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Real Estate Transfers – Mount Airy News

In recording deeds, the state of North Carolina does not require that the amount paid for a parcel be stated on the deed. However a tax stamp at the rate of $2 for every $1,000 in value is affixed to each deed.

Recent real estate transfers recorded in the Surry County Register of Deed’s office include:

– Mayberry Property Rentals, LLC to Kelsey Ann Badget; tract 1.575 acre and tract 2 tract Stewarts Creek; $350

– Sheryl K. Melvin to David W. Rumisel and Christine L. Rumisel; lot 7 phase 1 Orchard Mountain development PB 10 84 Franklin; $37

– Michael R. Smith and Nicole L. Norman Smith to Hannah Rae Szarpa; lots 28 and 29 Sunbow subdivision section 1 PB9 114 Mount Airy; $602

– Richard Howard Kunkel and Cheryl T. Kunkel to Gary M. Adams and Sarah M. Adams; lot 14 Oriole estates subdivision PB 25 191 Pilot; $50

– Mobile Diagnostics Solutions, LLC to Richard Derek Adams and Julie Hunt Adams; Tract 1 lot 9 and tract 2 lot 8 block 2 J H Greenwood property PB 1 47 Elkin; $180

– David M. Mappa and Jessica N. Mappa to Dusty Wayne Jackson and Amanda Jackson; lot 6 Etta Johnson estate property PB 14 51 Eldora; $350

– Walter Calvin Hawkins Jr. and Shelby Snow Hawkins to David M. Mappa and Jessica N. Mappa; lot 14 Spring Hill Estates phase 3 PB 24 186 Dobson; $610

– Amy Waters Johnson to Timothy Michael Coff and Katherine Elizabeth Coff; lots 14 and 23-25 River Hill Estates Inc PB 6 94 and 94 A Mount Airy; $780

– Elaine Livengood Bracken, Carol Livengood Maine, and Allen Murry Maine to Joshua Livengood and Kristen Livengood; tract PB 10 95 Shoals; $23

– Pilot Knob Park Inc. to Marty Warren Needham and Shelie Marie Needham; 0.989 acres Pilot; $32

– Robert L. Ray and Michelle Ray to Todd Morrison; 46.91 acres PB 37 55 Eldora; $600

– Tracy Luan Muckley, Tracy Luan McDevitt and Andrew Muckley to Melissa L. Hedrick; lots 7-10 section c PB 3 132 Elkin; $170

– William Thomas Marion Jr. and Shannon Marion to Kayla King, Robert King and Robert Gavin King; tract 1 1.11 acres and tract 2 0.138 acres Dobson

– Estate of Betty Jo Potts, Nancy Ann Simmons and Betty Jo Potts to Christopher Lynn Danley; 1 and 75/100 acres Mount Airy Estate of Betty Jo Potts 19 E 852; $87

– Double E Farms LLC, Thomas Edward Johnson Jr and Ellen W. Johnson to Bailey R. Johnson; tract 1 1.73 acres tract 2 1.227 acres and tract 3 2.418 acres PB 38 193 Franklin; $0

– Karen T. Smith, David Marion Smith, and Jeffery Lee Thomas to Christopher Burkhart and Lisa A. Brady; tract 1 lots 14-18 and tract 2 two lots 10-13 block AJ Ray Hemmings subdivision PB 3 128 Mount Airy; $56

– Jusin L. Smith and Jennifer A. Smith to Michael Phillip Seivers; 2.50 acres PB 39 28 Stewarts Creek; $750

– Sandra Grover Mason and Steven Earl Mason to Mason Rentals LLC; 150 River Birch Ln. 1.64 acres Shoals; $0

– Marie R. Bowman to Marylee Perez Bucio and Gerrson Leguizamo Rodriguez; 3.412 acres tract 1 PB 36 82 Long Hill; $62

– Edward M. Smith, Jeannette W. Smith, and Mark Harris to Kyle Murry and Donna Murry; lot 37 section 6 Stoney Ride Acres PB 11 166 Shoals; $58

– Deborah Kay Bridges and Deborah K. Sumner to Donna Brown; lot 1 section 1 Autumn Hills subdivision PB14 194 Dobson: $0

– James Seth Key and Jenny A. Key to John F. Smith Jr. and Julie M. Smith; tracts Dobson; $260

– Water Works Retail MA, LLC to Northern Hospital District Of Surry and Northern Regional Hospital; 119 Welch Rd Mount Airy; $5,926

– Benjamin N. Schwartz, Adaire Autumn Schwartz, and Daniel L. Schwartz to Robert W. Musgrae and Janet L. Musgrave; tract Pilot; $324

– Estate of Lindsay Gray Tate and Lisa Tate to Maxie Lynn Brock and Danielle Nicole Vickers; 1.90 acres Mount Airy; $376

– Ollie Virgil Key, Barbara Ann Boles Key, and Lisa Ann Conrad Key to Barbara Ann Boles Key; 7.038 acres; $0

– Amy Jordan Smith, Derrick Grey Smith, and Amy Payne to Marlayna Luanne East; lot 21 and portion of lot 20 Meadowview Estate subdivision PB 9 92; $160

– Daniel R. McClusky and Joan Pitzer to Mark Ladrow; 24.479 acres Mount Airy estate of Donald R. McClusky file number 16 E 655; $410

– James Benny Dobbins to Virgil D. Settle; 0.450 acres Elkin; $60

– Dominick Guarnaccio and Kathy Guarnaccio to Sharon Lee Davis and Sharon K. Davis; 30.903 acres PB 39 19 Westfield; $190

– Frances E. Shackleford and Frances E. Lawson to Whitney Nicole Martin; lot 5 Brookdale PB 9 146 Mount Airy; $0

– Aurie Dixon, Avery Dixon and Norma Jean Dixon to Cody Lee Dixon and Chyna Dixon; 2.68 acres and tract 1 1.34 acres and tract 2 1.46 acres Franklin; $0

– Ron H. Sutphin Jr. and Mamie M. Sutphin to Joe C. Jessup and Lisa F. Jessup; tract 13 waive Roger Simmons estate property PB 13 166 Pilot; $90

– David Brandon Johnson and Tedi Sue Johnson to Eagle Ridge Properties of NC, LLC; 0.762 acres lot 7 Fairfield subdivision section 1a PB 6 11 Mount Airy; $300

– Susan Willey Payne and Thomas Lee Payne to Nathaniel Lee Payne and Charles Matthew Payne; 22 acres Stewarts Creek; $0

-Cassie S. Snow to Ann Marie McGuirl: unit 3a Greenhill condominiums bk 1 68-72 Mount Airy; $339



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