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Real estate market remains hot across the state –

WEST SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP)-Looking for a home continues to be very challenging, due to a tight supply and low interest rates.

So most homes are still selling for way above the asking the price.

“This market price, its kind of crazy, when you look back at 2018 and 2019, like now its going really high,” said Bahin Battarin, a Springfield prospective home buyer.

“We just have a continued small inventory with a high buying demand, a build-up of buyers looking for quality of homes,” said Julie Horrigan, Realtor for ReMax Professional Associates.

She hosted an open house Sunday at a West Springfield home that has been attracting a lot of interest.

Horrigan said, “We’ve definitely had a lot of traffic over the last week for showings. The open house is exciting there are a lot of people coming through.”

If you’re trying to buy a home, you’ll need to make a decision quickly on whether you want the home or not.

“Right now I’m seeing my buyers submit five offers before they have an accepted offer,” said Horrigan. “They need to be responsive and their agent needs to jump on those leads, so yeah it’s tough, its competitive.”

Even though it is a sellers market, Horrigan said its still worth putting offers in and going through the process. Work with a professional realtor you trust, and be comfortable with what you’re willing to put down. The Hampden County housing market continues to be a hot one, and its trending that way in most places across the state.



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