Esteemed Readers:

As we leave Black History Month in February, it is vital to remember that February cannot be the only time of the year that we study the history and the current plight of African Americans. The journey from oppression to segregation to inclusion is just one journey. It is time to open up equality to all through equal financial opportunities.

This issue of Orange County Realtist includes articles that enhance your understanding of the current status of African Americans in this country. Some problems have not gone away in the past fifty years, and other issues transformed. We must unite with NAREB, CAREB, and all of the organizations around the country to fight for a better tomorrow.

Also in this issue, Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez is featured. She is a powerful, influential woman that has taken Orange County and the nation itself by storm. Read her article to hear about her latest breakthrough in HUD legislation and how it will help minorities across the country in bringing the homeownership rate up in the U.S.

This issue of Orange County Realtist focuses on various problems in the African American community. There are two courses of action with these problems. We can take them and ignore them, allowing them to fester and worse, or we can speak out. When we speak out individually and as a community, we regain power. Together we can unify our voices to raise issues in this nation and encourage understanding.

This March one should keep in mind the need to be a part of one’s community with your voice. Be active in politics and vote, vote, vote. This is not only for the presidential election coming in November. Be knowledgeable citizens and vote for local legislature. Vote for judges. Vote for your school board members. Only you can enact change in the way that you want and need it done, so get out and do it! Take an interest and fight for what you believe in. The power is now!

Eric Lawrence Frazier, MBA