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Real estate transactions for Sunday, Nov. 7, 2021 | Local News | – Quad City Times

Following are seller, buyer, property description and price of property. Note: price is an estimate based on revenue stamps that are bought from the county.


Stephan, Dennis D. and Elin M., to Huffman, Katelyn A., 826 E. Division St., Galva; $170,000.

Larson, Zachary L. and Elise A., to Tran, Rochelle Marie and Vinh Ba, 1508 8th St. Court, Orion; $306,500.

Owens, Justin B. and Chelcee M., to Hampton, Jeffrey A. and Lisa A., 820 N.E. 2nd St., Galva; $192,500.

Deahl, Sharon L., to Olson, Anna M. and Whitney S., 16 N.W. 3rd St., Galva; $137,000.

Carlson, Paul L. and Toni L., to Keifer, Edith, and Hamilton, Richard, 17 Lake Lynwood, Lynn Center; $343,000.

Hawk, Sarah E., and Wetzell, Michael J., to Tighe, David Alan Sr., and Krueger, Terry Ann, 29656 Ropp Road, Geneseo; $95,000.

Murphy, Sarah R., and Smith, Robert W., to VanDaele, Collin J., 605 W. Division St., Kewanee; $75,000.

Olson, Whitney S. and Anna, and Bergen, Whitney S., to Johnson, Brenton M. and Brenda G., 417 N.W. 5th St., Galva; $130,000.

Fowler, Carol, to Dunn Property Management, 611 N.E. 1st Ave., Galva; $27,000.

Bayer, Joanne C., to Dunn Property Management, 19 S.E. 1st St., Galva; $43,500.

Bayer, Joanne C., and Wood, Joanne Christine, to Dunn Property Management, 116 N. W. 3rd St., Galva; $50,500.

Anderson, Zachary and Lisa, to Dunn Property Management, 310 N.W. 6th Ave., Galva; $60,500.

Reffett, Jeremy J. and Cydney L., to Dunn Property Management, 710 N.W. 1st St., Galva; $97,500.

VanDamme, Thomas E. Jr. and Dawn M., to Johnson, Kordell Thomas, 603 Pleasant St., Kewanee; $50,000.

Robleto, Victor M. and Sujey R., to Alfaro, Eduardo Morado, and Mota, Lourdes Mendoza/ Mendoza, Lourdes Mota, 718 McKinley Ave., Kewanee; $90,000.

Wexell, Larry and Elizabeth, to Reul, Donald T. and Renee C., 314 S.E. 7th Ave., Galva; $28,000.

Wood, Susan Lasala, to Vincent, Stephen, and Nelson, Virginia M., vacant farmland; $514,000.

Genisio, Charles E. and Janice M., to Smith, Charles R., 364 W. 5th Ave., Woodhull; $40,000.

VanWassenhove, Todd E. and Tiphanie, to Bier, Connie, 8770 IL Hwy 81, Cambridge; $178,500.

DeBaene, John E. and Mickale L., to Krolik, Judi A., and Patronagio, Jill, 1249 U.S. Hwy 6, Coal Valley; $245,000.

Miguez, Alberto and Ruth, to Baxter, Robin L., 229 W. Pearl St., Geneseo; $179,000.

McGee, Michelle L., to Twitchel, Chastity, 291 W. 2nd Ave., Woodhull; $68,000.

Leonhardt, Eugenia M., to Jarvis, Jason R., 12292 Indian Trail Road, Geneseo; $320,000.

Popejoy, Mary L., to Perez, Gustavo Girmaldo, and Reyes, Maricela Ochoa, 1101 Holiday Lane, Kewanee; $69,000.

DeSmit, Mark W. and Nancy L., to Hallett, Jerry W. III, 228 Goodrich St., Kewanee; $80,500.

Haptonstall, Michael G. and Rochelle A., to VanDamme, Dawn M. and Thomas E., Lots 17, 18, 19 & 20 in Block 1 of Simpson’s 4th Addition to the city of Kewanee; $30,000.


Torres, Cristian Ivan, East Moline, to Smith, Timothy L., and Berthoud, Samantha A., Hillsdale; 438 Jackson St., Hillsdale; $130,000.

Tarulis Properties, Naperville, Ill., to Hearn, Shawn T., and Bell, Kimberly A., Rock Island; 1927 10th St., Rock Island; $40,000.

Peterson, Marvin C., Silvis, to Amble, Gary and Jean, Milan; 619 9th Ave. W., Milan; $27,000.

The Village at Deer Meadows, Moline, to McIntosh, Paul and Deb, Silvis; vacant lot, Silvis; $20,000.

Adams, Jack C. and Patricia J., trust, Cordova, to Hart, Jerry and Debra, Cordova; vacant land, Cordova; $25,000.

Beals, Nicole C., Belvidere, Ill., to Warren, Bryan, Moline; 1815 36th St., Moline; $152,000.

Finch, Walter A., Phoenix, Ariz., to Ford, Matt, Moline; 5226 11th Ave. C., Moline; $136,000.

McCullough, Melissa, LeClaire, to Mills, Musah and Marie, Moline; 2946 12th Ave., Moline; $89,500.

Anderson, Mark and Linda, Clearwater, Fla., to Lange, Caroline, Rock Island; 1337 21st Ave., Apt. 6D, Rock Island; $65,000.

VanHyfte, Rose M., Annawan, to Mahieu, Jeffrey A., Moline; 1926 15th St. A, Moline; $60,000.

Brill, Cindy E. and Brett C., East Moline, to McIntosh, Meredith, Silvis; 601 10th St., Silvis; $136,000.

Koehler, Steven P. and Melody A., Moline, to Luder, Miranda, Moline; 5321 11th Ave. A, Moline; $97,500.

Blondell, Walter R. and Patricia R., Moline, to Blondell, Steven C. and Kelly L., Moline; 1150 36th Ave., Lot #4, Moline, plumbing commercial building; $297,500.

Blondell, Steven C. and Kelly L., Moline, to MDT Real Estate, Moline; 1150 36th Ave., Lot #4, Moline; $395,000.

Lage, Samuel J., Pleasant Valley, to Cruz Bonilla, Elvin E., Moline; 1859 16th Ave., Moline; $222,500.

Benner, Sheryl E. and Melodee L., Rock Island, to Maring, Donald and Leah, Moline; 8509 147th St. W., Taylor Ridge; $61,000.

Matter, Wesley A., estate, Rock Island, to Matter, Eric J., Milan; 513 3rd Ave. W., Milan; $68,000.

Natarajan, Aishwarya, and Murali, Agastheesh, Waco, Texas, to Simpson, James J. and Cherie L., Silvis; 2217 8th St., Silvis; $135,000.

Schierholz, Ruth Ann, estate, Albany, Ill., to Mac Homes, Moline; 4811 12th Ave., Moline; $65,500.

Procore, Bettendorf, to Galloway, Wendy, Moline; 7438 35th Ave., Moline; $335,836.

Van-Wall Equipment, Perry, Iowa, to Longview Real Estate, Rock Island; 2419 47th Ave. and 2425 47th Ave., Rock Island, office building and vacant lot; $90,000.

Van-Wall Equipment, Perry, Iowa, to Vipond, Richard and Pamela, Rock Island; 2425 47th Ave., Rock Island, land/lot only; $15,000.

Sneed Living Trust, Nashville, Tenn., to Armstrong, Charles A. and Barbara C., Moline; 3529 49th St., Moline; $183,900.

Yuskis, Kevin K., estate, Tucson, Ariz., to Wallarab, Cammi M., Moline; 1510 33rd St., Moline; $113,000.

Countryman Family Revocable Trust Agreement, Dixon, Ill., to Buck, Lesa, Moline; 1218 29th Ave. Ct., Moline; $82,900.

Cem, Van Tha, and Pen, Hniar, East Moline, to Skalla, Daniel F., East Moline; 3208 Archer Drive, East Moline; $115,000.

Estes, Hanna Grace and Phillip Andrew, Moline, to Vasquez, Serena, Moline; 5214 11th Ave., Moline; $99,900.

Hancock, Taryn J., East Moline, to Green, Billy, Moline; 3205 11th Ave. C, Moline; $100,000.

Eagle Property Holdings, Moline, to Hall, Michael K, Rock Island; 4202 30th St., Rock Island; $119,000.

Hansen, Catherine I., trust, Rock Island, to Niemi, Andrew, Rock Island; 2726 36th St., Rock Island; $250,000.

Grocery Saver, Bettendorf, to Stylehome Properties, Orlando, Fla.; 905 4th St. W., Milan, retail establishment; $570,000.

Bateman, William S. and Lana F., Colona, to Ross, David and Vallerie, Silvis; 2107 10th St., Silvis; $98,500.

Wingler, Gretchen, Rock Island, to Selby Enterprises, Moline; 2313 12th St., Silvis; $35,000.

Douglas, Kiana and Micah, Whitesands Missle Range, N.M., to Soto, Linda, Moline; 2245 35th St. Ct., Moline; $143,000.

Thompson, Christopher, Geneseo, to Daeron, LLC, Davenport; 1355 11th Ave., East Moline; $31,500.

Leppo, Joseph, Jr., East Moline, to Diaz, Hermenegildo Sierra, East Moline; 1328 12th Ave., East Moline; $25,000.

Lindbeck, Corey and Krista, Piedmont, Ala., to Steagall, Darron, Moline; 1002 34th Ave. Drive, Moline; $375,000.

J & M Thompson Bros, Davenport, to Racom Corporation, Marshalltown, Iowa; 4871-73 41st St., Moline, emergency response technology commercial building; $875,000.

Bragg, Bre and Mickel, Taylor Ridge, to Ochoa, Isaiah M., Moline; 1819 34th St., Moline; $107,500.

Brown, Zachary and Christine, Moline, to Nsougan, Mohamed and Dambe, Moline; 5505 20th Ave. Ct., Moline; $320,000.

Etter, Angela M., Davenport, to Banks, Karen R., Milan; 1810 W. 2nd St., Milan; $135,000.

Edmonds, Case B. and Michael S., Davenport, to Sherouse, Marvin, Rock Island; 1220 25th Ave., Rock Island; $129,000.

Hurty, Kathleen S., Oakand, Calif., to Wakeland, Thomas, Rock Island; 1337 21st St. #6A, Rock Island; $82,500.

Gustafson, Asta, Rock Island, to Bishop, Dylan, Rock Island; 821 21st St., Rock Island; $85,000.

Campbell, William L., Jr., Andalusia, to Hays, Frances V., trust, Aledo; 409 5th St. W., Andalusia, land/lot only; $110.

Hays, Frances V., trust, Aledo, to Campbell, William L., Jr.; Andalusia; 415 5th St. W., Andalusia, land/lot only; $110.

Hays, Frances V., trust, Aledo, to Roger, Gary Steven and Sharon Jean, Andalusia; 415 5th St., Andalusia; $151,000.

Bryant, Willis J., Geneseo, to Roberts, Lee R., Jr., East Moline; 2609 18th St., East Moline; $53,150.

JPH Rentals, Moline, to Fornal, Scott, Rock Island; 752 30th St., Rock Island; $125,000.

Ellis, W. Bradley and Patricia N., Milan, to Zamudio-Gomez, Ivan Angel, Milan; 3013 3rd St. W., Milan; $148,700.

Secretary of VA, Washington, D.C., to Ellis Renovations, Silvis; 1212 22nd St., Rock Island; $40,100.

Mill Creek Manor, Moline, to Sheffey, John J. and Sandra S., Milan; 1415 Jondre Drive, Milan, land/lot only; $22,000.

Beaird, Anthony D. and Khloe M., Moline, to Edwards, Alissa, Moline; 3605 37th St., Moline; $180,000.

Mayberry, Kevin K., Moline, to Ross, Marissa, Milan; 301 W. 30th Ave., Milan; $131,000.

Schulte, Jason and Stephanie, Rock Island, to Santillan, Francisco, East Moline, vacant lot; $20,000.

Hawes, Robert T. and Carol L., Crystal Lake, Ill., to Myers, Jeremy, Rock Island; 4040 25th Ave., Rock Island; $225,000.

Roberts, Susan, and Turner, Jeffrey, Taylor Ridge, to Wendland, Scott, Taylor Ridge; 14027 78th Ave. W., Taylor Ridge; $226,900.

Foster, Cora, trust, Moline, to Fernandez, Samuel, Rock Island; 2038 38th St., Rock Island; $108,000.

Adams, Clinton L., Port Byron, to Gonzalez, Casey J., Port Byron; 1001 16th St., Port Byron; $150,000.

City of Rock Island, Rock Island, to Perkins, Ruby, Rock Island; 1919 9th St., Rock Island, land/lot only; $815.

DJ Props, Scottsdale, Ariz., to Marty, Lucas and Grace, East Moline; 155 6th St., Silvis; $48,000.

Hanson, Janaan I., Moline, to Wilson, Edward, East Moline; 466 Ridge Road, East Moline; $125,000.

Parker, Carol L., Iowa City, to Parker, Mitchell J., Silvis; 1337 22nd Ave., Silvis; $67,500.

Raymac Properties, Rock Island, to Dream Real Estate Investments, Moline; 459 32nd Ave., East Moline; $75,000.

Brady, Bic T., Trent Woods, N.C., to Proulx, Hugo and Heather, Rock Island; 2025 32st St., Rock Island; $113,000.

Porter, Michael, River View, Fla., to Phillips, Melissa, Coal Valley; 1519 E. 6th St., Coal Valley; $299,000.

Fleming, Alison M., Kewanee, to Marin, Dianna, Moline; 3103 15th St. A, Moline; $175,000.

Martin, Dianna Kay, Moline, to Deschinckel, Alan and JoAnn, Moline; 401 29th Ave. Drive, Moline; $134,900.

Zumaris, Ashley J., Hillsdale, to Martin, Bradley and Ashley, Silvis; 153 15th St., Silvis; $145,000.

Townzen, Robert A., Rock Island, to Mojica, Jaime, Rock Island; 1536 25th St., Rock Island; $30,000.

DJ Props, Scottsdale, Ala. , to Sierra, Jose, Jr., Colona; 944 23rd Ave., Rock Island; $50,000.

Wally’s Holdings, Hampton, to Lack, Tyler J. and Marisa C., East Moline; 19100 Hubbard Rd., East Moline, land/lot only; $130,000.

Velasquez, Dawn and Jose, Cape Coral, Fla., to Ketner, Scott Michael, Coal Valley; 604 E. 3rd St., Coal Valley; $310,000.

Gotthardt, Lisa D., Rock Island, to Cassatt, Angela M., and Thomas, Cole D., Moline; 712 25th Ave. Ct., Moline; $15,400.

Axnix Lower, Elizabeth J., and Lower, Francis, Pamell, Iowa, to Axnix, Eugene J. Jr., trust, Moline; 3507 56th St. Place, Moline; $180,000.

CRC of Iowa, Bettendorf, to Slonecker, Joseph R., Rock Island; 2204 32nd St., Rock Island; $105,000.

McCune, James M., Sheffield, Ill., to Paula L. Cox Family Trust, Mount Pleasant, Iowa; 21304 River Rd. N., Cordova; $345,000.

DeRudder, Peggy L. and Ryan, Colona, to Myers, Jeffrey, Moline; 307 17th Ave., Moline; $108,000.

Andrew, Nicole M., Des Moines, to Lapacz, Heather, Milan; 1124 Coyne Center Rd., Milan; $94,900.

Kiyoshi Mino, Alexander, and Lincoln, Emma S., Chicago, to Tatro, Douglas and Mary, Rock Island; 2020 31st St., Rock Island; $145,000.

Rasnick, Kim, Steeleville, Ill., to Slater, Zachary and Lauren, Milan; 2806 W. 7th St. Ct., Milan; $155,000.

Pretty Girl Properties, Davenport, to Andersen, Justin, Moline; 1920 32nd St., Moline; $125,000.

Davidson, Ernest and Diane, Franklin, Texas, to Kiss, Lucas G., Moline; 2723 24th Ave., Moline; $176,500.

Midwest Homebuyers, Eldridge, to Life and Property Holdings, LeClaire; 1316 14th St., Moline; 1314 14th St., Moline; 1004 40th St., Moline; 1903 33rd St., Moline; $255,000.

Chhoun, Khan L. and Phoracsy, Hiram, Ga., to Nehring, Walter August, and ZeZotte, Annette Marie, Moline; 1521 27th St., Moline; $682,000.

Ramos Family Revocable Trust, East Moline, to AA Property Investors, Bettendorf; 3258 N. Shore Drive, Moline; $29,000.

Roach, Colin and Alethea, Bettendorf, to Acosta, Tara, Moline; 5316 34th Ave., Moline; $305,000.

Keimig, Cynthia Marie, Silvis, to Smothers, Lynn, Andalusia; Part E 1/2 of NE 1/4 and E 1/2 of SE 1/4 of Sec. 29 Township, Milan, 79.828 acres land/lot only; $420,000.

Eddelman, John W., estate, Moline, to Barton, Andrew, East Moline; 942 35th Ave., East Moline; $125,000.

Bassford, Richard S., trust, Coal Valley, to Brown, Christine S. and Zachary J., Moline; 5405 20th Ave. Ct., Moline; $400,000.

Arsenal Properties, Chesterton, Ind., to Truong, Todd, San Jose, Calif.; 320 E. 8th St., Milan; $110,000.

Rock Island Development Group, Milan, to Larsen, Christopher and Ashley, Rock Island; Lot 57 Holly Hills, vacant/land lot; Milan; $21,000.

Winchester, Mark and Caroline, Patterson, Calif., to Marion, Dennis, Moline; 2318 15th St., Moline; $71,000.

Hill, Freddie M., Loganville, Ga., to Lewis Michael and Jessica, Port Byron; 22221 57th Ave. N., Port Byron; $370,000.

Poling, Norma J., estate, East Moline, to Kerres, Kyle and Bobbi Jo, Rock Island; 8305 Ridgewood Road, Rock Island; $195,000.

Ortiz, Kimberly S. and Steven A., Acworth, Ga., to Frazee, Marjorie, Milan; 749 Hillcrest Road, Milan; $130,000.

Soliz, Sylvia, Silvis, to Santilli, Austin, Moline; 2502 23rd Ave. Ct., Moline; $87,500.

Ballard, Naomi, executor of Glockhoff, Paul R., estate, Moline, to Laermans, John E., Port Byron; 222 6th St., Silvis; $15,000.

Covault, Ryan T. and Emma G., Davenport, to Sherrard, David, Rock Island; 2366 39th St., Rock Island; $160,000.

Stout, Ronald and Sara, Pekin, Ill., to Davis, Dianne Faye, East Moline; 179 40th Ave., East Moline; $175,000.

Jerzyk, Philip M. and Anna M., Bettendorf, to Pfaff, Jonathan and Jennifer, Taylor Ridge; 10303 136th St. W., Taylor Ridge; $325,000.

Olds, Robert J., and Bottcher, Kenneth E., Silvis, to Niguita, Pulcherie, and Bagna, Moutarou, East Moline; 4710 9th St., East Moline; $150,000.

McQuestion, William, Jr., Ft. Myers, Fla., to Swenson, Kathy A., Rock Island; 2041 28th St., Rock Island; $107,000.

The Village at Deer Meadows, Moline, to Schneider, Dave and Peggy, Silvis; land/lot only, Silvis; $8,000.

Newman, Michael, Walcott, to Eis, Dakota C., and Williams, Ladeja L., East Moline; 4324 8th St., East Moline; $130,000.

Gillan, Dale M., estate, East Moline, to Valladares, Jaime, and Propps, Stacey F., East Moline; 424 & 428 37th St., East Moline; $40,000.

Wolff, Daniel J. and Julie, Dubuque, to LCMW, Bettendorf; 5302 Avenue of the Cities and 4307 61st St. Dr., Moline, car wash; $2,375,000.

Johnson, Shirley J., trust, Sun City Center, Fla., to Maroney, LeArta, Milan; 412 5th St. E., Milan; $99,900.

Frommelt, Stacy, Silvis, to Bessert, Amanda, Moline; 1305 49th St., Moline; $113,000.

Grunewald, Thomas J., Ava, Mo., to Gunter, Corrine, F., Milan; 1509 3rd Ave. A., Moline, office building; $250,000.

Gunter, Corinne F., Milan, to Storm Recovery Roofing & Siding, Moline; 1509 3rd Ave. A., Moline; $320,000.

Pollock, Adam J., Elkader, Iowa, to Vanderkooi, Michael and Nanette, Firestone, Colo.; 2920 24th St. & 3000 24th St., Rock Island, 26 & 10 unit apartment building; $1,420,000.

Curtis, Melvin L. and Eleanor, trust, Reynolds, to Grees, Bradley T., trust, Reynolds, land/lot only, Reynolds; $80,000.

Horton, Magdelene M., Rock Island, to Mander-Fiser, Donna, Rock Island; 3626 38th St. #25, Rock Island; $187,500.

Spaulding, Joshua C. and Brooke, Rock Island, to Almanza, Nathanael S., Moline; 1502 36th St., Rock Island; $118,000.

Stohlmeyer, Elizabeth J. trust, Eden Prairie, Minn., to Schwieder, Robert and Ann, East Moline; 4515 6th St. Ct., East Moline; $347,500.

Vibrant Credit Union, Moline, to Celada, Allan A., Moline; 307 7th Ave., Silvis; $26,500.

Thoureen, James E., estate, Lake Worth, Fla., to Meza, Enrique and Anna, Moline; 3709 35th St., Unit 4, Moline; $73,000.

Cady, Nathan T., Milan, to Cady, Ryan, Milan; 607 E. 6th Ave., Milan; $120,000.

Finley, Justin L., Davenport, to Cain, Branson, and Taylor, Brandi, Port Byron; 1612 N. High St., Port Byron; $158,515.

Anderson, Robert W. and Joanne T., West Kingston. R.I., to Kabala, Seth A., and Amy, Moline; 2937 16th Ave., Moline; $225,000.

Hernandez, Wanda, estate, Moline, to Horton, Jack and Heather, Silvis; 2315 Kennedy Drive, East Moline; $20,000.

Wilson, Lynette Rae, and Palmer, Juliana K., Urbandale, Iowa and Moline, to Warner, Keith, Moline; 5318 12th Ave., Moline; $135,000.

Keag, Brian A. and Shea, Moline, to Akakpo, Kossi Yaro, Moline; 917 54th St., Moline; $113,000.

Sansenaugher, Evan, Minneapolis, Minn., to Mares, Ascension, Rock Island; 3740 30th St., Rock Island; $184,500.



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