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NFTs Enter Luxury Real Estate Market With Paul Rudolph Home – Philadelphia Style Magazine

Paul Randolph 862 Fenimore NFT

By now, you’e surely heard of NFTs. Interest in the NFT market has exploded, and there’s a lot of talk about how the blockchain technology is revolutionizing the art world. Today, architectural works have officially become a part of the movement as a true-to-life luxury home is stamped with a unique string of code and stored on a virtual ledger. Unlike a lot of NFTs, buying this digital property comes with a real-life deed.

The residential wonder was designed by the iconic American architect Paul Rudolph. The rare landmark building, known as 862 Fenimore and listed on, is located in Larchmont, New York.

The unique art collectible is praised by the Paul Rudolph Heritage Foundation and the Paul Rudolph Foundation as an architectural masterpiece diligently restored to 21st-century-living standards while honoring the spirit of the architect’s work.

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Also referred to as the Edersheim Residence, the 9,000-square-feet luxury home sits on 2.49 acres of land. The modern sanctuary boasts three separate living spaces, a gorgeous landscaped exterior, as well as new amenities and systems for future owners to relax and enjoy their time.

Built to LEED Silver Standards, the home was designed to minimize its carbon footprint and function in harmony with nature. Solar panels harvest the sun, geothermal energy offer sustainable heat, and eco-foamed walls and energy-efficient windows complete the truly “zero” energy space.

862 Fenimore is represented by Houlihan Lawrence and has been listed on OpenSea since April 8, 2021. The minimum bid price is 1 Ether (about $2,000) with a 2 percent bounty and a hidden reserve price, according to the listing. After accepting the bid, the buyer’s attorney will establish contact with the seller’s attorney to complete the real estate transfer process.

This isn’t the only home being sold on the crypto market. Real estate broker Shane Dulgeroff is currently selling a 4-bedroom, 2-bathroom house in Thousand Oaks, Ca., also via OpenSea. Bidding is underway and is scheduled to close April 23 at 3 pm PT. The NFT titled “Flying in Colors” pairs the real-life deed with a psychedelic art loop. Could this be the true future of real estate?

Take a virtual tour of the stunning Rudolph property below, and learn more via

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