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Real Estate – July 14 – Greenfield Daily Reporter

The following real estate transfers were recorded recently in the Hancock County Recorder’s Office:

June 15

Casey and Christine Shull to Bryan and Kari Lynch, 3502 S. 300W, Sugar Creek Township, $549,000.

Stephen Pipes to Shukura and Bryanna Fentress, 6574 W. Deer Hill Drive, McCordsville, $359,000.

Michael and Tamara Hoagland to David Travis and Renee Evans, 2883 W. 100N, Buck Creek Township, $450,500.

Clayton Properties Group to Jennifer Pelston, 2386 Montezuma Express, Greenfield, $190,825.

CalAtlantic Homes of Indiana to Ryan and Danielle Marie Parker, 9663 Ridgecrest Lane, McCordsville, $402,665.

Fischer Homes Indianapolis to Gregory Walden, 5509 Wood Spring Lane, McCordsville, $286,241.

Lennar Homes Indiana to Lori Harbert, 4851 W. Safford Drive, New Palestine, $294,675.

Fischer Homes Indianapolis to Anthony and Chelsie Yarbrough, 8378 Tree Line Lane, McCordsville, $439,085.

Brian and Kari Lynch to Patrick and Debra Rosenberger, 1543 S. Fox Cove Blvd., Sugar Creek Township, $518,000.

June 16

Wayne Beck to Michael and Sierra Fishburn, 3021 Harmony Trail, Sugar Creek Township, $325,000.

Jeremy and Bridget Chrabascz to Austin Ray and Shaniece Mattie Brooks, 12449 Huntington Drive, Cumberland, Buck Creek Township, $257,000.

Trent Heller to Ashley Rae and Jonathan Scott Padgett, 404 Jefferson Blvd., Greenfield, $170,000.

Nikki Mattingly to Edna Cantrall, 1774 Stonewall Circle, Greenfield, $250,000.

David Nisbet to Stephen Bradley and Lisa Anne Wykoff, 1917 Founders Drive, Greenfield, $249,000.

Amy Halsall to Scott and Rebecca Stapleton, 247 Schoolhouse Drive, Greenfield, $210,000.

Davis Building Group to Austin and Hanna Cripps, 1883 S. Centennial Ave., Sugar Creek Township, $30,000.

Sunrise Lake LLC to Bridgenorth Homes LLC, 4531 W. Meadows Lane, New Palestine, $65,200.

Sunrise Lake LLC to Bridgenorth Homes LLC, 4600 W. Meadows Lane, New Palestine, $65,200.

Pyatt Builders LLC to Adam Nicholas and Jennifer Morris, 1411 Lexington Trail, Greenfield, $255,220.

CalAtlantic Homes of Indiana to Andrew and Cynthia Gehr, 5356 Cimmaron Ave., McCordsville, $386,875.

Lennar Homes of Indiana to Matthew and Adrienne Parrish, 4873 W. Burrel Lane, New Palestine, $364,580.

Matthew and Deborah Keele to Melvin Lee Schwering, 1395 N. 700W, Buck Creek Township, $92,000.

June 17

Billy and Angela Brummett to Armando and Brianna Hernandez Barron, 2054 E. Eden Road, Green Township, $150,000.

Susan and Vaughn Charles Ake to Robert and Tina Jackson, 10122 N. Balfer Drive West, Vernon Township, $140,000.

Angela and Monte Godbey to Clinton and Jamie Baber, 2214 W. State Road 234, Vernon Township, $269,500.

Dylan Metz to Evan Hupp, 601 S. Main St., Fortville, $190,000.

Shelley Johnstone to Dylan Metz, 522 S. Main St., Fortville, $310,000.

Jana Jo Quigley to Roxie Chambers, 503 W. Main St., Greenfield, $196,000.

Salesjungle LLC to Eric Reynolds, 624 S. State St., Greenfield, $118,000.

Michael Sutton to Halfway Serious Solo 401K, 122 N. Spring St., Greenfield, $45,000.

Elizabeth Curry to Eva Lavonne Long, 1212 Limestone Way, Fortville, $280,000.

Zachary Longwell to Joshua Kong, 6052 Woodbrush Way, McCordsville, $425,000.

Cartus Financial Corporation to Kiel Erwin, 671 Springdale Lane, Greenfield, $294,000.

Fischer Homes Indianapolis to Shane Purdy, 5531 Woodspring Lane, McCordsville, $265,030.

CalAtlantic Homes of Indiana to Jasvir and Amandeep Kaur Singh, 9672 Ridgecrest Lane, McCordsville, $381,875.

June 18

Bradley Sedinger to Travis and Savannah Evans, 12274 E. Harvest Glen Drive, Cumberland, Buck Creek Township, $210,000.

Alvin and Valerie Keystone Holmes to Steven and Amber Barton, 131 Creek View Court, Greenfield, $256,500.

Jason Gossman to AH4R Properties Two LLC, 1312 Mulberry Court, Greenfield, $220,000.

Eva Lavonne Hopkins to Town of Fortville, 624 E. Broadway St., Fortville, $261,750.

Eddie and Anthony Long to Town of Fortville, 612 E. Broadway St., Fortville, $18,250.

Kramer Legacy Trust to Donald Ray Perry, 1127 Distinctive Way, Greenfield, $255,000.

Hancock Land Company LLC to Eric and Christine Scripture, 3207 N. Overlook Pass, Sugar Creek Township, $85,000.

Joseph and Victoria Melek to Jacob and Rebekah Runion, 2444 S. Brandywine Court, Brandywine Township, $200,000.



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