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Real Estate – April 16 – Greenfield Daily Reporter

The following real estate transfers were recorded recently in the Hancock County Recorder’s Office:

March 25

NCR Inc. d/b/a Ryan Homes to Jeremy J. and Joyce Hebenstreit, 7253 W. Beyers Court, Sugar Creek Township, $391,290.

Jacob R. Mundy and Lindsay A. Morgeson to Junior W. Patrick, 8625 N. Emerald Blvd., McCordsville, 375,000.

James R. Matchett to Kelly J. Allen, 2032 Modesto Court, Greenfield, $210,000.

March 26

David L. Young to Dustin L. Anderson, 809 Meadows Lane, Greenfield, $114,000.

Paul Coulombe II and Alex Coloumbe to Jacob A. and Stacy L. Westmoreland, 4142 S. County Road 650W, Sugar Creek Township, $245,000.

Brian K. and Ja’Nene E. Gilliam to Daryll P. Baker and Catherine McNamee, 1418 Sherwood Drive, Greenfield, $479,900.

Heather and Alexander Bodo to Matthew C. Brown and Chelsea M. Platt, 859 S. Havens Drive, Sugar Creek Township, $225,000.

Alice J. Arnold to Cottonwood Partners LLC, 314 E. Michigan St., Fortville, $87,500.

Paul E. Niedenthall to Madison T. Jones, 534 E. County Road 600N, Green Township, $199,000.

Dennis A. and Linda L. Scott to Nancy Tracy, 1518 E. Greyhawk Way, Brandywine Township, $474,500.

March 29

Marc Noh to Joshua Kong, 9256 N. Bayland Drive, McCordsville, $300,000.

Justin R. Thomas to Ryan L. White, 1762 Country Lane Drive, Center Township, $245,000.

David C. and Hannah A. Lopez to Silverthorne Homes, South County Road 50W, Brandywine Township, $85,000.

John C. Marley to John T.L. Marley, 611 S. First St., Wilkinson, $80,000.

Francesca Mekos to Angelina Warren, 655 Indigo Court, Greenfield, $96,000.

Rachell J. Vaughan to Steven M. Collins and Virginia M. Jackson, 711 Streamside Drive, Greenfield, $169,500.

Indiana Becknell Investors 2011 LLC to 3052 N. Distribution Way LLC, 3052 N. Distribution Way, Buck Creek Township, $11,509,000.

March 30

TJ Black Investments LLC to Derek M. and Karly J. Adams, 430 N. East St., Greenfield, $155,000.

Tracie L. Meyer and Tyler T. Peper to Pamela J. and Dale A. Wagner, 3846 S. Redbird Trail, New Palestine, $280,000.

Jerry and Debi Spurling to Avery R. Spurling, 4384 Morristown Pike, Blue River Township, $150,000.

Rodney D. and Cynthia M. Sanford Joint Revocable Trust to Lawrence P. and Sharon K. McFarland, 1190 Extraordinary Trail, Greenfield, $290,000.

Jamal N. and Lauren E. Lawrence to Ryan and Jody Thompson, 4316 W. Havens Drive, Sugar Creek Township, $291,250.

Dayton Family Trust to Kyle A. and Mandi N. Spurling, E. County Road 1000N, Green Township, $30,000.

Barry Armstrong to HO Fortune LLC, 233 Sweetheart Court, Greenfield, $151,300.

March 31

Forza Development LLC to Dan Justus, 402 E. Pearl St., Fortville, $135,000.

Tamara Frey to Koby G. Wills, 3851 S. County Road 450W, Sugar Creek Township, $140,000.

Harold Seidel to Five Stream Ventures LLC 507–509 S. Pennsylvania St., Greenfield, $83,000.

Brad McClarnon to Michael A. and Breanika D. Donofrio, 1242 W. McKenzie Road, Center Township, $265,000.



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