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First Christian Church to Beau B. Ice, home on Walnut Street; $86,000

East Liverpool

William G. Plumm to Jami L. Merriman, other residential structures on Henry Street; $9,300

Carol L. Kenney to Troy and Alissa Butler, home on Oakwood Avenue; $7,500

Victorian Liverpool Lodging LLC to Andana Properties LLC, other commercial housing; $165,000

Gregory L. Eisenhart to Richard Rudibaugh, other retail structures on Pennsylvania Avenue; $285,000

First Guaranty Mortgage Corporation to Carrington Mortgage Services LLC, home on Trentvale Street; $48,100

Gregory J Todd to PBR Properties LLC, home on Fisher Avenue; $62,000

Emmitt and Judy McComas to Emmitt R. McComas, home and other residential structures on Oliver Street; $57,000

East Palestine

Timothy H. Powers to Tyler and Andrea White, residential vacant land on Highland Avenue; $5,000

Fairfield Township

Ann Casey McCoy to Louis E. and Kyle McQuistion Jr., residential vacant land on Metz Road; $15,000

Hanover Township

Elmer S. and Julie Ann Day Jr. to John S. Eloshway, residential vacant land on Charlton Street; $37.5000

Knox Township

Amanda Paternite to John C. Robinson, home on Abbey Lane; $290,000

Micheal and Regina Blymiller (trustee) to Erik and Carrie Blymiller, home on Homeworth Road; $60,000

Alisha Johnson to Bryan Colby and EAP Ohio LLC, oil and gas rights to 2.04 acres in Knox Township; $6,120

Sue A. Antram (trustee) to Matthew T. and Ashly A. Merrick, 20.27 acres on Bowman Road, 10.454 acres on Center Road, 61.218 acres on Homeworth Road; $567,021

Roy W. Watson to Matthew T. and and Ashley A. Merrick, 19.584 acres on Homeworth Road; $105,754

Franklin A. Sanor to Bonnir Detchon, home on North Street; $39,000


Virginia A. Perry to Matthew W. Edmond, home on Ridge Street; $55,450

Linda S. Russell to Mandy Lynn Burtner, mobile home on High Street; $39,000


John and Tracy Scarabino to Janis A. Steitz, home on North Market Street; $70,000

Robert Sean Culp to Rocket Mortgage, home and other residential structures on Thomas Road; $58,000

Gary A. Shell Sr. to Brian J. Spier, home on North Market Street; $88,000

Randy and Paula Bates to Jerrod A. Butts and Casey J. Bardo, three family dwelling on West Washington Street; $83,5000

Middleton Township

Lola I. Mercer to Arthur W. Primrose, 1.785 acres on Depot Road; $49,948

Loren E. Rhodes to Lake Tomahawk Property Owners Association, residential vacant land on Chippewa Trail; $2,500

Loren E. Rhodes to Lake Tomahawk Property Owners Association, residential vacant land on Tomahawk; $12,100

Stephen Saracco to Lake Tomahawk Property Owners Association, residential vacant land on Shoshone Trail; $1,900

Marvin E. and Paula M. Schell to Edwin E. and Janet F. Ward, .642 acres on Carlisle Road; $3,000

Donald A. and Sandra L. Neville to Susan K. Brogan, home on Fredericktown Clarkson Road; $92,500

Perry Township

Patroleum Holdings LLC to BDK Realty Company II, other commercial structures on Georgetown Road; $250,000


Raymond T. Bryan to Brittney Woods, home on Fourth Street; $75,000

Jason Dotson to Gregory D. and Katherine L. Oesch, home on Wilson Street; $1,715

Unicenter LLC to Ana Perez Hernandez, home on East Third Street; $65,000

Aubrey Salvino to Guardian Home Buyers LLC, home on Arch Street; $30,000

Guardian Home Buyers LLC to Fortunata Ramirez Ortiz, home on Arch Street; $33,000

George E. Morris to James L. Jackson, home on Park Avenue; $135,000

Wimsatt Family LLC to Brandon Bixler, home on Fourth Street; $110,000

Ryan J. and Lorianne K. Weikart to Ryan J. Weikart, home on Cleveland Street; $45,650

Salem Township

John and Katie A. Tindell to Brent A. Dustman, mobile home on Gromley Road; $150,000

John Mark Simonds to Mildred Elaine Merry, home on Old State Route 344; $28,875

James Lester Jackson to Lori A. Pitcher, home on Butcher Road; $250,000


Kevin R. Morrison to Samuel J. Brown and Dylan R. Crooms, other commercial structures on Main Street (Pizza Hut); $3,000

Sal Main LLC to Utica Shale Academy of Ohio, bank, parking garages and vacant land on Main Street; $110,000

St. Clair Township

Jason C. Woods to Ronnie and Patricia Boyd, home on Cornell Avenue; $17,000

Florence A. Martin to Terry and Linda Bush, home on Stagecoach Road; $135,000

Unity Township

Andrew T. and Katie L. Neiheisel to Ryan W. and Sara M. Ogrodnik, home on Peace Valley Road; $685,000

Bear Creek Properties LP to Aaron Pinon, 3.445 acres on Brentwood Drive; $30,000


Theresa Mae and Brian Gudat to Zachary Armando and Lauren D. Kreidler, other residential structures on home on Union Street; $112,000

Wayne Township

Alan and Lois M. Miller to Paul D. and Laura M. Hostetler, 31.349 acres on Applegate Road; $120,000


Jeffrey D. and Michelle Meredith to Antonio Maurice Fultz Jr., home on Ninth Street; $31,600


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