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RISMedia’s Real Estate Newsmakers Search Closing Soon –

RISMedia’s Real Estate Newsmakers campaign is coming to a close on Sept. 1, and we don’t want to miss out on any fearless leaders and bold practitioners who deserved to be recognized for their exceptional achievements in 2021. 

We want to hear from you and your colleagues, no matter background, experience or affiliation. RISMedia’s Real Estate Newsmakers are a multifaceted group of real estate practitioners who best represent leadership, courage, diversity, innovation or generosity within the industry—we have a Newsmakers category for everyone. 

Nominate a Newsmaker

Candidates can be selected as an RISMedia Real Estate Newsmaker for a number of accomplishments. Which Newsmaker category best represents your nominee?

Achievers – The Success Stories

With our Achievers, we celebrate those who have rocketed their business/companies to the top, with robust growth and marketing strategies. These individuals have won awards and led multi-year strategies for success, holding the belief that everyone should continually strive to do better.

Crusaders – The Champions of a Better Way

Crusaders are real estate professionals who hold a passion for a cause that is greater than themselves. From equal rights or REALTOR® safety to disaster recovery or childrens’ charities, Crusaders are consistently advocating for their communities and the world. 

Futurists – The Forward Thinkers

Futurists are members of the real estate community who are changing the conversation. We celebrate those who are focused on growth and adaptability, doing what it takes to survive in a rapidly shifting real estate world. 

Motivators – The Compassionate Who Effect Change

Motivators are those who make a difference every day. Within this segment, there is no shortage of generosity and community spirit. From supporting charitable causes through advocacy and financial backing to enacting change first-hand, our Motivators lead by example. 

Influencers – The Thought Leaders

Influencers include some of the brightest thought leaders in the real estate industry. They are those who inspire the leadership, innovation, creativity and success in our business. 

Luminaries – The Iconic Leaders

These are the industry’s founders, CEOs and executives who have built and grown their companies to enormous successes. You will recognize these leaders as those who have dedicated their lives to the betterment of their companies, their agents, and the industry as a whole and all those it serves. 

Trailblazers – The Agents of Change

From keeping pace with innovation to new technologies and more, we celebrate our Trailblazers for their ingenious contributions. These individuals are constantly moving the needle forward and improving agent-client relationships on every level. 

Trendsetters – The Creative Thinkers

Trendsetters are real estate members who shape the industry and inspire the community in creative ways. From working with underserved communities to creating unique and customized marketing campaigns, these individuals are always spotting future trends and forging new paths for the industry to follow. 

Readers may nominate as many individuals as they like (up to five individuals per firm), as well as themselves. Nominees can be from any walk of the residential or commercial real estate industries, including, but not limited to brokers; agents; service providers; professionals from the mortgage, title, insurance sectors, etc.

We need your help to identify the industry’s most creative and thoughtful members. For details and to make your nomination(s), visit

The hundreds of Real Estate Newsmakers selected by RISMedia’s editorial team will be featured in an issue of Real Estate magazine and on in early 2022.

Additionally, an elite group of finalists will be inducted into our exclusive Newsmakers

Hall of Fame at a can’t-miss extravaganza in 2022. Stay tuned for more details!



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