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Real estate transactions for Sunday, Oct. 31, 2021 | Business & Economy | – Quad City Times

Following are seller, buyer, property description and price of property. Note: price is an estimate based on revenue stamps that are bought from the county.


Bailleu, Robert E. and Patricia L., to Johnston, Keith C. and Sharon E., 840 Sunset Drive, Kewanee; $153,000.

Bess, Sharron J. and Dale E., to Jones, Michael H., 1025 May St., Kewanee; $120,000.

Ullrick, Machala N., to Swierz, John E., and Moffitt, Kim I., 325 E. Ogden Ave., Geneseo; $95,000.

Kyser, Dennis J. II and Catherine, to Gordon, Brian, 5339 E. 190th St., New Windsor; $68,000.

Hugh, F. Randall and Rebecca S., to Yungen, Jeff A. and Mary, 114 N. Spring St., Geneseo; $124,500.

DeBackere, Teresa J.; Redman, Karen L.; Smith, Christine A., to Janson, Rodney and Paula, 107 E. Court St., Cambridge; $85,000.

DeCrane, David L. Jr., to Wigant, Kimberly A., 1 Pine Ridge Lane, Geneseo; $87,000.

Rentals on Route 6, to Pendleton, Jeffrey, U.S. Hwy 6, Coal Valley; $26,000.

GEMAX, to Burrows, Joseph A., 406 and 410 Hollis St., Kewanee; $40,000.

Carlson, Kenneth L. Jr., to Lucas, Sarah J., 416 S.E. 7th Ave., Galva; $33,000.

Abell, Anthony M. and Jerry B., to Danielson, Deanna Kay, 103 N. State St., Atkinson; $59,500.

Johnson, Brandon D., to Price, Hunter, 300 E. Center St., Cambridge; $159,000.

Kenney, Brian L. and Marci J., to Blumenshein, Shea D., 1414 12th St., Orion; $115,000.

LaFollette, Ricky and Tara, to Norton, Hunter, 400 Franklin St., Kewanee; $37,000.

Anderson, Robert and Lori, to Mueller, William, 410 S. East St., Annawan; $115,000.

Groy, Diane M., to Padilla, Alex M., 216 Elliott St., Kewanee; $47,000.

Kelsall, Scott Paul, to Kirkhove, Kaitlyn M., 6 Pine Ridge Lane, Geneseo; $223,000.

Big River Investments LLC Series 1, to Gustafson, Riley A., and Hamilton, Dana L., 531 Greenway Ave., Colona; $125,000.

Bollinger, Jason C. and Jennifer L., to Larson, Zachary and Elise, 6A Lake Lynnwood, Lynn Center; $355,000.

Martinez, Jessica A. and Ott, Jessica A., to DeGroot, Jamie, 420 W. Mill Str., Kewanee; $89,500.


Francis Fluegel, Thomas, estate, Port Byron, (Bloome, Helen, executor), to Hansen Farms, Inc., Taylor Ridge; 32.30 acres farmland, Andalusia; $88,017.50.

Bloome, Helen, and Fluegel, Carol, Port Byron, to Hansen Farms, Inc., Taylor Ridge; 32.30 acres farmland, Andalusia; $88,017.50.

Laird, Nicole, and Hernandez, Andy G., Silvis, to Murray, Nichol, Silvis; 505 8th Ave., Silvis; $109,000.

Carlos Gomez, Juan, East Moline, to Spencer, Austin, Moline; 724 22nd St. A., Moline; $58,000.

Donald, Dana, Bettendorf, to Noe, Ko, Rock Island; 2016 38th St., Rock Island; $115,000.

Bartelt, Shelby, Rock Island, to Reese, Erika, Rock Island; 1420 35th St., Rock Island; $126,000.

Milner, Leslie, Dahinda, Ill., to Louden, Cynthia, Moline; 2728 15th Ave., Moline; $180,000.

Jacquin, Todd and Deborah, Moline, to Dunlap, Michael and Suzanne, Muscatine; 11108 259th St., W., Illinois City, farm; $100,000.

Burns, Cassandra S., Sherrard, to Jones, Samantha, Milan; 11516 15th St. Ct., Milan; $135,000.

Midwest Homebuyers, Eldridge, to Fowler, Anna L., Silvis; 429 9th St., Silvis; $111,000.

Wiborg, James S., Rock Island, to Lingafelter Properties, Silvis; 4705 12th St., Rock Island; $600,000.

Ewoldt, Patricia and Gerald, Donahue, Iowa, to Hansen, Constance, Port Byron; 303 Walnut St., Port Byron; $66,123.

Acclassato, Ame, Bettendorf, to Kelley, Kylie, Moline; 3905 26th St., Moline; $98,400.

Luvua, David L., and Mulumba, Salome, Rock Island, to ROI Capital, Davenport; 2416 4th Ave., Moline; $5,500.

Hourigan, Gerald P., Johnson, Iowa, to Blondell Family Revocable Trust, Moline; 1317 34th Ave. A, Moline; $222,000.

Sanchez, Magdaleno, East Moline, to Masias, Kara, East Moline; 2409 Morton Dr., East Moline; $85,000.

Ballard, Brian J. and Jessica J., Milan, to Sinda, Todd, Moline; 1732 11th St., Moline; $106,700.

Friday, Jesse J., and Hildebrand, Katherine E., East Moline, to Hume, Logan and Nicole, Cordova; 310 S. 10th Ave., Cordova; $164,000.

Gosa, John L., Moline, to Rio, Jeff J. and Claudia J., Elkhorn, Wis.; 5306 6th Ave., Moline; $157,900.

Craigmiles, Terry A. and Michelle A., Moline, to Thomas, James, East Moline; 112 Island Ave., East Moline; $162,500.

Young, Howard W., trust Moline, to Nimmers, Tatyana, Rock Island; 4508 14th Ave., Rock Island; $95,000.

Loitz, Lucas P., Moline, to Jackson, Benjamin, Moline; 2015 18th St. C., Moline; $127,000.

Walker, Elena M., Davenport, to Schuldt, Barbara, Rock Island; 4610 24th Ave., Rock Island; $139,900.

Maitlen, Alan, Moline, to 11th Street Moline, LLC, Moline; 1128 11th St., Moline; $65,000.

Chair Properties, Mitchellville, Iowa, to Talge, Howard J., Blue Grass; 1727 1st Ave. and 1801-1803 1st Ave., Silvis, commercial building; $130,000.

Johnson, Kathleen E., trust, Rock Island, to Kernan, Patrick, Milan; 2319 83rd Ave., Milan; $219,000.

Jones, Erik J., Andalusia, to Killian, Benjamin, Rock Island; 8012 10th St. W., Rock Island; $93,500.

Pankey Company, Moline, to Wesemann, Lori E., Moline; 1414 25th St., Moline; $165,000.

Beaver Builders, Rock Island, to Maess, John and Amy, Moline; 6104 34th Ave. A Court, Moline; $289,000.

Houseman, Jean M., Audubon, Iowa, to Houseman, Matthew R., Silvis; 136 11th St., Silvis; $52,000.

LeBlanc, Bruce D. and George M., Wauconda, Ill., to Marxen, Jason, Rock Island; 1603 2nd Ave., Unit 8, Rock Island; $75,000.

Plumb, Barry A. and Claudia M., Marana, Ariz., to Barner, Kacey and Chad, Port Byron; 1615 Parkway Drive, Port Byron; $400,000.

Tschappat, Duane, Illinois City, to Flynn, Kody, and Anderson, Kristin, Rock Island; 710-712 25th St., Rock Island; $83,186.

Kerner, James R. and Wanda C., trust, Mountain Grove, Mo., to Kerner, Gregory O C, Colona; 24207 71st Ave. N., Port Byron; $165,000.

Nelson, Gary S. and Debra M., The Villages, Fla., to Resendz, Pamela G., Coal Valley; 802 E. 7th St., Coal Valley; $279,000.

Smith, Craig T., and Harder-Smith, Erica A., Madison, Ala., to Ballard, Bryan and Jessica, Milan; 1617 110th Ave., Milan; $235,000.

Allen, Brian and Amy, Moline, to Verhaeghe, Cindy, Moline; 3171 13th Ave. Court, Moline; $247,000.

Rumph, Jennie O., trust, Moline, to Ceu, Sui Hler, East Moline; 730 28th Ave., East Moline; $128,000.

Farber, Mary and Jason, Coal Valley, to McManigal, Kayla J., Coal Valley; 215 E. 3rd St., Coal Valley; $73,000.

Sheppard, Emily L. and Alex R., Taylor Ridge, to Firrell, Zach, and Houseal, Megan, Taylor Ridge; 5818 93rd Ave. W., Taylor Ridge; $220,000.

Withrow, Betty R., East Moline, to Lock, Adam, East Moline; 2683 9th St., East Moline; $150,000.

Dee, Melissa D., Moline, to Bulin, Madison, Moline; 1325 26th St., Moline; $115,000.

ROA Capital, Davenort, to Nix and Family, LLC, Lincoln, Neb.; 2416 4th Ave., Moline; $13,000.

Maranda-Morgan, Katie J., Milan, to Derry, Shannon, East Moline; 1163 48ty Ave., East Moline; $98,900.

Wherry, David and Mariann, Medinah, Ill., to Buckrop, Linda G., Rock Island; 1337 21st Ave. 7C, Rock Island; $77,500.

Sneath, Larry G., and Elaine S., Rock Island, to Holladay, Henry A., and Holladay, Kathy A., and Dopler, Teresa, Rock Island; 3001 31st St., Unit 1, Rock Island; $75,000.

DeJonghe, James R., and Kimberly J., Rock Island, to Blasdell, Curtis, Rock Island; 2047 45th St., Rock Island; $140,500.

Haviland, Howard H., Davenport, to Boom, Malory, East Moline; 953 36th Ave., East Moline; $75,000.

Dean, Larry, estate, Rock Island, to Cook, Robert L. and Patty L., Rock Island; 3721 32nd St., Rock Island; $151,000.

We Buy Houses, LeClaire, to Krause, Kiley, Moline; 4110 22nd Ave., Moline; $96,000.

Cruz, Jorge, Bettendorf, to Mulholland, Natalie A., Moline; 424 39th St., Moline; $90,000.

Williams, Linda L. and Thomas E., Milan, to Hoffmann, James, Milan; 802 3rd Ave. E., Milan; $66,000.

Lake, Kyle, Geneseo, to Johnson, Alan and Connie, East Moline; 4313 8th St., East Moline; $110,000.

Lovelace, Sharon L., trust, East Moline, to Lawrence, Thomas M. and Donna M., Moline; 3526 26th Ave. B, Moline; $187,000.

Fisher, Thomas and Cynthia, Milan, to Householder, Victoria Marie and Michael Anthony, Milan; 10815 50th St., Milan; $189,000.

Dolan, Daniel P., Davenport, to Barth, Almeda, and Rowe, Richard, Moline; 2205 41st St., Moline; $167,500.

Washington, Damarius J., and Chanda, Azle, Texas, to Sweeney, Elizabeth and Patrick, Rock Island; 4508 41st Ave. Court, Rock Island; $250,000.

Midwest Homebuyers, Eldridge, to Blue House Properties, Aledo; 1071 15th St. A, Moline; $40,000.

Tallman, Troy L. and Suzanne, DeWitt, to Tallman, Benjamin W., Rock Island; 1541 29 1/2 St., Rock Island; $40,000.

Causevic, Said and Safeta, Moline, to Hawk, Gage and Kyeanna, Moline; 2119 13th St., Moline; $165,000.

Close, Wayne K. and Tamara L., trust, Rock Island, to Devolder, Jessica L., and Simmons, Mark L., Rock Island; 2615 30th St., Rock Island; $120,000.

DJB Properties, Catawba, N.C., to Plumbers and Pipefitters Local 25 Health and Welfare Fund, Rock Island; 1901-1909 52nd Ave., Moline, office building; $1,400,000.

Selby Enterprises, Davenport, to Donaway, Matthew, executor, Donaway, Earnest E., Jr., estate, Rock Island; 2318 25th St., Rock Island; $40,000.

Donaway, Ernest Jr., estate, Rock Island, to Owens, Robert A., Rock Island; 2318 25th St., Rock Island; $120,000.

Crandall, Duane A. and Lisa G., Lakewood Ranch, Fla., to Cozad-Callighan, Julia, and Callighan, Shaun, Rock Island; 110 19th St., Unit 309; $183,500.

Suncrest Properties, Sherrard, to Laird, Nicole, and Hernandez, Andy G., Silvis; 130 15th St., Silvis; $124,900.

Boland, Joseph P. and Gina L., Milan, to Reynolds, Austin James and Megan Eileen, Moline; 5502 20th Ave. Ct., Moline; $309,900.

Taets, Abigail, Moline, to Husidic, Esmereida, Moline; 5231 26th Ave. A Court, Moline; $63,500.

Hintze, Jerry L., estate, Silvis, to West, Penny, and Weedon, Norma Jo., Moline; 1826 16th Ave., Moline; $52,000.

Dowd, Greg L. and Rebecca F., Rock Island, to Kiel, Kyle J. and Rosalie M., Moline; 1175 27th St., Moline; $105,000.

Nelsen, Richard A., estate, Port Byron, to NexGen Development, Port Byron; 4418 221st St. N., Port Byron; $133,000.

Realtax Developers, Peoria, Ill., to Central Illinois Real Estate Holdings, Peoria, Ill.; 2408 11th St., Rock Island; $6,639.

Marquez, Horacio Carlos, Silvis, to Hayes, Brittany A., Silvis; 711 3rd St., Silvis; $93,700.

Schmidt, Cola A. and Renae L., Milan, to Luder, Monika, Rock Island; 3012 43rd St., Rock Island; $145,000.

Wexell, Cody, Moline, to Timm, Corbin, Moline; 2721 11th Ave. B, Moline; $105,500.

McLaughlin, Eric and Shelley, Port Byron, to Peterson, Dustin D. and Sarah A., Port Byron; vacant lot, Port Byron; $22,000.

DeVolder, Amanda M., Rock Island, to Almanza, Megan, Rock Island; 2213 24 1/2 St., Rock Island; $87,500.

Harper Real Estate Holdings, Illinois City, to Orange Grove, Des Moines; 28.63 acres farmland, Rock Island County, Drury Township; $178,938.

Find N Homes, Eldridge, to Eagle Property Holdings, Moline; 4523 5th St. B, East Moline; $80,000.

Reynolds, Austin and Megan, Moline, to Zepeda, Sergio, Moline; 1303 4th St., Moline; $109,400.

Nolin, Corey J., Davenport, to Mink, James and Connie, Moline; 721 26th Ave., Moline; $139,900.

VanKlaveren, Taylor, Geneseo, to Christenson, Cheryl A., Silvis; 445 10th St., Silvis; $150,000.

Williams, Jeffrey R. and Jennifer K., Kewanee, to Bearee, Aubree, East Moline; 727 41st Ave., East Moline; $140,000.

Cruces, Teresa M., Elgin, Ill., to Sandoval, Jr., Salvador and Tina Rae, East Moline; 225 15th Ave., East Moline; $29,700.

Adams, Ruth V., trust, Ann Arbor, Mich., to Babers, Jacob and Brittney, Moline; 2013 4th St., Moline; $110,000.

VanDeGejuchte, Patricia, Moline, to VanAcker, Emma, Moline; 1906 11th St., Moline; $72,000.

Johnson, Sarah E., East Moline, to Holst, Robert, LeClaire; 1827 18th Ave. A., Moline; $65,000.

Collis, Jr., Robert E., Davenport, to Findlay, Clifford and Della, East Moline; 3534 3rd St. C, East Moline; $123,000.

Steele, Kathleen J., Louisville, Tenn., to CB Property Management, Rock Island; 3503 9th St., Rock Island; $130,000.

Avila, Vincent W., Davenport, to Sanchez, Martha, Moline; 5124 7th Ave., Moline; $72,500.

Warlkoo, Vivek, and Khushu, Pamposh, Frisco, Texas, to Donehower, John, and Williams, Janet, Coal Valley; 502 E. 14th Ave. Ct., Coal Valley; $292,000.

Sarto, Doreen A., trust, Rock Island, to JIT, CO., Rock Island; 2524-2526 15th St. Ct., Rock Island; $50,000.

Cooper, Andrew M., Davenport, to Braud, Austin D., and Brammann, Olivia L., Rock Island; 2037 45th St., Rock Island; $140,000.

Sibthorp, Bryan D, Glen Ellyn, Ill., to Beaird, Khloe, Moline; 3521 56th St. Court, Moline; $286,000.

Witt Jr. John K., and Nancy L., Moline, to Diaz, Silvestre, Moline; 1909 46th St., Moline; $160,000.

Kooshtard Property V., New York, N.Y., to Mac’s Convenience Stores, Columbus, Ind.; 501 24th St., Rock Island, convenience story gas station; $158,592.

Foreman, Bradford G., trust, Fort Myers, Fla., to Stewart, Keith and Shaw, Rapids City, Ill.; 4 Eagle Pointe Pass, Rapids City, Ill.; $395,000.

Dennison, Brian R., Reddick, Fla., to Call, Ethan and Ariane, Milan; 11410 18th St., Milan; $102,000.

McGinnis, Andrew and Samantha M., Taylor Ridge, to Bermes Properties, Silvis; 15507 34th Ave., East Moline; $40,000.

Country Musick, Eldridge, to RBG Enterprises, Blue Grass; 2451 21st Ave., Rock Island; $56,000.

Garland, Gloria A., Moline, to Raya, Ernesto, Moline; 3069 4th St., Apt. 3, Moline; $64,500.

Wong, Jason, Brossard, QC J4YONC, to Invictus Realty Solutions, Rolingbrook, Ill.; 1811 12th St., Rock Island; $46,000.

Stoner, Wayne M. and Lisa A., Clearwater, Fla., to Schmidt, Cole A. and Renae L., Moline; 11101 17th St., Milan; $260,175.

Lingner, Deborah S., Colona, to Hinners, Jeramy C., Moline; 429 28th Ave., Moline; $138,000.

Keepy, Dale, Coal Valley, to Sparkman, Cynthia G., Orion; 615 W. 6th St. Ct., Coal Valley; $119,000.

Wilkinson, Shirley R., East Moline, to Mouhamadou, Ganiou, East Moline; 2815 10th St., East Moline; $140,000.

Sears, Elizabeth, Moline, to Mustafic, Suad, Moline; 1311 9th St., Apt. A, Moline; $65,000.

Stombaugh, Gale V. and Kathleen E., Rock Island, to Morgan, Sierra, Davenport; 4100 22nd Ave., Rock Island; $100,000.

Ward, Vicki F., Hampton, to Dopler, Cindy, Hampton; 570 Avenue of the Cities, East Moline; $117,500.

ACDC Investment, Moline, to Vanderkooi, Michael and Nanette, Firestone, Colo.; 5529 34th Ave., Moline, 12 unit apartment building; $650,000.

Wells Fargo Bank, Des Moines, to Ejjrefi, Khalid, Moline; 3608 12th St., East Moline; $35,000.

Dempsey, Kristian S., Geneseo, to Loughney, Lisa M., Moline; 920 17th St. #27, Moline; $55,000.

Leistiko, Richard H., and Patricia A., Las Vegas, Nev., to Morris, Annette, and Conwell, Sherry, Rock Island; 1203 34th Ave. Court, Rock Island; $130,000.

Belser, Chris, Cordova, to Berk, Edward and Addie, Port Byron; 1800 Ridgefield Drive, Port Byron; $700,000.

Diaz, Silvestre and Kaitlin, Moline, to ICC Realty, Rock Island; 2369 34th St., Moline; $116,000.

Yakovich, Richard, Rock Island, to Flaugh Investment Properties, Coal Valley; 1720 18th Ave., Rock Island, apartment building; $285,000.

Chatellier III, Arthur John, Bettendorf, to Kuder, Kathryn, Rock Island; 1847 46th St., Rock Island; $130,000.

Minson, Austin J., Wilton, to Kaster, Christopher, Moline; 5209 11th Ave. B, Moline; $99,000.

Miller, Kelly, Evansville, Ind., to King, Julie, Robert and Katherine, North Liberty; 1516 44th St., Rock Island; $66,900.

Wendt, Earl, estate, Moline, to Humility Homes and Services, Davenport; 1802 15th St. Place, Moline; $145,000.

Vorhies, Randy L., Moline, to Mooney, Britanya, Moline; 3336 16th St., Moline; $145,000.

Beam, James Christopher and Alysia Marie, Milan, to Bradford, Bailey, and McFadden, Grant, Chicago; 526 31st St., Rock Island; $123,000.

Ochoa, Josephina, Davenport, to Gaona, Jonathan, Moline; 2705 9th Ave., Moline; $123,500.

Damewood, Scott and Vicki, Port Byron, to Kennedy, Steven D., Cordova; 1221 Main Ave. Ct., Cordova; $167,000.

Warren, Bryan, Moline, to Oritz, Jessica M., Rock Island; 2149 14th St., Rock Island; $113,000.

Stralow, Kay M., estate, Western Springs, Ill., to Sersig III, Alvin V., Moline; 2311 S. Shore Drive, Moline, land/lot only; $13,000.

Anderson, Elizabeth R., Colona, to Hancock, Shannon R., Moline; 2518 23rd Ave. B., Moline; $148,000.

Smith, Timothy L., Hillsdale, to Johnson, Kailey E., Hillsdale; 407 Jackson St., Hillsdale; $94,000.

Torres, Cristian Ivan, East Moline, to Smith, Timothy L., and Berthoud, Samantha A., Hillsdale; 438 Jackson St., Hillsdale; $130,000.

Tarulis Properties, Naperville, Ill., to Hearn, Shawn T., and Bell, Kimberly A., Rock Island; 1927 10th St., Rock Island; $40,000.

Peterson, Marvin C., Silvis, to Amble, Gary and Jean, Milan; 619 9th Ave. W., Milan; $27,000.

The Village at Deer Meadows, Moline, to McIntosh, Paul and Deb, Silvis; vacant lot, Silvis; $20,000.

Adams, Jack C. and Patricia J., trust, Cordova, to Hart, Jerry and Debra, Cordova; vacant land, Cordova; $25,000.



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