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Real estate transactions for Sunday, Dec. 12, 2021 | Local News | – Quad City Times

Following are seller, buyer, property description and price of property. Note: price is an estimate based on revenue stamps that are bought from the county.


Elsasser, Elizabeth/ Elasasser, Elizabeth, to Meiresonne, Benjamin C. and Angela Marie, 1200 14th St., Orion; $170,000.

Peaton, Bonnie, to Blackert, Debra K., farm land, Tampico; $250,000.

Helton, Darla, to Blackert, Debra K., farm land, Tampico; $250,000.

Thomas, David E. and Julia, to Kyser, Dylan, and Workheiser, Taylor, 102 N. 1st Ave., Colona; $181,000.

Yelm, Robert W., to Sauer, Shelli, 633 Edwards St., Kewanee; $65,000.

Root, Ricky, to Jones, Jake Michael, 915 3rd St., Colona; $82,500.

Dick, Paul D. and Debbie L., to Rainey, Sarah E., Lot #23 in Robinson’s 3rd Addition to the village of Orion; $175,000.

JS & KG, to Bliss, Ian, 236 Wiley Ave., Kewanee; $40,000.

Taflinger, Bradley E. and Angela M., to Williams, Thurman L., 207 West D St., Alpha; $25,000.

Coombes, Robert R. Jr., to Sierra, Rosalina E. and Nicholas Diaz, 337 E. Mill St., Kewanee; $95,000.

Seifert, Mitchell A. and Kaitlyn, to Hickerson, Andrea Jean and Robert Bruce, 47 Sunny Hill Drive, Orion; $175,000.

Purdy, Andrew J. and Stephanie, to Cook, Lauren A. and Kenneth W. Jr., 1316 14th St., Orion; $216,000.

Davis, Thomas V. and Theresa L., to Purdy, Andrew J. and Stephanie M., 1317 13th St., Orion; $144,000.

Rouse, Carol J., and Ouart, Richard H. and Ouart, Mark L., to Thurman, Shelli A. Dearing/ Dearing, Shelli A. Thurman, 1124 Western Ave., Kewanee; $18,000.

Strandberg, Robin and Alexi J. and Levi J., to Rose, Payton M., 236 W. Church St., Kewanee; $87,000.

Bollinger Rentals, to Bollinger, Kathryn L., 221 S. Walnut, Kewanee; $15,000.

Bassford Construction, to Taylor, Jamie M. and Christensen, Zachery D., 3 Skona Lake, Alpha; $230,000.

Weisser, Christopher J. and Jeanne M., to Baker, Joseph D., 412 E. Exchange St., Geneseo; $95,000.

Thorndyke, Darlene D., to Holmes, Katie A., 275 Briargate Drive, Colona; $179,000.

May, Jack L., to Arnold, Christopher M., 706 4th St., Colona; $64,000.

Cotton, Tom C./ Tommy C., and Webb, Belinda S., to Webb, Belinda S., 209 E. Court St., Cambridge; $125,000.

Fornander, Lisa, to LNBGR, Inc., 424 Willard St., Kewanee; $47,500.

Janson, Rodney E. and Paula M., to Catour, Nicholas C. and Nicole D., 404 E. Henry St., Cambridge; $185,000.


Jackson, Rich L., Rock Island, to Dengler, Kenneth Lee, East Moline; 1115 35th Ave. Ct., East Moline; $189,900.

Lihou, Harry G., trust, Port Byron, to Pridemore, Scott M., and Amy R., Port Byron; 2018 Deerwood Lane, Port Byron; $285,500.

Rentfro, Jessica A., Eldridge, to Vasquez, Keith A., East Moline; 336 40th Ave., East Moline; $135,000.

Haynes, Janet, East Moline, to Homes35, Moline; 2230 11th Ave. A, Moline; $27,000.

Leoff, Fredrick M. and Denise J., Mesa, Ariz., to Dobroski, Paul and Cindy, Port Byron; 1321 N. Shore Drive, Port Byron; $425,000.

Lincoln, Charles, Bettendorf, to Ryckeghem, Addison and Cara, Milan; 11721 Knoxville Rd., Milan; $20,000.

Beauchamp, Lisa, Rock Island, to Davis, William R. and Kelly J., Moline; 831 41st St., Rock Island; $7,500.

U.S. Bank National Association, Hopkins, Minn., to Pena, Federico and Robin, East Moline; 709 41st Ave., East Moline; $55,000.

Frus, Bonnie J., Naples, Fla., to Foster, Jacqualine I., East Moline; 1151 48th Ave., Unit 26, East Moline; $60,000.

RM Farm Properties, Port Byron, to Land Services, Bettendorf; 27420/27421 135th Ave. N., Cordova, land/lot only; $500,000.

Proffitt, Sharon S., Rock Island, to Mejia, Isaias and Elizabeth, Rock Island; 1215 17th St., Rock Island; $70,000.

Webb, Andrea L., Moline, to Rivers, Michelle, Moline; 126 6th Ave., Moline; $79,900.

Wainwright Living Trust, Port Byron, to Morgan, Jeffrey G. and Lori A., Port Byron; vacant land, Port Byron; $79,000.

Ritz, Ethan and Jennifer, Jacksonville, Fla., to Bermes Properties, Bettendorf; 3218 14th St., Rock Island; $130,000.

Holland, Paul A. and Rebecca, East Moline, to Gardner, Jennifer, East Moline; 256 15th Ave., East Moline; $124,000.

DJ Props, Scottsdale, Ariz., to Seibert, Steven and Beth Ann, Rock Island; 2730 7th Ave., Rock Island; $73,000.

Keimig, Justinian and Katelyn, Silvis, to Holland, Paul and Rebecca, East Moline; 2639 1st St., East Moline; $215,000.

Moore, Matthew T., Fairfax, Iowa, to Mangelsdorf, Christianna, Rock Island; 1718 24 1/2 St., Rock Island; $124,503.

First Financial Group, Bettendorf, to Navarro, Juan, and Martinez, Gabriela, Montebello, Calif.; 1727 13th Ave., Moline; $85,749.

Navarro, Juan, and Martinez, Gabriela, Montebello, Calif., to Furlong, Matthew, Moline; 1727 13th Ave., Moline; $106,900.

Raya, Margarita, Rock Island, to Johnson, Shanika, Rock Island; 718 19th St., Rock Island; $145,000.

M & N Investments of the Quad Cities, Coal Valley, to Rush, Ontario, Rock Island; 914 23rd St., Rock Island, 4 unit apartment; $144,000.

Petty, Steven and Michelle, Silvis, to Gavina Rivera, Maria, and Arollo Gavina, Monica, Silvis; 2402 8th St., Silvis; $87,000.

Staelens, Vernon E. and Anna M., trust, Silvis, to Ross, Timothy, Moline; 2639 40th Ave., Moline; $132,000.

Ransdell, Bill J. and Judith A., trust, Mesa, Ariz., to Mathew, Akshay and Jennifer Lee, Moline; 1405 27th St., Moline; $235,000.

Carpathian Capital Fund I, Minneapolis, Minn., to Etheridge, Maudi M., Moline; 3806 12th St., Moline; $107,000.

Neer, Connie L., LeClaire, to Harris, Jason and Adrianne, Silvis; 917 17th Ave., Silvis; $269,000.

Scott, Christine A., Knoxville, Tenn., to Cook, Brandon, Moline; 5337 30th Ave., Moline; 5337 30th Ave., Moline; $135,000.

Pikuza, Henrietta, Moline, to Garrison, Jennifer, Moline; 4420 20th Ave., Moline; $151,000.

Mazzoni, Flavia C., Glen Ellyn, Ill., to McKay, Aaron, Milan; 3725 Avian Ct., Milan; $375,000.

Adams, Gale E., Myrtle Beach, S.C., to Haut, Michael, Coal Valley; 303 W. 19th Ave., Coal Valley; $280,000.

Mosley, Dennis, Reynolds, to Axel, Mark C., Illinois City; 23908 121st Ave. W., Illinois City; $89,250.

Demont, Doug and Melissa, Hillsdale, to Hill, George, Erie; 315 Main St., Hillsdale; $9,500.

McGuire, Jacquelyn Ann, Eldridge, to Claude, Matthew, and Bounds, Rachael, Rock Island; 4015 29th Ave., Rock Island; $139,900.

Dare, Robert D. and Mavis M., Moline, to Bey-Buie and Sons, Bettendorf; 1840 10th St., Rock Island; 527 18 1/2 Ave., Rock Island; 2724 6th Ave., Rock Island; 407 19th Ave., Rock Island; $148,000.

Herman, Mark and Nancy, Moline, to Robison, Charles and Marsha, Moline; 2914 56th St. Ct., Moline; $229,900.

Hoepfner, Larry J. and Katherine R., East Moline, to Seiber, Emilia, East Moline; 308 29th Ave., East Moline; $60,000.

Nichols, Brandon J. and Kathryn R., Bismarck, Ariz., to Walls, Cathy, Cordova; 2 Sunset Drive, Cordova; $185,000.

Pete, Norman E. and Corinne A., Moline, to Kalhor, Alireza, and Kakhi, Zahra, Rock Island; 4505 39th Ave., Rock Island; $202,000.

Davies, James E., Rock Island, to E. Clark Investments, Rock Island; 3200 8th St., Rock Island, truck repair commercial building; $165,000.

Schilb, David and April, Venice, Fla., to Burns, John R., Moline; 3024 3rd St., Moline; $147,900.

Haronik, Leonette M., Rock Island, to Benoodt, Cheryl A., Silvis; 1042 31st Ave., Silvis; $273,000.

Hernandez, Timothy, Bettendorf, to Harding, Lanae, Moline; 402 27th Ave., Moline; $168,000.

Par, Simi, and Tin, Thla Or, East Moline, to Tellez, Mahjouba and Gilbert, East Moline; 4250 10th St., East Moline; $105,000.

Bull, Vincent Stone, East Moline, to Hornbuckle, Timothy S. and Sarah D., Port Byron; 230 St. N., Port Byron, 83.49 acre farm; $685,900.

VH Properties, East Moline, to Cookie Lane, Moline; 907 15th Ave., East Moline, retail establishment; $79,960.

Richardson, Boris, Silvis, to Gritton, Cory, Moline; 1845 30th St., Moline; $109,000.

Harris, Jason D., Silvis, to Lian, Thang Ceu, East Moline; 825 23 Ave., East Moline; $132,000.

Munoz, Jordan D., Aledo, to Tunnell, Brittany, Taylor Ridge; 13624 137th Ave. W., Taylor Ridge; $113,200.

Ver Plaetse, Lucien, Moline, to Isackson, Dana, Macomb; 3607 10th Ave., Moline; $121,000.

Boddie, Armand, North Las Vegas, N.V., to Beyond Reality Investments, Moline; 816 24th St., Rock Island; $10,000.

Blais, James and Kimberly, Moline, to Eagle Property Holdings, Moline; 1830 & 1836 26th Ave., Moline; $65,000.

Ellis, Ryan and Andrea, Silvis, to Kiel, Brian, Silvis; 4710 51st Ave., Moline, land/lot only; $19,900.

Morehart, Scott, Rock Island, to Nobiling, Anthony, Moline; 3416 11th Ave. Place, Moline; $229,000.

Yeargle, Timothy, East Moline, to Wyffels, Laura, Hampton; 325 3rd Ave. A, Hampton; $35,000.

Simmon, Harrison B., Rock Island, to Zoey E. Sloane Special Needs Trust, East Moline; 1800 7th St., Unit 2B, East Moline; $62,000.

Ernat Family Revocable Living Trust, Coal Valley, to Heesch, Alex, Moline; 2930 11th Ave. B, Moline; $177,000.

Taylor, Justin and Katie, Coal Valley, to Perez, Luis A., Moline; 717 3rd St. A, Moline; $190,000.

DJ Props, Scottsdale, Ariz., to Bowman, Reece, Silvis; 2416 11th St., Silvis; $67,000.

Donahue, Mark T. and Hui-Chen Hsu, Waukee, Iowa, to Green, Tavares, Silvis; 1129 33rd Ave. Circle, Silvis; $157,000.

Rosas, Miguel A. and Bianca, Bettendorf, to Mau, Jordan L. and Clay Jr., Moline; 5311 17th Ave., Moline; $213,619.

Stack, David J. and Sharon L., Coal Valley, to Martinez, Joshua, and Cervantes, Valerie E., Moline; 1520 16th Ave., Moline; $100,000.

Cossin, Shawn M. and Beth A., Grapevine, Texas, to Birch, Gregory and LaRonda, Moline; 771 17th St. Ct., Moline; $327,500.

Ruby, Mary L., estate, Moline, to Munday, Timothy R. and Julie A., Rock Island; 3237 14th St., Rock Island; $139,000.

Dennison, Judy, East Moline, to Ceja, Alexis K., Silvis; 1810 14th St., Silvis; $76,000.

Jackson, Diane J., East Moline, to Jackson, Rick, East Moline; 15301 Coal Town Rd., East Moline; $90,500.

Bermes Properties, Bettendorf, to McDonald, Matthew and Danette, Rock Island; 2813 39th Ave., Rock Island; $167,500.

Lohman, Todd R. ad Chris A., Moline, to Indluru, Ravi T., and Pakala, Srija, Moline; 7607 36th Ave., Moline; $335,000.

Woeckener, Ralph W., Jr. and Rebecca S., New Boston, to Robinson, Matthew, Milan; 509 28th Ave. W., Milan; $121,000.

Mendoza, Gabriel Aguilera, Moline, to Hume, Kimberly S., Rock Island; 1513 42nd St., Rock Island; $136,400.

Suess, Marlowe A., Davenport, to Kisner, Betty J., trust, Moline; 3715 35th St., Unit #1, Moline; $87,000.

Osborn, Merlin L. and Maedean K., Blue Grass, to Wrightson, Paul and Sarah Jane, Plainfield, Ill.; 6112 56th Ave., Moline; $125,000.

McGee, Ronald E., estate, Madison, Ala., to Johnson, Cheryl L., East Moline; 4121 4th Ave. A, East Moline; $115,000.

Beserra, Robert and Cynthia, Davenport, to Fessler, Bryan L. and Debra M., Coal Valley; 707 E. 13th Ave. Ct., Coal Valley; $285,100.

Stemper, Adam, East Moline, to LaFerrara, Zachary W., East Moline; 4321 9th St., East Moline; $95,000.

3D Visionz Inc., Moline, to Sierra, Jose Jr., Colona; 1037 23rd Ave., Rock Island; $56,800.

Little Mississippi II Golf & Fun, Inc., Davenport, to Gunnar, LLC., Davenport; 103 S. State Ave., Hampton; $75,000.

Werning, Kathleen H., trust, to Augsburger, Randall W. and Kenna J. Moline; 4005 7th Ave., Moline; $530,000.

Allison, Douglas and Amy, Moline, to Trigueros, Amel Moline; 2531 5th St., Moline; $127,900.

Colwell, Robert T., estate, Las Vegas, to Sprott, Barry, and Carter, Michelle, Moline; 1321 9th St., Moline; $63,000.

Greenwood, Carol E., Moline, to Howell, Richard W., Milan; 820 E. 2nd Ave., Milan; $115,000.

Hoogerwerf, Tyler, O’Fallon, Ill., to Mancilla, Alfredo, Jr., Moline; 4315 27th Ave. Ct., Moline; $285,000.

Marshall, Cortney, Rock Island, to Esteemed Property Holdings, Atlanta, Ga.; 3105 9 1/2 St., Rock Island; $61,750.

Lawrence, Bryn R. and Courtney L., Moline, to Biebel, Brett, and Kunde, Margaret, Moline; 3614 73rd St., Moline; $275,000.

Bussert, Thomas H., East Moline, to Bent, Ethan Curtis Stephen, East Moline; 463 40th St., East Moline; $355,000.

Leuth, Eric S., and Mockmore-Leuth, Tracy A., Rock Island, to Cox, Mary E., East Moline; 1800 7th St. #11C, East Moline; $85,000.

Sheley, Christine L., Davenport, to Killian, Faith, and Detrick, William, Moline; 3510 34th St., Moline; $237,500.

DeClercq, Evelyn E., estate, Moline, to Garibay, Marco Gutierrez, and Sancen, Maria Elena Patino, Moline; 2002 9th St., Moline; $55,000.

Hammond, Julia A., Silvis, to Crane, Paula and James, and Tucker, John, Moline; 564 Island Ave., East Moline; $20,000.

Land, Dale and Amber, Port Byron, to Jackson, Aaron, East Moline; 111 29th Ave., East Moline; $21,000.

Grace Bible Missionary Church, East Moline, to Chapman, Nicholas, Silvis; 905 8th Ave., Silvis; $197,000.

Zuma Development, Port Byron, to Schulenburg Family Limited Partnership, LeClaire; 4005 229th St. Circle N., Port Byron; $32,260. 

Kronfeld, James M. and Rosemary, Holmen, Wis., to Zimmerman, Mitchell, Moline; 932 N. Shore Drive, Moline; $390,000.

Love, Lance and Dorrie, Helena, Mont. to Petersen, Ashleigh and Joshua, Milan; 7006 108th Ave., Milan; $244,000.

Cung, Rual and Hniar Khen, East Moline, to Kangoyi, Gaston Tshiasuma, East Moline; 351 33rd Ave. Ct. East Moline; $150,000.

Christenson, Leif and Juliet, Moline, to Holland, John, Rock Island; 3216 17th Ave., Rock Island; $124,100.

Frew, Alexander J., Moline, to Elliott, Samuel, Coal Valley; 144 E. 5th St., Coal Valley; $132,500.

Brower, Barbara A., Monroe, N.C., to Keim, Joshua, and Moser, Kirk, Rock Island; 4210 26th Ave., Rock Island; $135,700.

Williams, Joel T. and Linda S., Eldridge, to Yeargle, Molly A., Rock Island; 1225 31st St., Rock Island; $80,000.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage, Carrollton, Texas, to Johnson, Orlan Gale, Cordova; 1914 14th St., Silvis; $35,001.

Underwood, Bobby W. and Petra D., Moline, to Miley, Tara, Moline; 4915 52nd Ave., Moline; $155,000.

QC Land Development, Dallas, Texas, to Garcia-Jaime, Edgar Ricardo, Moline; 742 14th St., Moline; $13,000.

Eriksen, Rene J. and Blanche J., trust, Hastings, Minn., to Shafer, Albert W. and Lori A., trust, Milan; 10909 51st St. Ct., Milan; $192,500.

O’Brien, Elizabeth A., Moline, to Deater, Christopher J., Moline; 1615 21st Ave., Moline; $137,900.

Sturms, Donald E., Rock Island, to Taylor, Donald, Rock Island; 3307 18th Ave., Rock Island; $105,000.

Schumacher, Kathleen, East Moline, to O’Brien, Elizabeth, Silvis; 417 1st St., Silvis; $82,900.

Winters, Robert F. and Marlo J., Port Byron, to Winters, Gregory M., Port Byron; 502 Agnes St., Port Byron; $62,000.

OSB, Sherrard, to Williams, Katherine R., Moline; 1808 9th St., Moline; $165,000.

Nobiling, Anthony and Teresa, Moline, to Dooley, Nathan, Moline; 1064 29th St., Moline; $140,000.

Sullivan, Patrick Shawn, estate, Gilbert, Ariz., to Senseney, Kelli, Rock Island; 1521 40th Ave. Ct., Rock Island; $205,000.

Kern, Brian L. and Carmae M., Davenport, to Bradley, Johnathan, East Moline; 428 7th St., East Moline; $68,000.

Furne, Kristine l., Galesburg, to Bristol, Brian and Heather, Milan; 1702 110th Ave., Milan; $255,000.

Holvoet, Chris, and Voss, Peter F., Davenport, to Rocillo, Florencio, East Moline; 2348 Troy Drive, East Moline; $104,000.

Echoed Holdings, Davenport, to Ocon, Hector, Moline; 2609 38th Ave., Moline; $103,000.

Wiedenmann, Jeffrey D. and Barbara J., Orion, to Carney, Brandon, and Wilson, Abbi, Coal Valley; 8821 120th Ave., Coal Valley; $360,000.

Cole, James R., Jacksons Gap, Ala., to Cole, Ricky A., Illinois City; 20405 Loud Thunder Road, Illinois City; $145,000.

Rizza, Gerald H., Laguna Beach, Calif., to Higdon, Shane S., Rapids City; 1902 1st Ave., Rapids City; $290,000.

Hawkins, Linda L., Marion, Ill., to Hennings, Amy, Rock Island; 7907 7th St. W., Rock Island; $155,000.

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