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As the blazing summertime air is swept away by the autumn gust, the real estate industry slips into the exciting conference season. The Asian Real Estate Association of America (AREAA) is having their conference in San Francisco from October 22nd-24th with the theme “Gateway to Our Future” to reflect on how far Asian Americans have come in this country. The AREAA conference will also be highlighting the issues that Asian Americans run into in real estate. The National Hispanic Real Estate Professionals (NAHREP) had a spectacular conference that took Chicago by storm in September, spreading the Latin flair of this organization throughout the United States.

The National Association of Real Estate Brokers (NAREB) with the newly inaugurated leader, President Ron Cooper, is currently going through changes to move toward the goal of promoting homeownership in the African American community. I had the pleasure to sit down with Donnell Spivey, the Immediate Past President of NAREB, to get his take on how his term in office went, what he changed within NAREB, and the effect that he had on the real estate industry.

Andrea Cooksey, the Chairwoman of NAREB, was also a pleasure to speak with about her experiences in NAREB. She reveals her own personal growth to be where she is today as well as her plan for shaping NAREB and the community through her position as Chairwoman.

In the past few weeks, elections from President Ron Cooper to AREAA’s new Vice Chair Vicky Silvano, and NAREB’s Robert Hughes as the new Chair have taken place. Their strategies, their policies, and their undertakings will affect these organizations for years to come as these individuals shape real estate in the United States. The Power Is Now looks forward to watching these leaders shape their respective organizations for the better.
The Federal Reserve met for an important meeting in September where the Board of Governors reached the decision to delay raising interest rates. Borrows and real estate agents alike can breathe a sigh of relief. With interest rates remaining stagnant, clients will be able to increase their budget for their dream home and allow less affluent Americans to reach the American Dream. This is a great sign for the real estate market as it continues to recover in the fourth quarter from the 2008 crash.

In the world of politics, Donald Trump reigns over the media. As his popularity increases within the Republican party, many wonder if this is the man that will lead the U.S. and the real estate industry to success. Donald Trump has been viciously compared to the other republican candidates in the running; however, one wonders how former, extremely popular President Ronald Regan would react to Trump. Worries about the Trump’s character and professionalism aside, he is a business man. Whether or not this bodes well for real estate is yet to be seen.

Technology, as always, is developing throughout the nation, affecting various aspects of buying, selling, and owning a home in positive ways. However, you should be wary at how far that technology encroaches on your home as the Astroturf fad permeates California. Making small decisions like a traditional lawn versus a plastic one could change how the public sees your home for the better or worse. Making key decisions from your lawn to your business can change your life. As 2016 approaches you must be cognizant of your business decisions. Are you getting all that you possibly can out of your business? Planning for the incoming year will serve you well in making changes that could change the way you do business. The Power Is Now Inc. is ready to help you along the way, whether that is through The Power Is Now Magazine or Radio. The Power Is Now Online Resource is always available.

This issue of The Power Is Now also features various articles about planning for homeownership and how to get yourself there financially. Applying for a home loan can be frightening, but we will get you through this to purchase your dream home.
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