DRE#01933277 | Sacramento

Robert Langston

Bobby E. Langston

DRE#01933277 | Sacramento

With a strong desire to help buyers and sellers in all types of situations, Robert E. Langston lends his expertise as a real estate broker in and around the surrounding areas of Fairfield and Sacramento, California.  Mr. Langston believes that every family deserves the chance to achieve the dream of home ownership. He welcomes opportunities to work with anyone ready to make their next move in real estate.  One of Mr. Langston’s specialties is attending to the needs of distressed sellers—those facing foreclosure—by helping them sell homes quickly and at fair or above market value. For first-timers and qualified families in need of guidance, Mr. Langston offers expert assistance with all types of mortgage loans, including low and no-down-payment options. His advanced knowledge and experience with Financial Education Services has benefited many clients looking to build and improve their credit scores.

Robert E. Langston credits hard work and dedication for his success in this competitive industry. His mother was a broker for more than 30 years and taught her son much about the business.  He started in real estate in 2008 as an assistant working for a family business. In 2013, he was a licensed agent and in 2018 he became a licensed broker before incorporating his own Brokerage Company that same year. Bobby Real Estate, Incorporated uses the latest technology to help sell homes and also offers notary services to the community.  In an industry full of complexity, Robert E. Langston seeks to be a trusted advisor and professional to all of his clients—someone who will understand their needs and advocate on their behalves.

When he’s not working, Robert Langston stays fit, healthy, working out and eating vegetarian cuisine. He enjoys professional sporting events and roots hard for the Kings, Warriors, Raiders and Forty Niners!  He’s also an aquarium hobbyist and maintains three tanks home to a Red Devil, Jack Dempsey and Flour Horn.


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