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Real Estate Market Updates from San Diego, Arizona, and Corona, CA

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The September 18 Real Estate Round Table show featured the following guests Dennis Matthis, Yvonne McFadden, and Jenny Gonzalez from San Diego, Arizona, and Corona, CA, respectively. The three are real estate professionals, experts, and VIP Agents with The Power Is Now. The Real Estate Round Table takes place every first and third Friday every month at 10.30 a.m. and features real estate professionals who are our VIP Agents. The show focuses on real estate market updates and the most recent trends.


Arizona is represented in The Power Is Now by Yvonne McFadden, who works with DeLex Realty. Yvonne mostly focuses on new homes. “With new homes, the buyers get exactly what they want,” she said.

According to Yvonne, the Arizona housing market is currently experiencing historically low inventory. “The new home builders are not sitting with a lot of inventory,” Yvonne says. “You will have a nine to 12 month wait.”

However, these new home communities in Arizona have a way of keeping you busy as you wait. “Several of these new home communities, especially the 55 plus, have beautiful homes for you to stay in for two to three days as you immerse yourself in the community to ensure that you want to be part of this spectacular communities we have here in Arizona.” Yvonne said.

Moreover, in the housing market for resale, supply is very low while demand is still high. “That’s why you should look at new builds.” Yvonne states. “Because you will have the opportunity to live a stress-free life.”

According to Yvonne, the minimal home price in Arizona is $280,000. “Realistically, you can purchase and move into a new home today for $340,000,” Yvonne stated. “That’s unheard of. And that’s a three bedroom, two bathroom.” The rents have also soared in Arizona. This makes Arizona a perfect place for investors. “It’s time to purchase and it’s a great time to be an investor here in Arizona,” Yvonne adds.

San Diego

San Diego was represented on the Real Estate Round Table by Denise Matthis, a broker with DEM Real Estate and Financial Services, and a VIP Agent with us.

The San Diego housing market is currently a hot market. According to Denise, the median home prices in San Diego was at $655,000 as of September 18. As of the same date, the San Diego housing had only 4,160 properties for sale, which is not a lot, according to Denise. The housing inventory in the San Diego market is very limited. According to Denise, the number of properties being made on a property is minimal between 10 and 15. “If it’s priced properly, you’re going to get multiple offers.”

Denise advises that before making an offer on a property as a buyer, it is crucial to get pre-approved. “The sellers now have the right to say they want to see your pre-approval before they even let you in their house,” she says.

Additionally, Denise stated that the power is now. “Now is the time for you to purchase. Rates are under 3%.” Denise says. “We don’t know how long that is going to happen. Take advantage of it.”

Corona, CA

Corona, CA, was represented by Jenny Gonzalez from Keller Williams Realty, Corona, and a VIP Agent with The Power Is Now.

According to Jenny, the right time to buy or sell a property is now. “I keep pressing on people, you’re going to have the equity now. We don’t know what is going to happen after the elections, or after the end of the year.” Jenny Says. “I’ve been telling people, do not wait until they tell you that you’re going to lose the home in a month.”

You can watch the whole show here. The Real Estate RoundTable takes place every first and third Friday live on Facebook, YouTube, and The Power Is Now online TV.

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