service, Erie; 26825 38th Ave. N., Hillsdale; $27,500.

Mason, Joan, trust, Savanna, Ill., to Hempel, Emma, Moline; 5236 33rd Ave., Moline; $105,000.

Wollenburg, James L. and Ruth A., Madison, Tenn., to Loney, Sherman and Sharon, Rock Island; 3412 21st St., Rock Island; $157,000.

Jamieson, Dorothea, Moline, to Hart, Jamie, East Moline; 7425 John Deere Parkway, East Moline; $48,000.

Hovanec, Richard F., Mount Pleasant, Pa., to Lassuy, Loran, Coal Valley; 4310 78th Ave. W., Milan; $37,500.

DJ Props, Scottsdale, Ariz., to Homestretch, Blue Grass; 819 54th St. B, Moline; $55,000.

DJ Props, Scottsdale, Ariz., to Homestretch, Blue Grass; 2410 45th St., Moline; $55,000.

DJ Props, Scottsdale, Ariz., to Homestretch, Blue Grass; 2311 45th St., Moline; $55,000.

Allen, Marilyn J., Rock Island, to Bull, Jason M., Moline; 1932 15th Ave., Moline; $55,000.

The Rock Island Boatworks, Providence, R.I., to GLP Capital, Wyomissing, Pa.; 777 Jumer Drive, Rock Island, casino and hotel; $118,750,000.

Seroka, Rose A., East Moline, to Cascio, Theresa J., East Moline; 555 32nd Ave., East Moline; $160,000.

Landmark Infrastructure Inc., El Segundo, Calif., to LM DV Infrastructure LLC, El Segundo, Calif.; 4270 27th St., Moline, infrastructure; $100,000.

Hughes, Sandra M., estate, Geneseo, to Diaz, Ricardo, Rock Island; 2444 30th St., Rock Island; $122,500.

Nunez, Cesar C. and Maria G., Silvis, to Akue Tounou, Kpakpo A., and Gbedjangni, Essi S., Silvis; 1515 11th St., Silvis; $153,000.

Neece, Julia H., East Moline, to Cederoth Properties, Coal Valley; 2323 15th St., Moline; $75,000.

Miller, Amy Jo, Milan, to Hodge, Benjamin, Milan; 1233 Hilltop Drive, Milan; $125,000.

Structure Built, Blaine, Minn., to Hobbs, Jake and Amber, Port Byron; 201 North Main St., Suite 1, Port Byron, commercial building; $185,000.

Donaldson, Brandy, Charlotte, N.C., to JPTP, Moline; 2935 13th Ave., Rock Island; $80,000.

Regions Bank Trust, Peoria, Ill., to Stephens, Chad, Rock Island; 1926 9 1/2 St., Rock Island; $12,000.

Barrera, Pedro, Moline, to Strayer Home Improvements, Rock Island; 2608 5 1/2 Ave., Rock Island; $38,000.

Cook, Scott A., Rineyville, Ky., to Figaro, Mary, Moline; 1891 Avenue of the Cities, Moline; $24,000.

Bennett, Ronald G., trust, Davenport, to Condon Properties, Bettendorf; 2712 5 1/2 Ave., Rock Island; $45,000.

Johnson, Mark L., Sherrard, to Family Lopez Construction, Moline; 744 Hillcrest Rd., Milan; $180,000.

Roots Home Buyers, Davenport, to Cruz, David M., Jr., Rock Island; 1409 8th St., Rock Island; $59,197.

Nicely-Green, Jeffrey C. and Jessica M., Bettendorf, to Bowers, Matthew, Moline; 2033 14th St., Moline; $160,000.

Carroll, Brad A., LeClaire, to Sinda, Todd, Davenport; 3824 15th St. B, Moline; $123,000.

Newton, John and Mary, Orion, to Newton, Richard J., Coal Valley; 11315 120th Ave., Coal Valley; $160,000.

Findlay, Della, Moline, to Verstraete, Andrew W., East Moline; 3534 3rd St. C, East Moline; $141,000.

Johnston, Gary and Amy, Ankeny, Iowa, to Davis, Jake, Coal Valley; 21827 60th Ave. N., Port Byron; $45,000.

The Cage & Properties, Moline, to Junior’s Sports Bar & Grill, East Moline; 1408 6th St. and 559 15th Ave., East Moline; $138,000.

Blomberg-Covents, Kimberlee S., and Covents, Larry R., Moline, to Jacobson, Gloria; 3006 15th St., Moline; $166,500.

Arsenal Properties, Chesterton, Ind., to Manzur, Angela Paolo Lencioni, Grapevine, Tex.; 2627 15th Ave., Rock Island; $89,000.

Lindell, Nels, trust, Moline, to Thruman, Alec, Moline; 504 23rd Ave., Moline; $155,000.

Massa, James E., Hampton, to Centennial Contractors of the Quad Cities, Moline; Outlot B Massa Properties, East Moline; $160,000.

Beintema, Jeannie, East Moline, to Neece, Andrew and Julia, East Moline; 532 40th Ave., East Moline; $164,000.

Loane, Arik and Elizabeth M., Moline, to Gibson, Melissa, Moline; 935 40th St. Ct., Moline; $97,000.

Plutz, Harriet, trust, Rock Island, to Simmer, Rod and Jill, Rock Island; 3022 18th Ave., Rock Island, 2 unit apartment building; $122,500.

Deffenbaugh, Marlene F., estate, Moline, to Midwest Homebuyers, Eldridge; 7704 25th S. St. E., Milan; $17,000.

Neppl, James, estate, Moline, to Staes, Ronald, Moline; 1014 2nd St. Ct., Moline; $225,000.

Couchman, Mary, Albia, Iowa, to Lambert, Brook and William, Moline; 2606 4th St., Moline; $119,500.

Diehl, Daniel M. and Janna D., Waterloo, Iowa, to Wagener, Devon and Debonie, Moline; 945 26th St., Moline; $145,000.

Jennings, Donald Richard, Moline, to Lundgren, Roger, Moline; 2611 1st St. Ct., Moline; $210,000.

Muse, William and Diane, East Moline, to Bermes Properties, Bettendorf; 905 29th St., Moline; $20,000.

Stanley, Sharon K., estate, Des Moines, to Whittington, Michael L. and Trudy L., East Moline; 16312 2nd Ave., East Moline; $17,000.

Runde, Carolyn G., Davenport, to Owen, Denny Ray, Jr., Davenport; 2332 11th St., Rock Island; $25,000.

Sivill, Ronald A. and Donna M., Rock Island, to Shephard, Robin, Rock Island; 2220 22 1/2 Ave., Rock Island; $125,000.

Upchurch, Jerry, Moline, to Koeller Family Trust, Moline; 3579 8th St., Moline; $352,500.

Cheng, Margaretta, trust, Rock Island, to Martin, Audrie and Anthony, Rock Island; 17 Deer Run, Rock Island; $323,300.

Equity One Investment Fund, Sugar Grove, Ill., to Longest, Michael J., Colona; 704 51st Ave., East Moline; $61,000.

Buller, Robert E., Silvis, to Buller, Robert J. and Vickey J., Silvis; 1811 14th St., Silvis; $80,000.

Wei, Nan, Iowa City, to Curry, David R., East Moline; 1299 48th Ave. #9, East Moline; $69,000.

Cox, Kevin W., Illinois City, to Parker, Ronald L. and Martin, Christopher, Buffalo Prairie, Ill.; 18410 206th St. W., Buffalo Prairie, Ill., storage building; $15,000.

Valley View Realty, Davenport, to 555 Valley View Drive, LLC, Chicago; 555 and 601 Valley View Drive, Moline, office building; $1,700,000.

Carpathian Capital Fund I, Minneapolis, Minn., to Vogel-Wilson, Ted, Rock Island; 929-931 17th St., Rock Island; $90,000.

Belser, Chris and Lisa, Cordova, to DeClercq, Todd E., trust, Hillsdale; 28602 80th Ave. N., Hillsdale, 40 acre farm; $290,000.

QCA Holdings, Davenport, to Islami, Braim, Moline; 2324 31st St., Moline; $68,175.

Slininger, Georgia C., Carbon Cliff, to Cartwright, Charles A., trust, Bettendorf; 2615 18th St. A, Moline; $105,000.

Stephens, Rachel, Rock Island, to Payton, Tanner, Rock Island; 1211 38th St., Rock Island; $100,000.

Covemaker, Donald L. and Mary F., trust, Silvis, to United Storage Association, Hampton; 459 Pleasant Ave., Silvis; $350,000.

Payton, Tanner, Rock Island, to Kuehnel, Mary, Rock Island; 1524 27th St., Rock Island; $145,000.

Samalon, James S., estate, Hampton, to Imhoff, Scarlett, Moline; 641 19th Ave., East Moline; $33,500.

Humphrey, Richard M., Bettendorf, to Cederoth Properties Incorporated, Coal Valley; 1412 13th Ave., Moline; $47,000.

Perez, Leticia, Silvis, to Binna, Louise, Rock Island; 618 12th Ave., Rock Island; $63,000.

Eagle Property Holdings, Moline, to Zaiss, Zayne, and Kopcho, Chantelle, Moline; 554 20th Ave., Moline; $138,000.

Nebel, Jessica and Jameson, Davenport, to Abumarar, Mazen, Moline; 1840 32nd St., Moline; $171,500.

Wagner, Amber L., New Braunfels, Texas, to Geiger, Stacey and Kyle, Rock Island; 8901 20th St. W., Rock Island; $253,500.

Altpeter, Mykaela, Kewanee, to Sergeant, Ryan J., and Fisher, Molly J., Rock Island; 2822 27th Ave., Rock Island; $119,000.

Jacobs, Shawn and Amber, Germany, to Thies, Mary and Justin, Rock Island; 2280 31st Ave., Rock Island; $209,000.

Raymond, Ronald and Marilyn, Rock Island, to McCaulley, Grant, Bettendorf; 2525 & 2527 15th St. Ct., Rock Island; $130,000.

CPSCECCCK Trust, Taylor Ridge, to Fuller, Jamie and Jaimie, Rock Island; 4100 44th St., Rock Island; $342,000.

Nees, Robert and Rhonda, Moline, to Huffman, David C., Moline; 3926 12th St., Moline; $109,000.

Curtis Investment Firm, Davenport, to Horton, Micaela and Jessica, Rock Island; 2734 8 1/2 Ave., Rock Island; $84,600.

Curb Appeal QCA, Andalusia, to Dornfeld, Charles, Cordova; 4860 31st St., Moline, land/lot only; $86,000.

Bailey, Meagan G., Mount Prospect, Ill., to Trammell, Kaleigh, and White, Evan, Rock Island; 1827 43rd St., Rock Island; $91,000.

Miller, Grace, Davenport, to Pettit, Jeeny L., and Sells, Nicholas, Moline; 1922 3rd St., Moline; $135,000.

Witter, James L., Coal Valley, to Alvin, Curtis G.; Alvin, Tammy; Pulley, Kathleen A., and Pulley, Roland D., Midland, Texas; 90.95 acre farm, 7008 134th Ave., Coal Valley; $1,136,875.

Curb Appeal QCA, Andalusia, to Dornfeld, Charles, Cordova; 4860 31st St., Moline; $86,000.

Bailey, Meagan G., Prospect, Ill., to Trammell, Kaleigh, and White, Evan, Rock Island; 1827 43rd St., Rock Island; $91,000.

Miller, Grace, Davenport, to Pettit, Jeeny L., and Sells, Nicholas, Moline; 1922 3rd St., Moline; $135,000.

Kuehnel, Mary, Rock Island, to Hennenfent, Adam, Rock Island; 2911 22 1/2 Ave., Rock Island; $207,000.

The Secretary of Veterans Affair, Washington, D.C., to Adams, Jane, 2218 31st St., Rock Island; $77,313.

Anderson, Larry K., trust, East Moline, to Nelson, Nicholas, East Moline; 2821 10th St., East Moline; $170,000.

Tanner, Charles, estate, Barrigada, Guam, to Kowalik, Kevin, Rock Island; 9408 13 1/2 St. W., Rock Island; $126,000.

Sanders, Matthew W. and Cherrie A., Yukon, Okla., to Vincent, Nicholas, East Moline; 424 163rd St. N., East Moline; $88,500.

Cruz, Jorge, Bettendorf, to Cruz, Patricia, Moline; 4207 17th Ave., Moline; $125,000.

Bergert, Harry W., estate, Bonita Springs, Fla., to River Bend Realty Company, Bettendorf; 4248 14th St., Rock Island; $85,000.

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