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Real Estate Facts: Celebrating Homeownership Month at right time – Canton Repository

Stark Trumbull Area Realtors

Happy Juneteenth! Each year during the month of June, Stark Trumbull Area Realtors celebrates homeownership by showcasing individual homeowners, government officials, and various programs that protect and promote the American dream of homeownership.

Juneteenth occurring during the same time as Homeownership Month is a great time to think about African American citizens who dream of becoming a homeowner. Realtors take pride in helping all Americans reach their ultimate goal or owning property that could last for generations.

Homeownership Month was created both to encourage current and future homeowners to be advocates for homeownership and to ensure current and prospective homeowners have their voices heard at local, state, and national levels of government.

To many, the very nature of owning a home offers people a sense of pride and security. It’s also a testament to one’s hard work and sacrifices. As an organization, Stark Trumbull Area Realtors believes it is vital to take time out to observe and promote homeownership not only for the personal benefits it provides, but also because of its proven ability to strengthen all communities including African Americans, offer long-term, generational building opportunities, and for the institution’s ability to stabilize and solidify America’s broader economy.

To that point, real estate is an essential driver of our economic growth, accounting for more than 16% – or $3 trillion – of America’s Gross Domestic Product. In the United States, home sales support more than 2.5 million private-sector jobs in an average year. And over this past year, thanks in part to millions of dedicated Realtors and countless hardworking homebuyers, the real estate industry did its part to keep the country’s economy afloat during the pandemic.

A recent study from NAR – the Social Benefits of Homeownership and Stable Housing Report – shows that homeowners tend to be happier and healthier. On average, they vote more, volunteer more, and contribute more to their communities. And their children tend to perform better academically and socially, too.

As Homeownership Month continues, Stark Trumbull Area Realtors hopes to facilitate a conversation – engaging current and future homeowners – to highlight the importance and critical benefits of homeownership, especially for minority communities in America.

Rich Cosgrove is president of Stark Trumbull Area Realtors, which serves Stark, Carroll, and Trumbull counties. Visit for a complete listing of Realtors and affiliate members. Contact Cosgrove at with questions about this article.




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