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Raleigh-based real estate firm partnering with tech platform to create online, real-time sales – WRAL News

— Potential homebuyers in the Triangle’s hot housing market may be up against some new competition. Raleigh-based real estate agency Carolina Dash is partnering with a company to allow bidding wars online.

Writing a traditional offer you never know if you’re going to win or not, but this new online platform will allow users to bid online and see if they’re winning or losing in real-time.

Searching for the perfect home can be a long and frustrating journey, Jerome Huddleston sees it over and over again with his clients.

“It’s taking a lot of tries,” said Huddleston.

He walked WRAL News through a new way to purchase homes. A platform called Doorsey.

For buyers, you know the offer details upfront. You know what the sellers asking,” said Huddleston. “You can see bids up there. The buyers.”

Users register for bidding by submitting a pre-approval letter or proof of funds. The bidding window opens for three to five hours.

Once the highest bid is placed, their info is given to the listing agent.

The agent and the highest bidder will write an offer and submit it to the listing agent to be signed.

Ceo and co-founder of Doorsey, Jordan Allen, said he wanted to remove the guesswork for other buyers after becoming frustrated with the traditional homebuying process.

“Buyers compete in real-time, they get to see exactly what it takes to win,” said Allen.

Huddleston sees this as a transparent way to buy and sell homes.

“It puts a lot of people on an equal playing field,” said Huddleston.



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