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Martha’s Vineyard News | Recent Real Estate Transactions: Week Ending Oct. 28 – The Vineyard Gazette – Martha’s Vineyard News


Mary Mattson Kenworthy, Michael T. Hresko and Ellen M. Gravallese purchased 12 Norton street in Edgartown from Mary Patricia Rohman for $3,900,005 on Oct. 24.

AOA Destinations LLC purchased 15 Beach Plum Meadows in Edgartown from Timothy M. Bowe and Elaine F. Bowe for $4,750,000 on Oct. 24.

Generations Park LLC purchased 9 Ocean View avenue in Edgartown from Kate L. Geofroy Trs. and Elizabeth W. Jones Revocable Trust for $2,495,000 on Oct. 25.

Pocha Plover LLC purchased 64 Dike Bridge Road in Edgartown from Sylvia A. Malm Trs. and Sylvia A. Malm Revocable Trust for $1,600,000 on Oct. 26.

MCLC Family LP purchased 11 Eighteenth street south in Edgartown from Randy Simon and Deborah L. Simon for $1,250,000 on Oct. 28.

Oak Bluffs

Richard M. Smith and Melissa M. Smith purchased 59 Brush Point Road in Oak Bluffs from George B. Lucas Jr. and Dolores G. Lucas for $920,000 on Oct. 27.

Robert Perry and Anna Perry purchased 97 Shawanue avenue in Oak Bluffs from Eric E. Hohenthal Trs., Sally T. Hohenthal Trs. Hohenthal Trust Agreement for $1,005,000 on Oct. 28.

Vineyard Haven

Kimberly S. Bishop and Chad Bishop purchased 125 Skiff avenue in Vineyard Haven from William R. Hambrecht Trs. and Hambrecht 1980 Revocable Trust for $1,250,000 on Oct. 26.

West Tisbury

Kathryn R. Ham Trs. and A Square for Two Bits Realty Trust purchased 6 North Vine Lane in West Tisbury from George S. Thomas and Joan P. Thomas for $2,870,000 on Oct. 28.



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