The Power is Now

Massachusetts real estate transactions for Hampden, Hampshire and Franklin counties Oct. 10, 2021 –


James R. Typrowicz, James Typrowicz and James Typowicz to Ashley Marie Neville and Christopher John Neville, 63 Belvidere Ave., $350,000.

Lilia Mereshko to Ryan Alfred Lottermoser and Rachel Margaret Lottermoser, 8 Burlington Drive, $525,000.

Michael R. Welch and Jennifer L. Rector to Joseph Maratea and Madison M. Musselwhite, 750 Barry St., $265,000.

Paul T. Mahoney and Susan E. Mahoney to Lilia Mereshko, 13 Kathy Terrace, $330,000.

Ryan A. Lottermoser, Rachel M. Lottermoser and Rachel M. Morris to Samantha Bechta, 1084 Main St., $320,000.

Velapartments LLC, and Velapartment Rentals LLC, to David A. Bartolucci, 75 Sheri Lane, $185,000.


Mary L. Davis to Cynthia A. Davis, 1 Chauncey Walker St., and Turkey Hill Road, $100.

Marcel A. Nunes to Tang Properties LLC, Grace M. Drost and Nicholas T. Drost, Oasis Drive, $90,000.


Katherine B. Picot to Charles E. Benson III, and Monroe H. Benson, 11 Haight Road, $100,000.


Joseph Collins and Suzanne Collins to Hannah M. Timmermann and Mak Stephin Wood-Ortiz, 126 Washington Road, $341,600.


A. William Peck and Mary P. Peck, trustees of, The Peck Realty Trust to Judith A. Dansker and Paul J. Depaolo, Bray Road. $129,000.

Charles J. Plesnar to Phillip Sherwood-Berndt, 155 East Buckland Road, $128,000.


Ellen S. Purinton and Scott R. Purinton to Margaret J. Veith, Warfield Roa, $57,500.


Diane M. Armitage and Diane M. Ahearn to Carlos A. Davila and Carlos A. Davila Ortiz, 7 William St., $125,000.


Bellal Realty Group LLC, and Nisar Miakhail to William Goldenberg and Steven Goldenberg, 25 Wilson Ave., $338,000.

Betty LaBelle, representative, and Brenda K. Wilk, estate, to James E. Nicoll and Rebecca A. Nicoll, 200 Lambert Terrace, Unit 33, $206,000.

David J. Lebeau Jr., to Joseph E. Marsh and Arrianna Marsh, 30 New York Ave., $225,000.

Denise L. Cavanaugh to Marion L. Allen, 200 Lambert Terrace, Unit 51, $202,500.

Edward A. Ziemba and Catherine A. Ziemba to Kenneth R. Grant, 74 Monroe St., $335,000.

Emmanuel Soto to Emmanuel Soto and Sherry Rodriguez, 125 Walter St., $100.

Harry Melendez III, and Kimberly Marie Melendez to Kimberly Marie Melendez, 22 Mount Vernon Road, $100.

James Cherewatti, David Deslauriers, James Fleming, Alan St. Hilaire, Sharleen Roman and James Beadle to Michael Placella, 22-24 Leslie St., $333,000.

Kathleen A. Lingenberg, representative, and Kathryn Andrews, estate, to Carole Hubbard, 52 Richmond Way, $235,000.

Kathleen A. Lingenberg, representative, and Kathryn Andrews, estate, to Revampit LLC, 104 Johnson Road, Unit 603, $125,000.

Luis R. Nunez and Martha J. Morel Valerio to Rosa Sanchez Aponte and Crispin Matos, 20 Mount Carmel Ave., $227,000.

Maureen Kontrovitz to Michael S. Winters and Migdalia Winters, 187 Pondview Drive, $345,000.

Rachel E. Loomis, William M. Kelly and Rachel E. Kelly to Michael A. Torres and Xiomara Rigau, 17 Factory St., $315,000.

Raymond A. Spear to CT River View LLC, 33-35 Emerson St., $230,000.

Sean P. Carroll, Erin A. Kettledon and Erin A. Carroll to Carlos Rivera, 20 Hafey St., $250,000.

Stephanie M. Salvador to Kevin M. Waller, 65 Woodbridge Road, Unit 6232A, $169,000.

Steven A. Wieczorek and Amy J. Wieczorek to Flor Maria Sayay Guailla, 21-23 Ducharme Ave., $296,000.

Vadym Denysyuk to George Estrada and Maria Estrada, 79 Rolf Ave., $400,000.


D. Holly Hobbie to Elizabeth A. Morin and Robert J. Morin Jr., 576 South Deerfield Road, $1,350,000.


Maureen E. Bowler and David A. Driver to Curtis R. Warren, 7 Beaver Drive, $315,000

Rachel Jackson to Allykev LLC, 105 North Main St., $274,000.

Mildred E. Green to Turkey Plains Inc., 6 North St., $600,000.

East Longmeadow

AFJ Realty LLC, to Armand Arce, 264 Main St., Unit 7, $100,000.

First Step Nursery School Inc., to Blue Ridge Wilder LLC, 310 Maple St., $500,000.

Leanna C. Rodriguez, Leanna C. Daniele and Luis Rodriguez to Hildah S. Dube and Tafadzwa Dapi, 20 Speight Arden, $385,000.

Lynn A. Martin to Moose & Co Investments LLC, 28 Somers Road, $232,500.

Michael Kane to Peter J. Garvey and Nicole S. Garvey, 90 Favorite Lane, $250,000.

Peter J. Dimichele, Benedetto R. Dimichele, Susie M. Dimichele and Linda Dimichele to Nicholas D. Ferrara, 29 Fifth St., $216,000.


W. Marek Inc., to Dylan S. Wells and Rebecca Rose Willard, 108 Line St., $350,000.


Alan J. Mailloux and Kelly J. Mailloux to Matthew F. Hill and Morgan P. Hill, 32 High St., $225,000.

Donald J. Mailloux, Elizabeth C. Mailloux and Theresa M. Perkins to Allan J. Mailloux and Kelly J. Mailloux, 33 High St., $205,000.


Robert L. Ward, personal representative, and Donald J. Lovern, estate, to Shane A. Clark, 7 Darrel Ave., $200,000.


PNC Bank NA, to Pervez Hai, 17 Washington St., $69,100.

Jessica Pollard and David A. Schrier to Jacqueline Fuller and Thomas Manning, 11 Cook St., “aka” 11 Cooke St., $269,000.

Meghan Joyce-Anderson, “fka” Meghan Powers and Noah Joyce-Anderson, to Jeremy A. Ortiz, 306 Deerfield St., $190,000.

Georgia A. Moore, “fka” Georgia A. Knapp, to Kelley L. Vallandingham and Robert J. Vallandingham, 84 Cottage St., $350,000.

Marjorie Dow and Donna M. Walden to Catherine S. Valdez, 11 Leonard St., $275,000.

Michael E. John to Corbin H. Blight, 68 Congress St., $260,000.

Janice C. Wheeler, trustee of, The Anderson Real Estate Trust to Ashlyn Richardson, 36 Place Terrace, $265,000.

Nancy G. Rivard to Andra Daunhauer and Michael Wissell, 458 Colrain Road, $255,000.

Christina M. Dietrichsen, “fka” Christina M. D’Amours, to Joan L. Hupfer, 30 Princeton Terrace, Unit 30 Meadowview Manor Condominium, $125,000.

Shamus Lapean, trustee of, The John D. Lapean and Shirley A. Lapean Irrevocable Family Trust to Caroline Cooper, 47 Mill St., $178,000.


Barbara L. Graves and Jason B. Graves to Flourney Collings Holland and Steven A. Michel, 128 South Road, $220,000.

Donald C. Stetson Sr., “aka” Donald C. Stetson, and Charlotte M. Stetson to Scott N. von Rosenvinge and Denise M. von Rosenvinge, 20 Teepee Lane, $62,000.


Hue Pham to Jimmy Le, 2 Big Tree Lane, $207,000.


Alfaville LLC, to Mark Ryan and Kaelly Miller, 34 Maple Crest Circle, Unit H, $159,900.

Ersie B. Nogueras to Junyu Yang, 2 Brown Ave., $290,000.

Riverview Development Associates LLC, to Michael R. Davenport and Barbara L. Davenport, 717 Northampton St., Unit 64, $409,000.

John Libera, representative, and Chester Libera, estate, to Nathan Chung, 9 Prew Ave., Unit A4, $80,500.

Jorge R. Diaz Jr., and Jorge R. Diaz to Michele N. Kidder and Aryanna D. Kidder, 842 Dwight St., $215,000.

K Godfrey Equities LLC, to Bryan D. Brown and Anne Brown, 19 Evergreen Drive, $241,000.

Libby A. Sadowski and Joseph R. Sadowski to EPB Real Estate Services LLC, 77 Central Park Drive, $130,000.

Michael Harty to Roberto Camacho, 100 Brook St., $54,000.

Natalie M. Sacco, Natalie M. Miknaitis and Adam Ulrich to Raulisha Agramonte, 275 Walnut St., $190,000.

Shawna E. Tobin to Eli Greiner, 473 Homestead Ave., $272,000.

Yoeli Pacheco and Jean Carlos Ramos to Hilda M. Martinez, 150 Nonotuck St., $228,000.


Hans H. W. Herda and Phyllis G. Herda to Suzanne Rose Starling, 190 Montague Road. $292,000.


Adam L. Deutsch and Ashley L. Deutsch to Stephen Cressotti and Christina Baldovin, 148 Greenacre Ave., $360,000.

Anne G. Chernick, representative, and Millicent Sacks, estate, to Ilyssa O. Zippin, 26 Cobblestone Road, $133,000.

David Fortier to Peter J. Wehrli and Danielle F. Wehrli, 86 Dover Road, $435,000.

Frank H. Krenzer to Keegan Dudeck and Rachel Woods, 480 Bliss Road, $130,000.

Rose Marie Mowry to Tighe Dudeck and Haley Jagodowski, 92 Elmwood Ave., $250,000.

Timothy M. Nelson and Melissa R. Nelson to Brent C. Rasmussen and Paige J. Rasmussen, 9 Westmoreland Ave., $399,900.

Yong Ju No to Mann No Enterprises LLC, 1702 Longmeadow St., $220,000.


Betty Ann Mariani to Donald G. Brown and Anne L. Brown, 517 Ideal Lane, Unit 301, $319,000.

Daryl M. Johnson and Jacob Johnson to Kyle A. Bernard and Michelle Elizabeth Bernard, 34 Williams St., $350,000.

David F. Roy and Kristin G. Roy to Allison B. Chambers and Megan Chambers, 75 Fox Run Drive, $480,000.

David R. Fonseca, representative, Saudade Ramos Fonseca, estate, and Saudade R. Fonseca, estate, to Hemil Patel and Mukund A. Patel, 28 Focosi Lane, $460,000.

David R. Lavoie and Idalina S. Lavoie to Tyler G. Beaudry and Angelique A. Beaudry, Sunbriar Lane, $145,000.

Deane P. Gallo, representative, Garry William Gallo, estate, and Garry W. Gallo, estate, to Douglas Clayton Guertin, 112 Roy St., $225,000.

Donald G. Brown and Anne L. Brown to Michael William True, 1348 Center St., $285,000.

Lynn M. Tenerowicz to Elaine Hom and Matthew Wrubel, 544 Alden St., $315,000.

Millers Falls

Katie Esposito to Amanda Grace Lavallee and Benjamin Joseph Stone, 249 Wendell Road, $298,000.


Antonio D. Fernandes and Elizabeth A. Fernandes to Detour Construction LLC, 480 Boston Road West, $350,000.

James A. Muckinhaupt and Mary Muckinhaupt to Christopher Fenton and Alexa K. Fenton, 15 Fenton Road, $420,000.

Jennifer M. Moskal, Jennifer M. Johnson and Gabriel P. Johnson to Matthew O. Beck, 5 Spring St., $315,000.

Melro Associates Inc., to Lyle H. Smith, 40 Bethany Road, $197,000.

Mile Properties LLC, to Justin Meyzen, 126 Stebbins Road, $240,000.

Robert Hubbard to Yu Cheng Li, 107 Beebe Road, $380,000.


Charlene M. Alosa and Brian C. Dobosz to Angelica M. Woods and Nicholas D. Woods, 2 George Ave., $255,000.

Irene Pydych, “aka” Irena Pydych, personal representative of, The Estate of Michael Warchol to Heather Hamilton and Ian Hamilton, 16 15th St., “fka” 32 Fifteenth St., & 15th St., $240,000.

Megan E. Donovan and Nathaniel T. Donovan to Emily Pratt Zraunig and Ryan Mathew Zraunig, 19 Montague St., $377,000.

Jordan F. Funke to Glenn E. Morin and Roberta A Spitko, 65 Taylor Hill Road, $280,000.

Melinda J. Kosterman and Shane C. Kosterman to LCS Realty LLC, 4 Rastallis St., “aka” 4 Rastalis St., $252,000.

Christine C. Dionne, Joanne B. Coutu and Catherine A. Coutu, “fka” Catherine A. Billings, to Mathew Page and Tameka L. Page, 26 Avenue C, $240,000.

Michael R. Pendriss and Sarah R. Pendriss to Sage Winter, 178 L St., $265,000.

New Salem

Debra Desrosiers and John Desrosiers to Candice Nolette and Christopher Nolette, 60 Stone Hill Road, $357,500.


Gary C. Selanis and Linda A. Selanis to Amanda J. Cadwell-Frost and Nils T. Johnson, 442 South Mountain Road, $450,000.

Rifet Hasanbasic and Patricia A. Hasanbasic, “fka” Patricia Anne Akey, to Garrett Timothy Hasanbasic and Shelby Lynn Hasanbasic, 111 Birnam Road, $312,500.


Susan Ann Maroni and Becky Jo Young, trustees of, The Arleen R. Wilson Revocable Trust to Kathleen L. Young, 215 Tully Road, $197,000.

Michael C. Brown to Christina Ann Bernier, 11 Horton Road, $295,000.


Ace Properties LLC, to Theresa M. Nallett, 2018-2020 Prospect St., $250,000.

Real Estate Investments Northeast LLC, to Mark Gobeille and Beverly Smits, 10 Sibley St., $275,000.

Charlotte M. Bacon to Wen & Lan LLC, 5 Packard St., $110,000.

Corey H. Lomas, Rose E. Lomas and Rose E. DelSignore to Matthew T. Frazier, 45 French Drive, $225,000.

Dorota Cygan and Troy Aldag to Gregory Foucher and Katelyn Chasse, 376 Rondeau St., $445,000.

Leo Gregoire to Dwight Evans Demers and Tonie Marie Demers, 4125 Church St., $355,000.

Phyllis J. Rojko and Phyllis J. Rajko to 3141 Main LLC, 3141-3143 Main St., $190,000.

Timothy L. Wood and Nicole A. Wood to Ewa Longobardo, 3060 Main St., Unit 3060, $166,100.


Jo-Ann M. Brown to Rebecca Richardson, 27 Newell Cross Road, $150,000.

Dennis M. Annear and Tina L. Annear to Oona Hart and Daniel Timmins, 13 Pelham Drive, $40,000.


Andrew L. Champiney and Brian A. Champiney to Daniel D. Gagnon, 93 West Main St., $281,000.

Jeffrey J. Wojcik and Lisa A. Wojcik to Otis W. Chaffee and Sherry L. Chaffee, Blandford Road, $500.


Isaac S. Wilner to Bert Schwarz, 55 West Pelham Road, $329,000.


Mark A. Frary to Peter C. Frary, Wolcott Road Rear, $500.


Joanne F. Sico to Aaron Benard and Shaina Benard, 16 Gargon Terrace, $270,000.

Lisa C. Toal and Donald A. Toal Jr., to Joseph A. Richard Sr., 26 Birchwood Road, $286,000.

Witchwood Realty LLC, to RWC Properties LLC, 32 Hillside Road, $350,000.


Alberto Nieves and Melissa Jackson-Nieves to Derick R. Lopes, 29 Wareham St., $137,000.

Amena Assaf to Carolyn Senecal and Thomas Matthew Harrison, 8 Mayfield St., $255,000.

Andres Rosario to Jacqueline Caraballo Rodriguez, 35 Princeton St., $250,000.

Arturas Ribinskas and Tomas Stanelis to Shawn Adams Dion, 507 Gifford St., $370,000.

Beverley R. Mighty and Leroy L. Mighty to Mariluz Mateo, 216 Jasper St., $227,000.

Carmen Martinez and Angel L. Martinez Sr., to Fernando Ortiz Baez, 1390 Roosevelt Ave., $230,000.

Chad Lynch and James Rocca to Neydimar Oquendo Rodriguez, 53-55 Colonial Ave., $235,000.

Craig M. Outhouse and Jessica C. Outhouse to Leonard J. Bass, 15 Lemnos Lane, $330,000.

Crimilda Rosado to Israel Elmer Casaol Jr., and Laurence France Asin as Casaol, 94 Steuben St., $229,000.

Elaine Kenney and Giancarlo F. Terango to Rodney B. Candelaria, 225 Fountain St., $234,000.

Emily Niemann, Kelly W. Niemann and Steven Niemann to Degaulle N. Litoma, 18 Baywood St., $280,000.

Francis Cassidy to Raymond J. St. Amand, 5 Stony Brook Road, $209,000.

Garfield James and Verlyn Hinds-James to Dajara Wright, 15 Gourley Road, $256,000.

Hattie M. Neal to Solo7 Capital & Consulting LLC, 14 Aster St., $60,000.

Hedge Hog Industries Corp., to B9 Industries Inc., 134 Norfolk St., $145,000.

Hedge Hog Industries Corp to Emtay Inc., 37 Revere St., $110,000.

Ingrid B. Ingram to Juan C. Rojas Colon, 8 Navajo Road, $255,000.

James Dorman to Justin Reid, 9-11 Waterford Circle, $310,000.

John Manzi, representative, and Angelo Manzi, estate, to Wendy Caraballo, 52-54 Maryland St., $295,000.

Josephine R. Sears to John Hulse Bellows, 65 Bonnyview St., $205,500.

Juan Martinez to Sheila Ann Shepard and John Henry Shepard Jr., 65 Mandalay Road, $225,000.

Lewis G. Riopelle, Lewis C. Riopelle and Raquel Riopelle to Elizabeth Correa and Julio Alberto Rivera Almenas, 1298 Parker St., $260,000.

Lisha L. Gutierrez and William Gutierrez to Luis Santiago and Sheylin Vazquez, 5 Dell Place, $265,000.

Living Water Global Ministries to Ellen Boynton LLC, Hancock St., $306,000.

M. Michele Shuler to Pah Properties LLC, 216 Cabinet St., $198,000.

Magdalena Rodriguez to John C. Chirchir, 24-26 Tracy St., $235,000.

Margaret G. Lynch to Steven J. Laurin and Nicole M. Laurin, 108 Prouty St., $257,000.

Mark A. Simeone to Brandon M. Basdeo and Pedro Caraballo Jr., 881 Roosevelt Ave., $205,000.

Maximo R. Lopez and Virgilia Lopez to Daniel E. Perez, 51 Victoria St., $255,000.

Michael J. Chernick, representative, Leon Mitchell, estate, and Leon L. Mitchell, estate, to Adam T. Picard and Lauren E. Ohara, 73 Corcoran Blvd., $165,000.

Nasser Zebian to Emmanuel Rosario Marrero, 100 St. James Circle, $255,000.

Patrick Soucy and Pamela Soucy to London Realty LLC, 1699 Parker St., $120,000.

Pawel Bialobrzeski to Michel Pena Liriano, 51-53 Milford St., $220,000.

Revampit LLC, to Mya V. Gaskins, 67 Bowles Park, $175,000.

Russell D. Fontaine, representative, Edgar Allen Foster, estate, and Edgar A. Foster, estate, to Juliannys M. Aviles, Carmen M. Collazo and Edexson Ayala, 84 Entrybrook Drive, $233,900.

Sara Jee Gilpatrick to Carlos Valencia Silva and Cecilia Perez De Valencia, 36 Osborne Terrace, $280,000.

Stephen E. Newell to Juan Ortiz Rivera, 81-83 Woodlawn St., $250,000.

Vida N. Zavala and Vida N. Torres to Aaron I. Rodriguez, 235 State St., Unit 411, $175,000.

Vlad Grechka to Hector I. Cruz, 16-18 Noel St., $300,000.

William Ortiz to Jessenia Echevarria and Stephen Carbajal, 232 Breckwood Blvd., $240,000.

Xiuyu Ma to Wayne Lawrence, 101 Mulberry St., Unit 505, $45,000.

West Springfield

Aleksandr Govor to William M. Kelly and Rachel E. Kelly, 159 Albert St., $402,500.

Brian A. Redfern Jr., representative, Brian Anthony Redfern Jr., representative, Pamela Jeanne Redfern, estate, and Pamela J. Diamond, estate, to Dana Hill and Bethany Jackson, 61 Sibley Ave., $317,000.

Diane M. Leitao to Karen A. Bodendorf and Jason C. Bara, 200 Poplar Ave., $400,000.

Juan Fernandez to Aleksandr Katykhin and Timothy Shapkin, 48-52 George St., $340,000.

Justin Clark and Lilith Grimsley to Kevin G. North and Laura North, 166 Nelson St., $220,000.

Kathleen J. McIntyre to Nino Valentino, 17 Laurence Drive, $300,000.

Michael R. Werman to Michaela Rose Cassidy, 2027 Westfield St., $255,000.

Neil K. Fahey, Eileen F. Hourihan, Patricia A. Knight, Margaret F. Landry and Patricia A. Fahey to Jessica C. Marquez, 30 Armstrong St., $236,000.

Robert R. Renardson Jr., to Christine M. Asselin and Carla M. Mancino, 1051 Elm St., Unit 5, $155,000.

Ronald J. Charbonneau and Wendy Sue Charbonneau to Onoriss Burgess and Krystina Rivera, 18 Ferry Ave., $247,000.

Sarah B. Long to Brianna N. Pisano, 176 Lower Beverly Hills, $225,000.

V & K Realty LLC, to Aga Realty LLC, 79 Exposition Terrace, $720,000.


Bent Tree Development LLC, to Vadym Denysyuk, 111 Union St., Unit 1, $205,000.

Christine A. Sienkiewicz to Edric Toledo and Tara Toledo, 21 Livingstone Ave., $229,000.

David McCourt, David S. Faulkenberry, Tabitha McCourt and Tabitha L. Golz to Ed Ralph Cruz Candelaria and Karla Yvonne Kamer De Courceuil, 44 Susan Drive, $300,000.

Editha T. Angco to Yury N. Zuev and Roman Y. Zuev, 262 Steiger Drive, $343,000.

Heniek Wykowski to Colin Ashley and Jessica Mitchell, 152 Montgomery St., $245,000.

Kerry P. Hurley, representative, and Eileen T. Hurley, estate, to Michael G. Ruffo, 102 Yeoman Ave., $215,000.

Manchester Enterprises LLC, to Hector Perez and Marangeliz Salgado, 20 Clinton Ave., $280,000.

Mikhail L. Girich and Nina A. Girich to Erik Lamothe and Lisa Veronica Lamothe, 22 Hayre St., $347,000.

Nikolay Novenko and Maya Novenko to Linda L. Ligsukis and Kelly R. Mccarthy-Dunbar, 167 Apple Blossom Lane, $310,000.

No Property Services LLC, and Traskos Garage Inc., to Jacs Properties LLC, 33 Fairfield Ave., $318,650.

Shirley A. Blair, Shirley A. Smith, Shirley A. Luchia and John D. Blair to Samuel B. Shakov and Sofia Shokov, Bayberry Lane, $30,000.

Westfield Real Property LLC, to Alfonso Chimburazo and Carmita Marth Naranjo Cantos, 25 East Bartlett St., $305,000.

Wicked Deals LLC, to Diaz Properties LLC, 883 Western Ave., $210,000.


Scott D. Hathaway and Colleen M. Hathaway to Robert A. McDonald and Beth A. McDonald, 5 Burleigh Road, $375,000.



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