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Northern area real estate transactions for the week of Sept. 12, 2021 – TribLIVE


Frederick Teckmeyer sold property at 608 Forest Ave. to Marlex Properties LLC for $49,818.

Jeremy Schliecker sold property at 660 Forest Ave. to Streamlined One LLC for $85,000.

Douglas Sheerer sold property at 4437 Ohio River Blvd. to 4449 ORB LLC for $180,000.

Cameron Hunter Pitaro sold property at 4480 Ohio River Blvd. to 4500 ORB LLC for $75,000.

Ryan Klein sold property at 659 Tingley Ave. to Kristin Tedesco for $152,500.


Agnes Ann Grogg sold property at 34 High St. to Brian Campbell for $67,000.

Franklin Park

William McSwiggan sold property at 2529 Country Side Lane to John Astfalk III and Danielle Astfalk for $422,000.

Matthew Morrell sold property at 1600 Doral Court to Alessio and Elizabeth Deiuliis for $607,000.

Ronald Mehok sold property at 2450 Nicholson Road to Deerfield Estates FP Development LLC for $2,050,000.

Vineeth Gajula sold property at 2724 Pittsburgh Court to Pradeep Kumar Sujuar Arjunan and Dhivya Pradeep for $522,500.

Estate of Robert Micholas sold property at 2653 Timberglen Drive to Bradley and Cassandra Lalli for $507,500.

John Schindler sold property at 1820 Willow Oak Drive to Andrew Scott Regula and Kelly Mazur for $675,000.


Lamont Singleton sold property at 2936 E Hardies Road to Larisa Diaz Beristain for $275,000.

Barbara Trappen sold property at 3117 Meadow Brook Court to Zhongju Li and Yue Zhao for $189,900.

Carmin Leone sold property at 4661 Middle Road to Brian Keith Barcus Jr. and Kimberly Catherine Barcus for $346,900.

Allison Plutt sold property at 4290-4292 Sample Court to Sample Ct Holdings LLC for $230,000.

US Bank National Association ND sold property at 5032 Sunnyslope Drive to Douglas and Angela Whitney for $260,000.


Spang Road Development LLC sold property at 3018 Allman Place to Sean and Dianna Volk for $1,250,000.

Anthony Grese sold property at 201 Faulk Drive to Balakrishnan and Sowmya Bharath for $260,000.

Benjamin Marcus Homes LLC sold property at 1011 Goldeneye Drive to Syed Ahmed and Sidra Matin for $1,028,906.

Jeffrey Wappler sold property at 980 Markman Park Road to Markman Development LLC for $500,000.

Estate of Linda Wagerer sold property at 375 Northgate Drive to DRJEB LLC for $1,305,000.

Matthew Spaeth sold property at 177 Seneca Place to John and Elise Boyas for $572,000.

Tariq Cheema sold property at 129 Shenot Road to Noor Mirza for $324,000.

Ronald Allnock sold property at 525 Tuscarora Road to William Swiontek and Jiyun Kim for $415,000.

Cartus Financial Corp. sold property at 201 Venango Trail to Brandon and Sinika Calloway for $565,000.


Dennis Juran sold property at 961 Broad Meadow Drive to Michael Welsh III and Lisa Welsh for $425,961.

Randall Pecanis sold property at 8784 Casa Grande Drive to Lesly Moran for $350,000.

Douglas Turk sold property at 458 Emerald Drive to Nicholas Hills and Kaylee Boot for $370,000.

Richard Kwiatkowski sold property at 924 Fairfield Road to Michael Feinstein for $340,000.

Schramm Carpentry Inc. sold property at 9700 Grosick Road to Bradley and Barbara Cook for $134,900.

Alan Blanarik sold property at 8819 Maple St. to Tyler McCardell and Megan Bleacher for $217,000.

Edward McCarthy sold property at 9370 McKnight Road Ste 405 to Northland Properties for $106,000.

Hoa Ngo sold property at 8061 Peebles Road to Nicholas Sheriff for $150,000.

Pete Servagno sold property at 9150 Plateau Drive to Jie Peng Lu for $190,000.

Todd Schnorr sold property at 553 Sloop Road, Apt 30, to Margaret Osche for $113,000.


Ross Thompson sold property at 705 Evergreen Ave. to Jesse Goldstein and Kimberly Kurek for $129,000.

Eric Wildman sold property at 855 Reserve St. to Dominique Carino and Kyle Rawlinson for $289,000.


Charles Lenzner sold property at 625 Duff Road to Samuel and Kristian Paladin for $170,000.

NVR Inc. sold property at 109 Melinda Court to Amy Solomon for $370,930.

NVR Inc. sold property at 113 Melinda Court to Joseph Anthony and Roxanne Morell for $352,920.

John Littell sold property at 126 Ritter Road to John Littell and Kathie Plakan for $42,693.


Riviera Land Partners L.P. sold property at 119 Birch Drive to Andrew and Shannon Rossi for $171,700.

Jerome Tullius sold property at 230 Brown Road to Kevin and Marie Anne Sommers for $425,000.

Villas of English Farms L.P. sold property on Cambridge Court to NVR Inc. for $154,900.

NVR Inc. sold property at 506 Cambridge Court to James Guffey Jr. and Carrie Guffey for $893,398.

Sunil Lahoti sold property at 231 Eddie Lewis Drive to Adam and Megan Marshall for $715,000.

Brian Ludwick sold property at 218 Murrin Court to Patrick Allvin and Marie Klingberg Allvin for $1,075,000.

Kevin Haser sold property at 225 Murrin Court to Frank Johannes and Anne Christine Plate for $1,350,000.

NVR Inc. sold property at 3018 Spruce Road to Mahesh Kumar Janjanam and Lakshmi Gunti for $478,201.

NVR Inc. sold property at 3020 Spruce Road to Heather Goltz for $505,016.

NVR Inc. sold property at 3044 Spruce Road to Kimberly Suddeth for $626,325.

NVR Inc. sold property at 4306 Spruce Road to Jason and Heather Smith for $323,220.

Richard Berning sold property at 626 Tullamore Trail to Ian and Samantha Eicholtz for $840,000.


Norman Bernardi sold property on Maplewood Drive to Dragonhorse Wealth LLC for $16,500.

Keerthana Yathindra Kumar sold property at 3077 Mt. Troy Road to Austin Campbell for $265,000.


James Brooks sold property at 3886 Anderson Road to Stacy Toy for $450,000.

112 Northtowne Square LLC sold property at 112 Northtowne Square to 112 Northtowne Square LLC for $1,300,000.

James Guffey Jr. sold property at 718 Packsaddle Trail to Ravikanth Gadicherla and Smitha Mannaguda Chandrahas for $535,000.


Tina Ilgenfritz sold property at 124 Fourth Ave. to Janet Revoyr for $234,401.

Joseph Morgano Jr. sold property at 102 Atlantic Ave. to Elizabeth Braunlich for $183,000.

Mary Elizabeth Stevens sold property at 301 Bascom Ave. to Melissa Lewandowski for $100,000.

Michael Turecki sold property on Beaconview Road to James Weideman Jr. and Jeanne Weideman for $6,000.

Michael Turecki sold property at 149 Beaconview Road to Seung Jeong and Pnina Dean for $400,000.

Joshua Trocchio sold property at 145 Buehner Drive to Arthur Xin and Luoshu Wang for $215,000.

Keith Watenpool sold property at 111 Charterwood Drive to Jun Jang Jeng and Shuefung Wang for $353,000.

Estate of Rose Gizzo sold property at 165 Connie Drive to Bree Wright for $175,000.

Estate of Alvin Dawson Jr. sold property at 183 Dombey Drive to Erin Small and Shane Whitman for $332,000.

Midfirst Bank sold property at 4461 Lucerne Ave. to GO America LLC for $51,479.


Estate of Reid Derunk Jr. sold property at 1414 Balsam Drive to Patrick Michael Kelly and Katelyn Marie Oeler for $260,000.

Thomas Lutz sold property at 3105 Countryside Drive to Kyle Cameron for $278,000.

Daniel Greene sold property at 503 Davis Ave. to Brittany Platt for $94,121.

Michael Hilliard sold property at 1521 Fernledge Drive to Matthew James Kloos and Cassandra Heasley for $290,000.

Vincent Meng sold property at 720 Little Pine Creek Road to Jessica Amber Viney for $275,000.

Marco Bininger Bonati sold property at 232 Lucille St. to Kelli Bradford for $359,785.

Michael Shurina sold property at 418 S Highlander Heights Drive to Jared Mark and Tabitha Michelle Weed for $365,000.

West View

Franklin Home Design LLC sold property at 30 Amherst Ave. to Raphael Yingling Jr. and Virginia Yingling for $345,000.

Adam Kampmeyer sold property at 159 Lakewood Ave. to Anthony and Samantha Verduce for $255,000.

Jerzy Gorka sold property at 30 N Park Road to Kelly Popielarski for $197,000.

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