The Power is Now

Massachusetts real estate transactions for Hampden, Hampshire and Franklin counties Sept. 19, 2021 –


Barbara J. Giordano to Patrick Brown and Sarah Fontana, 799 North St., $405,000.

Daniel C. Bonafilia to Robert D. Porter and Suzanne E. Porter, 14 Keller Circle, $403,500.

Elizabeth A. Marzano and Elizabeth A. Santos to William Anderson and Lenora M. Anderson, 327 Regency Park Drive, Unit 327, $105,000.

Jeffrey S. Neilsen and Jennifer S. Neilsen to Jamie Drew, 562 South West St., $334,900.

Jessica L. Dahle to Christopher James Pray, 120 Campbell Drive, $285,000.

Mark C. Tuohey and Jane G. Tuohey to Armanda J. Meadows, 111 Liswell Drive, $332,000.

Michael J. Montessi, Stephanie L. Montessi and Stephanie L. Fleming to Nikolay Ivanenko and Maryna S. Ivanenko, 60 South St., $150,000.

Richard D. Trujillo and Julian Trujillo to Robert M. Bielinski and Lori R. Moore, 270 South Westfield St., $239,000.

Roger H. Eaton and Donna L. Eaton to Eric S. Castonguay, 12-14 Hope Farms Drive, $225,000.

Theodore P. Pienkos, estate, Theodore Pienkos Jr., estate, and Arthur J. Lavoie, representative, to William Mercado Jr., and Wanda I. Alvarez, 289 Wildermere St., $222,000.


Danielle Raad and Zachary Del Nero to Vincent Homer, 40 Van Meter Drive, $375,000.

Bercume Construction LLC, to John Chancey Wilson, trustee, Deirdre A. Gautieri, trustee, and Wilson-Gautieri Family Trust, 118 Linden Ridge Road, $765,000.

Karen K. Rennar, trustee, and Plummer Family Irrevocable Trust to Sarah Tsang and Daniel Eng, 31 Jenks St., $379,000.

Jacqueline B. Juras and James E. Juras to Zachary J. Sheffler and Jane N. Sheffler, 37 Woodlot Road, $598,000.

Zhejun Shen and Shuang Li to Warren L. Taylor Jr., 232 North East St., $235,000.

Alicia A. Doherty, Kellie M. Doherty, William R. Doherty, Kellie M. Doherty, attorney-in-fact, Alicia A. Doherty, attorney-in-fact, and Alicia Doherty, attorney-in-fact, to Adam J. Schifferli and Erin N. Schifferli, 55 Mechanic St., $450,000.

Tina Berins and Michael Berins to Yanfen You and Zheng Wu, 591 West St., $425,000.

Thomas L. Paige and Shelly A. Paige to Robert A. Cann and Catherine S. Bickford, 81 Cottage St., $366,400.

John Henry Bay, Maile Marie Bay and Reed Konane Bay to Madalina Fiterau Brostean and Marius Romulus Minea, 185 Pelham Road, $425,000.

Pauline Y. Knihnicki to Joseph John Bosco Cardozo, 25 Greenleaves Drive, $250,795.


Gordon L. Howes to Eric Robert Lehan and Laura L. Pitter, 162 Buckland Road. $320,000.


Emidio F. Vitorino to Stephen G. Fellers, 213 S. Washington St., and 213 South Washington St., $300,000.

Thomas T. Stockton to 3133 South Main LLC, 33 South Main St., and 31 South Main St., $100.

Alexis D. Ali and Omar Abdelrahman to Omar Abdelrahman, 71 North St., $10,993.

Robert A. Cunningham, Sara A. Cunningham and Sara A. Gardner to Amanda Lynn Ryder and Jeremy J. Marshall, 23 Robin Lane, $330,000.

Deborah J. Ernest, trustee, and Frank Ernest Family Trust to 50 Federal Operating Co LLC, 50 Federal St., $650,000.

Joseph P. Maggi, Jocelyn A. Maggi and Jocelyn Ann Magner to Michael Aaron Cole and Ashley Ruth Evanoski-Cole, 170 Sabin St., $380,000.

James F. Kenney to Kenney Homes LLC, State Street, $100.


Faith M. Gustafson and James A. Nielsen to Audrey Lynn Dragone and Robert A. Dragone, 656 Huckle Hill Road, “aka” 656 & 658 Huckle Hill Road, $515,000.


Jeffrey D. Luke to Shihui Pang, 43 Tower Hill Road, $495,000.

Leonard M Prior to Hull Forestlands Lp, Dunhamtown Brimfield Rd, $210,000.


Paul Hathaway and Wayne A. Fisher to Paul Hathaway and Sandra Pease, 11 Olin Ave., $145,000.


Jeffrey G. Donovan, Denise M. Kellogg and Denise M. Donovan to Dana Romanczyk and Jindrich Henry Hafenrichter, 26 Windy Lane, $685,000.

Barbara F. Bricker, trustee, and Bricker-Ferrante Real Estate Trust to Linda A. Udall and Jeffrey P. Udall, 33 Farmhouse Road, $330,000.


Alexie J. Ondrick to N. Riley Development Inc., Jean Circle, $100,000.

Anthony Regonini and Irene Regonini to Lara Sharp, 319 Casey Drive, $350,000.

Ashley Ondrick to N. Riley Development Inc., Jean Circle, $100,000.

Bank of New York Mellon, trustee, and Cwabs Inc., Asset-Backed Certificates Series 2006-3 to Khalid Al Jashaami, 50 Fairview Ave., $213,000.

Daniel E. Bowler Jr., to Alexander Karl, 55 Empire St., Unit 73, $150,000.

Daniel J. Moore, representative, Kathryn M. Croteau, estate, and Kathyrn Mary Croteau, estate, to Laura Zawisza, 65 Horseshoe Drive, Unit 65, $190,000.

Donna Young and Donna L. Young to Yolanda Rosario, 41 Bromont St., $189,900.

Gregoriy Burkovskiy and Nadezhda Burkovskiy to Stephen M. Crowe and Britney Crowe, 44 Ohio Ave., $265,000.

J B Camerlin Real Estate LLC, to Jordan Brewington, 257 Broadway St., $330,000.

Karen Bedore and Leslie C. Bedore to Ali Al Bahadly, Haneen Al Lami, Ali Al Bahadly and Haneen Al Lami, 38 Smith St., $335,000.

Karen M. Lothrop, representative, and Stasia E. Chwalek, estate, to Gabriel Ocampo, 58 Beverly St., $278,000.

Kathryn S. Copmann and Kathryn S. James to KNC Home Renovations LLC, 16-18 Ambrose St., $181,000.

Linda E. Herbert to Milagros Granados-Ugarte, 103 Stephens St., Unit N8, $202,000.

Lynn E. Roda to Paul Musial Jr., and Barbara Musial, 570 New Ludlow Road, $232,500.

Mark E. Davis, Leah M. Goldberg and Leah M. Davis to Chantal Rodriguez, 23 Eldridge St., $200,000.

Michael A. Pepe to Elsa B. Martinez, 1206 Burnett Road, $310,000.

Michael J. Velez and Mellysa L. Delgado to Luis Javier Diaz Rivera, 21 Rolf Ave., $200,000.

N A R Realty LLC, to Flor Demaris Delarosa, 52-54 Greenwich St., $345,000.

N A R Realty LLC, to Melissa Mae Leary, 11 Trafton St., $245,000.

Nelson Pantoja to Dulong Holdings LLC, 346 Britton St., $380,000.

Paul S. Urban, representative, and Adella J. Ukleja, estate, to Danusia Liszka, 5 Fanjoy Drive, $269,000.

Peggy M. Feilen to Courtney Keene, 14 Pembroke Place, $240,000.

Przemyslaw Szura to Brandon Seibold, 20 Bonner St., $262,600.

Susan Corjay and Sally Surprenant to Shari Mendez, 162 Olko Circle, $230,000.

Suzana C. Ortiz to Kamlesh Mistri and Rachna Mistri, 32-34 Nassau St., $330,000.

Tammy Gadoua, conservator, and Francis E. Gadoua to Glenn J. Jacobson, 368 Britton St., $60,000.


Charles Mark Lyman, Anne Elizabeth Meszko and Anne Elizabeth Mesko to Scott J. Demeo and Ashlynn L. Cedrone, Stage Road, $68,000.

Community LD LLC, to Stephen Jick, Powell Road, $59,500.

Julius Gy. Fabos and Edith Fabos to Jonathan Kephart, Powell Road and Trow Road, $125,000.


Corrine Sysun to James E. Terapane, Sugarloaf Street, $35,000.

East Longmeadow

Amy Kloss to Roxana Ramos Carrion, 92 Pleasant St., $210,000.

Dana J. Anderson and Stanford Anderson to Kareem D. Kelly, 11 Lull St., $333,400.

David S. Santos and Giovanna S. Santos to Edward Mannion and Elizabeth Mannion, 98 Bayne St., $335,000.

Derek R. Samble to Salvatore D. Alfarone, 17 Harris Drive, $275,000.

Elizabeth J. Richton and Arthur M. Richton to Daniel J. Damon and Heidi A. Damon, 3 Brier Lane, $349,900.

Joshyan Rivera and Tiffany Clayton to Michael Lundin and Candice Jean Howe Lundin, 21 Lynwood Road, $235,000.

Kathleen J. Johnson to Michael J. Cook and Lorraine M. Cook, 289 Westwood Ave., $410,000.

Lisa M. Beauvais, conservator, and Raymond J. McCormack to Alyssa Deane and Patrick Guyer, 16 Park Place, $223,000.

Mark C. Phelps Jr., Donna C. Phelps and Donna C. Lopes-Haskell to Jaydub LLC, 27 Judy Lane, $425,000.

Richard E. Walz and Tracey L. Walz to Allison C. Hersey and Patricia Hersey, 17 Pineywoods Drive, $485,000.


John A. Knybel and Melissa M. Knybel to Jarred A. DiFazio, 13-15 Federal St., $390,000.

Kenneth J. Roberts, James F. Roberts and David M. Roberts to Norene F. Pease and Carol J. Samuels, 31 Lazy D Drive, $420,000.


Donald Patenaude to Donald L. Patenaude, trustee, and Donald L. Patenaude Revocable Trust, 3 Adams Road, $100.

Paul E. Bacon, Paul E. Bacon, trustee, and Paul E. Bacon Revocable Trust to Kelsey Ann Henshaw, 13 South Chesterfield Road, $244,000.


Leonard Camano, Leonard Camano, personal representative, and Linda Gayle Camano, estate, to Ayesha V. Camano-Petkus, Michelle R. Camano-Kissel and Selina Y. Williams, 143 Chicopee St., $100.

Irfan U. Siddiqui to Tsul Trim Nomdol, 55 Granby Heights, $203,000.

Max A. Bowers Jr., and Donna M. Bowers to Andrew Boyko and Kelley Boyko, 126 Cold Hill, $600,000.

James Downing and Amy Downing to Michael C. Marcotte, 119 Batchelor St., $825,000.

Edward C. Shyloski & Sons Inc., to Kotowicz Custom Homes LLC, Carver Street, $65,000.

Eren Emre Evren, E. Emre Evren, Nancy Claire Evren and Nancy C.B. Evren to Nancy Claire Evren, 18 Crescent St., $70,916.


David J. Larue to Widon Cydney Scott, 167 Conway St., $255,000.

James D. McDonald and Rachel L. McDonald to Jason D. Harrison and Laura W. Martin, 25 Barton Road, $283,000.

Leslie J. H. Webb and Deborah L. H. Wilson to Kim K. McKeage, 20 Brookside Ave., $278,000.

Cara L. Richards, “fka” Cara Morano, and Jason F. Ostroski to Meryl A. Latronica and Dawnielle L. Peck, 726 Colrain Road, $365,000.

Helen Haselton and William D. Wolfram, trustees of, the Richard W. Ingersoll Revocable Trust to Laurel Street Storage LLC, 160 Laurel St., $95,000.

Cheryl A. Ingersoll to Laurel Street Storage LLC, 160 Laurel St., $95,000.

Aliesha M. Coyne and Ryan F. Coyne to Tani Y. Wilson, 118 High St., $301,500.


Susan Pikor to Wayne Dawson and Maureen Satriano, 2 Middle St., $462,000,

Roger J. Menard, Jillian E. Menard and Jillian E. Hodgins to Katieann Szelewicki, 145 East St., $525,000.

Albert M. Sheridan, trustee, Susan M. Sheridan, trustee, and Sheridan Family Revocable Trust to Michelle L. Stevens, 72 Mount Warner Road and 54 Mount Warner Road, $795,000.

Joanne M. Wanczyk to Margaret H. Kearney, 6 Joelle Terrace, $453,000.

Lauri R. Majewski, Lauri R. Yanis, Matthew V. Goggin and Matthew Goggin to John Coelho and Emily D. Coelho, 20 Breckenridge Road, $397,000.

Gwen McClellan to Samantha Solano and Fidel Solano, 43 Hockanum Road, $385,000.


Dianne M. Ellis and Steven F. Ellis to Chris W. Ellis and David Wilson, 458 Main St., $386,000.


David D. Newell and Virginia R. Newell to Melissa Ann Stroganow and Peter Paul Alexander Stroganow III, South Road, $45,000.


Ruth E. Johnson and William H. Stafford, personal representatives of, the Estate of Howard E. Dickinson to Heath Hardwood Charcoal LLC, South Road, $56,000.


Amanda J. LaFlam, Jesse Mead and Amanda LaFlam to Cody Potasky, 50 Brookline Ave., #52, $310,000.

Ana Rosario to Heriberto Ruiz, 31 Longwood Ave., $252,500.

Brahman Holdings LLC, to Mary J. Seid, 193-195 Brown Ave., $250,000.

Charles M. Della Penna to Noah H. Lapierre, 63 Ashley Road, $225,000.

David Moonan to Carlos Alberto Pena Gonzalez, 29-31 Gilman St., $287,015.

Donald G. Benard, representative, George G. Benard, estate, and George Benard, estate, to James Duffy, 97 Mountain Road, $269,900.

Edward J. Cauley, representative, Donald F. Collamore, estate, and Donald Collamore, estate, to Abraham Santos, 1075 Main St., $240,000.

Extremely Clean (2) LLC, to Jose M. Anaya and Bethany M. Anaya, 10 Cottage Ave., $240,000.

James A. Curran to Holyoke E&T LLC, Lyman Street, $10,000.

James A. Curran to Holyoke E&T LLC, Lyman Street, $5,000.

James A. Curran to Holyoke E&T LLC, Lyman Street, $5,000.

Joyce E. Curran to Holyoke E&T LLC, 954 Main Street, $27,260.

Jozef Orszulak, Marian Orszulak and Marion Orszulak to Jordan Doucette, 81 Davis St., $365,000.

Juan L. Andujar and Milagros Lozada to Anshumali Kc and Rebecca E. McPhee, 180 Pine St., $274,900.

Lois Mara Dodge to Maurice W. Taylor, 65 Elm St., $106,400.

Marc A. Bourgeois and Pamela Murphy to Raymond M. Garcia, 3 Maple Crest Circle, Unit B, $130,000.

Mary M. Teichman and Arthur Sorrentino to Helene E. Whittaker and Xavier Mulot, 306 Pleasant St., $309,500.

Maurice W. Taylor to MotherFlippers Realty LLC, 46 Canal St., $137,000.

Ryan E. Dearborn and Kristina Dearborn to Annabel Hallgren, 7 Lynn Ann Drive, $361,500.

Three Harps LLC, to Roberto Camacho, 90 Brook St., Unit 1, $45,000.


Gary L. Parks and Teresa J. Parks to Bruce C. Magliola and Eileen M. Magliola, 154 Pond Brook Road, $400,000.

Tracey L. Jacey, Tracey Sarafin Jacey and Marilyn B. Cangro to Daniel J. Sullivan and Allison V. Christopher, 2 Mountainview Drive, $290,000.


Suzanne M. Kreger and Randolph G. Ward to Donald A. Sadowsky and Devorah Anne Vester, 24 Keets Brook Road, $575,000.


Alexia M. Geary and Ryan Geary to Lorinda Baker and Charles Baker, 1535 Longmeadow St., $499,900.

Andrea M. Johnston to Michael Richard Decelle, 33 Barclay St., $226,000.

Beverly M. Shore and Sheri Barnett to Dzhony M. Kirichenko, 41 Dunsany Drive, $354,000.

Constantine N. Delis and Sarah E. Delis to Khadiga Ahmed and Kabir Ahamad, 591 Pinewood Drive, $640,000.

Daniel B. Kolb and Jean C. Kolb to Anthony Jacob Kolb and Erin Megan Kolb, 199 Yarmouth St., $400,000.

David W. Edwards and Samantha P. Edwards to Sarah Clunis, 40 Benedict Terrace, $480,000.

Gregory K. Goldman to RHL Properties LLC, 162 Hawthorn St., $325,000.

Marie B. Paynter and Marie B. Ditomassi to Kathy L. Williams, 75 Edgewood Ave., $299,900.

Oscar Ortega to Anthony J. Santos, 23 Belleclaire Ave., $330,000.

Robert M. Tariff and Sharon M. Tariff to Alexander Farhadi and Samantha Farhadi, 73 Captain Road, $1,075,000.

Steven Yanne, representative, and Ruth Yanne, estate, to Ashley B. Weisse, Kyle Bruno and Laurie E. Martin, 112 Cooley Drive, $300,000.

Yvonne M. Paris and Arthur P. Scolari to Glennice Ryan and Kevin Ryan, 154 Field Road, $509,000.


Daniel Coelho and Nancy M. Coelho to Nicholas Walter Orzulak-Chelo, 130 Loopley St., $250,000.

Edwin O. Garcia to Hazel Alicia Rodriguez, 68 Franklin St., $260,000.

Hemlock Ridge LLC, and Hemlock Ridge to Steven R. Teerlinck, Fuller Street, $350,000.

Kyle D. Levesque, Adrienne C. Levesque and Adrienne C. Dicarlo to Maryann Talbot, 160 Pondview Drive, $289,900.

Michael David Crowther and Suzanne Adele Crowther to Raymond Valadares, 348 Miller St., $235,000.

Paulo E. Fialho and Katie J. Fialho to Daniel B. Moore and Lauren A. Moore, 77 Yale St., $220,000.

Raul G. Fraga and Maria J. Fraga to Shane M. Fraga, 43 Lakeview Ave., $200,000.


Guy Hannum to Nicholas J. Loglisci and Nicolina M. Loglisci, 125 Brimfield Road, $480,000.

Michael Koprowski, Karlie Koprowski and Michael A. Koprowski to Mark A. Mayberry and Colleen A. Mayberry, 188 Wales Road, $300,000.

Nicolina M. Preston, Nicolina M. Loglisci and Nicholas J. Loglisci to Migdalia Concepcion, 11 King Ave., $295,000.


Sarah June Marston, “nka” Sarah June Hamlin, Jeffrey Andrews Marston and Richard Charles Marston to Anna Marchefka and Johanna Rosen, Greenfield Road, $235,000.

James M. Duda, trustee of, the Duda 2018 Revocable Trust to James A. Debarge and Sherry L. Debarge, 20 Dunton St., $280,000.

Lynn M. Godin and Raymond A. Godin to Sandra J. Rosenberg, 32 Turners Falls Road, $290,000.


Ruth M. McKay and Ruth McKay to Michael G. Gaudette, 249 Main Road, $255,000.

New Salem

Curtis R. Nichols, Russell W. Nichols and Cynthia R. Sullivan to Mary Charlotte Mars and Charles Mars-Mahlau. 72 North Main Street. $235,000


Elizabeth Marshall to Alison C. Berryman, 75 Pines Edge Drive, $303,500.

Bonnie M. Burnham to Vanessa Ly and Antonia Makosky, 13 Park St., $420,000.

Sarah E. Briggs to Brian J. Beauregard, 139 Round Hill Road, $180,000.

Kimberly A. Watts and Frank R. Watts to Isaac Allen, 45 Austin Circle, $295,000.

Joseph D. Squires and Michelle L. Squires to Cameron S. Brown and Silvia Ximena Cruz De Brown, 36 Grant Ave., $325,000.

Tribe 102 LLC, to Susan K. Stephens and Robert L. Stephens, 80 Damon Road, $131,500.

Robert C. Raynor and Karissa P. Raynor to Abigail L. Gorrin, 30 Village Hill Road, $289,850.

Phyllis Cove to Phyllis Cove, trustee, and Phyllis Cove 2021 Revocable Trust, 46 Ridgewood Terrace, $100.

Karen M. Pohlman to Alice Graham-Brown, 17 Park Ave., $680,000.

Niveen S. Ismail to Murray Davis Emerson, 53 Warner St., $320,000.

Patrick J. Melnik Jr., trustee, Zoe B. Zeichner, trustee, and Zeichner Melnik Family Trust to Katherine L. Hinds, Diane Bryjak and George J. Bryjak, 76 Gothic St., $575,000.

Wendy Abrahamson to 19 Corticelli Street LLC, 19 Corticelli St., $315,000.

Jake Meginsky to Gabriel Mardoc, 73 Bridge St., $230,000.

C. Heuser Barr to Timothy V. Parsons and Madeline N. Moser, 48 Longfellow Drive, $998,000.

Glen K. Van Peski, trustee, Jeffrey K. Van Peski, trustee, Kathrin Woodlyn Bateman, trustee, and Claire L. Bateman 1991 Trust to Dale T. Raczynski, 43 Center St., $318,000.

Mary Beth Radke to Elizabeth V. Spelman, 15 Massasoit St., $747,500.

Michael Patenaude, Mark Patenaude, Keith Patenaude and Linda Alvord to Caleb Alvord and Jocelyn Alvord, 150 Maplewood Terrace, $280,000.

Richard L. Humphreys, trustee, and Camilla S. Humphreys Revocable Trust to William B. O’Neil and Kristin Hallberg, 28 Morningside Drive, $618,000.

Joan M. Hart, trustee, and Revocable Indenture of Trust of Jaon M. Hart to Micah Walter and Laura Lindley Tupper, 37-39 Grant Ave., $430,000.

John L. Gardiner, trustee, and John Louis Gardiner 2003 Revocable Trust to Michael T. Cahillane and Florence M. Cahillane, 20 Warburton Way, $304,000.

Michael C. Jacques and Navneet Marwaha to Jennifer Lynne Nye and Laura Briggs, 250 South St., $793,500.

Jacqueline F. O’Connell to Bryan M. Jersky, trustee, Brandina Morrison Jersky, trustee, and Bryan & Brandina Jersky Revocable Trust, 8 Blackberry Lane, $850,000.


Russell F. Newton to Barbara H. Fuller, Stephanie J. Fuller and Steven W. Fuller, 363 South Mountain Road, $388,500.

Marjorie Paton to Mary Susan Fowler and Debbie Frechette, 265 Millers Falls Road, $500,000.


Scott M. Bastarache, Keriann L. Bastarache, Christopher R. Pelletier and Heather L. Pelletier, Partners of Hain Properties to Kaley E. Matthews and Shawn R. Matthews, 276 East Main St., $250,000.

Donna L. Ainsworth, D. Rajnar Vajra-Loeb, Marian L. Lans and Donald Lans to M3 Innovations Inc., 83 West Myrtle St., $115,000.


Alan A. Mais to Ashley Nikki Cami, 3 Sasur St., $290,000.

Charles C .Baker and Lorinda Baker to Kyle L. Smith, 38 Chudy St., $265,000.

Crystal M. Daniels and Joseph W. Daniels to Nathan Mumblo, 15 Maple Terrace, $220,000.

David O. Sutton and Valerie A. Sutton to Gene C. Majka and Joan M. Majka, 3 Michael Drive, Unit 3, $305,000.

Elaine M. Stephens to Robert E. Gunter II, and Bonnie Marie Desroches, 3056 Hillside Drive, $271,500.

Irene B. Bachand to James Bachand and Rebecca Henney, 21-29 Church St., $100.

Jacqueline M. D’Agostino and Phillip G. D’Agostino to Jose E. Gonzalez Marti and Jessica G. Lopez, 1550-1552 North Main St., $180,000.

Jody L. McDonough and Vilaire Bayard Jr., to Morrissey Property Ventures LLC, 1370 Ware St., $285,300.

Theresa A. Pieciak, Pauline J. Daniels, Joseph M. Kulig and Gerald M. Kulig to Deer Haven Farm LLC, Ware Street, $85,000.


Robert C. Gross and Jessica Kay Makepeace to Melissa Makepeace O’Neil, 30 Ladyslipper Lane, $44,525.89.

Paul N. Rosenberg and Patricia Townsend to Matthew Hinderliter and Holli Tarr, 99 January Hills Road, $445,000.

South Hadley

Janet Kane and Janet Elmassian to Rondald G. Duprat and Kathleen A. Duprat, 28 Pine Grove Drive, $250,000.

Emily A. Jackson to Bryan Liebel Desrochers and Kerri Dougherty, 90 Richview Ave., $320,000.

Stanley A. Palmer and Barbara A. Palmer to Scott Family Properties LLC, 244 Hadley St., $175,000.

Shaun J. Whalen to Shaun J. Whalen and Andrea R. Whalen, 43 Westbrook Road, $100.

Richard A. Nagine, Dianne D. Nagine and Diane D. Nagine to Meghan Ginley and Michael Paleologopoulos, 45 Pynchon Road, $355,000.

Retha J. Dawson to Boyuan Gao and Malik Abdul-Rahmaan, 124 College St., $317,000.

Joanna W. Lawless and Joanna L. Weinberg to Cheryl Israel and David Hoyal, 8 Wright Place, $425,000.

Joseph H. Ely and Lillian Krause-Ely to Emily Jackson, 56 Chestnut Hill Road, $430,000.

Matthew Robert Badger, trustee, and Robert Badger 2020 Revocable Trust to Carol A. Geryk, 216 Alvord Place, $245,000.

Julie Anne Wienski and Chandra Hartman to Jonathan D. Remillard and Katherine S. Remillard, 22 River Lodge Road, $490,000.

Ernestine N. Dufresne to Joan M. Daignault, 4 Alvord Place, $260,850.

Jennifer A. LaValley and My N. Lieng-Huynh to Kristiaan S. Krause, 12 Bolton St., $215,000.

Karen A. Couture to Michael P. McManus and Jennifer McManus, 225 Hadley St., $300,000.

Karen A. Couture to Michael P. McManus and Jennifer McManus, 229 Hadley St., $120,000.


Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB, Christiana Trust, trustee, Pretium Mortgage Acquistiion Trust, and Selene Finance LP, attorney-in-fact, to Patrisha Nulph and Ryan Nulph, 40 East St., $125,100.

David A. Hardy Contractor LLC, to Debra Rogers and Christopher R. Rogers, 6 Fitch Farm Way, $872,500.


Carol A. Geryk to Todd N. Bergeron, 9 George Loomis Road, $260,000.

Christine A. Cianfarani and Christine Del Campo to John C. Godbey and Tammy L. Godbey, 42 Cooley Road, $200,000.

Deborah A. Peterson to Jessie Kahler and Cindy Kahler, 2 Hunters Ridge Circle, $475,000.

Holly L. Johnson to Laurie Fijal, 24 Birchwood Road, $250,000.

Holly L. Smiley, Holly L. Hastings and Aaron M. Smiley to Scott Peabody, 49 Tannery Road, $266,000.

James M. Rosso and Mary E. Rosso to Brian Scott-Smith and Kyrsten Scott-Smith, 2 Pearl Brook Road, $490,000.

Justin Elder and Courtney Elder to Nicholas R. Peterson, 11 Knollwood Road, $241,000.

Michele L. Parrow to Joseph M. Cocchi and Ashley Cocchi, 11 Liquori Drive, $450,000.

Paul Anthony Miles and Tina Marie Miles to Victor Harti and Cristina Mereneanu Harti, 30 Woodland Ridge, $495,000.

Sondra L. Pendleton and James Pendleton to Richard E. Fiore Jr., 221 Granville Road, $220,000.

Sylvain P. Thibault and Bobbie Jo Thibault to Joseph S. DiMartino and Linda Jean DiMartino, 300 South Longyard Road, $456,000.


Adan J. Ibanez and Ileana Ibanez to Debra L. Nicholson, 15 Beaufort Circle, $247,000.

Albert L. Johnson Jr., to Alexey Shishkov and Lidia Tolparova, 101 Mulberry St., Unit 415, $50,000.

Aldrian O. Niverba and James R. Watts to Giovanni Gonzalez, 93 Rockland St., $270,000.

Alex E. Ortiz to Justin Eddie Ortiz, 111 Emerson St., $270,000.

Angel Delgado and Angel D. Rivera to Nicole Torres, 116-118 Methuen St., $321,000.

Angela M. McAlister to Gail Green, 90 Brittany Road, $248,000.

Anna P. Bradshaw to Alexander M. Vazquez, 805 Newbury St., $220,000.

B9 Industries Inc., to Leah M. Davis and Eileen Goldberg, 797 White St., $255,000.

Bretta Construction LLC, to Alejandro Castillo, 314 Gilbert Ave., $440,000.

Chen Ly and Sockha Son to Chansophy Lim, 75 Brookside Circle, $150,000.

Christopher M. Klocker and Heather L. Palmer to Hector L. Cruz Colon, 83 Melville St., $180,000.

Clara Y. Moyet to Talal Samir and Maha Ayay, 125-127 Mooreland St., $290,000.

Colleen M. Pafumi to Luis Galarza and Marilyn Rivera Castro, 22 Methuen St., $232,000.

Daisy Cotto and Adalberto Cotto to Ryan Guillen and Janice Jackson, 22 Cloran St., $236,000.

Danny R. Adkins to Grace Estates LLC, 83 Brandon Ave., $60,000.

DiRico Property Management LLC, and DiRico Property & Management LLC, to Olivia A. Feliciano, Joanna R. Feliciano and Mary Feliciano, 206 El Paso St., $212,500.

Donna Christie and Gairy Grannum to Kathleen Russotto, Dickinson St., Unit 1149, $185,000.

Doreen A. Race to SRV Properties LLC, 75-77 Beaumont St., $118,000.

Fabio Paiva to Christina I. Estrada and Liz Y. Pineiro, 100-102 Darling St., $340,000.

Faustin Louiny and Rose Louiny to Albert Odei-Boateng and Aurelia Odei-Boateng, 23 Farragut St., $235,000.

Franco Decaro and Anna Van Tassel to Zuleika Febres and Jose A. Febres, 53 Fremont St., $190,000.

Gabriela Jimenez Delaney, Gabriela Jimenez and John Delaney to Richard Frederick Williams V, and Andreina Urena, 854-856 Sunmer Ave., $330,000.

Geraldine L. Penna to Sully A. Ortiz-Alicea and Kedryn Romero, 1383 Sumner Ave., $215,000.

Geraldine M. Warton to Maria A. Maldonado, 28 Mountainview St., $230,000.

Gladysh Capital LLC, to Oleksandr Akimov, 242-244 Eastern Ave., $350,000.

Glenn P. Belanger, Robert J. Belanger Jr., and Deborah Cote to Global Homes Properties LLC, Cloran Street, $14,000.

Gregory P. Hill and Michele Ann Hill to Eric Netopski, 70 Amherst St., $223,000.

Hazel Alicia Rodriguez to Susane Aidyl Rijos Rivera, 227 Gifford St., $220,000.

John J. Rossini Jr., to Anusha Kothapalli, 21 Weymouth St., $281,500.

Joseph R. Bolduc to Taylor Hunter and Thomasina Brown, 37 Timothy Circle, $220,000.

Joycelyn V. Cooper to Geovani Martinez Salgado, 88 David St., $200,000.

Julia E. Clayton to Gita Pariyar and Ganga Darjee, 177 Cooper St., $330,000.

Karen A. Costa to Ether Properties LLC, 855 Belmont Ave, $180,000.

Kelly D. Conroy, Noella M. Conroy and Noella M. Senecal to Alexander F. Russo, 134 Undine Circle, $235,500.

Kim M. Oski to Kevin Darjee and Jamuna Sarki, 57 Mayfield St., $290,000.

Linda G. Colton to Lena Gauthier, 47 Smithfield Court, $140,000.

Luis A. Baez, representative, and Cinthia Ivelith Camacho, estate, to Brandee Lynn Baker, 45 Georgetown St., $160,000.

Luis M. Perez and Gloria Mendoza to Yajaira M. Ramos, 132 Dwight Road, $240,000.

Marie Owusu to SRV Properties LLC, 120 Winton St., $157,000.

Melissa Gendreau to Zelynes Cruz, 96 Embury St., $225,000.

Migda Lys Sanchez to Oscar Rivera Rivera and Nydia Morales Vazquez, 120 Duggan Circle, $243,000.

Nancy Manzi to Janitza Rivera Guzman, 164-166 Johnson St., $350,000.

New Creek II LLC, to Agree Eastern LLC, 615 Belmont Ave., $13,200,000.

Nu-Way Homes Inc., to John M. Delaney and Gabriela Delaney, 173 Cabinet St., $410,000.

Deutsche Bank National Trust Co., trustee, and GSAMP Trust 2004-Opt, trustee of, to Fallah Razzak and ML Saleh Holdings Inc., 139 Maebeth St., $177,500.

Paul C. LaFlamme 11, and Alexandra Schmid to Michael Hansmann, 24 Price St., $195,000.

Paul Lawrence Realty LLC, to ADG Mason Square LLC, Orleans Street, $550,000.

Paula Boylan to Maria Martinez De Bautisa, Maria Martinez De Bautisa and Justo Bautisa, 90 Park Road, $295,000.

Philip J. Shea and Karen R. Shea to Campagnari Construction LLC, 14 Endicott St., $85,000.

Rentprop LLC, to ARG AR16PCK001 LLC, 414 Boston Road, $1,025,185.

Richard E. Grewellle Jr., Barbara R. Grewelle and Richard E. Grewelle Jr., to Deric Suttles, 1763 Wilbraham Road, $270,000.

Robert A. Frazier and Amy Frazier to Albania Germosen De Cabrera, 46 Kane St., $204,000.

Ryan William Donovan to Jose R. Gonzalez, 100 Audubon St., $207,000.

Shamar D. Egerton and Pearlene Wimes to Round Two LLC, 104 Massachusetts Ave., $150,000.

Shaun F. Foley and Andrea G. Foley to Yordany J. Dominguez, 71-73 Brunswick St., $310,000.

Simone Papadoconstantakis, Simone Geanopoulos and Despina Simons to Michael K. Lalak, 34 Candice Circle, $250,000.

Sonja Maria Funk to Carley Elkin, Carley M. Elkin and Elizabeth A. Duffy, 25 Ashbrook St., $260,000.

Stacy E. Forrette to Ivette Rosado, 54-56 Edgewood St., $270,000.

Tek Bahadur Gurung and Prabina Gurung to Keshav Sanyasi, 186 Arnold Ave., $301,500.

Timothy T. Collins and Susan P. Collins to Calista Haskell Green, 14 Chilson St., $210,000.

TL Bretta Realty LLC, to American Patriots Real Estate LLC, 41-43 Lawe St., $615,000.

Vicki Marsh Arnould to Ubonwan T. Crawford and Richard W. Crawford, 28 Hatch St., $174,900.

Wei Qiang Ni to Gilbert Baguma and Jackline Alston, 44 1/2 Chapel St., $125,000.

Wells Fargo Bank, trustee, and Option One Mortgage Loan Trust 2006-2, trustee of, to Bismark B. Boampong and Mary Akowaa, 335 Rosewell St., $226,000.

William Borowik and Patricia D. Borowik to Posiadlosc LLC, 33-338 Page Boulevard, $160,255.

Willie M. Johnson to JJJ17 LLC, 17-19 Edgewood St., $126,000.

Wonyoung Ju to John P. Bechard, 40 Williamsburg Drive, $194,000.


Michael G. Gaudette to Noella M. Conroy and Kelly D. Conroy, 284 Malboeuf Road, $285,000.

Paul F. Russell Sr., and Marlene J. Russell to Paul F. Russell Sr., Marlene J. Russell and Kymberly Allison Russell, 266 Greenwich Road, $100.

Elaine E. Bernier, Raymond J. Bernier, Elaine B. Bernier and Rena M. Sumner, attorney-in-fact, to Jason R. Smith, 61 Church St., $289,900.

David P. Dylewicz Sr., Kimberly Ann Dylewicz to Bruce D. Meekin Jr., Diana I. Meekin and Diana Meekin, 73 Beaver Road, $484,000.

Helmut K. Marosits to Roland Bolduc and Diane Bolduc, 38 Shoreline Drive, $535,000.

Terri A. Pelletier and Gary J. Pelletier to Victoria Biegalski, 188 Greenwich Plains Road, $305,000.

MD & PB Properties LLC, to BN & RN Properties LLC, 63-69 North St., $486,250.

West Springfield

Adnan M. Dahdul and Chrisanne P. Dahdul to Ted Woo, 96 Cedar Woods Glen, $800,000.

Carol K. Burke to Abrheem Mustafa, 38 Beauview Terrace, $238,000.

James B. Monahan and Louann Monahan to John Wallace and Rita Coppola Wallace, 53 Wolcott Ave., $325,000.

Janice Jean Shamblin to Evelyn Rodriguez, 40 Hathorne Ave., $235,000.

Lawrence F. Fell to Dan Slattery, 483 Cold Spring Ave., Unit 2, $17,500.

Lee Lavigne and William Lavigne to Maab H. Ismael, 68 Calvin Circle, $256,000.

Nancy L. Lewicki and Susan L. Teitel to John J. Walczak and Mary J. Walczak, 276 City View Ave., $300,000.

Thomas M. Chambers and Sue Ellen E. Chambers to Matthew T. Castonguay and Rebecca L. Castonguay, 247 Laurel Road, $320,000.


Bent Tree Development LLC, to Tatiana Ciubotaru, 111 Union St., Unit 4, $179,900.

Cheryl A. Denardo to Anchor Moore Investings LLC, 44 Church St., $117,000.

Katie B. Oleksak to Oxana Pavlovschi and Serghei Pavlovschi, 27 Tow Path Lane, $290,000.

Kolby Ryan Kilhart and Kolby R. Kilhart to Scott Carlton Andrews and Colleen Powers, 379 Loomis St., $275,000.

Mark J. Malouin and Meredith L. Lawrence to Gary D. Hagar Jr., 61 Cardinal Lane, $500,000.

Michael J. Anciello and Kerry Anciello to Golden Gorilla LLC, 16 Sally Ave., $145,000.

Palm Tree Enterprises LLC, to Katherine Spring, 720 Russell Road, Unit C, $180,000.

Pamela E. Mailloux to Antonio C. Bruno and Shannon L. Bruno, 102 Christopher Drive, $390,000.

Regina L. Laverty to Cassandra Laverty, 244 Granville Road, $335,000.

Robert J. Mahar to Robert Newlin and Trishadee H. Newlin, 151 Western Circle, $254,000.

Travis B. Fanion to Lori J. Gaudette and Allan J. Gaudette, 7 Pinewood Lane, $327,000.

Tyrone Manfredi and Christopher Manfredi to Ion Mata, 10 Angelica Drive, $125,000.


147 Northwest Road Realty Trust, Richard Rheault Jr., trustee, Ann E. Rheault, trustee, to Robert A. LaPalme and Margaret L. LaPalme, Northwest Road, $16,000.

Daniel J. Madden, personal representative, Michael Everett Madden, estate, and Michael E. Madden, estate, to Maria Alejandra Holguin and Brian P. Foote, 150 Kings Highway, $405,000.


Gerald F. Heller and Tanya M. Heller to Alyssa D. Werbicki and Dylan Z. Kirkland, 3 Decorie Drive, $285,000.

Hazel Zebian and Joseph Zebian to Jesse S. Branham III, and Kimberly J. Branham, 515 Stony Hill Road, $369,000.

Jad Mourad to Heather L. Fontaine, 3155 Boston Road, $285,000.

Kaylan Beaudry and Teresa K. Beaudry to Olivia Feehan and Sandra Feehan, 5 Elm Circle, $250,000.

Kerry E. Slepchuk to Philip L. Knight and Katlyn Knight, 17 Longview Drive, $427,000.

Mariusz M. Koziol and Heather Louise Koziol to Kathleen Simolaris and Thomas Simolaris, 43 Main St., $350,000.

Michael Guihan to F. Joseph Horacek and Jonathan Lee, 2205 Boston Road, Unit E45, $195,000.

Nancy A. Collins to Susan Collins and Timothy Collins, 771 Main St., $339,000.


Antonio Pedro Miranda Brasil and Lucimara Galo Brasil to Elizabeth M. Hartman, 33B Petticoat Hill Road, $210,000.

Kristin E. Kirk to Sara J. Cochran, 74 Nash Hill Road, $335,000.


Catherine V. Crochiere and Kirk A. Crochiere to Marilyn R. Glazer-Weisner, 230 Patterson Road, $359,000.



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