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Real estate transactions April 27 – Sedalia Democrat

April 19

Michael H. and Ashli D. Anderson to April C. Osborn, Hidden Hills Estates, lot 7.

Joshua and Kara S. Brant to Carolyn A. Bopp, Taylor’s Subdivision Block E, Arlington Heights, lot 5. 

Mark Ficken and April Mullett to Joshua M. and Harliegh M. Menzel, Maplewood 5th Subdivision, lot 36

Fine Homes Inc., of Springfield Missouri to Keele Construction Inc., section 9; township 45; range 21. 

Keele Construction Inc., to Peter and Amy Grigoryev, section 9; township 45; range 21. 

Carla Anderson, Michael Anderson, Renea Franklin, Michael Franklin and Donna Sue Franklin to Dale W. Yelton Trust and Elizabeth E. Yelton Trust, Smith and Cotton’s 7th Addition, lots 6, 7, block 3.  

Keele Brothers LLC to Bob Radev, Vitaliy Radev and Elizabeth Radev, section 31; township 45; range 20.

Lucy E. Busing to Bobby Busing Trustee, Lucy Busing Trustee and the Busing Trust, 411 E. Boonville; 501 E. Walnut; 507 E. Walnut; 509 E. Walnut; 503 E. Walnut; 621 E. Boonville; 407 E. Boonville; 409 E. Boonville; Heard’s 2nd Addition, lot 15, block11; Heard’s 2nd Addition, lot 8, block 4; Sim’s Subdivision, lots 5, 6, 7; Heard’s 2nd Addition, lots 16, 17, block 11.  

Bob and Lucy Busing to the Busing Trust and Bobby Busing Trustee, Clifton Woods Addition, lot 5; section 4; township 45; range 21. 

Eric R. Caldwell to Joseph Austin and Kendall Marie Arnold, section 27; township 45; range 21. Aleksandr Modnov, Tatiana Mondov, Aleksandr Mondov to Tatiana  Mondov, section 31; township 45; range 20.

April 20

David and Mykel Schlotterbeck to Jennifer Bottcher, Smith and Cotton’s 7th Addition, lots 8,9, block 3. 

John E. and Carol S. Closser to Katherine Montgomery, section 13; township 45; range 21; section 12; township 45; range 21. 

John E. and Carol S. Closser to Jonathan Cornell, 3141 Elsie Drive; 3144 Elsie Dr.; 3143 Elsie Drive; 3142 Elsie Drive; 3140 Elsie Drive; section 12 and 13; township 45; range 21. 

April 21

Wyann and George Lipps to Yvonne Clark and Alexander M. Davis, Glendale Place, lot 58. 

Specialized New Homes LLC to Nikolai and Tatyana Mihov, Rolling Hills Replat Lot 8, lot 10.

Enamel Properties LLC to Hailley Dawson, Smith and Cotton’s 7th Addition, lot 3, block 13. 

Sheri Lee Witcher to Vitaliy and Mariya Novatskiy, Hunter’s Ridge 3rd Subdivision, lot 87. 

Patricia L. Mitchell to Michael C. and Monica F. Johnson, section 1, township 44; range 23. 

April 22

Kylan and June Eigsti to Joshua Allen and Ashlynn Renee Stevenson, section 27; township 48; range 20. 

Jason G. Wellner to Joshua Allen and Ashlynn Renee Stevenson, section 27; township 48; range 20. 

Joshua Allen and Ashlynn Renee Stevenson to Jason G. Wellner, section 27; township 46; range 20.

Robert M. and Robyn Miley to Benjamin R. and Nellya V. Dmitruk, section 17; township 46; range 21; section 20; township 46; range 21. 

Gerald and Wanda Baker and Michael and Wendi Meier to Terry D. Mills, Parkview Revised, lots 12, 11, block 12. Monsees Realty Co. to John K. Kroeger Construction LLC, Walnut Park 3, lot 2; Walnut Hills South Tract A. 

Mitchell Wayne and Kendra Korean Baslee to Kyle Baslee, Kelsie Baslee and Kara Baslee, section 31; township 45; range 21. 

April 23

James E. Wallace, Deborah Wallace, Jeffrey Wallace and Marsha K. Siecks to Raymond E. and Dawn D. McNeeley, section 29; township 46; range 20.

Luke D. Gieschen to Dick and Lavena Hutchenson, Westmoreland Place Addition, lots 2, 3, block 1. 

Vitaliy and Mariya Novatskiy, to Mueller Family Trust, Dennis R. and Deborah J., West Country Club Estates Part 5, lot 89. 

Carolyn S. Carlton to Susan Clevenger, Letourneau’s 3rd Addition, lot 59. 

Harriet Davidson Moore and Richard B. Moore to David J. Borgman, Parkview Revised, lots 3, 4, block 12. 

Robbie Templeton to Thomas R. Burlingame, section 3, township 45; range 21. 

Thomas R. Burlingame to TRB Rentals LLC, section 3; township 45; range 21. 

J. Cruz Aleman Lopea and Maria Estela Lemus Aleman to Jose Leonardo Ortega Moreno and Yessenia Aleman, La Monte lot 370, block M; La Monte lot 371, block M; La Monte 369, block M.



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