Welcome to the New Year!

2016 is finally upon us as the holiday season fades away. Looking into the New Year we see politics heating up as Trump remains the frontrunner for the Republican candidate and Bernie Sanders climbs the ladder with Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nominee. In the real estate world, homeownership is unfortunately low once again for African Americans in particular, though non-profits like NAREB and CAREB are bolstering programs to relieve economic despair from African Americans.

Technology continues to impress the public as panoramic videos move into the forefront of virtual open houses, changing the way that real estate professionals, buyers, and sellers look at marketing and selling a home. Green technology is also on the rise as green homes gain popularity. Shrinking the utility bill every month while keeping the environment healthier has never been easier!

Within this issue of the magazine is also real estate focuses from across the Orange County area. The best kept secret of Orange County, Dana Point, is featured. This is a fantastic place to “make it” in Orange County. Find out why within our pages.

As 2015 comes to a close, I cannot help but be grateful for the connections I have made with NAREB and CAREB. Amazing men and women grow and mature these non-profits and look to bring a better future to African Americans in this nation, which is no small feat. Together we will bring a brighter future for homeownership for minorities while interest rates are low and the time is right to buy. I look forward to working with CAREB and NAREB in this exciting new year to inspire change and bolster African American real estate. Even though the future may sometimes look bleak for African American homeownership, I am confident that we will not let the American Dream die.

Let’s get to work in 2016.

Eric Lawrence Frazier, MBA