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MetroWest real estate transfers for Dec. 23 include 3 EMC Corp. parcels in Hopkinton – MetroWest Daily News

Recent real estate transfers dated 12/23/21 from The Warren Group include three Hopkinton parcels owned by EMC Corp. that were transferred to G&I XGP4 52 South LLC. Each is listed for $20,460,000.

The top residential transfer of the week is a Weston home at 83 Newton St. that sold for $4,400,000. The buyer is listed as NT Svcs LLC Tr and the seller was Integrated Re Dev LLC.

In Framingham, transfers this week included #2, #8 and #10 Franklin St.. In all three cases, the seller was Old Colony Hotel Inc. and the buyer was Franklin Buildings LLC.  Each property is listed by the Warren Group as selling for $190,000.

Below is the Warren Group’s list of real estate transfers dated Dec. 23, 2021.


$1,391,245, 1 Bumble Bee Way #1, Seal Harbor LLC to Fishman FT.

$1,368,000, 3-B Lincoln Dr, Dong, Xiao to Gunapu, Premlata.

$1,350,000, 7 Bumble Bee Way #4, Seal Harbor LLC to Hofmann, Robert M.

$1,325,000, 440 Central St, Asija, Sandeep to Hoerle, William S.

$1,300,000, 12 Wampanoag Dr, Gilligan, Patrick F to Rajamani, Ramkumar.

$1,210,000, 109 Canterbury Hill Rd, Kraus, Gerolf to Singh, Maneesha.

$910,000, 9 Carlton Dr, Lewis, Lorraine R to Adalsteinsson, Viktor.

$735,000, 9 Oneida Rd, Dow, Kenneth W to Anantharamaiah, Nagendra.

$290,000, 242 Central St #242, Gallant, Raymond D to Forward Jr, Mark A.

$190,000, 9 Davis Rd #B11, Lakhani, Sunil to Azure Assets LLC.


$600,000, 18 Rodman Rd, Jain, Nitya to Dias-Belicio, Eduardo.

$350,000, 8 Indian Spring Rd, Bailey, Jason R to Gjanci, Anila.

$326,000, 8 Charles St, Barbeiri, Richard P to JBJS Charles LLC.


$2,050,000, 1319 Monument St, Humphreys FT to Kennedy, Michael.

$1,680,000, 526 Cambridge Tpke, Rutstein, Charles B to Ellicott, Annmarie.

$913,000, 17 Isaac Davis Rd, Oneill, Sean B to 17 Isaac Davis Road RT.


$3,100,000, 144 Farm St, 144 Farm Street LLC to Chirathivat, Napim.

$1,600,000, 2 Hunt Dr, Nancy E Clancy T to Sergaeva, Alena.

$1,425,000, 19 Sterling Dr, Besse, Marcel G to Behrens, Jeffrey S.

$1,201,000, 50 Glen St, Leary, Kevin to Griffin, Alexandra C.


$16,000,000, 84 Worcester Rd, 84 Worcester Road LLC to 84 WR LLC.

$4,000,000, 70 Worcester Rd, Greenwood Dev Corp to 84 WR LLC.

$1,900,000, 8 Franklin St, Old Colony Hotel Inc to Franklin Buildings LLC.

$1,900,000, 10 Franklin St, Old Colony Hotel Inc to Franklin Buildings LLC.

$1,900,000, 2 Franklin St, Old Colony Hotel Inc to Franklin Buildings LLC.

$950,000, 10 Major Hale Dr, Harris, Tammy C to Blumberg, Nathaniel F.

$805,000, 20 Indian Head Rd, Fissler, Patrick T to Falconi, Jaymie A.

$758,291, 3 Eagle Ln #101, Millwood Residential LLC to Gupta, Krishan K.

$740,000, 37 Emily Rd, Huo, Yuda to Balachandran, A.

$740,000, 24 Bosworth Rd, Hammel, Vicki to Berreondo, Edder.

$700,000, 25 Summer Ln, Franceskin, Karen F to Wischhusen, Jonathan W.

$700,000, 64 Oxbow Rd #64, Shames, Madeline R to Chapko, Arkadiy.

$680,000, 9 Robert Rd, Wong, Wuck F to Zeng, Yuze.

$620,000, 21 Woodleigh Rd, Joubert, Marc R to Nunez-Mena, Abena A.

$595,000, 43 Maple St, Kersey, Gary L to Ewing, Therese A.

$590,000, 25 Purchase St, Arnolda, Nilmini M to Namujuzi, Mary.

$570,000, 53 Little Farms Rd, Alves, Geovani R to Wu, Haichen.

$549,000, 11 Eleanor Rd, JB Piacentini IRT to Marash, Rita.

$536,000, 13-15 Melrose St #13, Dodd&Recine Dev LLC to Holloway, Daron.

$500,000, 28 Wilde Ave #A, Faini, Eugene to Ramos, Giovane.

$465,000, 9 Currier Dr, Kennedy James F Est to JP Dev Properties LLC.

$440,000, 1055 Waverley St, Padilla, Vicente to Ambigapathy, Uththami.

$425,000, 630 Pleasant St, 630 Pleasant Street NT to Ortins Cap Partners Grp.

$420,000, 11 Anderson Rd, Thompson, Victoria L to Bernardo, Amanda E.

$395,000, 114 Brook St, Gringorten, Sheldon P to Orellana-Ortiz, Marvin E.

$369,000, 1500 Worcester Rd #115, Krafian, Araxi to Allen, Jillian.

$349,900, 1907 Windsor Dr #1907, Elan, Alissa A to Ziogas, Demetrios.

$217,500, 1186 Worcester Rd #810, Doering, Daniel M to Vyas, Varun.

$215,000, 27 Gordon St #201, Weaver, Jonathan M to Quan-Jiang, Zhao.


$630,000, 125 Marilyn St, Pensack, Michael T to Witkowski, Jesse.

$552,900, 258 Hanlon Rd, Sullivan LT to Lesbirel, Nicholas A.

$442,500, 58 Front St, Stiffler, Terri to Bregnard, Richard.

$420,000, 48 Chamberlain St, Calitri Varrichione LT to Manos, Ethan R.


$20,460,000, 52 South St, EMC Corp to G&I XGP4 52 South LLC.

$20,460,000, 55 South St, EMC Corp to G&I XGP4 52 South LLC.

$20,460,000, Hayward St, EMC Corp to G&I XGP4 52 South LLC.

$3,110,800, Granite St, Milford Water Co to Milford Town Of.

$3,110,800, Echo Lk, Milford Water Co to Milford Town Of.

$1,450,000, 1 Holt St, Macdonald, Bruce J to Kelly, Cecilia.

$1,280,497, 13 Jamie Ln, Hilger, Stuart J to Ballas, David.

$1,051,000, 13 Falcon Ridge Dr, Marr, Donna M to Patel, Kunjal J.

$1,000,000, 59 Fruit St, Marolda, Anthony M to Keller 2nd, Preston C.

$905,000, 128 Lumber St, Ma, Di to Waduge, Thushantha H.

$900,382, 44 Aspen Way #44, Pulte Hm Of New Eng LLC to Gurrala, Purushotham R.

$900,200, 46 Aspen Way #46, Pulte Hm Of New Eng LLC to Yerrapothu, Siva N.

$900,000, Hayden Rowe St, Robert F Connelly RET to Ravenwood LLC.

$824,995, 75 Spruce St #75, Pulte Hm Of New Eng LLC to Kotamarthi, Alekhya.

$817,250, 73 Spruce St #73, Pulte Hm Of New Eng LLC to Narkhede, Satish A.

$665,000, 13 Crispwater Way #13, Waduge, Pradeep to Sharma, Pranav.

$629,000, 10 Birkdale Ln #10, Trails LLC to Masse, Diana C.

$629,000, 12 Birkdale Ln #12, Trails LLC to B S&M E Linder LT.


$1,635,000, 1 Technology Dr, Bada Hudson LLC to Antonios Revis LT.

$805,700, 9 Forbes Rd, Reid 3rd, Thomas W to Hollingsworth Jr, Willie.

$730,000, 26 Warner St, 26-28 Warner Street RT to 26-28 Warner St Rlty LLC.

$690,000, 71 Laurel Dr, Turner, Stephen M to Forti, Stephen J.

$540,000, 25 Cottage St, Mckew, Rose M to Lapointe, Andrew.

$365,000, 11 Temple Ave, Lawton Frances V Est to Nilsson, Carl.

$305,000, 47 River St, Byrne, Robert M to Lynde, Rachel.


$930,000, 26 Graham Path, Campbell, Craig K to Infante, Gustavo J.

$805,000, 256 Stearns Rd, Margolis, Kelly Q to Chiavoli, Laura M.

$785,000, 72 Reynolds Ct, Peace, Linda M to Phillipo, Farrah M.

$769,000, 175 Blanchette Dr, Lofrumento, Paul A to Peterson, Andrew.

$655,000, 78 Roosevelt St #B, Kco RT to Motz, Keighly.

$625,000, 11 Martin St, Lucille M Cote IRT to On French Hill LLC.

$600,000, 9 Wilshire Way #9, Mula, Sebastian to Verma, Atul.

$510,000, 35 Padula Dr, John F Mazza RET to Petrie, Gary.

$480,000, 11 Lambert Cir, Cummings, Richard to Park, Myoung.

$425,000, 52 Denoncourt St, Szyszkiewicz, Therese A to Colon, Ivan R.

$399,999, 324 Mechanic St, JMF RT to Reid, Dayshel M.

$390,000, 15 Greenwood St, Camacho, Ivelisse to Ramirez, Brian.

$365,000, 95 Prospect St, Taylor, Christopher A to Coffin, David.

$270,500, 10 Belleview Ave, US Bank NA Tr to Dias-Silva, Augusto.

$164,000, 616 Boston Post Rd E #20, Stpierre, Terrence W to Boaventura, Gilmar M.

$102,500, Phelps St #29, Cain, James J to Phelps Street LLC.


$814,013, 2 Wisteria Ln #1, Old Bay Road LLC to Mahmud, Burhan.

$590,000, 21 Randall Rd, Bowen, Nancy to Plassman, Spencer T.

$550,000, 17 Nason St, Middlesex SB to Nason Street NT.

$500,000, 16 Waltham St, FJM T to LPS Realty Associates LLC.

$370,000, 36 Douglas Ave #36, Centofanti, Jeffrey to Jurss, Keith W.

$317,000, 8 Dewey St, Isgur, Susan E to Molina Realty LLC.


$16,000,000, 84-86 Worcester Rd, 84 Worcester Road LLC to 84 WR LLC.

$1,554,000, 26 Pinehurst Ave, Sander Properties LLC to Sun, Tao.

$1,512,500, 34 Pond St, Girardin, Denise to Jones, Henry D.

$1,350,000, 43 Fiske St, 3 Western Ave LLC to Brown, Erica P.

$1,075,000, 3 Pineridge Rd, Patience, Benjamin to Purtell, Hilary.

$960,000, 1 Randall Ct #A, Randall LLC to Hao, Han.

$868,000, 40 Nouvelle Way #T631, Lisa P Cole RET to Tescione, Lia D.

$685,000, 19 Forest Ave, Bensley, John E to Distefano, Peter.

$660,000, 10 Hemlock Dr, Whitston, David M to Sun, Yingrui.

$625,000, 7 Morgan Dr #101, Harding, Sandra to North, Patricia.

$590,000, 6 Brookdale Rd, Slovin RT to Mucciarone, Ashley F.

$575,000, 251 Bacon St, Mcgarry FT to CGP2 RT.

$481,500, 66 Fairway Cir #66, Jaczko Robert J Sr Est to Higher Elevations LLC.

$375,000, 6 Ash St, Johnanna R Leger IRT to Royal Ests Prop Mgmt 2K20.

$365,400, 10 Sunshine Ave, US Bank NA Tr to 10 Sunshine Ave LLC.

$170,764, 40 Nouvelle Way #N946, Kelly, Lauren to Awuku, Lady.

$20,000, 24-1/2 Lookout Ave, R V Ordway T 2009 to Larose, Maxime.


$2,150,000, 107 Otis St, Adam Allison LLC to 2 Miraan LLC.

$580,000, 95 Washburn St, Costa, Joshua J to Jolin, Michael.

$550,000, 109 Main St, Manor, Thomas J to 25 Balcom Rd LLC.

$475,000, 106 W Main St, Spivak, Yelena to Manor, Thomas.

$470,000, 10 Birch Hill Rd, Cook, Bradley P to Li, Jianhua.

$450,000, 107 Main St, Manor, Thomas J to 25 Balcom Rd LLC.

$375,000, 61 Meadow Rd, Ennis, Mary J to Tulchinskiy, Anatoly.

$310,000, 7 Allison Rd #7, Brodeur, Pauline M to Hoover, Kathleen.


$933,000, 10 Millstone Dr #10, Whitney Farm LLC to Wu, Lin.


$687,000, 6 Cardinal Cir, Jain, Neeraj to Pilli, Surya.

$670,000, 130 Gulf St, Cescent Builders Inc to MSI T.

$650,000, 674 Main St, Swanson, Edward B to Peris, Mark J.

$650,000, 22 Francis Ave, Marcello, Thomas M to Delacruz-Martinez, Marco.

$650,000, 670 Main St, Swanson, Edward B to Peris, Mark J.

$615,000, 16 Laurel Ave, MJ Properties LLC to Duplessis, Cassi A.

$481,700, 5 Payton Pl #5P, Shrewsbury Partners LLC to Moriarty, Henry M.

$465,000, 7 Cedar Rd, Magalhaes-Desouza, Renato to Jayakumar, Shanmugasundar.

$435,000, 35 Spruce St, Toon, Marlon to Dirico, Joseph T.

$420,000, 237 South St #23, Chowdari-Koneru, Rupesh to Goluguri, Venkata B.

$420,000, 237 South St #38, Skiesto, Karen V to Mandadapu, Rambabu.

$325,000, 3 Brookway Dr, Gonzalez, Philip to Panarelli Jr, Frank J.

$315,000, 96 Worthington Ave, Nardella, Donna M to Mathur, Rajate K.


$1,250,000, 9 Foxhill Dr, Klein, David S to Yurevich-Kobakov, Mikhail.

$1,250,000, 7 Nichols St, Lindgren, Michael T to Gjoka, Xhorxhi.

$990,000, 60 Oak Hill Rd, Bartolini, Paul A to Boudreau, Perry M.


$585,000, 29 Orchard Dr #29, Flynn, Dennis J to Eric&Lois Karlin IRT.

$475,000, 342 Great Rd, Maillet, Kevin J to Fissler, Patrick.


$1,400,000, 5 Baldwin Dr, Neeser, Joyce C to Parthasarathy, Srinivas.

$1,350,000, 1 Washington Dr, Lewis FT to Siciliano, Mikala.

$1,250,000, 157 Maynard Farm Rd, Zhou, Baosen to Jalal, Abuishaque M.

$1,190,000, 955 Concord Rd, Lutomski, Wayne to Jos, Frederic.

$655,000, 32 Landham Rd, Roberts, Hefin to EK Real Estate Fund I LLC.


$1,000,000, 233 Boston Post Rd, Carapezza, Leonard J to Lit Hubs LLC.

$975,000, 51 Knollwood Ln, Jan H Dunn T to Rotenberg, Roy J.

$765,000, 41 Bent Ave, Kiefer, Thomas N to Whitston, David M.

$686,000, 10 Pickwick Way #10, Robertson, John to SRT Pickwick LLC.

$660,000, 53 Lake Rd, Green, Benjamin M to Fucigna, James R.

$630,000, 30 Snake Brook Rd, Hochberger, Benjamin to Whitehouse, Lauren P.

$490,000, 9 Eden Rd, Oconnor, Paul H to Malagna RT.

$50,000, 19 Wadsworth Ln, Wayland Forest Inc to Grossman, Robin M.


$3,850,000, 85 Monadnock Rd, Sivolella, John J to Chen, Juying.

$2,800,000, 30 Lowell Rd, Hubbard, Steven G to Madden, Daniel.

$2,607,000, 138 Hampshire Rd, Nancy M Gonder T to Butterfield, Colin.

$1,450,000, 20 Chatham Cir, Blake FT to Kelly, Kyle P.

$1,092,500, 48 Fuller Brook Rd, Richards, Cheryl B to Braley, Timothy.

$825,000, 265 Weston Rd, Young, Karin U to Gold Springs LLC.


$909,140, 3 Barred Owl Dr, Jos LLC to Tellier, Stephen.

$720,000, 21 Nash St, Prado-Deoliveira, Adriana to Lombardi, Michael.

$576,860, 12301 Peters Farm Way #13301, Pulte Hm Of New Eng LLC to Evilee L Ebb T.

$575,000, 110 Ruggles St, Durfee, David D to Stokes, John V.

$563,075, 12312 Peters Farm Way #13312, Pulte Hm Of New Eng LLC to P Ann Pricken T 2013.

$540,000, 4 Mill Rd, Pond-Jaeger, Caitlin to Damon, Nathaniel.

$533,520, 12310 Peters Farm Way #13310, Pulte Hm Of New Eng LLC to Dibenedetto, Bernard A.

$530,000, 11 Shaker Way #11, Shamlian, Mark to Gregorski FT.

$502,050, 12311 Peters Farm Way #13311, Pulte Hm Of New Eng LLC to Kaye, Ronald H.

$493,475, 12309 Peters Farm Way #13309, Pulte Hm Of New Eng LLC to Sanders, Stuart L.

$491,735, 12308 Peters Farm Way #13308, Pulte Hm Of New Eng LLC to Wolfson, Sheri L.

$400,000, 5 Robin Rd, Bailey, Melissa to Lindo, Shamier.

$395,985, 12303 Peters Farm Way #13303, Pulte Hm Of New Eng LLC to Whitmore, Corinne B.

$368,425, 12302 Peters Farm Way #13302, Pulte Hm Of New Eng LLC to Ferreira-Azoff, Claudia.

$349,000, 11102 Peters Farm Way #11102, Ranucci, Anthony J to Mohimen, Anirban B.

$282,000, 19 Cottage St, Weir, Mildred M to Robinson, Emily D.

$200,000, 149 Milk St #15, Zhang, Lei to Walker, Giselle.


$4,400,000, 83 Newton St, Integrated Re Dev LLC to NT Svcs LLC Tr.

$3,010,000, 12 Autumn Rd, Ma, Sougen to Rice, James.

$3,000,000, 25 Bullard Rd, 25 Bullard Road RT to VS RT.

$1,550,000, 95 Merriam St, Herlihy, Jonathan H to Shore, Jesse C.



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