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Real Estate Transactions: Oct. 31 – Nov. 4 – Martha’s Vineyard Times

Nov. 1, Mark J. Klimm and John C. Klimm, trustees of Fleetwood Nominee Trust, sold 2 Creek Hill to Bight Me LLC for $1,421,000. 

Nov. 1, Edwin C. Cohen sold 20 Eliot Ave. to ALJ Chilmark LLC for $6,500,000. 

Oct. 31, Richard S. Dubin, trustee of Lots 1-5-9-13 Holly Bear Lane Realty Trust, sold 9 Holly Bear Lane to 4 Chambers Way LLC for $780,000. 

Oct. 31, Arch Building & Home Development LLC sold 24 Crocker Drive and 33 Bankers Way to William P. Callahan and Melissa L. Callahan for $4,150,000. 

Nov. 1, Kathryn R. Ham, trustee of Pierce Lane Realty Trust, sold 13 Pierce Lane to John Henry Reilly III, also known as John H. Reilly, and Mary Sheehy Reilly, also known as Mary Reilly, for $1,675,000. 

Nov. 3, Joan Finnighan sold 0 Harborside Inn Condo Unit 506 Week 20, Unit 461 Week 21, Unit 506 Week 20, and Unit 461 Week 21 to Marjorie Dure, Lubin Pierre-Alexandre, and Lubin Andromar for $8,000. 

Nov. 4, Nancee Wells Shriber and Julia Milner Lewis sold 21 Norton St. to 21 Norton Street LLC for $2,300,000. 

Nov. 4, Richard C. Markham and Sara N. Markham sold 30 Peases Point Way North Unit 16 to Margaret A. Sweeney and Michael W. Sweeney for $415,000. 

Nov. 4, Eric Walker sold 72 Seventeenth St. North to Dimitry Petion for $49,000. 

Oak Bluffs
Nov. 1, Three Generations LLC sold 83 Meadow View Road to Judith Absalon for $1,500,000. 

Nov. 1, Zachary K. Tilton sold 49 West Spring St. to Christopher J. Priore for $690,000. 

Nov. 3, Mink Meadows Association Inc. sold 0 Bigelow Road Lot 2 to Kate O’Brian and Robert Etherington for $750,000. 

Nov. 4, Mink Meadows Association Inc sold 0 Bigelow Road Lot 1 to Adam Troy Epstein for $800,000.



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