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Butler Township

Kayla J. Post Raley to Gene and Gayle Nicotera, mobile home on state Route 62; $47,600

Center Township

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Henry R. Price Jr., home on state Route 164; $52,500


J&J Precision Investment and Property to Maci Real Estate Company LLC, light manufacturing facility on Heck Road; $500,000

Firestone Homestead LLC to Cardinal Lots LLC, land on Homestead; $60,000

DeWayne and Jodi Bontempt to Randal and Kimberly Guy, home on Terra Verde Avenue; $50,000

Craig, Kirk and Brette Susany to Edward McNee, home on Parkview Drive; $70,000

East Palestine

William E. Mitchell to Gail and Davis Russell Sr., home on Martin Street; $95,000

Nancy Scott to Terry K. and Granvil J. Houghton, home on Howell Road; $180,000

Stanley L. Kell III to Adam and Chelsea Kalamets, home on McClure Avenue; $130,000

East Liverpool

David and Jennifer Edgell to Jeffrey L. Edgell, home on Pennsylvania Avenue; $30,000

Larry and Betty Davis to Mindy A. Reynolds, home on Davis Street; $25,000

Saleem Butt to George Kanj and Jose E. Daniel, home on First Avenue; $40,000

Michael J. Zelenak to Rosa and Sharina Mitchell, home on Harvey Avenue; $53,000

Patrice and Charles Brown to Brian Decoy, home on Jefferson Street; $90,000

James and Monica Savage to Lisa and Roger Kight, commercial structure on Fifth Street; $78,000

Panther Enterprises Inc. to Farmers National Bank of Emlenton, home on Bank Street; $10,000

Donna C. Cain to Hayden Jackson, home on Minerva Street; $76,500

Elkrun Township

Rona Westover to Kathy and Nick Kowalsky, mobile home on Fairmont Road; $71,500

Rodney Sowards to Rodney Sowards and Carrol Nunemaker, 18 acres on Roller Coaster Road; $12,000

Fairfield Township

Susan E. Beiling to Stephen H. Cope, home on Lower Elkton Road; $106,000

Hanover Township

Deanna R. and Larry Stoffer to Alan and Kara Gordon, 27 acres on state Route 9; $262,000

Mary Lou and Anna J. Boley to Dale Nelson and Lindsey Weng, home on Camp Drive; $250,000

Knox Township

Shaver L. and Ronald D. Kehl Jr. to Dana and Eric Meek, home on Laura Avenue; $251,500

Joyce M. Whaley to Martin and Marian Novak, home on Twelfth Street Road; $82,500


Paula A. Bates to Megan E. Kozma, home on North Beaver Street; $57,000

Madison Township

James and Carolyn Thorne to William and Jean Garard, home and 13 acres on Forbes Road; $262,900

Joshua W. Barnard to Jaimi L. Ludy and Austin L. Wagens, 19.2 acres on state Route 7; $350,000

New Waterford

Brett and Sarah Blower to Land Shark Holdings LLC, home on State Street; $82,000

Victoria L. Holtom to Megan E. Wagner and Patrick A. Buckley, condominium unit on Pinewood Drive; $122,000

Crystal L. Murphy to Jonathan Sarkkinen, home on Taylor Street; $145,000

Perry Township

Ann Mika to Logan Wilms, home on East Eleventh Street; $169,000

Robert and Diane Raitz to Samantha and Evan Elrod, home on Brookview Drive; $199,900


Richard and Kenneth Juhin to Richard C. Juhin, home on Ridgewood Drive; $45,000

Joel E. Little II to Lisa and Sean Mark, home on Lincoln Avenue; $134,000

Christopher and Bethany Carr to David and Kelly Janofa, home on Kennedy Drive; $160,000

David and Nicole Talbert to Jeremy and Heather Hollingshead, home on Morgan Court; $255,000

Linda S. Norman and Ruth A. Hawkins to Linda S. Norman, home on Brooklyn Avenue; $51,500

Floyd Redmond and Jamie Vernacci to Michael Wasser and Dylan Dent, home on West Seventh Street; $175,900

Jaypril Lugue to Stephen A. Ward, home on West Pershing Street; $166,000


Dena and Edward A. Bolin Jr. to Joshua E. Dickson, home on Water Street; $27,900

St. Clair Township

Hill Property LLC to Robert Adams LLC, land on Coolidge Street; $9,000

Glenn and Joyce Mays to Aaron Gibson and Allison Barcus, home on Hickman Road; $435,000

Curtis B. William and Amy Wildamn to George T. Rodfong Jr., home on Eagle Drive; $210,000

Alisha T. Way to Jonathan T. Huddlestun, home on Bloomfield Avenue; $100,000

Washington Township

Joshua L. Wilson to Jillian L. Sink, home on state Route 39; $52,100

Unity Township

Robert E. Ramsayer Jr. to Benjamin and Cheyenne Kotas, 15.7 acres on Creek Road; $110,000

West Township

Shawn McConville to Blade Kemats, home on Lorey Road; $218,000

Yellow Creek Township

RDR Lippincott Land LLC to Guillermo T. and Erika McGrath, 21 acres on Bayard Road; $147,000

Karen S. Tinlin to Ryan and Crystal Casteel, 7.6 acres on Bayard Road; $80,000

Walter D. Prowe to Equity Trust Company Custodian, mobile home on Ridge Road; $114,000

Charlotte J. Boord to Ruth and Larry Mangus, home on Buffalo Road; $125,000

David P. Harper to Jeremy and Donnelle Becher, home and 11 acres on Stump Road; $350,000

John B. and Darla J. Henderson to Daniel and Christine Howell, home on Henry Avenue; $10,000


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