Real Estate Sales Include $5 Million Property In Chautauqua Institution – Jamestown Post Journal

By Gregory Bacon

A property in Chautauqua Institution has sold for nearly $5 million.

The Post-Journal and OBSERVER have been analyzing real estate transactions in Chautauqua County and recently looked at the sales from June 16-30.

During this time period, there were 186 transfers, 116 of which were higher than $1.

Among the sales recorded, LRC Revocable Trust of Nashville, Tenn. purchased 76 North Lake Drive, Chautauqua Institution for $4,999,999.

There were another 19 sales during this two week period that were for $250,000 or higher. Including 76 North Lake Drive, there were four sales in the town of Chautauqua (two of which were in the Institution), four in Busti (one of which was in Lakewood), two in Hanover, two in Jamestown, and one each in the towns of Ripley, Ellicott, Portland, Poland, Ellington, Mina, Westfield, and the village of Fredonia.

The breakdown is as follows:

* 8642 Route 5, Westfield for $700,000.

* 5054 West lake Road, Chautauqua for $557,500.

* 2210 Shadyside Road, Mina for $451,000.

* 6 Topo Lane, Ellicott for $415,000.

* 228 Route 394, in the towns of Poland and Ellington for $404,900.

* 1 Morris Ave., Chautauqua Institution, town of Chautauqua, part of One Morris Avenue Condominium, for $400,000.

* 4479 Lawson Road, Busti for $381,000.

* 64 Cayuga Drive, Unit J-4, Chautauqua Lake Estates Condominium, town of Chautauqua, for $365,000.

* 980 Forest Ave., Busti for $350,000.

* 924 and 930 Erie St., Hanover for $339,000.

* 1929 Southwestern Drive, Busti for $325,000.

* 12853 Cayuga St., Hanover for $317,500.

* 15 Fairwood Drive, Lakewood for $299,000.

* 8545 Church St., Route 20 south side, Church Street and Webster Road, town of Portland sold for $290,000.

* 315 Beechview Ave., Jamestown for $290,000.

* 16 Laska Circle, Jamestown for $289,000.

* 2241 Page Road, Poland for $280,000.

* 37 Birchwood Drive, Fredonia for $254,900.

* 4790 Route 76, Ripley for $250,000.

The full list of sales is

as follows:

JUNE 16-17

The referee for Kresser Volker sold 27 Mapleview Ave. Lakewood to YU Property Management, LLC of Jamestown for $144,000.

The Raun Family Trust sold property on Finley Road, Portland to John and Debra Swabik for $5,000.

Vavasam LLC of Cappaqua, NY sold 184 Cole Ave., Jamestown to Piper Ka, LLC of West Seneca for $37,500.

Thomas Scaffidi sold 239 McKinley Ave., Jamestown to Piper Ka, LLC for $25,500.

Douglas Garfield sold 4790 Route 76, Ripley to Jenny and Elijah Eddy for $250,000.

Daniel Burkholder and Jonas Burkholder sold property on Ravlin Hill Road, Clymer to Gregory Poland for $98,000.

The estate of Philip Magnuson Jr. sold 1929 Southwestern Drive, Busti to Patrick and Cheryl Goggin for $325,000.

Jay Nauman sold property on East Avenue Forest Park, Westfield to David Walton for $22,500.

The executor for the estate of Janice Motto sold 5099 West Lake Road, Dunkirk to Joy Valone for $185,000.

Lester Ormsby sold 924 and 930 Erie St., Hanover to DRS Construction Group LLC for $339,000.

Jonathan Pettit sold property on Morris Road, Chautauqua to Robert Balducci for $52,500.

Patrick Wasko sold 10 Constance Circle, Jamestown to Dakota Nyweide and Kaitlin McMaster for $240,000.

Preston and Mary Shafer sold 7389 Warner Road, Sherman to Jason Nies for $180,000.

Jeffery Drake sold 145 Linwood Ave., Jamestown to Joseph Figueroa for $71,000.

Patricia Lazarczyk sold 4742 Route 5, Sheridan to Christine Hinderliter for $232,500.

Larry Case sold 16 Laska Circle, Jamestown to Feniben Patel for $289,000.

Arthur and Diane Miller sold 9274 Prospect Road, Villenova to Kurt and Kristy Miller for $237,000.

Tore and Beverly Arvidson sold 620 Smith Ave., Jamestown to Russell and Katie Conti for $184,000.

Michael Currie sold property on Lakecrest and Fairmount avenues, Busti to John Parker and Bobbie Longoria for $96,000.

The executor for Laura Cimino sold 1390 Peck Settlement Road, Kiantone to Todd Stimson for $100,000.

Candice Callen sold 3797 Bard Road, Pomfret to Kraig and Katie Meekins for $210,000.

Anna Aversa sold 6 Topo Lane, Ellicott to David Celebrezze for $415,000.

Matthew Fuller sold 114 E. Elmwood Ave., Ellicott to Sow Properties, LLC of Olean for $34,000.

JUNE 20-24

Brandin Barr sold 263 Fairmount Ave., Jamestown to Jacqueline Vance for $64,500.

The city of Jamestown sold property on Fluvanna Avenue Extension, Ellicott to Lawson Boat and Motor LLC for $5,000.

Ricky Laurito sold 129 Prospect St., Fredonia to Vanessa Buck for $92,500.

Christy Grabka sold 4468 Mt. Pleasant Road, Chautauqua to Stephen Albright for $80,000.

Christopher and Lois Jackson sold 28 N. Ocelot St., Dunkirk to David and Ayla Kramer for $82,000.

Edwin Abbey sold 6775 Main St., Cherry Creek to Nelson B.S. Nobles for $50,000.

Bradley Anderson sold 1254 Newland Ave., Jamestown to Crystal Vogt for $100,000.

Cathy Bonner sold 1 Morris Ave., Chautauqua Institution, town of Chautauqua, part of One Morris Avenue Condominium, to Edward L. Smith OES, LLC for $400,000.

Andrew Ayers and Susan Mersereau sold 5750 Magnolia Road, town of Chautauqua to Daniel and Kimberly Woloszyn for $65,000.

Reid and Sarah Wagner sold 4479 Lawson Road, Busti to Anthony and Kendra Weaver for $381,000.

Nancy Klemens sold 19 Parkway St., Silver Creek to Robert Frederick Rosenberger III for $200,000.

Peter Fedorko sold 2278 W. Mina Road, Mina to Gregory and Kristy Klisuric for $135,000.

17 Oneida Drive, LLC of West Seneca sold 17 Oneida Drive Unit B, Chautauqua Lake Estates Condominium, town of Chautauqua, to Gary Andreis Jr. for $130,000.

The executor for the estate of Eugene Gasiewicz sold property on NE Sherman Road, Ripley to Holding Orez One, LLC of West Seneca for $160,000.

A trustee for the estate of Donna M. Kohl Trust sold 76 North Lake Drive, Chautauqua Institution to LRC Revocable Trust of Nashville, Tenn. for $4,999,999.

Kenneth and Lynda Klugh sold 980 Forest Ave., Busti to Kristofer Jacobson and Sara Rauh for $350,000.

The Mitchell Family Trust sold 5301-11 East Lake Road, Unit 11, Bayberry Landing Condominium, town of Chautauqua to Carol and Benedict Darrigo for $187,000.

Guy and Tracie Demotte sold 99 Gerald Ave., Busti to Joseph and Elise Pietracatella for $140,000.

James Boltz sold 37 Birchwood Drive, Fredonia to Kristine Joy Pancreas Pineda and Jeff Marwin Angelo Lim Pineda for $254,900.

Mitchell Schnell sold 1225 West Hill Road, Ellington, to Kaitlyn Hornburg and Brian Thompson for $148,500.

Theresa Nickerson sold 334 Central Ave., Silver Creek to Travis Casey for $75,000.

Allicia Rice sold 410 Superior St., Jamestown to Meghan Hiller for $50,000.

Francisco Rios sold 511 Main St., Dunkirk to Nicholas Cole for $103,000.

Pikes View LLC, Kevin Powell and Irving Powell sold five parcels in Portland to William and Carrie McCausland for $290,000. The addresses were 8545 Church St., Route 20 south side, Church Street and Webster Road.

The Administratrix for the estate of Michael Buchanan sold 33 Forestville St., Silver Creek to Barbara Jones, Michael Szoszorek and Tanya Szoszorek for $42,000.

Robert and Lorena Ann Byler sold 909 Weeks Road, Clymer to Chester Leslein and Lena Burkholder for $65,000.

Richard and Cindy Miller sold property on Sherman-Mayville Road, Chautauqua to Casey and Brittany Mulkins for $5,500.

The trustees of the Nancy W. Farrell Revocable Living Trust sold 5054 West lake Road, Chautauqua to Thomas Jr. and Amy McDonald for $557,500.

David Newcomb sold 854 Central Ave., Dunkirk to Killian Moore for $195,000.

Victoria Smith sold 8591 Brownell Road, Clymer to Kyle Kranz and Kyla Rodriguez for $76,000.

Megan Knapp sold 583 Clymer-Sherman Road, Clymer to Logan and Madison Fain for $119,000.

Steven Craig sold 2911 Greenhurst Ave., Ellery to Tobin and Sheila Kueper for $130,000.

Andrew Laury sold 22 West Linwood Ave., Ellicott to Joseph Surace for $80,000.

Downtown Jamestown Properties of Jamestown sold 208 North Main St., Jamestown to Embellish Jamestown, LLC of Jamestown for $170,000.

The Chautauqua County Land Bank Corporation sold 408 West 8th St., Jamestown to Bryan Gard for $600.

Carlos Manuel Brunet sold 201-205 Forest Ave., Jamestown to Troy and Carol Malek for $124,900.

Ryan Rivera sold 45 Fluvanna Ave., Jamestown to Jorge Torres for $500.

Nicholas and Cathy Vacanti sold 27 Pearl St., Westfield to Joseph Villafrank for $121,000.

Cory Booth sold 228 Route 394, in the towns of Poland and Elllington to Mitchell and Nichole Schnell for $404,900.

The executor for Ronnie Duane Carlson sold 123 Thayer St., Jamestown to Heather Renee Johnston for $50,000.

Gary and Delora Kennelley sold 51 Bowen St., Jamestown to Wein Realty LLC of Lakewood for $50,000.

The executor for the estate of Beatty Jean Anderson sold 106 Park St., Jamestown to Freeman Leigh Mayberry for $46,000.

Andrew and Stephanie Camay sold 315 Beechview Ave., Jamestown to Matthew Dinger and Morgan Zollman for $290,000.

Alan Hamilton sold 15-17 Camp St., Jamestown to Melvin Yoder for $81,000.

The Smith Family Irrevocable Trust Asset protection Trust sold property on Frewsburg-Fenoville Road, Carroll to Charles Overturf for $2,000.

Deon Stanford sold 110 S. Martin St., Dunkirk to Kiara Ferrando for $55,000.

Levi and Bertha Detweiler sold 5564 Niobe Road, Harmony to Kathryn Carlson for $68,000.

George Laporte sold 209 North Portage St., Westfield to john Previty and Milton Koutsandreas for $95,000.

Nancy Jo Adams sold 9871 South Dayton Silver Creek Road, Villenova to Dale Brown and Catherine Lozano Christopher for $90,000.

Rick and Michelle Brown sold 6984 and 2211 Cleland Road, Charlotte to Kelcie and Rebecca Brown for $100,000.

Katherine Hutchinson sold 13 Venman St., Carroll to Reginald Blodien for $105,000.

Carmella Klein sold 101 Central Ave., Celoron to Nathan Fellows for $115,000.

Leslie Benjamin, Gregory Leone, Scott Leone and Diane Leone sold 2 Susann Court, Fredonia to Paul Turo and Aubin Mooney for $120,000.

The administrator of the estate of David Spontaneo sold 2241 Page Road, Poland to Nicole Spontaneo for $280,000.

Robert Straight Jr. and Kristine Yuchnitz-Straight sold 138 S. Alleghany Ave., Ellicott to Howard Lalonde Jr. for $72,000.

Louis Loveless sold 22 N. Main St., Stockton to the Mary E. Seymour Memorial Free Library for $450.

Kevin parks sold property on Versailles Road, Hanover to Joshua and Jamie Hilliker for $37,000.

Alexander Jester sold 349 East Virginia Blvd., Jamestown to Austin Echard and Kendra Christensen for $129,900.

Kravitz Properties LLC of Fredonia sold 82 Eagle St., Fredonia to Kyle Morey for $145,000.

Gregory Hopkins sold 3238 Charlotte Hill Road, Charlotte to Fred Chamberlin and Stacy Anderson for $60,000.

Susan Gustafson sold 30 Venman Ave., Carroll to Aaron Day for $115,000.

Summerville Land Holdings LLC of Westfield sold 112 Thayer St., Jamestown to Wein Realty LLC of Lakewood, NJ for $69,000.

Hine & Company, LLC of Jamestown sold 104 Miller Ave., Lakewood to Randy and Mary Rowland for $85,000.

Arup K. Sen sold 64 Cayuga Drive, Unit J-4, Chautauqua Lake Estates Condominium, town of Chautauqua, to Kelle Deborah and Eric Foust for $365,000.

Jessie Lynne Davis sold 9586 East Side Hill and Brockway Road to Donald and Emily Paddock for $23,000.

Aces Full Properties LLC of Falconer sold 613 E. 6th St., Jamestown to Horan Properties LLC for $47,500.

The Administratix of the estate of Ruth Strong sold 53 Main St., Forestville to Cascade Funding Mortgage Trust HB5 for $84,867.

David Grabow sold 42 Ellis Ave., Jamestown to Lori Calimeri for $120,000.

Todd Zimmerman sold 3653 Panama-Stedman Road, North Harmony to Jamie Budzinski for $145,500.

Jack Thayer Jr. sold 6992 South Portage St., Westfield to Karin Adams for $150,000.

Michael and Sandra Johnson sold 4995 Route 474, North Harmony to Karen Reich for $140,000.

The administrator for the estate of Carl Imastato sold 12853 Cayuga St., Hanover to John Keohane for $317,500.

Julie Davidson sold 40 Colfax St., Jamestown to Michelle Arroyo for $128,000.

James Wolter sold 6373 Ellicott Road, Portland to James Brosious for $45,000.

Steven McAninch sold 24 Elm St., Mayville to Chad Hallberg for $173,530.

Bennie and Susie Miller sold 2917 Donelson Road, Busti to John Rivera for $40,000.

Penelope and James Deakin sold 10170 Green Hill Drive, Portland to Briggs LLC of Greensburg, Penn. For $150,000.

Thomas Guziec sold 9685 Seymour Road, Pomfret to Harold Wall Jr. for $115,900.

Lance Johnson sold 9690 Wilson Road, Pomfret to Breanne Emery and Dyland Eagle for $172,400.

Danilo Gatti Del Nero and Janaina Graziela Guedes Del Nero sold 15 Fairwood Drive, Lakewood to BGRS. LLC of Bur Ridge, Illinois for $299,000. Then, BGRS, LLC sold that address to Christopher Boutelle and Madeline Evans for the same amount.

Craig and Rhonda Menzemer sold 87 Timbercreek Drive, North Harmony to Glenn and Julie Mannion for $233,000.

Williams Properties Inc. of Ripley sold 58 Washington St., Westfield to M&R Westbrook LLC of Westfield for $55,000.

David and Kathleen Campola sold 113 S. Martin St., Dunkirk to Kathryn Donohue for $125,000.

Gary and Susan Nelson sold 8421 Klondyke Road, Sherman to Patrick Sweatman for $95,000.

Kerry and Sandy Smith sold 2535 Whitaker Road, Sheridan to Mark and Melissa Passon for $80,000.

Danton Hilldale sold 75 Warwick Road, Ellicott to Anh T Lam and Ngan Le for $180,000.

Brian and Judith Rosenzweig sold 2210 Shadyside Road, Mina to Eric and Kathryn Norton for $451,000.

APG Acquisitions LLC of San Clemente, Calif., sold 18 Shaw Ave. Jamestown to Robert Costelow, Christina Malatesta and APG Acquisitions LLC for $40,000.

Gap Enterprises of WNY LLC of Jamestown sold 19 E. Main St., Carroll to Robert Gray for $85,000.

Richard Jr and Brenda Wills sold 2560 East Road, Charlotte to Kasandra Swearingen for $120,000.

The Eileen J. Walsh Family Living Trust sold 8642 Route 5, Westfield to Marlene and Edward Hassenfratz for $700,000. Two days later the trust sold a parcel of a different number but with that same address to the same individuals for $150,000.

David Rodriguez sold 177 Lincoln Ave., Dunkirk to Lucila Rojas Ramirez and Feliz Hernandez Santiago for $20,000.

Daniel Casamento sold 1384 Scott Road, Carroll to Jonathan Morreale for $27,000.

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